Joyner Lucas - Revenge Intro/ADHD (official video)

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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  • AbdulMalik
    AbdulMalik Hour ago


  • Eric Daigrepont
    Eric Daigrepont 2 hours ago +1

    I wanna see a finished product lol

  • Trevor LaRochelle
    Trevor LaRochelle 3 hours ago

    whoever dislikes Joyner Lucas is a bitch cuz he fire as fuck

  • Tuoks
    Tuoks 4 hours ago

    he spent so much money on this video

  • Harvey Hodges
    Harvey Hodges 5 hours ago

    Honestly I cried when I heard this because I can relate a lot

  • Energy Games
    Energy Games 6 hours ago +1

    I let my parrents listen this and they finally understand what i have

  • ashley lennon
    ashley lennon 7 hours ago

    such a good track though ❤️💯

  • ashley lennon
    ashley lennon 7 hours ago

    song hits you deep from every angle even if you dont have adhd problems in depression have you thinking like this.

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 9 hours ago

    Imagine still sleepin on joyner in 2020 like he did a minute long intro with little breaths

  • Dom Campbell
    Dom Campbell 10 hours ago


  • Mike G
    Mike G 11 hours ago

    Its still so nuts to me that someone from my area actually made it

  • Alienfarts Ufnhos
    Alienfarts Ufnhos 15 hours ago

    I've watched this least 1000 times.. If they say they dont like joyner lucas then i cant respect the taste in music they listen to.

  • Jim Walton
    Jim Walton 16 hours ago

    This pretty much sums up what its like having adhd/severe adhd

  • MR RO
    MR RO 16 hours ago

  • James Hollister
    James Hollister 16 hours ago

    I feel like I’m dying inside too

  • Daylan Hicks
    Daylan Hicks 17 hours ago

    Joyner, you are on the same level as Kendrick, j Cole, and Mac Miller.

  • ThaliaMsp Perez
    ThaliaMsp Perez 17 hours ago

    I have ADHD and l listen to this :)

  • ZDub Reactions
    ZDub Reactions 17 hours ago

    I cannot wait for revenge

  • Ace Shotz
    Ace Shotz 17 hours ago

    I want those pants 👖 they are fire 🔥

  • dudu sombra
    dudu sombra 19 hours ago

    I liked this song brow, im from Brazil ,batida monstra

  • Matthew Walter
    Matthew Walter 20 hours ago

    Yo Joyner if u see this HMU g I’m trynna see how u used the beats from other artist songs and was still able to make money off it due to the new Flash-Player restrictions?? Anything would help thanks to

  • Ghost3XHunter
    Ghost3XHunter 20 hours ago

    i NEVER heard a Joyner Lucas Song in German Hip Hop or US Rap & HipHop Radio ...... WHY DA FUCK?! He's so amazing for Years now.....!!!!! Geetings and Love from Germany Keep it up BRO!!!

  • eightgateslee20
    eightgateslee20 22 hours ago

    I appreciate this song. But part of me feels like at this point it's an excuse. Maybe it's just cause of the constant shaming.

    BADAY 23 hours ago

    So fucking underrated

  • VGKultimatefan
    VGKultimatefan 23 hours ago

    I felt when he said ADHD because I have ADHD, nah fr.

  • johnathan dambrosia

    Yea i can relate i rap too

  • xm53813
    xm53813 Day ago

    My 4 year old bumps this..

  • Quincy Knight
    Quincy Knight Day ago +1

    The intro touch my soul 💯

  • Anthony Specht
    Anthony Specht Day ago

    i follow you on facebook and saw your making of the video you are so nice to go see the kid in the hospital. you are the best thx for the entertainment

  • joshua wildermuth

    what would rap music do without Joyner an em honestly thank you 🔥🙏🏼💯

  • Aaden Peables
    Aaden Peables Day ago

    I have adhd I love this song keep it up Joyner Lucas

  • William Lucas II

    How is this dude corny? I just don’t get it 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Abdou Belbah
    Abdou Belbah Day ago

    you are the best Now okeY

  • Berat Obi
    Berat Obi Day ago

    Puh the Beginning

  • Martin Ottersen Jagland

    Thank god you came along and raised the bar once again, Joyner! Hope you come to Norway one of these days 👍🏻😉

  • Shobhit Sibal
    Shobhit Sibal Day ago

    Intro is everything 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Day ago

    I remember when joyner first released pand remix and im not racist bro thoose where the good days and know hes famous life is good man

  • kaley boiii
    kaley boiii Day ago

    This song I relate to so much thanks Joyner

  • Brimstone Sternklev

    Bro the intro in this song. Makes me fucking shiver. God damn!

  • James Cunnings
    James Cunnings Day ago

    The more than you build up the more than we EAT

  • Korbo
    Korbo Day ago

    I found out I had ADHD when I was nine. I’m now 13 and I honestly love it believe it or not

  • dmxdxl
    dmxdxl Day ago

    I love the fact that he hates taking pills like the rest of us, that intro was realer than 99% of the game right now....Respect to this man, can't wait for the album...

  • The Music Gods
    The Music Gods Day ago remix

  • Carson Wilson
    Carson Wilson Day ago +1

    Who's hyped for Revenge to drop on tuesday!?

  • Jeffrey Helm
    Jeffrey Helm Day ago

    1:39 Start Shit Gets Real Thank You!

  • xavier Demeritte


  • Camryn Crosby
    Camryn Crosby Day ago

    His songs are so good that i get goosebumps

  • El Pantera Rodriguez

    Joyner lucas
    My favorite rappers

  • Amateur_genuis_ 21

    Could you make the intro longer it is so good

  • unit333
    unit333 Day ago

    omg this intro got me having GOOSEBUMPS EVERYWHERE

  • kamaru the flaming shadow

    ADHD isn't even that bad Joyner...I have adhd and much worse mental disorders so it bothers me that your using a minor disorder that only affects focus and impulse to gain money,pity and other selfish desires..come on dude

  • Ruslan Alikhamov

    Still here waiting for Revenge full version, while my ears are burning from Em's fire new album. C'mon, it has been more than a month ago! FULL REVENGE, FULL REVENGE!

  • Kyle Schaeffer
    Kyle Schaeffer Day ago

    First real 1:34 can someone tell me what dem pants r tho😌

  • Epic Reactions
    Epic Reactions Day ago

    it kinda feels like

  • Cody Branch
    Cody Branch 2 days ago +1

    Looks like he took the blue pill at the end there..

  • Amanda Jayne
    Amanda Jayne 2 days ago +1


  • luk6amv
    luk6amv 2 days ago

    This is video is amazing, usage of masking and green screen throughout. Choreography must of been used.

  • Dark Manj814
    Dark Manj814 2 days ago

    This song hits home joyner keep it up man your shit bumps hard

  • Oo_R3AP3R_oO
    Oo_R3AP3R_oO 2 days ago


  • Noves -
    Noves - 2 days ago

    That start was a hole J cole moments