Dead by Daylight | Cursed Legacy | Trailer

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Cursed Legacy is the brand-new chapter for Dead by Daylight. It tells the story of The Spirit's ancestor, Yamaoka Kazan: a Samurai whose wrath ended up drawing the Entity’s attention. The Chapter also introduces a new survivor, Kimura Yui: a vigilante street racer who finds herself trapped in the Entity's realm. Cursed Legacy is available on PC and Consoles December 2019.
    Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.
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  • AyNmI
    AyNmI 2 days ago

    I play dbd on my xbox and everytime I start the game it says Initialization error.

  • Adryen Blackmoon
    Adryen Blackmoon 3 days ago

    He looking like he should be in for honor

  • ikrazy كريزي
    ikrazy كريزي 4 days ago

    The game is a lot of mistakes. Chopping, miscontact with the killer's net, you have to put an end to this or the game will be very bad And thank you.🙂💔💔💔

  • CR7 TV
    CR7 TV 8 days ago

    Please add the demogorgan to dbd mobile

  • Louis Frazier
    Louis Frazier 10 days ago +1

    Why can't anyone reset pallets like BOI😆

  • Tman G
    Tman G 14 days ago

    Hey, instead of giving us more killers can you fix the hundreds of bugs and glitches in your game?

  • A Flamingo
    A Flamingo 14 days ago

    “Blood And Gore”


  • ღ iAlyGamerFTW ღ
    ღ iAlyGamerFTW ღ 14 days ago

    This is my favourite chapter trailer, I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Parker Jackson
    Parker Jackson 15 days ago

    Out of all survivor Kimura Yui is the hottest and the most beautiful girl😍😘

  • Dimitry Vaillant
    Dimitry Vaillant 16 days ago

    Beginning of trailer she has blond hair. Picture at the end she has black hair. "I tHinK wE diD a pRettY goOd...jOb so fAr"

  • dragondude ?
    dragondude ? 16 days ago

    Is the doctor,nurse,hag and maybe the clown based off of scp's
    Hag=maybe 2006
    I don't know if this is "real" but docter=1403 but not a good fish

  • Liliana De Santiago
    Liliana De Santiago 16 days ago

    My idea sounds stupid but if you can you can make a fnaf 3 chapter and the map could be Fazbear's fright and the new killer could be springtrap/William Afton and the new survivor could be Jeremy/the nightguard

  • Octagon Count
    Octagon Count 18 days ago +1

    Oni: Die Twice by Deadlight

  • Sarita Gedam
    Sarita Gedam 18 days ago +1

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dead by daylight release in India

  • Sebastian Alvy
    Sebastian Alvy 20 days ago

    Make owl man

  • chaos blades
    chaos blades 21 day ago

    Hello dead by daylight can you please add Geralt of Riva from the Witcher series as a survivor

  • Keven Ravendale
    Keven Ravendale 23 days ago

    I wish they would make pyramid head from silent hill as a killer

  • Erika Villanueva
    Erika Villanueva 24 days ago

    Will u guys put it on mobile plzzz

  • Mohammad Al Dhaferri
    Mohammad Al Dhaferri 27 days ago

    i really hope the next one is jeepers creeper

  • A Nazi Iguana
    A Nazi Iguana 29 days ago +1

    CyberPunk: Coming soon
    CyberPunk 2: Available on steam

  • The Ghostface
    The Ghostface Month ago

    Imagine adding Jason Voorhees, Jack the Ripper, and Terminator... 🤔👌

  • Voicila Alex
    Voicila Alex Month ago

    *Is that a Jojo reference?*

    SAMBUR Month ago +1

    Стримлю ее почти каждый день в образе) оцените)

  • REDComrade 101
    REDComrade 101 Month ago

    Nemesis for next killer please
    S.T.A.R.S !!!!!!

  • ethan DuBose
    ethan DuBose Month ago

    dis mans huge.


  • Jeremy Corbin init
    Jeremy Corbin init Month ago

    I'm so fucking sick of oni, he's the most unbalanced, infuriating character ever. And people want a buff? It's to annoying, all they do is tunnel and tunnel and tunnel.

    BOANNSKI Tv Month ago


  • ali aziz
    ali aziz Month ago

    why don't have jason Friday the 13th

  • Mr Melee
    Mr Melee Month ago

    I found a bug where in the map the game I hit a yuri in a doorway but she never lost the speed boost can you fix it?

