Drug Pricing | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan dissects one of America's most pressing issues: the rising cost of prescription drugs. Hasan breaks down how America’s complicated healthcare industry has lead to these price hikes over the past few decades, and looks specifically at how increases in insulin prices have impacted the millions of Americans that need it to survive.
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    Drug Pricing | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  • downloders JPJ JPJ

    I am confused, you released this video in 2019 but Donald Trump saying he is going to lower drug prices clip is in 2018. Did he go against his promise?

  • penalozaur
    penalozaur Day ago

    What did he mean with the Oculus Rift joke? That the graphics guy worked hard in VR to draw a penis-looking pancreas and they are laughing?

  • G.M Bentley Jr.
    G.M Bentley Jr. 3 days ago

    If you live on border get your drug in Canada or Mexico, I know people who get braces in Mexico for cheap.

  • Ankur Bisht
    Ankur Bisht 5 days ago

    India's medical care system rocks

  • Johnny Rocketz
    Johnny Rocketz 5 days ago

    Finally an issue that gets bipartisan support

  • akashay kumar mahatha
    akashay kumar mahatha 10 days ago

    A comedian raising the real issues of society and politicians are doing comedy...

    SHUBHAM PARDESHI 11 days ago

    Even India has cheaper insulin did not know that

  • nitin rao
    nitin rao 12 days ago

    Gud show😊

  • mint_kookies
    mint_kookies 18 days ago

    Wow, US medical scene is badddd. Like you need to be fucking rich to have the right to live. Insulin production is fucking cheap. Really bums me out.

  • Kaleb Swager
    Kaleb Swager 20 days ago

    We can get CNN CEO on video admitting they're face new but we cant get find evidence their price fixing?

  • Peedgaj Junior
    Peedgaj Junior 20 days ago +1

    Me after 1 episode - Why does no one makes shows like this more often????
    After after 20 episodes - Becoz no one had balls like Hasan to host such a show!!!!
    " Hasan" ma man!!!!

  • abhay chavda
    abhay chavda 21 day ago

    Make a vid on congo virus

  • abhay chavda
    abhay chavda 21 day ago

    India should have rehabilitation centers

  • abhay chavda
    abhay chavda 21 day ago

    Deal send vape pens, we will send you insulin pens

  • abhay chavda
    abhay chavda 21 day ago +1

    Next vid recco: are European countries asking for migration in their countries, or that news was satire!?

  • abhay chavda
    abhay chavda 21 day ago

    Prescribe exercise with drugs also

  • Ayan Ray Baruah
    Ayan Ray Baruah 23 days ago

    Richest nation in the world but has no care for its people. And ya, focus on the issue, not the graphic, I mean cmon man.

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    I hope some vigilantes will emerge out and give these greedy capitalists a cartel-style gore death.

  • adil kanouni
    adil kanouni 27 days ago

    When non prividing society population numbers rises with no sign of slowing down.
    The wealthy and before them goes on a attack mode.
    Control street and health.
    Sound diffrent then the rest.non talk about this.
    But to me.or you.will do the same.
    Wild falks gots to go.
    Grave.hospital with nothing to support.and that's hieghway to the grave.
    Prison and the inmates friends/familly will pay for it.
    A perfect settup to illuminate legally.

  • Carlo Cocciolo
    Carlo Cocciolo 28 days ago

    The problem is always the same:
    Your politicians are LEGALLY for sale!
    In Europe we have National Health Systems paid by the general taxation.
    This public health system is at the same quality level of USA private system, but far less expensive.
    It is less expensive because it's the NHS who sets the prices of drugs, hospital, medical visits.
    The NHS pays as little as possible, and the drugs producers (and the hospitals, and the doctors) can freely decide to accept the state prices or not to sell/work in our countries.
    Drugs, hospitals, medical visits prices are all capped, and the same happens for a few other things considered basic human needs (bread, milk and, in Italy, even coffee).
    This is NOT socialism.
    This is a "social system" that - where strictly necessary - puts the lives of the human beings above the unlimited profit.
    Our politicians can be corrupted, but not legally!

