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Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Gets a Surprise Visitor - The Bachelorette

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • After Bachelorette Rachel Recchia and Tino have one final conversation where it seems they just can't manage to find common ground regarding their breakup or any potential future, host Jesse Palmer tells Rachel that someone 'demanded' to see her. See the surprise guest in this clip from 'The Bachelorette' season 19, episode 12, 'The Finale, Part 2.' Watch 'The Bachelorette' 2022 on ABC. Stream on Hulu.
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  • Jennifer Martin
    Jennifer Martin 8 days ago +302

    This was so wrong on many levels…even Jed didn’t get treated this bad and he had a whole relationship during his with Hannah, not a single indiscretion. ABC was wrong for this, I hope Tino’s mental health is ok. Talk about kicking a guy while he’s down.

    • Favor Baraka
      Favor Baraka 2 days ago

      This made me so angry too

    • V S
      V S 3 days ago +1

      @Tabby Livvy Point, blank, period!

    • Calvin Houston
      Calvin Houston 4 days ago

      Yeah... They definitely crossed the line with this stunt. Tino obviously hurt Rachel, but why go this far?

    • Cris C
      Cris C 6 days ago

      @V S like Jed didn't try to save face. Jed was way worse, he cheated ona girlfriend and then denied her. And he was treated better. No excuse for this. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Brianna Aronne
      Brianna Aronne 6 days ago

      @Rachel DiSalvatore yeah but they were engaged while it happened one kiss? really? that’s STILL cheating! a kiss means everything it takes two people to kiss don’t make excuses oh so what he was drunk? i bet you if your partner kissed someone else while y’all r together you would be mad and not be with that person no more it is a big deal he cheated and of story lmao “it’s just a kiss” okay and? he still cheated

  • Julie Myers
    Julie Myers 9 days ago +253

    She completely froze up when she noticed Aven before he was introduced, you can see her expression completely change from anger to shell shock at 0:17 it's so clear and obvious that these two had something so special. This is the kind of guy she always wanted, one that would come in and rescue her abd fight for her. She wanted her knight in shining armor moment, this is it.

    • Assmahane Baghri
      Assmahane Baghri 5 days ago

      thats all she likes: attention. Like in a movie. Like she is deserving of everything and free of any mistake...

    • Assmahane Baghri
      Assmahane Baghri 5 days ago +3

      @CathyR. she doesnt at all. I cant believe he agreed to that.

    • CathyR.
      CathyR. 6 days ago +2

      She don't deserve Aven

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 7 days ago +2

      I love, love, love, that he showed up for Rachel. I loved him for her in the first place. I hope they get ❤
      Timo probably glad too. That takes him off the hook. He screwed up big time.

    • V S
      V S 8 days ago +4

      V S
      1 second ago
      @ C V I agree, but just hearing him say what he truthfully said… I could watch this over & over again

  • Holly Hawks
    Holly Hawks 9 days ago +429

    ABC is so wrong for this. You should protect the people that volunteer for your show a little better than this. This is cruel and completely unnecessary.

    • That Girl
      That Girl 3 days ago

      @Cris C 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Cris C
      Cris C 3 days ago

      @That Girl you guess wrong. I have never cheated nor have I been cheated on. I don't defend his actions, but I find kicking a man while he is down wrong. Like I said, two wrongs don't make a right and production was gross to orchestrate that public lynching. Even Jed was treated more kindly and what he did was in my opinion, much worse.

    • That Girl
      That Girl 4 days ago +1

      @Cris C he got what was coming I’m guessing you like those types of people since you’re being defensive
      And the guy obviously didn’t care about her at all

    • Cris C
      Cris C 4 days ago

      @That Girl two wrongs don't make a right. Nobody is defending Tino but you don't have to kick him while he is down and publically humiliate him like that.

    • That Girl
      That Girl 4 days ago

      I find it crazy how people are defending Tino after what he did. I’d be really pissed off and very emotional like he didn’t even really feel sorry.

  • ArgyleGamer
    ArgyleGamer 9 days ago +208

    While I don’t agree with what Tino did, this is kind of a low blow from production and kicking him while he’s down. They should have cut to a break or at least remove Tino from the stage when Aven came out. It’s adding insult to injury I feel.

    • Beach Bunny
      Beach Bunny 8 days ago

      Despicable, humiliation towards Tino. These are young adults learning their way. shame on this production!

    • Charles DeLano
      Charles DeLano 8 days ago

      Agreed. While what Tino did was wrong, this was cruel and unjust. Glad to see Aven come in and rescue Rachel, but I'm concerned what will happen with Tino's mental health down the road. Will he even TRY to find love again after being humiliated like that? Rachel was on the attack the whole time. In boxing, they show more mercy. When you're roughed up that badly, they call the fight via a KO. Tino suffered the emotional KO some three minutes into the "chat" which lasted about 10-15 minutes.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago


    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 8 days ago

      While I agree with that you are saying, I feel like there’s a lot of BTS of Aven and Rachel or Aven with producers that none of us may know of.

  • Zamerican Princess
    Zamerican Princess 8 days ago +14

    This is disgusting. Shame on the producers and shame on Aven for agreeing to kick aomeone while they are down and yes Tino was wrong but still this is just gross

  • CAO Oue
    CAO Oue 8 days ago +25

    This was messed up and can mess with Tino’s mental health. They zeroed in on his face and wanted to embarrass him.. also the crowd booing. He messed up but goodness.. someone can harm themselves for this being on national tv and for the rest of their life!! So uncalled for!! Dismiss him first before having Aven come out! Have some class.. shame on this show !! All planned !!

  • Mo Rob
    Mo Rob 8 days ago +26

    You have to careful about humiliating someone on national TV. Social media can really rub it in his face, and that can take a toll on someone’s mental health. I love that Aven came back in the picture. It would’ve been classier to bring him out after Tino left the stage.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 7 days ago

      I would watch the ChattyBroads podcast for the finale part 2 and the Chicks in the office podcast with Rachel and Gabby. Both give insight on a lot of stuff.

