Game Theory: Do Video Games Cause Violence? It's Complicated.

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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    Do video games make you a more violent and aggressive person? That is the question we are covering today. We touched on this topic before in our episode "Does Fortnite Make You Violent?" but I think, in the wake of current happenings, it deserves a deeper look. This is a tricky and very personal topic for myself and many others, so I am going to do my best to do my due diligence. Today we attempt to answer the long argued question, "Do Video Games Make You Violent?"
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Kanoka621
    Kanoka621 Month ago +24748

    Man, I've been loving the new kinds of videos you've been putting out, Mat and the Theorist team!
    Thanks for doing this research and making this video. The thought you put into writing and discovering all this information shows, and I'm incredibly proud of the work you've done and continue to do. I'm super familiar with all these arguments and issues going into the world of journalism myself, but it just makes me want to get there even faster - to try and do this kind of ethical research and reporting. It's not easy to put aside your personal perspective and see what you find, but you did, and I thank you on behalf of those of us who aspire to do that too. :D

    • Anonimus Prime
      Anonimus Prime 3 days ago

      Maybe he doesn't have a perspective,maybe he's a....

      jreg has entered the chat

    • Mr. Dragon
      Mr. Dragon 10 days ago +1

      @PoisonIvySis 3900 i have bin on game theory sens his first fnaf theory

    • PoisonIvySis 3900
      PoisonIvySis 3900 14 days ago +1

      I love MatPat's videos too

    • aadi sharma
      aadi sharma 22 days ago

      Bro pubg do cause violence.
      No its not the game but
      Hackers lag, snakes etc.

    • Mr. Dragon
      Mr. Dragon 23 days ago +1

      i agree

  • Jordan BirkenfeldPlayz
    Jordan BirkenfeldPlayz 9 minutes ago

    I just play Minecraft and barely fortnite but I would never want to kill or murder someone

  • Blaise [GD]
    Blaise [GD] 18 minutes ago

    You actually were the one that got me interested in how a computer works lol. Now I’m learning JavaScript and learning all about hardware.

  • Christa Ishino
    Christa Ishino 35 minutes ago

    Numbers don't lie. Thank you. The answer is obvious but I am so glad for scientific confirmation.

  • Gamer929
    Gamer929 53 minutes ago

    Video games didn't exist during WWI, take that VIDEO GAME BLAMERS

  • jmbbao
    jmbbao 2 hours ago

    Games desensitize youngers to killing people. It creates also division and feeling of loneliness and fear. They are created even with same symbols that you can see in music videos or movies: illuminatti symbols and satanic symbols. A pleiadian woman said "killing is not fun" meaning it must not be in a game (and yes you can read info from contactees with pleiadians and others, NASA searching for life is just a screen to create the feeling on people that "govs are looking with effort for life so if they haven't found it the contactee thing is a lie". No, the govs are the lie, thousands and thousands of ET info you can find where all is exposed. Just now Allatra movement has talked of the ninth circle (the stanic illuminatti) watch the video and see how things are when people allows it thinking it is just a lie.

  • Swagger Kidz1020
    Swagger Kidz1020 2 hours ago +1

    This theory really starting to sound likke playdo.

  • CodingFire
    CodingFire 2 hours ago

    Im gonna say, Depends on the game.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 3 hours ago

    so video games don't cause violence but they sometimes do but not really but kind of really.

  • Animisia Akayami
    Animisia Akayami 3 hours ago

    14:40, the only difference between all of those countries (except France) compared to the US are the gun restrictions and laws.

  • Little_teehee Vsco girl
    Little_teehee Vsco girl 9 hours ago +1

    There are the gun games at arcades where there are fake guns you use that could also help with aim

  • BrandonPlayz Robinson
    BrandonPlayz Robinson 10 hours ago

    *plays coin master*
    Me: uh it’s just a game…
    Government: *pukes*

  • BrandonPlayz Robinson
    BrandonPlayz Robinson 11 hours ago

    What about Roblox? Oh wait the adults that tell 5 year olds to go die in a hole I mean that’s it…

  • BinsAreMyFins BAMF
    BinsAreMyFins BAMF 11 hours ago +1

    It’s a miracle that this video is still monetized

  • Edward Gonzalez
    Edward Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    i never saw a video of this tipe with my ears all wide open is amazing, thanks for defend us!