  • Keyboard Dancers
    Keyboard Dancers Month ago

    He's like John Oliver but without all the annoying mannerisms!

  • Devanshi Mehta
    Devanshi Mehta Month ago

    man I love brockhampton

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    Come to Mexico, a 3ml cartridge will cost you around 10 bucks

  • Neo 57
    Neo 57 Month ago

    America is subsiding the prices of drugs for other countries around the world. Drug companies are making the money they could not make in other countries.

  • BlackWater 49
    BlackWater 49 Month ago

    I am from Germany and my grandparents were and are good people because at the end of WWII they were still children.

  • Nelson Gaskell
    Nelson Gaskell Month ago

    I just realised marten skrelia has a charicture in watch dogs 2

  • S P Smith
    S P Smith Month ago

    Start publicly executing pharmaceutical executives. Drug prices will fall very quickly.

  • Lauren Goff
    Lauren Goff Month ago

    Its absolutely disgusting that we profit off peoples illnesses. No one should have to pay to stay alive. Where is the pro life crowd now?

  • Cosem
    Cosem Month ago

    Tfw you're someone who goes to Planet Fitness and watch this video lol

  • Oh_My_Croft 1847
    Oh_My_Croft 1847 Month ago +4

    I love that you can tell that Hasan is a Daily Show alumnus. Jon Stewart must be so proud!

  • Ottoman
    Ottoman Month ago

    Dream country but if you think Freddy Crudger is a dream.

  • Olivia Young
    Olivia Young Month ago

    Absolutely amazing man!!! My son is type 1 diabetic and I’m so damn pissed off at all but it’s Evil MF greedy pharma. !! Thank you so much for this!!!

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers Month ago

    Farma festival
    Taiwan - $8
    Breaking patents

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson Month ago +1

    "Huh, I wonder what Affleck's tattoos look like" (One google search later) "Oh Ben. Buddy. Why?"

  • Swati Chauhan
    Swati Chauhan Month ago

    You should slow down a bit. U cut people while they are laughing. The info while listening to you will not be processed properly if u dnt let people laugh & pause & listen to you again

  • misha Maris
    misha Maris Month ago

    In Kenya insulin is $7 peace out US

  • Karashou Tengu
    Karashou Tengu Month ago

    Watching Paula Deen makes me gag. That looks so unhealthy...

  • panda reboot
    panda reboot Month ago

    make video on Indian internet

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    Lets talk about epipens...

  • CJ Rohan
    CJ Rohan Month ago

    drugs should've never become a necessity.. Sadly it is in today's world. Its a good thing its turning back into a luxury

  • No Mauvaise Foi
    No Mauvaise Foi Month ago

    Why can't the University of Toronto take back the licence and/or licence insulin production/patents to other pharmaceutical companies or make it themselves??

  • Sabrina Frölich
    Sabrina Frölich Month ago +1

    Sitting here in Germany, appreciating our not really perfect, not completely universal healthcare...
    And knowing that that my grandfather was an arsehole.

  • aftab mansuri
    aftab mansuri Month ago +1

    Guys anyone of u has any trouble with medicine cost in US,,, come to india for medical tourism,,,
    Many people from US , Australia, middle east do that,, n the cost is 1/5 or 1/4 of wat u pay in US,, including your air tickets-2way,,,
    send me message if u need help! I will get u in touch with right people!
    I lived in the US for 5 years, now settled in India, i know the pain people of US go through! N this is a major reason y US is THE most stressful developed country!
    Most of the time patient here get shocked not because wat they r suffering from but from the cost of future medicine tat is on thier way ahead!,,,,

  • Mavrick mok
    Mavrick mok Month ago

    Everyone here are thanking they are not in america but if they'll get any opportunity to move here they'll agree without any second thought..