  • Arielle Patrick
    Arielle Patrick 8 days ago +25

    TACKY!! You don't treat another human being like that... so awkward for Tino. I don't support what he did but when people mess up they should be treated with Grace. That's what God offers us when we mess up too. Where would we be without His forgiveness and grace. Forgive as God forgiven you. I'm not saying go back with Tino but Production and Rachel could have offered him more grace. Bullying is unacceptable and it's demeaning. I'm beginning to dislike this show.

    • Lily Perez
      Lily Perez 3 days ago

      I sooo soo much agree with you!

    • Ellen Tarr
      Ellen Tarr 5 days ago +1

      @Guida Dennis Rachel is a psycho. Tino is lucky that he got out. I think that Aven should run away from this situation. Aven is a truly nice guy and he doesn't need to have Rachel's psychotic behavior in his life.

    • CAO Oue
      CAO Oue 8 days ago

      You explained my feelings better than I could ever have.. so disappointing 😢.. on national television.. this will live forever.. he was brave to even come on the finale.. he could have declined.. he messed up but the need to embarrass someone ?!?!? Someone can have major mental health issues from this moment and the audience booing!! I’m so mad !

    • Guida Dennis
      Guida Dennis 8 days ago

      @Arielle, couldn’t agree more. ❤️
      They did him dirty. There’s more to the story and Tino was edited to not reveal what really happened. Rachel ain’t no saint..!

  • K. Summerfield
    K. Summerfield 9 days ago +189

    Her knight in shining armor arrives! I’m not surprised that Aven showed up! Kudos to you, Aven! ❤ He didn’t even infringe upon their personal space. 👌

    • __________F
      __________F 8 days ago

      In two months they will be broken up, get over yourself.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago +4

      producers probably gave him a call

    • Shelly Ann Lewis
      Shelly Ann Lewis 8 days ago

      Same here 🤗.

  • Tram Dang
    Tram Dang 9 days ago +113

    Honestly, I had predicted that they would reunite but not this early. They could’ve done a commercial break and let Tino go off stage. Then once Tino was gone, they could’ve had like Gabby sit next to her as to almost close the show but SURPRISE out comes Aven. Still they’re together now! Yay!🎉🎉🎉

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 4 days ago

      @Guida Dennis idk why Jesse didn’t just let Tino walk out after he wished Tino the best. Then had told Rachel about Aven.

    • canadianhaitian
      canadianhaitian 7 days ago +1

      @Tram Dang because it was always Aven! However she was so gun ho on engagement ! Engagement ! Even after poor guy kept saying his feeling has not changed he just want to take it to the real world (being realistic) her true color showed and blinded by engagement! She missed the boat , he is waayy too good and level headed for her! He needs to 🏃‍♀️ as fast as he can !

    • V S
      V S 8 days ago +3

      @Amani Carille I totally agree. Our whole room ROARED when Aven came out… so much so that the zoom mtg next door was interrupted. When they found out why… they roared too 😅
      Hey! Even if they just become good friends… it’s a positive thing.

    • C V
      C V 8 days ago +3

      I doubt they are together. The producers probably pushed him to show up.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 8 days ago +2

      @Amani Carille I also think there’s a lot of BTS footage of Aven and Rachel that we didn’t get to see. When she was having that talk with Aven and was breaking up with him, she was crying real hard. I don’t think I have seen her like that since Clayton broke up with her.

  • Ladyhawk1623
    Ladyhawk1623 9 days ago +164

    Can’t stop smiling! Tino blew it… and he deserved to see someone like Aven show up to comfort Rachel! Remember after the Fantasy Suite with Aven… when asked, how did it go… her answer was tongue in cheek that “Aven is the total package!“ with a wink, wink and coy smile! I’m rooting for Aven and Rachel… she deserves someone who always has demonstrated how much he cares for her! 🤞🏻

    • Animation Nation
      Animation Nation 7 days ago

      Here’s the thing. I don’t agree with Tino’s actions at all and Rachel’s reactions are completely justified. But ABC bringing Aven out was a giant DICK move to Tino. Like he didn’t deserve that.

    • Judith Mais
      Judith Mais 8 days ago

      Rachel was more excited 😆 about what is in Aven's pants than what was in his heart!!! ❤️

    • V S
      V S 8 days ago +3

      @alex lazzerly I agree. The producers know we like a happy ending vs boring drama. But Aven did not have to agree to go on there and call all of them out, including himself, for their behavior against her.

    • j cherry
      j cherry 8 days ago +7

      Ladies and gentlemen… DONT be a beta simp aven. She choose another guy over him and he still wants her. Have some self respect. She don’t want u buddy.

    • alex lazzerly
      alex lazzerly 9 days ago +8

      Ain't no way you're falling for this disgusting set up.

  • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey

    The guy is the wrong and he has to face the consequences for that.
    But really? You couldn't have waited until he left to do this? This just seems really cruel.

    • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
      Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey 5 days ago

      No one is saying that his actions are correct. They’re not.

    • Chrissy Harris
      Chrissy Harris 5 days ago

      Which is more cruel cheating and making her feel ugly and unwanted?

    • Cris C
      Cris C 6 days ago

      It didn't seem cruel, it was cruel. People reveling in his humiliation are just as bad as the producers.

    • Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
      Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey 7 days ago

      @peter Of course not. All I'm saying is that it felt tacky.

  • Nehasupnfan
    Nehasupnfan 9 days ago +145

    This was a nasty thing to do while Tino was still there. It's like production got back at Tino's dad via this moment 🤣

    • Julie Hetherington
      Julie Hetherington 8 days ago +18

      It’s his karma idk why you guys feel bad??? He literally cheated and blamed it on her

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 9 days ago

      Oh snap I didn’t even realize that

  • Monika knolton
    Monika knolton 9 days ago +312

    She should’ve picked Aven from the start. Hope it works out for them. I’m rooting for them

    • summer031977
      summer031977 4 days ago +2

      @That Girl I also think that Rachel work on herself before jumping into another relationship. If she continues on this trajectory the relationship with Aven will not work. So kudos to Rachel for recognizing and accepting that she needs to work on herself. I have no doubt in my mind that she has a future with Aven if she does some counseling.

