My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

  • I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn't matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried

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  • Bobby C
    Bobby C 9 days ago +1107

    Hollywood spends millions of dollars on props that get destroyed all the time. How is this any different?

    • Toughest Tools
      Toughest Tools 11 hours ago

      Greenspark hahahaahahahahahahhaahhahaahahahahhah another liberal spewing not facts out

    • bcott
      bcott Day ago

      doubt it

    • Matthew Miller
      Matthew Miller Day ago

      Process you just wasted your own time writing this, and this comment was dead as soon as you wrote it so just stfu

    • Matthew Miller
      Matthew Miller Day ago

      ca Ga you make no sense, what is views? Views is from someone clicking on this video for entertainment right? Your comment will not change anything I hope you know that. Just shut your fucking mouth if you want him to stop destroying trucks it’s really simple.

    • Austin Kilgore
      Austin Kilgore Day ago

      J Greenseed you can think it’s a poor financial decision all you want but to get offended by it is ridiculous and pathetic

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez Minute ago

    For sum one who says they don't care about what people think he Shure spend all his time trinna show them I bet he would not be doing all tha shit all he always saying they I do this couse they said grow a back bone

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson Hour ago


  • X II
    X II Hour ago

    When it comes to Material thing's, people need to understand that it's just a truck, no different than my 2012 Frontier, It can be replaced, more money can be made, to many people sit and wish they had this truck, well go and bust your ass and get one! Stop making excuses and whining about it. Once it's in your hands, it's yours, yours to do whatever with! Remember get the title, own it, don't loan it! This is a simple concept, it's what this country was founded on, hard work! At the end of the day, all that matters is Family, friends, life and the air we breath! There are 100 thing's more important than what you have materialisticly! I'm 44 year's old, I lived below my means and because of that I have a house, i wrote a check for, which I've put alot of time into fixing up, im still nowhere near 90,000 on the thing, a sleeper Nissan Frontier, I smoke 60,000 dollar trucks with it all day, a new Yamaha bolt, and a Crf230f, all of which I own and have titles! I also have money in the bank and my health! It's not about what you have, it's about what you put in!! This man is an example of risk and reward, just wait, 10 years down the road, more people than just us will know about him! Go get it, if you dream it it can happen!

  • Joseph Bagala
    Joseph Bagala Hour ago

    It’s a good thing fords suck ass

  • Alejandro Castillo
    Alejandro Castillo 3 hours ago

    He did ask for y'all to be nice in the comments and you tards didn't listen now watch it get wrecked and stop bitchyng

  • Angel Garnica
    Angel Garnica 3 hours ago

    Why just why

  • Bret Batterton
    Bret Batterton 3 hours ago

    Constantly preaching how you don’t care about money or materialistic possessions, yet you’ll always make sure you list the dollar amount that was spent. It’s a bit of an oxymoron.
    Perhaps you should build something with your own hands; instead of destroying other great men’s creations.
    Just a thought.

  • Hansel Sanchez
    Hansel Sanchez 4 hours ago

    you gotta be the stupidest human earth

  • Nolove_staczs122 Heartless_staczs

    U are stupid that's was a nice truck

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M 5 hours ago

    I just don’t understand why you do this? Why not send me $100,000 instead. I’ll give you my address and phone number if money really doesn’t mean much to you. I’ll put it to good use to take care of my children and wife. Really think about it.... i’m really serious

  • 1smokeydog1
    1smokeydog1 5 hours ago

    This guys pupils are super small....he is on opiates.....clear as day. You people are fools for donating your hard earned cash to hemorrhoid.

  • Kirito Kazuto
    Kirito Kazuto 5 hours ago

    The sound of that key grinding gave me chills

  • P to the OG
    P to the OG 6 hours ago

    What do you do for a living?

  • P to the OG
    P to the OG 6 hours ago

    Never realized how flimsy the body panels are!!!

  • tried and true
    tried and true 6 hours ago

    That thing sounds awesome, that is a tough ford. The 13000 lbs is a test of the best.