  • Jaden Quest
    Jaden Quest Month ago

    This Oni will make the Spirit his bish

  • Orlando Ramos
    Orlando Ramos Month ago

    We want more characters in dead by daylight like pennywise or Jason voorhees and the ring.

  • Ekwarin Techapongkul

    Mature 17+

    Blood and Gore
    Intense Violence
    "Strong Language"

    In the lore text I guess.

  • Patrick Nii Yang
    Patrick Nii Yang Month ago

    Please Add Sidney Prescott in game ♥

  • Elijah Silver
    Elijah Silver Month ago

    I have a good idea for a game mode, make the map 2 times bigger 2 times the pallets 2 killers 8 survivors 10 generators. That would be so much fun

  • Nexel Ray
    Nexel Ray Month ago +1

    So she’s from the distant future, and the oni is from the distant past?
    Pretty cool.

  • Mathias Schunck
    Mathias Schunck Month ago

    The oni is almost just a male version of The spirit

  • Rosamon M
    Rosamon M Month ago

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Dead by Daylight | Cursed Legacy | Trailer
    every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,“ every “supreme leader,“ every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of

  • bam offset21
    bam offset21 Month ago

    yo does anybody know if it's dropping today cause it is dec 3rd i need to what time cause i'm in the central time zone?

  • who?
    who? Month ago

    "you can't hide Jason! COME OUT!"

  • Lakatoš
    Lakatoš Month ago +1

    with every update this game is just more unplayeable

  • Damian Garcia
    Damian Garcia Month ago

    Fix the hit boxes instead

  • Richard Watterson
    Richard Watterson Month ago +1

    0:35 Why is Yui’s hair black in this picture?

  • GizmoMaster 82
    GizmoMaster 82 Month ago

    Anyone help? I’m an Aussie and I am playing DBD on Xbox and it it’s currently 2nd of December for me and the churned legacy isn’t out for me but is for many others, please help me on comments.

  • CasualNickツ
    CasualNickツ Month ago

    When does dis come out??

  • i have to wait 90 days to change my name

    *_i n e e d h e a l i n g_*

  • D3v14nTW4RH34RT
    D3v14nTW4RH34RT Month ago


  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo Month ago

    Wait! So this survivor had the fearlessness to stand up to a man WITH FULL SAMURAI ARMOR + KATANA!? I WOULD OF DIED OF A HEART ATTACK!

  • Cart00nz 71
    Cart00nz 71 Month ago +1

    Now can they start working on the hit boxes

  • LegendaryG mode
    LegendaryG mode Month ago

    Wait huh? Why would the entity pick a random motorcycle chick what does she have to do with the oni? And did it pull her out of the blue in a city dont they have to be alone close to death or in some kinda danger/high stress situation

  • Inoke Tekanene
    Inoke Tekanene Month ago

    I hope mr. O i is in love with mrs. spirite

  • Fabián Saldes
    Fabián Saldes Month ago

    An actual Oni, with white hair and a katana as his weapon.
    Kinda reminded me of Onimusha lol

  • F4ADE
    F4ADE Month ago +1

    When you go on a ride in the woods and u have to do gens get chased by a killer and rescue people from hooks

  • Mr Oreo Gaming
    Mr Oreo Gaming Month ago

    Can you guys add Jack Torrance to the game, I think he would be a awesome killer to DBD. I have ideas.
    New Killer: The Caretaker
    New Survivor: Wendy Torrance
    New Map: The Overlook Hotel

  • Jeremy Thanaparamy
    Jeremy Thanaparamy Month ago

    This game is definitely could be free to play because everything now he don't need to pay they didn't do that well for this game now everything you get to play for free for all no need to pay🤗

  • Jaroly Lengendary
    Jaroly Lengendary Month ago

    When is this shit gone be on console ?

  • Ханибек Норимкулов

    Add the killer from the movie Collector to the game

  • Dwight Fairfield
    Dwight Fairfield Month ago

    When is my spotlight coming reee

  • pilot naaazya
    pilot naaazya Month ago

    This is just a suggestion you should add the plague doctor

  • Witchygaming
    Witchygaming Month ago +1

    Y’all should make a battle pass

  • MarkZombie 2.0
    MarkZombie 2.0 Month ago

    PLS rework borrowed fucking time to be Whenever the equipped survivor of borrowed time is unhooked they negate the first hit...the fact that you have to rely on other to have the fucking perk is annoying as fuck!!!