    • That Girl
      That Girl 4 days ago

      They are just friends for the moment. Rachel said she’s needs to work on herself before jumping back into a relationship…

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 7 days ago

      @Anthony Lopez they probably talked a lot about what was going to happen for each other and it all somehow connected.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 7 days ago

      After watching Chicks in the office podcast with Rachel and Gabby and the recent ChattyBroads podcast, it really gave me insight

    • summer031977
      summer031977 7 days ago +1

      @Candice A. What do you mean by Rachel ruined Aven? The only person who came out of this dumpster fire of a show with their reputation almost intact is Aven. The world is Avens' for the taking, Make him king already.

  • Monica Walls
    Monica Walls 8 days ago +71

    We are far enough along in this franchise to involve the families reactions more. Like can you imagine Rachel’s dad and Tinos dad talking to each other on that couch?!

    • Tim Abney
      Tim Abney 7 days ago

      Lol 🤣😆

    • Chris Taggart
      Chris Taggart 7 days ago +2

      I like how the mom is just ignored.. as if she isn’t a parent. Only big tony matters

    • Brady Chip
      Brady Chip 8 days ago +5

      lmao Big Tony would throttle Tino’s dad 😂

    • O C
      O C 8 days ago +4

      Hahaha 🍿🍿🍿

  • Lisete Torres
    Lisete Torres 9 days ago +186

    Omgg I'm dead 😂 Tino's face when Aven showed up! Rooting for Aven and Rachel though ❤

    • Toni Wong
      Toni Wong 3 days ago +1

      @Va Va if they did that to you, would you be fine?

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago

      Tino will be fine

    • j cherry
      j cherry 8 days ago

      @Super trooper do u know how the show works? The bachelor/bachelorette dumps all the contestants till 1 is left

    • Super trooper
      Super trooper 8 days ago

      @j cherry Get your facts straight.

    • Super trooper
      Super trooper 8 days ago +3

      @j cherry She didn’t dump him for Tino. She split from him because they weren’t on the same page concerning an engagement or dating. Now that the pressure is off, it will be easier for them in that department (hoping anyway)

  • Linda Kops
    Linda Kops 8 days ago +8

    This show goes from bad to awful. Tino was wrong but 'class up' Batchelor Franchise and treat your guests with dignity.

  • Nellie K
    Nellie K 9 days ago +26

    I was thinking and thinking how they could redeem this season for Rachel (since they know the audience wants a happy ending) and I kept coming back to aven. This was definitely the best choice as her & aven's relationship didn't truly seem over. There was so much unresolved. Similar to hannah browns season where she left with Tyler after all the drama with jed. Hoping her & aven work out. He is an absolute gem of a person & deserves the world. I hope she treasures what an incredible man she has!

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 7 days ago

      @C V please listen to ChattyBroads recent episode they go into detail on what really went down. Also the Chicks In The Office with Rachel and Gabby. Both dive in on everything.

    • C V
      C V 8 days ago +1

      @Pami, I doubt Aven is even with her. I’m sure the producers pushed for him to show up. He doesn’t deserve to be second in line.

    • Pami
      Pami 9 days ago +5

      Poor guy

  • Kristy Michel
    Kristy Michel 8 days ago +5

    I love Avan the best for Rachel, I was so happy and I screamed, aww the look on her face says it all true love ❤️ I love them together and the way he took her away, it was like Prince Charming rescued his princess ❤😊😍that was the best bachelorette moment in bachelor history ever

    • Juliette
      Juliette 8 days ago

      He was just there to support her, she said it herself on E news

  • Gabriela Deyanira
    Gabriela Deyanira 8 days ago +9

    Rachel just kept attacking Tino instead of taking responsibility for her actions that couldve led Tino into the headspace he was in when he cheated. I DO NOT condone Tino for how he handled things. Cheating is the worse thing. But there are two sides to the story and we have seen Rachel’s condescending and narcissistic side a few times this season. She didnt shed 1 tear both times she talked to Tino. Seems like she was checked out the moment the season aired.
    Also, to humiliate Tino by bringing Aven out like that. Its the most distasteful thing production could have done. Its just cruel. They could have let Tino exit beforehand. Then Jesse standing there ignoring Tino while pretending he has no idea whats going on. Didnt even acknowledge Tino as he went over to say bye and exit 🙄 Im so over this show.

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 8 days ago +6

    This moment was so humiliating for Tino. It’s just wrong. And it takes away from Aven’s sweet gesture. Horrible timing on the show’s part

    ASEYE 9 days ago +295

    Jed wasn't on stage when Hannah asked Tyler out for drinks 3 years ago just saying , we can support Rachel whithout totally humiliating Tino .no matter what he did. Not everything has to be dramatise. It's humans you are dealing with not animals. Heck even animal's have feelings.

    • WD Dilly
      WD Dilly 7 days ago

      You watch this dumb show because you like drama, so the producers give you drama.

    • Kristian Twyman
      Kristian Twyman 8 days ago +1

      @Temitope Sanyaolu I’m watching it right now too and I can’t believe they dehumanized that man!

    • Kristian Twyman
      Kristian Twyman 8 days ago +1

      Yeah that was completely humiliating and even as a woman knowing what he did was wrong that was not fair at all. All the drama for ratings

    • Temitope Sanyaolu
      Temitope Sanyaolu 8 days ago +4

      I didn't watch the show live yesterday, am just catching on Hulu but what just happened to Tino was low. I can’t believe this, am a lady and the last thing I wanted was for a man to cheat on me. You don't want him to talk about what prompted him to even be tempted to cheat, Rachel get all defensive about it and you turn around and do him that way. That means you came down to his level too.

    • Kenzie J
      Kenzie J 8 days ago

      👏🏻 exactly.

  • kadeen Cayenne
    kadeen Cayenne 9 days ago +238

    Production is so messy for this 😒… they should of at least wait for Tino to leave the stage 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Guida Dennis
      Guida Dennis 8 days ago

      Heavily edited in Rachel’s favor because she’s the lead. 👎🏼

    • Laura D
      Laura D 8 days ago +7

      @YouKnowYourRight2 he kissed someone and owned it . Not ok but didn’t warrant that reaction. Much more going on that she didn’t want Aired.

    • Laura D
      Laura D 8 days ago +10

      That literally gave me a stomach ache. Way over the top cruel.

    • tess moks
      tess moks 8 days ago +1

      Yea I really agree. He stood there with egg on his face lol actually kinda fitting and funny

    • Brandon_4th Ave
      Brandon_4th Ave 8 days ago +8

      @YouKnowYourRight2 He already apologized to her on multiple occasions and all it was was a kiss. He deserved respect as a human being.

  • Billy Joyce
    Billy Joyce 8 days ago +5

    Hahaha Rachel is so manipulative. I love it. You’re better off buddy 🎉

  • Dar Geo
    Dar Geo 7 days ago +3

    So happy for Gabby and Erich! They seem genuinely happy together & hope they stay together till the end of time.
    But Rachel seems unready for a relationship. Even during the show she acted a bit like a drama queen. The world is not black and white , there are many nuances and Tino kissing some girl while they were on a break and seeking therapy is not exactly “cheating “. I hope he finds someone a bit more mature. ❤️

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 5 days ago

      I was thinking and thinking how they could redeem this season for Rachel (since they know the audience wants a happy ending) and I kept coming back to aven. This was

  • Brayden TheFboySlayer
    Brayden TheFboySlayer 8 days ago +10

    This moment will live in my head rent free forever

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 5 days ago

      the drama with jed. Hoping her & aven work out. He is an absolute gem of a person & deserves the world. I hope she treasures what an incredible man she has!

  • Brady Chip
    Brady Chip 8 days ago +1

    Her face at the beginning was so shocked and concerned, she really thought she was about to be exposed to even more clownery. So glad it actuslly went well. #TeamRaven

  • rosalinda Pierre
    rosalinda Pierre 8 days ago +14

    Sickkk Tino does not deserve this

  • JJ R
    JJ R 9 days ago +35

    Though I never liked Tino to begin with, But this was not good. Way too disrespectful for him. She always wanted an engagement more than anything. She could have may b just held some respect for the brief time she was engaged to this guy. Another Clair crawley in the making. In the end, even her thing with Aven is not gonna last. She just does things. With zero consciousness.
    1. Head over heels with clayton
    2. Unconsolable breakup. Would have taken him no matter what he did.
    3. Despite being an emotional mess, signs up for bachelorette
    4. Shit storm of emotions for every contestant rejection she faces.
    5. Sends zach home for stupid reasons
    6. Send aven home for stupid reason
    7. Gets engaged to the guy she first points to on first night. Telling gabby “he my kinda guy”.
    8. Ignore tino family red flags
    9. Breaks up the engagement. On hold. What does that even mean?!
    10. Breaks up with the guy for being confused with her actions.
    11. In an instant Goes back again to the ex who comes back on live tv.

  • Besame
    Besame 8 days ago +13

    I do not care for Rachel. She seems very sel-absorbed and entitled. She wants desperately to be engaged no matter what or with whom lol. I got tired of her real quick and hope she is not on Paradise Island show also.

    • Candice A.
      Candice A. 8 days ago +6

      Besame As the show went on, Rachel’s real personality started to show. I agree with everything you said.
      I also found her to be very needy, it was all about me me me me.
      So many men turned her down at some rose 🌹 ceremonies and went for Gabby.
      I also suspect Rachel is a bit conceited and self righteous !
      She’s horribly bossy and controlling too. Her true colours were exposed at the finale.

  • Ally W
    Ally W 8 days ago +16

    Sorry but Aven deserves better than Rachel. He wasn’t good enough for her when he wasn’t ready to propose but now he’s second pick. He deserves better than second pick.

    • Jayvee
      Jayvee 8 days ago

      I think she did realize that there's more to the franchise than wearing the ring.

  • Sica2Cents
    Sica2Cents 8 days ago +9

    I watched the show last night and I can feel that there are 2 sides of the story that we didn't get to hear. Tina was wrong for sure but I am not getting an honest vibe from Rachel. She definitely needs to be alone to find herself and not jumping from guy to guy to make her happy. I hope they will take the time to truly know each other her and Aven. Wishing all three of them best of luck.

    PRINCESS KATE ERIKA 8 days ago +44

    Nooo, Aven doesn't deserve to be the second choice. Rachel chose Tino over Aven so she should accept the consequence of her decision!

  • Lorraine P
    Lorraine P 8 days ago +6

    Rachel should have chosen Aven to begin with. He was being realistic when he said we need more time before we get engaged. Rachel insisted on being engaged by the end of the show and sent Aven home while he was the most ready for a committed relationship - engaged or not.

  • N H
    N H 8 days ago +56

    Rachel deserves exactly what she got with Tino and Aven deserves better than Rachel.

  • bo quag
    bo quag 8 days ago +4

    Wow I felt really bad for Tino
    He was so uncomfortable… it was hard to watch. But he did say he was okay and I hope he is.. hope he does not look at social media because there will be too many mean people saying mean things.. I think he is a good guy that will learn from this experience knowing he gave it his ❤️
    Best of luck Tino and best to Rachael and aven 🎉

    • Mr. Cph
      Mr. Cph 5 days ago

      Sadly, just because you say you are ok. when asked, it does not mean everything.
      - to use the popular word in B Nation. He was truly BLINDSIDED by the producers- shame on them

  • brianna O
    brianna O 7 days ago +3

    Imagine what the reaction would have been had the producers made Tyler C. come out while Hannah B. was still on the couch with Jed!

  • LiftedX
    LiftedX 8 days ago +37

    Feel bad for Tino. He proposed to a woman who, after the engagement, goes to therapy for a personality disorder that Clayton and Zach recognized; throws her engagement ring at his head ostensibly calling it quits, break ups with him and then castigates Tino on live TV for cheating and talks over him every time he explained his reasons and apologizes. Throwing an engagement ring is tantamount to ending the engagement, rejecting the person from being your husband, and ending the relationship. This was on top of her comments threatening of ending the relationship fitting for someone with personality disorder. I cannot believe Bachelor Nation even supports or cheers for Rachel!