  • IceMan TV
    IceMan TV Month ago +1

    Sugar is the Deatly Drug
    Available for human
    God I need to stop Coke

  • romxxii
    romxxii Month ago

    You guys wouldn't have this problem if you had a generic drug law. Pharma companies can't price-gouge when a smaller company can release an exact clone of it for peanuts.

  • Zeus2371
    Zeus2371 Month ago

    Yet another excellent video. Exposing the truth of corruption!!!! And it is happening right in front of our faces.

  • Thedreamer
    Thedreamer Month ago

    thanks for sharing the episodes!
    to me this is the best talkshow!
    thank you Hasan

  • Matthew Mashava
    Matthew Mashava Month ago

    I swear I watched this episode again just for the indoor dick joke lmao...

  • broskie gang
    broskie gang Month ago

    that's why you move to Canada #freehealthcare

  • Abdulhakim Ganya
    Abdulhakim Ganya Month ago

    this show needs to be longer... need more... need more

  • Jane Yu
    Jane Yu Month ago +1

    Question, is there no generic brand in US? In our country we have brand name which is more expensive than generic. So people have options.

  • Shivanie Yaksyy
    Shivanie Yaksyy Month ago +1

    We pay RM1 for insulin in Malaysia & its Free for old citizen.

  • OklahomaBorn1970
    OklahomaBorn1970 Month ago

    What this dude doesn't tell you is that the gut that increased the price of that drug thousands of times of what it used to be did it to to make insurance pay up. If a doctor came to him with a patient with no insurance that patient got the drug for free. Also the democRAT politicians are the biggest recipients of big pharma money "donations". Our country's drugs are so expensive because we pay for the rest of the world to get cheap drugs.

  • K.SyzaaH
    K.SyzaaH Month ago


  • Emil Sørensen
    Emil Sørensen 2 months ago +7

    People who are smuggling illegal insulin in from Canada are like an underground railroad, saving people's lives and futures.
    If you made food illegal, we'd have no doubt that smuggling bread across the border was a heroic act, but we've gotten used to the idea that American pharmaceutical laws are allowed to kill people.

  • lordeisschrank
    lordeisschrank 2 months ago

    Insulin isn't the only drug funded either by public research or made available basically for free to society. That affects almost every single drug on the market in some shape or form, the Shkreli drug included. Pharma at this point is nothing but a leech on society.
    But I shouldn't be surprised by what is going on in the US ... I mean, it is literally a country that was founded because rich assholes were prohibited from exploiting society back in Europe.

  • Milrok Seeks
    Milrok Seeks 2 months ago

    Metformin is dog cheap in My country and you can get it OTC

  • Milrok Seeks
    Milrok Seeks 2 months ago

    What ais pre diabetic

  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 2 months ago

    hassan.. the issue is deficit spending...by gvt
    gvt has done vsuch a criminal job of stewardship of usa... letting treasonous usurious treasury BORROW us into $22.5 trillion of deficit...
    except if you talk about the debt, uninformed audience is likely to boo...or fall asleep

    • Duggy Dugg
      Duggy Dugg 2 months ago

      must have been going to reply to another Hasan piece and was interrupted
      probably his brexit piece...

    • GardEngebretsen
      GardEngebretsen 2 months ago

      @Duggy Dugg Yes, it's a dire situation, but it is unrelated to the cost of prescription drugs in the United States.

    • Duggy Dugg
      Duggy Dugg 2 months ago

      gvt debt is profoundly important to the public sector... $22.5 trillion...and skyrocketing !
      a. all public taxes go to try to pay down the debt..not working..
      b. if the treasury can no longer pay matured t bonds... economic collapse

    • GardEngebretsen
      GardEngebretsen 2 months ago

      How much money the government owe is irrelevant to the public sector and this question. If the reason drug prices were so high was because of fees they had to pay the government to be allowed to sell them, then yes, but that is not the case.