  • Alexandria Indovina
    Alexandria Indovina 14 hours ago

    Thank you. I did this debate as an argument speech in 7th grade ( 7 years ago?) No one really cared lol but it has always been a place in my heart. I;m in tears thank you

  • Kalib Degrood
    Kalib Degrood 14 hours ago

    The real reason theres so many mass shooting is because you can buy a gun as quick as a snap in the U.S and be teenager with a fake idea or use your dads

  • Trevor Eklof
    Trevor Eklof 15 hours ago

    Do video games take away your N word pass ):

  • Mama Yeets
    Mama Yeets 15 hours ago

    Video games do not cause violence world war 1 happened before video games were made

  • Super Leni
    Super Leni 15 hours ago +1

    Games don't cause violence
    Lag does.

  • Aariv Arora
    Aariv Arora 16 hours ago

    I just traded some wheat for emeralds with a villager

    Now I have the sudden urge to bomb London

  • Aariv Arora
    Aariv Arora 16 hours ago

    Me: Plants a flower in Minecraft
    Media: pLaNtInG? IlLeGaL

  • Funneh Bunneh
    Funneh Bunneh 16 hours ago

    "Violence has dropped since 1991"
    Oh I see...

    *Video games don't cause violence, the USSR does!!!!111!!*

  • TheLibermania
    TheLibermania 17 hours ago

    AND WE HAVE IT AGAIN. We had a person shooting two people in Germany for racist reasons (from the killer confirmed). And what does the german minister of internal affairs say?

    "We need to take closer surveillance to the gamer scene".

  • Anthem Cod
    Anthem Cod 17 hours ago

    Video games since I was 3 I don't have a single sense of violence and I actually don't really talk is this relevant?

  • QuestionablePotato owo
    QuestionablePotato owo 18 hours ago

    Guys, I've been playing Animal Crossing.

    I've now commited mass genocide.

  • Sojyonnie
    Sojyonnie 18 hours ago

    I´m going to hang out here for a while, I shall do a presentation about this video in my English class yay I have no idea how to make all the other German fucks understand a word xD I feel honored tho, now I can hear Matt´s beautiful voice on loop

  • ur.anime.grandpa ._.
    ur.anime.grandpa ._. 18 hours ago

    "do video games cause violence?"
    mat pat: "i play video games"
    me: "have u met this beautiful man? he's a father and husband who makes millions of people happy. he's the sweetest person ever! video games didn't make him violent"

  • Obi Dobi Wan Kenobi The Son Of Kenobi

    I'd say it all depends on the game and it's player.
    If a game is violent, and the player thinks it's a good idea to copy the characters in the game, then the player will commit a crime, and the media will go crazy over it, saying it's just another proof that video games cause violence. But again, it depends on the game and the players.
    People play video games because they either:
    A. love the game's series
    B. just generally love playing video games
    C. to get rid of their stress, anger, or any other reason like that.
    The third option is probably what makes crimes connected to video games happen. At least I think that way.
    Now, of course, the game itself could provoke that anger in the player. For an example, if the parent takes the game away from their child, the child (most likely a teenager) will be pissed and could hurt the parent, or anybody else for that matter. Thus, leading to a crime. And the same or similar can happen to an adult person. People taking game time away from the gamers leads to cases like the father who hurt his daughter because she accidentally unplugged his xbox. And while some people may look at this case and say it's the game's fault, I don't believe it's the game's fault that the father lost his temper. He might have been stressed before that.
    I'm not saying video games cause violence. I'm simply saying that video games may inspire the player to commit a crime, but that's the player's fault.
    It's not always the video game.
    Sometimes it's the player.

  • Digitial Konnections
    Digitial Konnections 19 hours ago

    This is astounding video and piece of ethical journalism I have had the pleasure to see.

  • DinoHunter
    DinoHunter 22 hours ago

    When you play Kerbal Space Program
    -Used by engineers
    -Video games cause violence
    I see nothing wrong here

  • rajesh Shrivastava
    rajesh Shrivastava 23 hours ago

    But, i asked my nephew and he said he feels like to shoot anyone after playing PUBG

  • Crappresents Youtube


  • The Kabinet
    The Kabinet Day ago +1

    “Facts don’t care about your feelings” -Ben Shapiro

  • Elliot Brown
    Elliot Brown Day ago

    Gun violence would be lower if Americans didn’t use guns

  • Trex 2500
    Trex 2500 Day ago

    Video games do NOT cause violence ok. If I play GTA V for a bit I’m not about to go stab a guy in a parking lot.

  • Mr Buzz
    Mr Buzz Day ago

    I've never seen or had feelings to murder someone after playing call of duty. It is just the way people act not what people make

  • Gavin Dzik
    Gavin Dzik Day ago

    Thank you Mattpatt, sorry this was such a controversial episode. But taking it head-on is truly amazing, I'm in awe.

  • phinix jade
    phinix jade Day ago

    It's funny games are blamed for the mass shootings, but only four of them owned games ,but ironically all of them shared the same religion but religion was never attacked funny isn't it.

  • phinix jade
    phinix jade Day ago

    It's interesting that violence increased when these mental feminist groups started their Nazi type movement.

  • JROD310
    JROD310 Day ago

    I’m happy I have actually done the same research as Matpat, it was for a high school paper I wrote and I researched for months trying to pick out things that weren’t repeating from a similar study, finding things that were opposites, and finding papers that were certified by many people and actually tested by others. I wish I found that Supreme Court one tho but my paper was already 20 pages long

  • Exlil
    Exlil 2 days ago

    Video games don't make us more violent.
    Sometimes school does.

  • FRM YT
    FRM YT 2 days ago

    It’s just a game

    Why you gotta be mad?

  • DragonsGaming
    DragonsGaming 2 days ago

    Do a game theory about aggression by other media

  • DragonsGaming
    DragonsGaming 2 days ago

    Question: Is the baby going to be too much for your channel?

  • ferretluver72995
    ferretluver72995 2 days ago

    I am actually doing a project about this exact subject and I was able to use a lot of the sources that you used! Thank you for posting all of your sources for videos like this!

  • Glozwell
    Glozwell 2 days ago

    IMO video games cause violence in video games

  • Ilya Nikitin
    Ilya Nikitin 2 days ago

    why does mat looks like hes always tearing up

  • Malia Adamson
    Malia Adamson 2 days ago

    Just letting you guys know, I love this video and the research that went into it! I'm actually using it as a source in my English 2010 research paper this semester on analyzing the commonly cited causes of mass shootings, and whether or not they are actually the source of these increases. Thank you for your hard work and research on this topic; it's very refreshing to have someone actually look at the scientific facts instead of just jumping to conclusions.

  • IVIU-T-3D
    IVIU-T-3D 2 days ago

    I can disprove desensitization in one statement alone.
    "If video games desensitized us, then young male soldiers would no be getting PTSD from war."
    The bullet point of desensitization holds no water when put side by side with the real thing.
    Some people are just evil. A simple fact of life.

  • Maddie Briggs
    Maddie Briggs 3 days ago

    My English teacher gave this as one of the topics for a persuasive essay. Now I can watch Game Theory for school!

  • Mr.NemoCrazy
    Mr.NemoCrazy 3 days ago

    Mat could be a politician...

  • Alexis Au
    Alexis Au 3 days ago

    Matpat can honestly be my general studies teacher.

  • Nitro Nate98
    Nitro Nate98 3 days ago

    I agree that video games have little to no correlation to violence in America, I do want to point out that gun violence is not as high and scary as the media wants us to believe. In fact according to the crime statistics given by the FBI more people die by hammers than by guns. Also guns are used way more defensively, than they are to used to murder others. this is also according to the FBI. I dont care if you are pro gun or not, These are the facts that I have found. Anyone can find the statistics on the FBI's site.

  • STAN *insert kpop group*

    2019, games exist:world is considerably peaceful
    1000bc: WAR WAR WAR WAR

  • Phoenix Ramirez
    Phoenix Ramirez 3 days ago +2

    How’s your day I just saved the panda population in Minecraft.

  • Patrick Zhang
    Patrick Zhang 3 days ago

    if video games turn you violence then action movies will turn you in to a serial killer

  • DMS R6
    DMS R6 3 days ago

    Media: Video games cause violence
    Me: Proceeds to decorate my room and plant a garden in Animal Crossing

  • Brianna Maher
    Brianna Maher 3 days ago +1

    When MatPat said "my son" oml MY HEART❤❤❤ BTW awesome video, MatPat loved it👌👌👌

  • KaiserAegis
    KaiserAegis 3 days ago

    Barely 5 minutes into the video and I want to say something: Thank you, Matt and the Theorist team for saying this. We need more people looking for the truth and willing to talk about the real issues, not playing blame games and vilifying everyone who doesn't agree with them. Problems are gonna be solved when people come together, not when they're constantly divided over everything.