    • Lily Perez
      Lily Perez 3 days ago

      You are right ✅️

    • Lily Perez
      Lily Perez 3 days ago

      @LiftedX that makes a lot sense now.

    • Raksha Shanbhag
      Raksha Shanbhag 4 days ago

      @LiftedX ughhhmmm u cannot speculate that someone has a personality disorder without having any substantial proof. Keep your god damn baseless assumptions to yourself.
      By doing this, you have not only demeaned those who actually suffer from this disease, but also, spread false rumors about someone who isn't medically suffering from it.
      Be mindful of how you use your right to speak on a public podium

    • LiftedX
      LiftedX 4 days ago +2

      @Raksha Shanbhag lol what the heck? Just whom are you speaking about being cyber bullied? Do you mean Tino who was bullied and humiliated on live TV? We are having a sincere discussion and debate about Rachel which obviously is going to have different opinions and the majority appear to agree on the poor conduct of Rachel. This discussion does not require your need to pass judgment and make false accusations of people's conduct simply because you have different opinion.

    • Raksha Shanbhag
      Raksha Shanbhag 5 days ago

      @LiftedX pls don't speculate things which aren't true. You're cyber bullying someone here

  • CaliD
    CaliD 8 days ago +29

    I feel like there's always more to the story with Rachel. There was soo much left unsaid, she was trying to control the narrative as much as possible. She has every right to break up with Tino for a kiss but she was not letting him explain the part where she wanted to end their engagement beforehand.

    • CaliD
      CaliD 7 days ago

      @#LoveIceCream omg I think so 🙂. But as for Bachelor in Paradise, i believe it was filmed in June, during the time Rachel and Tino were very much newly engaged.
      But yeah, I know Tino is doing an interview on Nick Vialls podcast so we'll see if anything new comes about

    • #LoveIceCream
      #LoveIceCream 7 days ago

      @CaliD but she’s with Aven now??

    • CaliD
      CaliD 7 days ago

      People are speculating that Rachel started acting distant and wanting to call off their engagement after she got invited to go to Bachelor in Paradise without Tino. She is seen in the previews, even starts crying, and bunch of her guys were at the beach so there is definitely more to the story. I will be patiently waiting for all the tea to come out.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago +3

      EXACTLY! The parts where Tino was talking about her behaviors and what SHE said were deemed "personal" by her probably because they would make her look bad. I think Tino explained himself very well and I have come to understand were HE was coming from. Tino should have said clearly that when she said she can't wear the ring anymore that meant the engagement was off for him. Period.

    • Guida Dennis
      Guida Dennis 8 days ago +10

      Yep, I believe that she tried to give him back the ring and didn’t want to wear it. She never took responsibility for her part in the breakup and blamed it all on Tino.

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia 9 days ago +37

    Completely shitty to do this to Tino.

  • LiftedX
    LiftedX 8 days ago +7

    Runs away with a Man who was not ready to propose to her, after throwing her engagement ring at the Man who did actually propose to her...

  • LInda Guillot
    LInda Guillot 8 days ago +5

    This reminded me of a jerry springer episode. I was thinking someone was going to start throwing punches. 😂

  • Tracy Barbara
    Tracy Barbara 9 days ago +112

    I believe Chris Harrison would've never done something that shady, Jesse is such a production puppet. And Aven setting himself up to be a second option is just crazy to me but heyy to each their own

    • V S
      V S 7 days ago +2

      I like Chris Harrison but they listen to the producers. Chris Harrison would have just ‘played dumb’. I like Jessee too, it’s just weird that he gets on social media especially while the show is still active. I liked how Chris Harrison was incognito.

    • Temitope Sanyaolu
      Temitope Sanyaolu 8 days ago

      That's I said, Chris Harrison would've never done that then you went around and said I don't know what they will be doing. I can’t believe this happened

    • Mo Rob
      Mo Rob 8 days ago

      Chris Harrison was in cahoots with the producers, too. It’s about drama and ratings.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago

      Chris? you never know...

    • C V
      C V 8 days ago

      @j cherry, I agree. I’m sure Aven has moved on. Coming on the show was the producers’ manipulation.

  • T C
    T C 8 days ago +24

    No one is talking about the fact that Rachel told 2 guys she loved them and slept with them. Then she dumps Aven for the sole reason that he didn't want to propose, leaving Tino as the only guy left. Tino has to watch all of this back and then she tells him she wants to give the ring back. Rachel is no saint.

    • dawn loscri
      dawn loscri 6 days ago +1

      Isn't that what Clayton did to Gabby and Rachel tell 2 women that he loved them? And here is Rachel doing it. What a hypocrite! How is it any different?

    • Candice A.
      Candice A. 8 days ago +11

      T C I liked her in the beginning, but as the show progressed she started looking like a fake, not genuine AND I think that’s why so many men kept rejecting the red rose 🌹 from her and going for Gabby.
      She’s so self-conscious too, she keeps fidgeting, touching, fixing her hair non stop !’
      She’s the kind of woman, very controlling, that scares men off !!
      Being pretty is not everything Rachel !

  • Gabrielle Gallagher
    Gabrielle Gallagher 9 days ago +138

    She cared more about the ring than the right guy, she could’ve picked aven and just dated him since he was the one who was always there for her

    • V S
      V S 7 days ago +2

      @ Leondre S I agree. He was totally stoked til Fantasy Suites. THEN he changed. An engagement is dating exclusively, not marriage. He knows that, so, right or wrong, he smartly saved face so as not to look bad to bachelor nation.

    • Kristian Twyman
      Kristian Twyman 8 days ago


    • Leondre S.
      Leondre S. 8 days ago +1

      @V S Saved face, what? He didn't choose otherwise he chose patience, thats all. Her way got her the results she received.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 9 days ago

      @Valerie Santos all in all at least they are together. It may have not looked good but people always have something to say. Just like when last season after the final rose.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 9 days ago +2

      They could’ve gotten there and gotten engaged. They would just have to re date each other after the show to solidify their relationship.

  • Bcdf 1930
    Bcdf 1930 9 days ago +16

    They could have done it after Tino left!

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago +1

      They didn’t do that because they wanted to make it as messy as possible for ratings. What they did to Tino was disgusting. I would feel completely hurt if that was done to me.

