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Wife Swap Murders - Did Strict Household Rules Lead to Murder?

  • Published on May 8, 2022
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Comments • 3 439

  • Bailey Carter
    Bailey Carter 14 days ago +2

    I think what’s most bizarre is that she wouldn’t allow “outside influences” but literally allowed a TV show full of producers, cameramen, and a woman who was VERY different from them into their home.

  • S Lang
    S Lang 14 days ago +1

    "We don't see chores as slave labor" is a very weird thing to say unprovoked.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago +68

    I feel so bad for Jacob and James. Notice how the oldest son didn't even say a word about his mom? Really says a lot. I'm sure a lot worse happened behind closed doors such as physical abuse. All those boys were handsome. It's just so sad. I feel kinda down now 😕

  • Amber Micayla
    Amber Micayla 14 days ago +725

    That’s abuse. Someone should’ve intervened after this episode aired because it’s clear those boys needed help.

  • Lindsay Lewis
    Lindsay Lewis Day ago +975

    I honestly feel bad for him. His mother broke him. I'm shocked the family still supported Jacob considering. The wildest part is the other mom knew it was Jacob when she heard the news. Just based on that brief time she spent with their family.

  • Lee
    Lee 14 days ago +688

    I was a bit disturbed and unsettled about this family well before you got to the actual murder part of the story. I'm not denying that the parents probably loved their children, but their method of parenting was on par with the type of mentality that I associate with a cult. I get wanting to 'shelter' your kids from so many of the things in the world, but you have to allow for some degrees of exposure or you risk them having horrible culture shock when they grow up and actually set out on their own... I'm not condoning violence, but I can see how a child raised like this might crack and have some sort of crisis.

  • jayden everett
    jayden everett 14 days ago +7

    This is beyond strict and is just abuse. Violence is never the answer, but abusing people to their breaking point will, well, break them.

  • Morgan Thompson
    Morgan Thompson Day ago +398

    This is horrible, those parents were clearly abusing their children, while using their “religious beliefs”and parenting as excuses for their overly strict rules and expectations of them. I don’t know if any of you have thought about this but I think the reason they were forbidden to watch tv or play sports was because the parents likely knew if they watched kids on tv or spoke to teammates on a sports team they would figure out quickly that the life they were living wasn’t normal nor were a lot of the rules religious and non religious alike and would lead to them rebelling against the parents and questioning them and the life they were living. I’m not excusing what Jacob did because it’s inexcusable and why he also killed his younger brother I don’t understand, murder or not both parents were awful and abusive to those kids and the kids should have been taken from them after the show aired or in the very least someone should have issued welfare checks on the family.

  • Kiki Mincks Roten
    Kiki Mincks Roten 19 hours ago +91

    Stark county resident here. This family was actually one of my best friend's neighbors growing up. We would constantly try and get their attention when we were in HS, because honestly, they weren't "bad looking" by any means, and we were teenage girls. They would perform at the Strawberry festival every year and sold their CDs, etc and we would try to flirt. Mom was always so weird and glared at everyone and she would yell at them to stay on their property. As an adult, I moved slightly North to the more "city" area, but when this story broke, it shook our entire community. I couldn't sleep for days it was so disturbing. Jacob was so cute with such a happy smile. You just never really know what's going on behind closed doors.

  • Vicky Mazzotta
    Vicky Mazzotta 9 hours ago +35

    He’ll be more free in prison than he ever was at home! This level of strict parenting is abusive and extremely unhealthy!

  • Foxy
    Foxy Day ago +159

    The mom actually reminds me of a cult leader. She isolated her children from outside influences, super religious, very strict, and her most important rule being (basically) just do as I say and don't question it.

  • Mary Termini
    Mary Termini 7 hours ago +49

    This is an absolutely horrific crime. However, I can definitely understand why this man would have completely snapped. The mother's rules and beliefs were very cult-like. He was literally raised in a little mini cult.

  • HannahTheHorrible
    HannahTheHorrible 14 days ago +7

    She didn’t need to write out all those rules. She could have just said “no fun, no joy” and that would’ve covered it

  • Ketsueki Raven
    Ketsueki Raven 14 days ago +400

    When the mom said she liked homeschooling them because she could control them, I was immediately like well yeah you control every single else they do, of course you like that you can control their schooling too.

  • Kate C
    Kate C Day ago +180

    His parents broke him, especially his mother. Poor kid probably thought he was saving his little brother from the trauma he carried. I feel for James, and even for Jacob. The woman who birthed them was not their mother, she was a dictator, I feel nothing for her.

  • Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    This is abuse. Children thrive on structure and routine, but there is such a thing as too much of it. These children were raised like military soldiers and I feel terrible for them.

  • Meg
    Meg Day ago +230

    That kind of parenting is 100% child abuse disguised as well-meaning when religion is involved. You can't expect your child to live in that kind of environment and be a well-adjusted adult when they go out into the world, as they should freely be able to do. I feel bad for all of those kids. I feel bad for the brother he killed too.

  • Grace Duhé Eley
    Grace Duhé Eley 7 hours ago +20

    interesting that someone who was sheltered from literally all violence (video games, tv, rap, etc.) could still commit such a violent crime.

  • Jessica Young
    Jessica Young 14 days ago +1

    Honestly this doesn’t surprise me. These parents weren’t just strict, they were abusive. Mentally and emotionally abusive. When you try to control another person like this and break them down of everything that makes them an individual eventually that person is going to snap. And honestly I’m sorry this happened but I see why it happened and I really hope that Jacob is able to move forward and live his life when he leaves prison. I feel like in many ways he’s a victim too.

  • lupas cipher
    lupas cipher 19 hours ago +52

    what's worse is that the parents werent even raised into this environment either. they were city people so I'm sure they were able to experience everything their sons never did which is sad and so hypocritical. it's like having a pet and just keeping them confined instead of loving them and wanting them to experience things and be free. they could have lived in their farm house but visited the city on family trips at least.