TOP GOALS | The best training goals from the month of August

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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Comments • 260

  • Olivier G
    Olivier G Month ago

    *the best goal by each player during the month of august**

  • Muner Mohamet
    Muner Mohamet Month ago


  • FIFA Oyuncusu
    FIFA Oyuncusu Month ago +1

    Semedo is injured 😢

  • Monica Hernandez
    Monica Hernandez Month ago

    Mesieto bien

  • Omar Jafri
    Omar Jafri Month ago +1

    1:20 ooohhhwow majesterial strike by suarez
    Commentators acting🤪

  • Rhea Shetty
    Rhea Shetty Month ago

    Do best saves from mark......

  • RS Familia
    RS Familia Month ago

    Daily reminder: Valverde Out!

  • Kevin Zaka
    Kevin Zaka Month ago

    Neymar come back to barcelona with Messi and Suarez MSN PLEASE BARCELONA pleaseeeee bartomeu

  • Sammy Fash
    Sammy Fash Month ago

    90% are bang average goals

  • Javier Osjd
    Javier Osjd Month ago

    Nobita vamos por ti .!!

  • dion hautvast
    dion hautvast Month ago

    Messi best player on the world

  • Barca Forever
    Barca Forever Month ago

    You know what?
    Valverde should change our line up and buy some players in winter and I recommend this line up
    New player griezmann messi
    Arthur de jong roberto
    Alba new back lenglet semedo
    Because suarez is too bad for Barcelona now and we need young striker and pique has too many miskates so we need new center back he should be fast because our build up is in high position we have to prevent counter attack.

  • Abdurrahman Muhaena

    playing rakitic

  • akram DZ
    akram DZ Month ago


  • Elena Merkushevu
    Elena Merkushevu Month ago

    Messi super goal

  • Maximiliano Caceres

    Vidal ?

  • Daydreamer Of Calmness

    Get well soon for Neto and for all the players who had injuries.. And for King Leo, I hope we could see U soon King.

  • Daydreamer Of Calmness

    With FC Barcelona, I feel like at home... I feel calm when I watch all from Barcelona... It's like my family, best education and relationship.. 💓🔴🔵
    Antoine Griezmann, keep spirit Brother, I believe You could make history for Barca, You will be making some assistes and goals for Barca. I hope you will be showing your best combination with our King Leo Messi and C.O.
    *_Vamos Antoine!!_* 💪😉

  • Shani Krasniqi
    Shani Krasniqi Month ago

    Messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy

  • Shani Krasniqi
    Shani Krasniqi Month ago

    Your Champions League group is so Ezekiel going to win the whole tournament do not going to watch Liverpool Again full now come on you can win five now Glory Glory

  • Rated Ramirez
    Rated Ramirez Month ago +1

    Nobita, vamos a por ti

  • Pemula Pakhoy
    Pemula Pakhoy Month ago

    Kiper is lazy

  • Sivdev X
    Sivdev X Month ago +1

    Should have put Leo goal in the beginning, and Ansu Fati goal in the end...

  • Sekayi Lee
    Sekayi Lee Month ago

    When we are playing

  • KING M
    KING M Month ago


  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar Month ago

    Please show the best saves also🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ben sher
    ben sher Month ago

    crosses crosses crosses are we under zidane or what.. we never cross in games

  • David Selimaj
    David Selimaj Month ago


  • Daniel Romo
    Daniel Romo Month ago

    Nobita vamos a por ti!!! 😂😂😅😅

  • Sidorela Rrapushaj
    Sidorela Rrapushaj Month ago

    Griezmann goals

  • Geng Sheng Liew
    Geng Sheng Liew Month ago

    What is the name of the background music???

  • Christy Anog #4
    Christy Anog #4 Month ago

    And Messi

  • Christy Anog #4
    Christy Anog #4 Month ago

    i want Neymar back in the Barcelona

  • Beata Zielińska
    Beata Zielińska Month ago

    Les go Messi

    DIPFEICFEIS Month ago

    Nobita vamos a por ti!

  • الإخوة الثلاثة

    اللي عربي لايك

  • Neron boi55
    Neron boi55 Month ago

    We ready

  • David Hser
    David Hser Month ago

    I always cheer player

  • Iib indra Setiawan
    Iib indra Setiawan Month ago

    Valverde out Ronald Koeman ini....

  • x ViTal
    x ViTal Month ago

    Barça Que No Se Valla Messi Si Se va ya Perdimos Todo Champions Liga Todo No Lo Dejen Ir

  • X X
    X X Month ago +1

    Valverde is not only destroying barca but wasting all the talent like coutinho now de jong. Valverde just leave now . No one cares even if you are killed

  • Badbear 612
    Badbear 612 Month ago

    Vengo del video de Auronpley :v xdxd

    MR AQUARIUS Month ago

    Valverde out 😡

  • Joker9G
    Joker9G Month ago


  • Space 3452
    Space 3452 Month ago

    Barcelona better keep Ivan rakitic

  • Lucia Mijangos
    Lucia Mijangos Month ago

    Messi v valencia

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson Month ago

    Lots of women's team content during the international break, please and thank you.

  • Hepkjana
    Hepkjana Month ago

    Varvelde out please 😔😔

  • Da soccer Boi
    Da soccer Boi Month ago

    One of your games are on my birthday

  • pademos yegar a 500 suciptores sin suvir videos

    Like si biste que demandaron a auronpeyer

    FAHD CH Month ago

    Abonee plizzz

  • Mario Landeros
    Mario Landeros Month ago +4

    Nobita vamos a por ti AURONPLAY

  • Thomanus
    Thomanus Month ago +10

    Under Valverde : the best training goals
    Under Enrique : the best goals

  • denis29 denis29
    denis29 denis29 Month ago

    I beg you to replace Valverde, because he relies too much on Leo Messi

  • Randa Anggara
    Randa Anggara Month ago

    Fu*k you terstegen

  • Manolo Gonzale
    Manolo Gonzale Month ago


  • king sykes
    king sykes Month ago

    ansu fati is goin places

  • Absolutamente Nadie
    Absolutamente Nadie Month ago +3

    Nobita, vamos a por ti!!

  • Ricardo MG.
    Ricardo MG. Month ago

    And Messi ?

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez Month ago

    Visca barça 🔵🔴🔵🔴👏👏👏😎😎