  • V S
    V S 9 days ago +22

    Aven… that’s what a REAL man does. He was smitten w/her BEFORE Fantasy Suites, then later did not want an engagement, knowing that it is ‘exclusive’ dating, not literal marriage. NOW, he watches everyone diss her in word & action… and so tells her that she didn’t deserve the mistreatment from ANY of them, in front of Tino & for the whole world to hear. WHAT A MAN, to have the back of the woman u have feelings for. BRAVO❣️

    • Mo Rob
      Mo Rob 8 days ago +1

      Yes, he’s proving that after all this time apart, his love for her is real.

    • Tram Dang
      Tram Dang 9 days ago +1

      This times 100000000. If I am correct the backlash that Clayton had was just as much and then to have Susie come out and say that they had gotten back together would’ve been as much. They had truly step away from the franchise just like Rachael and Matt had to do too.

  • R
    R 9 days ago +69

    This was beyond cruel. Granted Tino definitely messed up but he did not deserve this level of hostility from production. Erich is wayyyy more problematic and they completely let him off easy. So disappointed in this franchise

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago

      Ikr??? those texts don't seem fake or trying to lead someone on.
      GABBY better watch her back with Eric!

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago +1

      Erich and Gabby’s relationship won’t last anyway.

  • Danielle Nicole
    Danielle Nicole 8 days ago +3

    I can’t tell if her dad was mad or not, but her mom was here for it 😂👏🏾

    • April Shubert
      April Shubert 8 days ago +2

      Big Tony didn't look happy lol. But agreed, Mom was there for it!

  • Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev
    Fany Apartsev-Faibyshev 9 days ago +115

    The producer who convinced Aven to do this did the mostest...

    • aola wili
      aola wili 7 days ago

      Hahaha Rachel is so manipulative. I love it. You’re better off buddy

  • Myss Melis
    Myss Melis 9 days ago +39

    Rachel seems so phony to me. The new bachelor saw it and so did Tino..

    • Blkbeauty773
      Blkbeauty773 8 days ago +1

      Yess lord can you say crazy pisces chic 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😂😂

    • Tara
      Tara 9 days ago +10

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Esther Butera
    Esther Butera 9 days ago +36

    The devil works hard but these producers work harder😬..this was just pure evil felt bad for Tino. Rachel should have picked Aven in the first place🤍

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago +2

      I’m not even a fan of Tino and I still felt like that was a low blow. Tino’s face at the end had me feeling so bad for him.

  • Anne N.
    Anne N. 9 days ago +23

    i'm not a big fan of the cheating etc... we all aren't.
    n i know they are playing on the drama... but this was definitely in poor taste.
    but Tino handled it like a champ... or the best he could given the situation.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago


  • Mmmmm
    Mmmmm 9 days ago +108

    It was so awful to watch tino go through that . Really disappointed of the show

    • V S
      V S 3 days ago +1

      @Brent Barrus Karma brings into acct, everything that follows

    • Brent Barrus
      Brent Barrus 6 days ago

      ​@V S That ain't karma. It's mob justice!

    • Pami
      Pami 9 days ago +12

      Rachel gaslit him endlessly and did not allow him to express himself at all. Horrible behavior. That is worse than kissing someone else when she didn’t want to be around him at all

    • V S
      V S 9 days ago +6


    • Brieb
      Brieb 9 days ago +15

      Dude for real he looked really hurt…

  • Tea and O
    Tea and O 8 days ago +5

    This is disgusting to watch for anyone with the least bit of empathy left. A public stoning of this man, who clearly did wrong, but still does not deserve this. Nobody does. I am certainly never going to watch the show again.

  • nena Luta
    nena Luta 8 days ago +16

    I believed she only picked Tino to annoy his dad and family...to get back at them for not liking her, her maturity level is questionable. All this is like a game to her, she wanted to have all those men to fall for her. Easy women are easy preys to men. You can take that to the bank....

  • D A
    D A 9 days ago +13

    Yeah what tino did was so wrong but production is disgusting for this tbh

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago +1

      Could you imagine if the gender roles were reverse how they would get backlash. They did Tino sooo dirty.

  • KylaJ108
    KylaJ108 9 days ago +15

    This was… I-
    this has to go down as one of the messiest TV moments

  • Nicholas garrick
    Nicholas garrick 9 days ago +13

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall for Rachel ,and avens backstage conversations.

  • Shelly Ann Lewis
    Shelly Ann Lewis 8 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 I love it 💞 OMG.

  • S'busisiwe Shaba
    S'busisiwe Shaba 8 days ago +4

    Omg this is insane!! That was humiliating for Tino. ABC producers really pushing for drama. She cried for every guy except Aven, I doubt if it will last, but good luck to them.

  • Comelite Kang
    Comelite Kang 8 days ago +39

    No, they didn’t have to humiliate Tino like that on National tv, cos they’d never do that to a woman. This is bizarre, all planned. Her dad was even shaking his head for one reason or another. Yes, Tino is a jerk but no human being deserves unnecessary humiliation. He’s already paid the price on National tv, why again? Her and Aven is not going to work cos she’s not into him the way she’s into Tino. He’s now being used by her and the producers to make good dramatic tv

  • McNeill Family
    McNeill Family 8 days ago +8

    Yes I am so excited for Aven and Rachel. Team Aven and Rachel

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous 9 days ago +49

    Disgusting from producers keeping Tino there. Sick

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago

      Ikr very spiteful behaviour. I feel so bad for Tino. I would be completely hurt if that happened to me.

    • Guida Dennis
      Guida Dennis 8 days ago

      Exactly. He should have walked off stage. No way would I stay.

