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Why Did Poppy Change at the End of Chapter 2? | Poppy Playtime Theory

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • Poppy at the start of chapter 2 was very different from the Poppy we rescue at the end of the chapter.
    This has really bugged me ever since I finished chapter 2. The change in personality is so drastic that there must be something going on here.
    In this video I attempt to explain the reason why Poppy changes so much during Chapter 2, and the reason might be more complicated than you think!
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  • Keero Katala
    Keero Katala Day ago +194

    It’s funny, contrary to how everyone seems to react to poppy’s monologue at the end, I never real thought of it as to pointing her to be evil. Morally questionable, yes. Manipulative, yes. But evil, no. She seems to have a legitimate drive to repair the damage done in this factory. We just happen to be the tool she needs

  • LarkinPng
    LarkinPng Day ago +780

    I believe that they learned their mistake with Huggy and made his "better half" by not giving Missy full control of her arms, I honestly don't think she'll be able to attack at all. She also seems more aware? She takes time to study the player and decide on whether to help. I agree that she definitely seems like she'd be another employee and not an orphan.

  • Justin
    Justin Day ago +60

    If you ask me, Poppy’s behavior strikes me as “every doll for herself” at the start. She tells the Player to wake up, maybe as a thank you for freeing her, before immediately running off and trying to get out of the factory. When you show up to make things a bit easier for her, she probably decides just before being abducted that maybe she can team up with you to escape after all.

  • MattTale
    MattTale Day ago +88

    Personally I believe that Long Legs doesn’t really have a split personality. Previous interactions with her show that her happy, caring and “Baby talk” voice and persona is an act, this is especially noted after you beat the whack a Wuggy game. She seems to force herself to retain her childish personality to congratulate us and give up the code. This is further supported by the statues game, where it becomes clear that she had no intentions of just giving up the third code, as she begs the player to come back up and in return she would hold up her end of the game. And when she realizes that her motherly nature won’t work on us anymore, she gets angry, but never completely drops the motherly facade when with us, which could be attributed to her conditioning having a permanent effect on her mannerisms. As for her eyes, if you examine more closely you can see that her irises are still green, meaning her eye change is simply due to her pupils dilating.

  • RadioIsActive
    RadioIsActive Day ago +128

    I don't think Poppy is evil, even after chapter two's ending. She betrayed us by keeping us there, sure, but she has a pretty good reason. She wants us to stop the horrors that are happening in the factory, and she was probably too scared to just ask because we used to work there.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +199

    This is exactly what I imagined

  • YouTube
    YouTube Day ago +74

    when someone says "i'm going to need you to trust me" that's a red flag to me 👀🚩

  • Itz_Yurí
    Itz_Yurí Day ago +6

    I personally interpreted the more hostile or malicious personalities as the real ones and the friendly personalities are the conditioned ones, mostly because of the trama those orphans have been through.This also lines up with how the character we're playing as could have been a worker at the factory and the orphans are wanting to take revenge on the personal that contributed to the making of them into dolls.This theory also lines up with how Kissy Missy could have been more recently made because that could possibly be the reason why she doesn't attack us, she doesn't know who we are, and also maybe it takes time for the dolls to recognize us because its been 10 years.

  • bill the second
    bill the second Day ago +4

    So there's been some thoughts going through my head after your playthrough of Poppy Playtime and I'd like to share them.

  • Johan Stenfelt
    Johan Stenfelt Day ago +10

    Hm, Poppy’s little tone shift was one of the things that I was wondering about the most after Chapter 2 and while her having a Dual Personality was something that did cross my mind as well,

  • florapetals
    florapetals Day ago +5

    Does Poppy have a more... highly saturated colour palette by the end of the chapter or is the lighting just really different for the comparison images? To me it looks like she has redder hair as well by the end (her dress seems a bit more blue too). The only reason I ask is that I don't know if there are other Poppy dolls out there, but if there are, is it possible that our Poppy got swapped for another, by Mommy or somebody or somebody else, and left there for us? Because that would explain things if it isn't just the lighting making her look more saturated to me. She's a newer doll, so her colours are brighter due to the current lack of wear and tear.

  • Cindy Jones
    Cindy Jones Day ago +5

    Keep in mind that some one sent out the initial video cassette and message inviting the ex-employee to return and search for Poppy, that could have been Kissy Missy or someone that's still has yet to appear like that scrambled name at the drop tube area (it has to be a prominent character because most of those names where important people).

  • ꧁rᴀɪ_rᴀɪ꧂

    For kissy missy I feel like back then she was programmed to be kind and friendly especially around the staff [and children of course]. So I think when Kissy missy saw us, they knew we used to be one of the staffs-

  • Geeky GamerGirl
    Geeky GamerGirl Day ago +4

    Thank you! Someone else noted how creepily realistic her eyes are!

  • butterfly 45
    butterfly 45 Day ago +5

    So I’ve been wondering. Was Huggy Wuggy from chapter 1 always there or did he move there after what happened 10 years ago? Because if he was there before what happened then that would mean he was seen by the public. That would mean the scientists trusted that Huggy wouldn’t act out. The head scientist even mentioned in the tape that Huggy was conditioned with maximum obedience and had limited intelligence. This might be the same for Kissy Missy. If these were people turned into toys how did the scientists know they could for sure limit their intelligence? Maybe they had a different source other than people. Huggy could be seen as almost like a guard dog since he attacked when we got deeper in the factory. But if we are an ex employee and Huggy had this obedience, why did he attack us? Was it that the absence of the scientists not continually conditionally him to not attack employees, or his dual personality is able to finally come out? He could’ve saw us and automatically helped us since that might have been in his conditioning. Like reverting back to something you’re really used to. But he stalks you after he helps you, almost as if he’s deciding to attack you or not. But it could also be experiment 1006 pushed Huggy to attack us. Since Huggy is referred to by the scientists as obedient. How would this obedience change? The death screens mentioned that the prototype “saved” us all. It just makes me wonder. Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to get this out.

  • ColossalCrown
    ColossalCrown Day ago +3

    Nice catch on the eyes. They definitely look more human when the pupil and and iris of the eye is smaller. The less of you can see of the white part of the eye, the more non-human they look. For example, look at a shark’s eye compared to a human eye.

  • Grand X
    Grand X Day ago +4

    For Mommy, the eyes and her hands change with changing to her "mad and angry" form.

  • 💛Asthmatic Fujoshi💛

    Personally, I reckon that Poppy was going to fully explain herself and her plan during the "I'm going to need you to trust me" bit right before she was pulled into the hole, but after being stuck with Mommy Long Legs and fully knowing what's going on in the toy factory, stuff that we as the player haven't fully grasped yet, she becomes desperate and more serious to complete her mission, regardless of what happens to the player or how they feel about it.

  • 💛Asthmatic Fujoshi💛

    I believe it’s her realizing a few things -

  • getyaw8up
    getyaw8up Day ago +2

    Two things I noticed: