What Would You Do with Unlimited Cotton Candy? • This Could Be Awesome #3

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • We combined two of the most magical things: unicorns and cotton candy!
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    This week the Vat19 crew was challenged to build a life size unicorn out of cotton candy! Watch until the end of the video to see how we cleaned up all of the sugary sweetness!
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Comments • 3 529

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +195

    Watch until the end to see how we cleaned all of the cotton candy up!

    • Wolfy gacha Life lover
      Wolfy gacha Life lover 4 hours ago +1

      And also make toys but ......
      But made out cotton candy!

    • Wolfy gacha Life lover
      Wolfy gacha Life lover 4 hours ago +1

      Next vid making a house made out of cotton candy and lollipops!!!

    • Mark Talbot
      Mark Talbot 20 hours ago

      It reminds me of the wicked wich of the west
      Oh noooo immmm mmmmeeeellltttiiing😭

    • breann thomas
      breann thomas 3 days ago

      I did and I really hope no 5 yr olds see this bc a melting unicorn is kinda terrifying lol

    • Emily Duncan
      Emily Duncan 4 days ago

      You should make a life sized gingerbread man using actual cookie

  • Cardboard Doughnut
    Cardboard Doughnut 3 hours ago

    I wannna eat it

  • Lola Mouzay
    Lola Mouzay 4 hours ago

    Why is literally nobody talking about the fact that we need to figure out who it is with the unicorn head on

  • JDUBS 100
    JDUBS 100 5 hours ago

    50c is sooooo hot for me

  • mightymarshadow7
    mightymarshadow7 5 hours ago

    6:40 you’re eating the unicorns skin

  • sape616
    sape616 6 hours ago

    when are u gonna sponsor tkor

  • first destroyer
    first destroyer 6 hours ago

    Unicorns are real they are the main animal in Scotland

  • Jack ky
    Jack ky 7 hours ago

    Vegans: *I N T E N S I F I E S* 😧

  • arsyfa channel
    arsyfa channel 9 hours ago

    Nooooo the poor unicorn!!!!

  • Elva Lalita
    Elva Lalita 12 hours ago

    You should do a colab with tkor

  • Garcia Aurora
    Garcia Aurora 12 hours ago

    Can you do a bed made of cotten candy pleas

  • Ryan Yang
    Ryan Yang 12 hours ago

    0:09 4 Year olds be like: *cries*

  • Fluffy Onions
    Fluffy Onions 13 hours ago +1

    More like


  • Kylie J
    Kylie J 14 hours ago

    All of that hard work, wasted. 😥

  • Rylie Greggo
    Rylie Greggo 14 hours ago

    At 5:45 that noise

  • dt shadow
    dt shadow 15 hours ago

    You wasted so much

  • Coco 2280
    Coco 2280 15 hours ago

    11:54 looks like zombies eat the horse seen XD

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber 16 hours ago

    You just created, consumed, and melted a unicorn

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber 16 hours ago

    Did you just eat sugar?
    No....... yes

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber 16 hours ago +1

    Hardware store:
    Oh crap these guys again

  • Alina Bishop
    Alina Bishop 18 hours ago

    Now it just looks like the Trojan horse lol

  • Owen's Everyday Life Videos

    Next time, just give the leftovers to me!

  • Laura Sletmoen
    Laura Sletmoen 18 hours ago

    Me:are you eating the candy
    John:no im puting it on the horse

  • Unipug Team
    Unipug Team 18 hours ago

    Mine craft endermen are made from cotton candy!!!!

  • Laura Sletmoen
    Laura Sletmoen 18 hours ago

    Me:did you just eat sugar
    Me:i knew it

  • Carolina Ambrosio
    Carolina Ambrosio 19 hours ago +1

    At the end that was a watse of cotten 😪 so many homeless died because of that 😭

  • MmeganN Space Unicorns!

    All that hard work went straight down the drain.


  • Haley Kuebbeler
    Haley Kuebbeler 20 hours ago


  • Olivia .B.
    Olivia .B. 20 hours ago


  • Emily Ayala
    Emily Ayala 20 hours ago

    7:10 is so adorable 😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️

  • BlastenPigs M
    BlastenPigs M 21 hour ago

    10:18 love your shirt I'm a WA Capitals fan cause I'm I'm Maryland but I still really likedl the blues. Especially when they made history by even just making it to the playoffs then winning it against the Bruins.

  • D e e p e s t S e c r e t s

    Hey! Can fill a whole pool of gummy that would be so cool!!

  • Claudia Gtz
    Claudia Gtz 21 hour ago

    walking dead11:35

  • Atlas the corgi
    Atlas the corgi 21 hour ago

    What would Gordon Ramsay say

  • Ivy Zheng
    Ivy Zheng 21 hour ago

    Who was the dancing unicorn?

  • bob plasticwrap
    bob plasticwrap 22 hours ago


  • Wally Worm
    Wally Worm 22 hours ago

    If we were in Saint Louis could we visit you?

  • creeperking 101
    creeperking 101 22 hours ago

    11:40 new AMC series The Walking Vat

  • Clubby Kitty
    Clubby Kitty 22 hours ago


  • Øcëån S
    Øcëån S 22 hours ago

    Me: skips the short adds
    Me after watching these : WAIT THIS IS A 13 MINUTE ADD TECHNICALLY

  • Kha0sV4ktor
    Kha0sV4ktor 22 hours ago

    i want to work there

  • kc army
    kc army 23 hours ago


    AVA SENGER 23 hours ago +3

    “How are we gonna get rid of all this?”
    Me - bring in your kids -
    “Well, cotton candy doesn’t do well in water.”
    Me - NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • kc army
    kc army 23 hours ago

    jony jony sey papa eating suger no papa telling lies yes papa

  • Shuckle
    Shuckle 23 hours ago

    I would dump the pacific ocean on the cotton candy

    ISABELLA BOQUIN 23 hours ago

    My unicorn!!!!!!!

  • isabelle rivas
    isabelle rivas 23 hours ago

    Rest in peace grant :(

  • green eggs and sam
    green eggs and sam 23 hours ago

    0:38 **horse girl has entered the chat**
    12:36 **horse girl has left the chat**

  • Xx RuffRoses xX
    Xx RuffRoses xX 23 hours ago +1

    I feel bad if a child saw a bunch of adults spray a unicorn smiling as it melted down and fell.

  • Realminer For the win
    Realminer For the win 23 hours ago

    I know that you went to Home Depot

  • Carlos Gamer116
    Carlos Gamer116 23 hours ago


  • B for Beautiful
    B for Beautiful 23 hours ago

    food waste


  • Xxpretty AngelxX
    Xxpretty AngelxX 23 hours ago

    *No real Unicorns were Harmed in this Video.*

  • CrayToons
    CrayToons 23 hours ago

    TKOR is awesome

  • milenes show
    milenes show 23 hours ago

    That guy loves pina colota way too much

  • Banana JoeJoe
    Banana JoeJoe 23 hours ago +1

    The melting unicorn looked like peed-on snow...

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart Day ago

    Did she say sans

  • KawaiiPotato
    KawaiiPotato Day ago

    You should have used one of those cotton candy sticks for the horn

  • Alyssa Alvarez
    Alyssa Alvarez Day ago

    And that's how all the unicorns died

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan Day ago

    H I FA
    E N N
    G D