  • amy dinnoo
    amy dinnoo 9 days ago +39

    to the producers off this show clearly you're hiding the truth about racial because she is the lead tino was wrong yes but why did your lead gave him back the ring when she clearly wanted to get engaged .what you all did tonight was a high level of bullying know one deserves that

  • Seang L. Heng
    Seang L. Heng 8 days ago +4

    Wow no matter who is right or who is wrong you can’t just embarrass someone like that

  • mr samsung
    mr samsung 7 days ago +4

    I've never watched this show ever in my life but after viewing this and looking at all the comments they're both cheaters so they were engaged in he kissed a girl and she was sleeping with someone three days before her wedding I think she did much worse to the dude than he did to her

  • PingPongBallZ
    PingPongBallZ 9 days ago +81

    Why would they embarrass Tino like that? They could've let him leave the stage first instead of humiliating him

    • PingPongBallZ
      PingPongBallZ 9 days ago +2

      @Paula parker she is too much!

    • Paula parker
      Paula parker 9 days ago +13

      I agree Tino is better off without that bipolar witch, and she is mad over a dang kiss when she herself has straddled all the men on the show and kissed and probaly done other things. She didnt even let the guy really talk and work things out either, She wanted her drama on camera. She cried and whined the entire show and didnt have one tear at the end, If she loved him like she claimed she did she would have been more broken than she showed. Remember Zach said when the cameras were off Rachel wasnt nothing like he saw in front of the camera. She also dumped Evan because he wanted to get to know her better but she tossed him to the side. She wanted to humiliate Tino over a kiss. when she herself kissed every man there. I read that they were sorta broke off at the time this kiss happened. So Rachel just wanted attention and poor Evan is headed down the same road if he sticks with her. She has issues and I dont think any man will be happy with someone like her if she doesnt sort things out within herself, But Evan will be her next victim. It was pretty crappy how she treated Tino in front of everyone, and crappy that the show allowed it. she reminds me of a child who throws a temper tantrum when she doesnt get her way. Her dad must be so proud smh.

    • Lynne Henry
      Lynne Henry 9 days ago +5

      You mean Tino should have waited for an actual 'breakup' before cheating on Rachel. :)

  • Dayana Jaalouk
    Dayana Jaalouk 9 days ago +60

    i feel bad for tino. he apologized several times and she could have understood what he was trying to say.

    • Bradley K
      Bradley K 8 days ago +9

      I heard him say I'm sorry so many times...she wasn't having it...she wanted to punish him, repeatedly. The threat of the giving the ring back was probably a game to her, a power play to make him do what she wanted. Tino is lucky....Aven should run for this hills as well. I thought all along Rachel was playing for the cameras...she woulda chose any one of those guys she thought she could control. An airplane with a problem while flying needs one thing...high maintenance. lol

    • Emily C
      Emily C 8 days ago

      @Candice A. yeah right she said something like I went to therapy like you said or we should have gone to therapy for “that “ no clue what that was about. They were speaking in code lol

  • Dannielle Monroe
    Dannielle Monroe 8 days ago +5

    And the woman yelling bye at the end 🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t with people. This is disgusting.

  • Rachel Stevens
    Rachel Stevens 8 days ago +5

    This was so not cool. Although I don’t agree with what Tino did, you should never kick someone down like this. ABC should have removed him from the stage first

  • Molly Obrien
    Molly Obrien 8 days ago +32

    The way Rachel’s face lit up when she seen Aven… she loves that man and should’ve picked him!!! Tino was a walking red flag the entire season

    • NeuroTrophicShock
      NeuroTrophicShock 8 days ago +6

      @N H Hell Yes! Tino cheated and tried to gaslite Rachel into thinking it was not big deal but at the same time... what did Rachel how to accomplish by having this conversation? It sounded like all she wanted to do was talk in circles until they could edit Tino into looking as bad as he can.

    • N H
      N H 8 days ago +9

      Rachel was and is a walking red flag too. Tino and Rachel deserve each other.

  • Faith Houses
    Faith Houses 8 days ago +8

    Rachel, if you told Tino you didn't want to were the engagement ring..... That says the engagement is OVER!!!
    SO, you DID BREAK the engagement and that's what Tino proceed.

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago

      THANK YOU!!!! What's up with that chick???

  • Chunk Chips
    Chunk Chips 8 days ago +27

    I don't think tino is a bad guy... I just don't think him and Rachel were right for each other.

    • L C
      L C 8 days ago

      He didn’t think so either hence he cheated

    • haili ballard
      haili ballard 8 days ago

      if you have been cheated on before… you would get it. He deserves it

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous 9 days ago +23

    Two wrong dont make one right.. jesse sucks too. No morals in these people

  • Sara Gonzalez
    Sara Gonzalez 9 days ago +10

    Everybody loves Aven, and I am his Nº 1 fan. I am nobody to judgue anyone, but I think Rachel was unwise to choose televised marriage proposal (Tino) over empathy and humanity (Aven). And regardless what I think about Tino, I thougut Aven's apparition was badly managed by production: nowhere to sit for Aven, and Tino left to his own devices in front of everybody. Total lack of tact and respect for both contestants.

  • Karen Emmons
    Karen Emmons 9 days ago +30

    Another bully moment from the Bach Franchise!
    Don't get me wrong, I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but what they did right there was MEAN and I cannot sit by and just watch this and not call it out. I don't care what the man did, this wasn't nice or okay. You could literally feel Tino's heart breaking as this happened.
    And let's be real, it was A KISS! Not like he slept with the woman! I get that it was wrong and I'm sure it broke her heart, but I don't see why they couldn't have tried to work on things. And the thing that really gets me is Rachel didn't shed a SINGLE tear!?! I personally think she wasn't all that into him after the show and this was her way out of it.

    • Lily Perez
      Lily Perez 3 days ago +1

      No matter what Tino did she was not going to forgive him. Is so bad how they kept hyping that she left with Aven through the entire show to try to rub it on Tino's face to bully him.

    • Brenda Singleton
      Brenda Singleton 8 days ago +1

      Rachel was nothing but rude to Tino. She wanted an apology and she got it. After that, she was rude, rude, and more rude. All of the men that weren't picked should be thanking the man upstairs. Rachel is a total hypocrite!!

    • Guida Dennis
      Guida Dennis 8 days ago +6

      Exactly. I think she didn’t want to be engaged and maybe because she wanted to be with Aven. The show focused on Rachel’s side of the story and shut down Tino at every turn on their editing. So humiliating for Tino.

    • Candice A.
      Candice A. 8 days ago

      Karen Emmons. Well said 👏. Thank you !

  • Msveejay60
    Msveejay60 8 days ago +5

    I can bet this won’t turn into marriage. She didn’t pick him from the beginning. She just wanted to get away from what’s his face.

  • Wait so I can put anything

    She’s such a hypocrite, but it is funny seeing tino talk to her like she’s a toddler, an accurate comparison, continually consoling her to the point of almost sarcasm and satire

  • Francesca Contento
    Francesca Contento 6 days ago

    I expected better from Rachel. Here's a lady who had makeout sessions with several guys on the show. But when Tino kisses another girl, she gets postal?
    I have a ton of respect for Claire Crawley. Even though she and her guy didn't last, at least she didn't go through the motions, waste any of the other men's time or play with their emotions once she found her match. More contestants like Claire and Sean Lowe please.

  • Centigradz2 Centigradz2
    Centigradz2 Centigradz2 9 days ago +85

    Yikes. They just let Aven stand there. These producers are so awful.

    • TheNiquenique
      TheNiquenique 8 days ago

      I totally agree! They are horrible people

  • Tj h
    Tj h 8 days ago +9

    I know this qill be unpopular, but I feel kinda sorry for Tino. She gave the ring back... anyway, very happy for Rachael.

  • Frenchita Aki
    Frenchita Aki 8 days ago +4

    Looks like i am one of the few that think it is most embarrassing thing! Is Avani really going to do this? And Tino! The man kept saying i am sorry and she kept talking...Not sure what he was thinking! Well...he wasn't!

  • KyzerSoze718
    KyzerSoze718 7 days ago +2

    I thought that she had made a big mistake not picking Aven in the first place. They obviously had more on screen chemistry and she only broke up width him because he didn’t want an engagement to come from the pressure of a deadline. She picked the guy that was willing to say anything just to get picked and that’s not qualities women should ever want in a man. You should pick a man that can stick to some sort of principle and live by a code of morals. I always thought this show was nonsense but since starting to watch it with my wife it’s been an insight into what women look for in a man. Let me tell you it’s no wonder so many women end up in failed marriages. I have a couple of suggestions that would improve the quality of the show. First of all I think they should not allow people to become intimate on the show. I feel like it sours the engagement before it gets started knowing your fiancé slept with multiple people under the publics eye before you married them. It’s just embarrassing for any woman or man. Secondly I think maybe they should get down to a lesser number of contestants earlier. The bachelorette or bachelor doesn’t get enough time to get these people before committing to them. I feel like that arrangement might work better for a bachelor because us men are more visual. But women are more mental and I feel like Bachelorettes need that quality time to get these guys.

  • Figure Skating
    Figure Skating 8 days ago +2

    Did it seem like Rachel's dad was unhappy with Aven showed up and Rachel went with him? Confused? For the record, we are happy for Rachel if she is happy.

  • C V
    C V 8 days ago +2

    I think having Aven on was all a producer setup. As much as I liked Aven, I don’t think it was his idea to show up like that. The producers love, love, love drama. The show is so manipulated anymore. Personally, I don’t think they are dating at all. I’m sure he wouldn’t like the idea of being second best anyhow. Aven seems like a nice guy. I wish him well.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 8 days ago +14

    Wow this was the worst season for The Bachelorette. They better get Chris Harrison back to host the show or this show will never be the same.

    • V S
      V S 8 days ago +2

      Unfortunately… as a song goes… it’s ‘too much, too little, too late’ to ever be the same.

    • Terry-Ann Francis
      Terry-Ann Francis 8 days ago

      Ikr what they did to Tino shows how messy and heartless this show has gotten. Like damn even animals have feelings. That was just cold blooded.

  • Counterpart2U
    Counterpart2U 7 days ago +1

    Holy moly, did you see her face before they announced who it was. She had the fear of God on her face 😂

  • Salome Njeri
    Salome Njeri 9 days ago +1

    Tino was so dumbfounded 😂😂😂

  • Tram Dang
    Tram Dang 7 days ago

    Honestly I wonder if it was Aven at the end of Rachel’s bachelorette journey and he knew about it after she told him. Would he have proposed to her? Would things have been different?

  • Justin M.
    Justin M. 9 days ago +11

    Interesting that they didn’t do this with Jed, Hannah B. & Tyler C.

  • Cailen McKown
    Cailen McKown 8 days ago +4

    They did Tino really dirty..
    I know he cheated, but I think being roasted on the couch was consequence enough. I don’t know that it was necessary to set up an “awkward situation” just to keep a camera on his face to watch his reaction.. he handled it to the best of his abilities.

  • Kate.
    Kate. 9 days ago +13

    I dont like tino but this was so mean..

  • P. T.
    P. T. 6 days ago

    When Jesse asked him are you okay, I thought Tino was going to say "do you want to run off with me too?"

  • Ernawati Suharto
    Ernawati Suharto 9 days ago +11

    seriously tino over Aven??? is she okay?? I'd go for Aven 100000000

  • 100 Days of Sunshine
    100 Days of Sunshine 9 days ago +15

    Can we give this man a chair please?

  • Audry Angus
    Audry Angus 9 days ago +28


    • Eisha Liyanage
      Eisha Liyanage 8 days ago

      He didn't come for her. Such a transparent stunt by production. She's on BIP anyway so it didn't work out with Aven either

    • Otu Olu
      Otu Olu 8 days ago

      2nd place is always second place

    • Va Va
      Va Va 8 days ago

      ​@C V , Exactly!

    • C V
      C V 8 days ago +3

      I’m sure the producers pushed him to do it. They are very manipulative. I highly doubt they are together. It’s all about the drama.

  • Chonk Life
    Chonk Life 9 days ago +28

    This show is so toxic. Nobody knows the whole story. I actually feel bad for Tino. Anything for views...that is the culture now. Sad.

  • Christianindianizme
    Christianindianizme 8 days ago +1

    1:43 Rachel’s dad is not impressed! Khehehehe! He is thinking…..both these guys done my daughter wrong….don’t go back to him! Me personally, I hope they get together!

  • Quinny's World
    Quinny's World 8 days ago +4

    So so awkward...but dramatic as hell!