Jorge Masvidal: 'I envision getting my hand raised (over Nate Diaz) at all costs!'

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • "That's a dumb question," but Jorge Masvidal answered it at the UFC 244 press conference in New York anyway.
    Asked about his motivation for a fight with Nate Diaz and his thoughts on how the fight would go down, Masvidal had plenty to say, although he thought the question was foolish.
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Comments • 19

  • Atomic 3301
    Atomic 3301 Month ago

    Both are badass

  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers Month ago

    The ghetto godfather

  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers Month ago

    Man this is gonna be so dope

  • Islam is right about women

    I wonder how many wedgies Colby has given little Jorge over the years

  • FreedomWorkshop
    FreedomWorkshop Month ago +1

    I was at a job interview yesterday. The prospective employer asked me what I could bring to the company. I picked up his mobile phone from the desk and said into it: "Yeah, I'm comin to win". Then I proceeded to drop the phone on the floor (mic drop style). I didn't get the job.

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. Month ago

    I like Nates answer better, dudes always direct to the point

  • Kovalef Kova
    Kovalef Kova Month ago +1

    Traslate pless in spanish for my PEOPLE Latina and thank and good good video broth

  • Ildo Genisat de França

    Beth Correia will get the belt

  • Believe
    Believe Month ago +1

    I envision myself being the winner. Yes... that's generally what you do when you compete in competition.

    • Lunapatch Raids
      Lunapatch Raids Month ago +1

      Believe you’re cringe trying to be a smart ass, he’s just saying he sees him winning over NATE 100% not everyone is that confident. Crawl back in your cave you greasy troglodyte

  • Htx457
    Htx457 Month ago

    Wish these reporters for the sport wouldnt hit their vape pens before asking questions

  • Gaminnator
    Gaminnator Month ago +7

    Jorge Masvidal looks like a combination of a drug dealer and a devil character lol.

  • Nation 0f Israel 4ever

    Boring....what happen to trash talking diaz? Now he's all watered down!! This fight i predict will be boring!!!