  • Aiden patchell
    Aiden patchell 6 hours ago

    Plz do as much hate as you can that is there only truck I would like to see them with nothing

  • cody diprima
    cody diprima 6 hours ago

    This guy is a complete a&$hole. It is a Ford tho so I kinda get it.

  • Young gangstas 1
    Young gangstas 1 7 hours ago

    Conspiracy theory his wife is Billie Elish lol

  • Rasta_boy
    Rasta_boy 7 hours ago

    This is what happens when you don't rotate your tires

  • Ridge Blue
    Ridge Blue 7 hours ago

    Id like to see the looks he gets driving one of these demolished vehicles through town

  • Ryan Kreuz
    Ryan Kreuz 8 hours ago

    That hole in the fender is a good access port to change the headlight bulb with those 13 screws

  • WestConsin Pullers
    WestConsin Pullers 8 hours ago

    The day I've been waiting for!!! I finally will watch this channel

  • 911 Porsch3
    911 Porsch3 9 hours ago

    not the wheels

  • matthew brown
    matthew brown 9 hours ago

    Can’t destroy it if it already is

  • Dakota Collins
    Dakota Collins 9 hours ago

    Whistlin diesel i think you should rip the front bumper off of the sema ford

  • JoNBoY
    JoNBoY 10 hours ago

    LMAO the only reason that young lady has anything to do with you is because of 🤑. Must feel great not knowing what real love is..

  • Lets Play
    Lets Play 10 hours ago

    Do a massive burnout on wet concrete

  • Anjelica Rivas
    Anjelica Rivas 11 hours ago


  • Zixi
    Zixi 11 hours ago +1

    For what reason did u destroy ur expensive truck i don't think u tried for views because noone likes this!

  • Anjelica Rivas
    Anjelica Rivas 11 hours ago

    your weak !!!!! you cant even dent the rear fender in the next couple years you might be poor and we might be all rich

  • Davis Selfollari
    Davis Selfollari 12 hours ago

    I mean I guess the video will pay for it 🤷🏻‍♂️ can you please buy me a car 😇

  • viktor
    viktor 12 hours ago

    i love how that truck looks but i really love how you could care less if that are destroyed we all need to be like this

  • Mike Skidmore
    Mike Skidmore 12 hours ago

    I would rather watch Mustang Drivers that show off and crash by accident.. This guy is just plain stupid and doing it on purpose ..

  • Austin Nethery
    Austin Nethery 13 hours ago +1

    I can’t wait till we hear about him accidentally killing himself 🙂

  • Big Blind
    Big Blind 13 hours ago +1

    Please send me some of that money ive been working on cars for 20 years and I still drive a 92 chevy that needs a paint job this video hurts !!

  • Samuel Gates
    Samuel Gates 14 hours ago

    Shoot it

  • MyDixieWrecke d
    MyDixieWrecke d 14 hours ago

    Yooooooo!!!!!I dated her in high school...that’s crazy

  • CoVid 20
    CoVid 20 16 hours ago +1

    She can whistle my diesel anytime

  • irakli
    irakli 16 hours ago

    Ты больной нахуй

  • Hakan ÖĞÜT
    Hakan ÖĞÜT 17 hours ago

    really, why

  • Drayden Rissell
    Drayden Rissell 17 hours ago

    Fuck you u piece of shit

  • Teresa Blanton
    Teresa Blanton 17 hours ago

    Its just a limited

  • Kenn Shotts
    Kenn Shotts 19 hours ago


  • John Hooper
    John Hooper 19 hours ago

    You should turn it into the new go-kart

  • Kenn Shotts
    Kenn Shotts 19 hours ago

    Burn more money please.

  • Angel Ranburger
    Angel Ranburger 19 hours ago

    I dare you to do the same thing that you did to the red truck to the blue ford

  • Sean's repairs and reviews

    Who even came up with the idea of a luxury truck anyways ITS A TRUCK. ITS MEAT TO HAVE THE CRAP BEATEN OUT OF IT DOING CONSTRUCTION FOR 20 YEARS. Alright can someone tell me where my danm square body Chevy went so I can show people how to use a truck the right way.

  • Colton Zaluski
    Colton Zaluski 20 hours ago

    😂 this is awesome

  • Davis Weston
    Davis Weston 20 hours ago

    Fuckin banned

  • No Use esta Cuenta Tech Center

    So stupid to see this man

  • bcott
    bcott Day ago

    I understand that he can do whatever he wants and he probably works hard for what he has...but damn its hard to watch destroying something he just spent all that money on....for no reason.....

  • bcott
    bcott Day ago

    Where does this kids money come from???.....

  • Annabel Noble
    Annabel Noble Day ago

    This guy is what's wrong with america! He could have done something cool with the truck, like give it to a single mom with kids that would love to have a nicer car/truck then the 1980's junk heap that they busted but to afford... But, no, can't do that, gotta just destroy shiz because clicks. What a totally pointless moronic and selfish thing to do, this guys is a broken tool.

  • Brodey Richardson

    Fuck wit

  • Timothy Murfin
    Timothy Murfin Day ago

    It’s a Ford it deserves it

  • Dalton Knick TV
    Dalton Knick TV Day ago

    Somebody please tell me the point behind this?

  • Kayden gouchey
    Kayden gouchey Day ago

    Brake that ugly Ford shout me out plz

  • Speedy powers
    Speedy powers Day ago

    Hey u forgot the hood lol

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams Day ago +1

    Am I missing something, on why they're destroying the truck.

  • Speedy powers
    Speedy powers Day ago

    Hey I bet u will not put that in to a demo derby

  • Moshe Sebbag
    Moshe Sebbag Day ago


  • Dakota Bowman
    Dakota Bowman Day ago

    LMAO the fact that he blames everything on us :(

  • Løne
    Løne Day ago +4

    This hurts my soul, really badly

  • Adam Duffett
    Adam Duffett Day ago

    What’s the point of this

  • 52SENON
    52SENON Day ago

    You should run it off the bridge just to see how good the airbags are inside 😆😄😁

  • Chris Smits
    Chris Smits Day ago

    This guys point is that everyone cares when u beat a 100,000 dollar truck ....props Man U got that paper and I don’t but I’m a healthy person so I got that

  • Brandon McDole
    Brandon McDole Day ago

    That sound hurts my ears, haha!!!!! CRUNCH CRUNCH, KRINKLE LMAO

  • Konstantin8006
    Konstantin8006 Day ago

    What is wrong with some ppl?

  • CT Network
    CT Network Day ago

    Why are Fords 4x4 so bad? Even their most expensive truck their 4x4s are garbage.

  • J Tz
    J Tz Day ago

    Fuck yeah tear that shit up fuck it up fuck it up

  • Lauchlan Still
    Lauchlan Still Day ago


  • Alejandro Guerrero

    Love it lol!

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore Day ago +1

    “aT LeAsT GiVe It To SoMeOnE” how bout no.... why would he???? Thats a stupid argument, give your car to someone if your gonna try and tell him what he should do with HIS truck

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore Day ago

    Are people fucking dumb???????? This video hurt absolutely no one and if you get upset by it then you’re a fucking idiot

  • David Rendon
    David Rendon Day ago

    Bash that truck!

  • Camaro Silverado

    It's a Ford trash it bro ...... really trash the fuck out of it. I kinda wanna come trash trucks with ya looks like a good time

  • Nick Dafforn
    Nick Dafforn Day ago

    Tug of war with the cab over

  • Jerome Jozwiak
    Jerome Jozwiak Day ago

    I get what you are doing I totally get
    It's called the shock value .
    You should of baught a Rapter with a suspension
    And did some cool stuff with it like jumping it and etc .

  • Braxden Ness
    Braxden Ness Day ago

    Can’t believe she did that but I mean it’s a ford