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what happened.

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022
  • ComedyComedy

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  • JamiUwU
    JamiUwU 11 hours ago +6600

    Seeing the sadness and frustration in their eyes is just heartbreaking.. And Eugene man... the rage in his face... 😭 This entire situation is just depressing.

    • Sabina Khan
      Sabina Khan 4 hours ago

      They'll never be the same again

    • Roberta Johnson
      Roberta Johnson 6 hours ago

      It made the hurt

    • Dopey Lopey
      Dopey Lopey 7 hours ago +3

      @Mewgiah if the company loses enough money, the employees will not have a job. So it’s important for them to take a very strong stand to keep sponsors around. Imagine your business partner destroying your squeaky clean imagine and everything you built… just because of seggs

    • Ben Chavez
      Ben Chavez 8 hours ago

      All they mad about is the money they lost if not they would not bring it up so disappointed

    • ari violet
      ari violet 8 hours ago +8

      I shrivel up when I look at Eugene in this video, it almost feels like he’s mad at me lol

  • Sara Zepeda
    Sara Zepeda 4 hours ago +1885

    As an HR professional frequently tasked with things like this - investigating into issues of sexual harassment and misconduct at work - I see the work you guys have put in, the internal team, and the great external consultants you've brought in to perform a thorough investigation, a resolution that closed the loop, and a great PR team to brainstorm scripting and next steps.
    Major kudos, and I cannot imagine the pain stemming from this. A controversy of this magnitude, with someone whose entire brand was "family man" and someone you've been tied to for close to a decade ... cannot imagine, but I know what picking up the pieces looks likes.
    I wish you, your team, and most of all Ariel, her family and Will are able to move forward after this.

    • Marta Ribeiro
      Marta Ribeiro 3 hours ago

      I’m currently studying business and if it’s ok I’d like to ask a question which you can answer or not, it’s totally up to you. But in this case and others where someone in a higher position happens to catch feelings for someone in the workplace, what would have been the right things to do on his part? Obviously ending his relationship with Ariel would have been the first step but talking about what should have been done in the workplace, would a relationship with an employee be possible and what steps should’ve been taken? Thank you

    • mary bbc
      mary bbc 3 hours ago +5

      @Joe ofc they're protecting their brand, they are public figures and in this business what he did is really serious

    • Joe
      Joe 3 hours ago +2

      Sorry Sara but if this is a case of a boss having a relationship with a subordinate without notifying the company than this is a ridiculous and over the top exercise in brand management.
      The man had an affair with a subordinate without telling the business. That’s inappropriate but they’re acting like he’s carried out serious illegal activity.
      If it comes out that he has done something illegal then sure. This would be an appropriate response. But an undisclosed relationship with a subordinate? Nah this is ridiculous. they’re protecting their brand. Nothing more.

    • ec
      ec 3 hours ago +1

      @KindCuteDiamond That makes sense! Thank you for your input. 🥰 Follow up question, I thought workplace relationships isnt allowed in certain companies in the US? does it not apply?

    • KindCuteDiamond
      KindCuteDiamond 3 hours ago +13

      @ec not just that but you can't fire employees based on their personal life. It's against the law so she could sue them for that since her cheating with ned has nothing to do legally with her job

  • Karly Hitchcock
    Karly Hitchcock 4 hours ago +1122

    Eugene's rage. Zach's heartbreak. Keith's utter disappointment and defeated face.
    I haven't really watched their stuff the last little bit, but I'm coming back and watching everything they out out now. They deserve to be supported

    • Vampiratelycan
      Vampiratelycan 3 hours ago +6

      Same. I've backed away in the last little bit, but coming back now because I'm heart broken for them

  • Skye Cheyenne
    Skye Cheyenne 4 hours ago +2163

    I’ve never seen Eugene so upset and poor Zach, he’s on the brink of tears. I see myself in Keith, trying to keep calm and comfort others.

    • Eliza Grogan
      Eliza Grogan 3 hours ago

      @Skye Cheyenne Yes, I noticed that. I feel sad that Ned did this to his lovely wife, his colleagues and their staff. The media will tire of this story and move on to another "expose". It will take time for these 3 lovely men to recover from such a betrayal. I think we, the fans, will help bolster their lives and let them go on to bigger & better things.

    • Kozato MoongWing
      Kozato MoongWing 3 hours ago +8

      Eugene i can see he's mad to what happening right now, and you can't blame him.
      Ned is a father figure is what fans see him and now he done this.
      even them shocks about this revelation.

    • Jade Merrill
      Jade Merrill 3 hours ago +8

      You could hear the pain in their voices, I feel so bad for all involved:(

    • florence fiancée
      florence fiancée 3 hours ago +23

      Oh Keith was also at the brink of tears, his eyes were all red already :(. You can feel the pain...

  • Melody Rose †
    Melody Rose † 4 hours ago +1032

    You can just tell how angry Eugene is, and how emotional Keith and Zach are. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for them all. Here's to a better, brighter future for the TRI guys ❤️

  • Kyle Allen Music
    Kyle Allen Music 8 hours ago +4832

    With how far these guys plan ahead, I can't imagine the financial and emotional devastation of all this. Stay strong guys, you have our support.

    • Content by Luisa
      Content by Luisa 6 hours ago +4

      @wowee no, they are talking about their “without a recipe” series. They make something without having a recipe for it. Judges comment and rate them. It’s like a cooking show. And it’s what got them their show on the food network, “No Recipe Roadtrip”. On the show, they go to restaurants across the country to see who can make each spot's signature dish best with no recipes.

    • ToObserve923
      ToObserve923 7 hours ago +4

      All that content and most of it is going to be either unusable or needing extra time to be heavily edited. What a waste of a lot of money.

    • wowee
      wowee 7 hours ago

      you’re talking about phoning it in?

    • Amaya
      Amaya 7 hours ago +9

      It's gonna be so difficult to edit him out of Without A Recipie because he is literally so close to them during the judging. I'd honestly be surprised and impressed if they manage to release all 4 videos

  • N A Z
    N A Z 3 hours ago +594

    This doesn't even come close to feeling like Flash-Playerr drama, and I think it's completely due to the hard work and professionalism of these guys, and it makes it all the more gutting to see them go through it. Whatever you need from us, we got you. 💜💚💙

  • Jasmine Le
    Jasmine Le 3 hours ago +404

    That fact that they did a proper explanation and apology on behalf of someone else speaks volumes. Ned’s post sounded like a sad excuse and I’m sure now he will just hide behind while the guys are left to fix the damage. Thank you for acting so promptly and gracefully throughout this. I haven’t watched The Try Guys in a while, but this makes me support them even more than before.

  • Sonya Burns
    Sonya Burns 4 hours ago +336

    My heart just goes to Ariel and her boys. I hope she has the support she needs.

    • Sonya Burns
      Sonya Burns 3 hours ago +2

      @Garsnoos agreed.

    • Garsnoos
      Garsnoos 3 hours ago +43

      Will as well. That poor guy got cheated on too, after a 10+ year relationship 😢

  • trollingSHCJ
    trollingSHCJ 4 hours ago +212

    I will never understand Ned being able to throw this friendship and his family away over a woman. I hope everyone in Try Guys will take this to their hearts, learn from it, and never ever ever repeat mistakes like this.

    • Rosey
      Rosey 3 hours ago

      “Over a woman”? Careful there, trollingSHJC - your misogyny is showing.
      Over his poor choices. End of.

  • Kyra Pro
    Kyra Pro 11 hours ago +4056

    As a long time Try Guys fan, I'm so proud of how you three have handled this entire situation. I will be supporting you three and can't wait to see what you do next in this new era ❤

    • Emily
      Emily 10 hours ago +1


    • ReidGameX
      ReidGameX 11 hours ago +1

      @Katie Grech I’m waiting for that to happen

    • darhlingz
      darhlingz 11 hours ago +1

      Same ❤

    • calena jackson
      calena jackson 11 hours ago +2

      Lmfao 🤣 his face definitely says it all

    • Kyra
      Kyra 11 hours ago +4

      Huge same 🥰

  • Nightmarewolf95233
    Nightmarewolf95233 4 hours ago +247

    Just seeing this public announcement of what had happened and just hearing the cracking of Zach's voice hurt my heart so much. especially just because they lost a family member who just blindsided them. My heart aches for them

  • hailey
    hailey 3 hours ago +84

    you can really hear the sincerity in everyone’s voice and the deep pain that you can just see. this was a really dignified response, i don’t think they could’ve done anything better. i feel for these guys, what a tough spot to be forced into 🖤

  • Tika Ledwith
    Tika Ledwith 3 hours ago +179

    4:33 - Eugene saying this even though Alex had a lot to do with this is so respectful... They're trying so hard to do things the right way even though you can see the sadness and anger in their eyes.... Its heartbreaking. It really reassures me that they are and always have been authentically a family and its so fucking rough. Gonna binge watch all their videos now. I think they have everyone's support here.

  • Claire Elizabeth Slade
    Claire Elizabeth Slade 4 hours ago +113

    Proud of the boys for making the time and going through the effort and pain to make this video. You can see the raw unfiltered emotion in each of them. Breaks my heart but I know that this is just a moment in time and there are bigger and better things to come for them. Chins up lads. You have our support. Take time to heal and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future ❤

  • CouRage
    CouRage 7 hours ago +8459

    Sending all my love to Ariel, you three, and the rest of the Try Guys employees.

    • ARuiz52
      ARuiz52 3 hours ago

      @VGravity Just ohm here for absolutely no reason 😐 Like WTF

    • Topaz2510
      Topaz2510 4 hours ago +1

      @Ariel nevermind the fact that she was in a very long term relationship & engaged as well. Theyre both idiots. They both knew what they were doing. I feel so bad for their respective partners and neds sons.

    • Millenial On Toast
      Millenial On Toast 4 hours ago +2

      @Kaleb Nolan I'm sure the Try Guys are doing everything as legally as they can. I don't think you can fire an employee for sleeping with a boss, but you can fire a boss for sleeping with a subordinate. If she isn't fired due to leagl reasons I presume she'll quit at some point. The TGs office can't be a happy place at the moment.

    • Liandry
      Liandry 4 hours ago

      @Kaleb Nolan That's called wrongful termination 😂 say what you want and leave cause they've been getting subscribers, not losing any.

  • Alice Robinson
    Alice Robinson 4 hours ago +24

    So proud of the Guys for being as candid and honest as possible. I’m looking forward to supporting future projects ❤

  • Lady of the Library
    Lady of the Library 3 hours ago

    That was an incredibly well-written statement and it must be so sad for not only those directly affected (Ariel and Will) but the Try Guys. It must be scary knowing your company and whole livelihoods have been shattered and your friendship destroyed, but just so you know, I can only speak for myself, but I'm a loyal fan, and I will carry on watching regardless because you three are wonderful

  • Yente
    Yente 3 hours ago +60

    I really appreciate seeing their faces even though it must be so hard to film this right now. It makes me feel consoled, grateful and even a bit hopeful on how they will handle this.

  • sophia s.
    sophia s. 3 hours ago +58

    The fact that Ned hid it so well to the point where his own friends didn’t even know about it until recently is absolutely baffling to me. He never took full accountability for it either. How ridiculous.

    • xt
      xt 3 hours ago +7

      @jenny brown honestly it just feels like he got sloppy and cocky that he’s gotten away with all this so far so he slipped up

    • jenny brown
      jenny brown 3 hours ago +13

      It's like he wanted to get caught or something? Like self sabotage? Doing it so publicly like that when they were bound to be caught.

  • MissDarcei
    MissDarcei 11 hours ago +57212

    I am so sorry this happened. Sending much love to you all.

    • Daniëlla
      Daniëlla 3 hours ago +1

      @Tinkerbella460 like they said. They can't say or talk about everything. The legal issues must be because of Alex's position as a subordinate. That's a tricky legal place to be in. They haven't done anything wrong. That's just unfair and devastating. They too need .lots of love at this time ❤

    • Valley Leivon
      Valley Leivon 5 hours ago

      Hi darcei

    • aadhya
      aadhya 5 hours ago

      petition for darcei as new try guys member

  • Vee
    Vee 4 hours ago +88

    Props to the editing team. Every video had just been so seamless.

  • Alopias pelagicus
    Alopias pelagicus 4 hours ago +44

    Can we just appreciate how incredibly well they are handling this?! Not a single second of their response from the get-go was disingenuous or anything but absolutely real and raw while staying professional. Thank you guys for who you are. You are a great example

  • Reshmila Nawar
    Reshmila Nawar 3 hours ago +17

    This doesn't even feel like Flash-Player drama. This involves actual relationships. My heart aches for the try guys and the very real people who were betrayed and hurt Infront of people they don't even know. Sending love and appreciation.

    PUBG MOBILEㄖ№1 3 hours ago +29

    The silent rage radiating from Eugene. The genuine heartbreak from Zach. And the maturity from Keith. You all are so strong. Proud of you guys for standing proud with your company.

  • *melodyy*
    *melodyy* 8 hours ago +908

    this honestly made me so sad. not at the fact that ned isn’t in the try guys anymore but because he really did fuck it up for all. the passion these 3 had towards the channel and the dedication they had towards the fans, it just made it even harder for them. i literally started crying of frustration because i’ve been a fan of the try guys for so long, and i will admit, i loved seeing ned and his personality mix with the other guys, now i just know it’s going to be a huge drastic change. i will forever be here for them 💜💚💙

  • FallenDead667
    FallenDead667 4 hours ago +40

    Seeing you guys so beat up and heartbroken hurts me. I'm so proud you've come forward and been so transparent and raw about this situation, thank you for including us. Get some rest, you guys deserve it ❤️

  • Lugosi Dane
    Lugosi Dane 4 hours ago +30

    That was so hard to watch. =( Zach looks heartbroken, Keith looks shell shocked, and Eugene looks like he's doing everything he can not go go full scorched earth. Holding each and every one of you, your staff, and the betrayed loved ones in my thoughts. I wish I could reach out and give you all the biggest hugs. Every single one of you deserved better.

  • cancerianStargazer
    cancerianStargazer 4 hours ago +11

    this legit almost had me in tears. stay strong you guys you have everyone's support in these awful times

  • Dominique Curran
    Dominique Curran 4 hours ago +18

    Guys this was really appreciated, you took a scandal that was tawdry and handled it professionally, with class and still kindly. My heart breaks for April and the boys. I feel your emotions strongly and hope you are all OK.

  • Our Kind of Entertainment
    Our Kind of Entertainment 10 hours ago +1061

    I know this wasn't easy, but I just have to say I appreciate you all for coming forward and being so transparent about all this. It hurts losing one of your own like that, but I believe you three will continue to press forward with your team into a new era of The Try Guys. You just got a new subscriber :) Keep up the great content.

    • cgill914
      cgill914 10 hours ago +1

      Totally agree. I know there’s many ways they could have responded but the way they have, although not easy, was the right way. All my respect to the remaining Try Guys and their team.

    • birdnerd
      birdnerd 10 hours ago +4

      Really respect you all for breaking the trend of toxic masculinity and not sweeping things under the rug to protect a friend. Thanks to you 3 for actually putting actions behind the words you've been preaching on this channel. I can't imagine how hard or hurtful this experience was but you did the right thing. Wishing all affected, especially Ariel and the kids, healing and better days ahead.

    • Eileen Galindo
      Eileen Galindo 10 hours ago

      Same. New subscriber.

  • Chuck McGuffin
    Chuck McGuffin 3 hours ago +6

    been watchin' you guys since the buzzfeed days. this is shocking, weird, but we're a family. we're all with you three! love you guys.

  • Emma Marakoulos
    Emma Marakoulos 4 hours ago +13

    i have never seen eugene so angry, zach so emotional, and keith so calm but obviously stressed. all things they are normally are but i’ve never seen it to this extent. im so sorry guys nobody deserved the pain this brought.

  • KimiyoCake
    KimiyoCake 3 hours ago +12

    I was tearing up ;-; you can hear how devastated they must be feeling through their voices after everything thats happened. Sending love to the Try guys, staff and to Ariel

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 3 hours ago +9

    Zach sounding so betrayed to the point of choking up tears broke my heart. I’m so sorry this happened guys.

    KYLE HANAGAMI 8 hours ago +2972

    My heart is with you guys.

    • Hannah Boe Banna
      Hannah Boe Banna 4 hours ago +1

      @Xuala Renthlei ??

    • Felix Tjoanda
      Felix Tjoanda 8 hours ago

      Ayy my dude, can i maybe possibly in the slightest chance, request a choreography? Or at least for you to try to choreograph?

    • Xuala Renthlei
      Xuala Renthlei 8 hours ago +1

      Shameless self promotion

    • cheichei
      cheichei 8 hours ago +1

      hi kyle

    • Eulr
      Eulr 8 hours ago


  • David Mackay
    David Mackay 4 hours ago +2

    Can’t imagine the pain you are all in - sending love to you guys and everyone affected

  • Sheila Bailey
    Sheila Bailey 4 hours ago +10

    Ariel you are and have always been amazing and you don't deserve to feel whatever you're feeling. I just wanted to hug you all. I know we don't know each other but you have all been a part of my life for a long time including Ned and I appreciate how transparent you all have been. We will never know the full story. As your social media family we can't even pretend to understand what you guys are going through. I just want to send all the love that I possibly can to each and every one of you including Ned. I will love you all forever and I hope that there is growth and maturity that comes from this situation. I could say so much more but all I really want to reiterate is that I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible and pour love into the situation.

  • Sidharth Rao
    Sidharth Rao 3 hours ago +2

    Eugene's rage, Zach's sadness and Keith's disappointment shows how much what he did impacted not just the company but them also

  • Umay Ozbarish
    Umay Ozbarish 3 hours ago +9

    Never seen Kieth so deflated, Eugene so angry and Zack so devastated

  • Hannah Bayles
    Hannah Bayles 9 hours ago +795

    Your heartbreak is palpable. You handled this gracefully and we will always support you! ❤

    • Amanda Sutherland
      Amanda Sutherland 5 hours ago

      Couldn’t agree more! I feel like a proud mom!❤

    • Kat
      Kat 9 hours ago

      Hey Hannah💗

    • Glo
      Glo 9 hours ago

      Hi Hannah

  • Francois Viljoen
    Francois Viljoen 4 hours ago +6

    One comment among literally thousands, but I'd like to put it out there, you guys are handling this with grace and aplomb. All my love and support to you, your team and everyone around you. Wish I could give you all a hug, especially to Ariel and the boys.💚💜💙

  • Fairchild
    Fairchild 4 hours ago +1

    Can’t imagine this has been easy in any way, shape, or form. Sending you three and the try guys families my love.

  • Milena B.N.
    Milena B.N. 4 hours ago +2

    I watched the try guys a few years back and naturally drifted from their content but this situation, albeit terribly sad and unfortunate, has heightened my respect for these three men and the business they run. I am very impressed and proud of how far they have come and how they conduct themselves. This past week has reintroduced me to their content and I have enjoyed supporting the work of Eugene, Zack and Keith. I hope they know, because of their professionalism and pride, there is good to have come out of all this bad. Viewers have gained a more nuanced insight into the values of the Try Guys brand and they have earned the deeper respect of many.

  • Reighan Grandolfo
    Reighan Grandolfo 4 hours ago +3

    My heart goes out to all three of you, as well as Ariel and her kids, and Will. I will always be a try guys fan and I can’t wait to see what this new era brings❤

  • crabplayssims
    crabplayssims 5 hours ago +1007

    The fact that even Keith and Zach are completely solemn and Eugene somehow looks even more serious than usual really shows how hard this has hit them as people who considered ned a friend and valued fellow creator for so long. Really sucks that ned's harmful actions have so heavily and negatively impacted so many people an d he hasn't even properly taken accountability. Stay strong guys, and if it's any consolation, I and many other people have watched the videos were ned has been edited out, and still loved them and laughed all the way through them, even without ned. The creations that you have shared with the world are valued and appreciated by many. So sorry this has happened to you guys, Ariel and her kids. Best of wishes to you all. I'm sure all of us understand if it's not possible, but keeping Ariel on the team would be amazing. She's a kind, creative person who brings a lot to the channel, and she did nothing to deserve this hurt, nor did you guys. Keep being awesome

    • Giulia
      Giulia 4 hours ago +31

      I think they’d totally let Ariel stay but she may not want to, which is fair. I think sadly this will always come up in any appearance she may make and it will always be a punch in the guts for her.

  • Trey
    Trey 3 hours ago +3

    When those branded videos come out, I hope people won’t boycott it just because they know Ned will be in it. While I don’t want to watch someone who’s done something like this, I do want to support the second try llc in how they’ve handled this situation. And metrics from those videos are important for how they’ll fund this new try guys era. Stay kind everyone. For the people who didn’t deserve any of this pain (especially when it’s happening in the public eye).

  • adelaamarante
    adelaamarante 3 hours ago +1

    "Exercise kindness"
    Yes. This is true of all things.
    I have never understood the prevalence and desire to attack the *woman* more than the man. It is astounding to me how the woman is always so easily vilified and the men seem to get off so much more easily in these situations.
    As though women are held to a much higher standard of behavior than men.
    It is repulsive.
    Exercise kindness in all things, all the time, with all persons. That should be the immediate response. There are innocents involved in all situations that do not deserve the vile and carnage.
    We love you Try Guys. We are here for you. We support you. Especially in this difficult time. We appreciate your response, we acknowledge your emotions, that you must time and temper your response, as well as we appreciate your candor and rawness.
    You are first and foremost *humans* . We respect you, we thank you, we are here for you.
    Go forward and do kind things.
    Much love.

  • noraboralol
    noraboralol 4 hours ago +3

    This is so incredibly sad. All of the Try Guys made me the happiest when I was the saddest. I hope all of you guys are well.

  • Bridge Medeiros
    Bridge Medeiros 3 hours ago +3

    I just finished my master's in digital marketing and seeing all the speculation and fans calling you guys out for NED's actions rubbed me the wrong way bc a lot of people don't understand the intricacy of the HR / PR dynamic. When you study PR you learn that you can't release a statement immediately to the public even if you want to beat the gossip and rumours, because you need to gather all the information, you need to word it carefully, encompass the issue, create a dialogue for discussion etc. but on the flipside, like they said, they knew they had to say something sooner than later once social media went crazy. If you want an example of a company who does not handle their PR very well, take a look at Dolce & Gabbana - they have lacklustre apologies, never work to improve when they anger consumers, and often find themselves in a new crisis every few years.
    I'm honestly so impressed as a company how you have taken the HR process seriously, it sounds like every party was given their chance to speak. And it's a slow and exhausting (and expensive) procedure. Being this open and transparent as a brand is something I've been advocating for since my undergraduate dissertation, and I specifically stated that Gen Z especially will connect more with companies who are open and transparent because it helps establish trust. It's a comfort that you guys are proof you can do the right thing, even when it's difficult, and grow from this experience. I'm definitely going to keep watching bc I know the content will have so much passion behind it, and you + the team, Ariel and the boys and Bean, and Will, deserve the support for everything!

  • BrentTV
    BrentTV 9 hours ago +40848

    Goes to show you how what you do in life can negatively impact people that you’ve had long relationships with at the flip of a switch.

    • Bored Human
      Bored Human 3 hours ago

      @ach nix although I did already comment and might think negatively toward this comment I would like you to know that I love the phrase drop you like a hot potato and will use it in the future
      Edit: type future as futwer

    • Bored Human
      Bored Human 3 hours ago +1

      @ach nix he cheated on his wife with his employee. That's not only a liability but it's morally wrong. I think the try guys are handling this impeccably
      Edit:typos sorry

    • Bored Human
      Bored Human 3 hours ago +1

      @Sirmel11 he jeopardized the business they spent years building by having romantic relations with an employee

  • Girl from the village
    Girl from the village 4 hours ago +1

    Goes to show that when men are 'obsessed with their wife's' and make it their whole personality they are often (not always, of course) overselling something 😅 but in all seriousness, this breaks my heart. I love The Try Guys and I'm sure they will continue to make excellent videos but it does still feel like the end of an era and a loss somehow. Love y'all and this video was very well done 😊❤️ Much love to you guys, and most of all to Ariel and the kids

  • Brandon Lovett
    Brandon Lovett 3 hours ago +2

    I could almost see the steam coming Eugene's ears. The hurt and betrayal you all feel is almost palpable..and understandably so. What Ned (and said employee) did is so incredibly selfish, it's beyond words. It directly effects each and every person working in your company- and the company itself.
    Although I feel like most people should be able to realize that the mistake of two shouldn't reflect others, I also know the internet is a vicious place. I feel bad for all those not involved, that are most definitely getting harrased and attacked right now, unjustly.
    Personally, this doesn't change the way I think about the Try Guys or the channel. I will continue to watch, and really hope you are all able to recover from this.

  • Baby Polar Bear
    Baby Polar Bear 4 hours ago +2

    You guys are not the ones who need to apologize. I hope that everything can be worked through with grace and strength. Prayers for Ariel, the boys, and the Tri Guys

  • Roni Sila
    Roni Sila 3 hours ago +4

    Sorry this happened guys. Thanks for being as tactful and considerate as you can be through this difficult situation. Wishing you a strong comeback in the next chapter of Second Try.

  • LaurenzSide
    LaurenzSide 11 hours ago +2042

    💜💜💜💜💜 Sending love & positive vibes to you all. You 3 & the Try Guys team are all amazing and I know you’ll all come out of this better then ever.

  • shiroi201
    shiroi201 3 hours ago +1

    Seeing how neds whole "thing" was love and the love for his family this is wild. I feel so sorry for you 3 as well as for ariel and the kids. You guys were probably closer than blood related brothers so i can't even begin to imagine how bad this must hurt

  • CadetRedShirt
    CadetRedShirt 4 hours ago +2

    this was such an eloquent response, and thank you for saying all that you could about it. I cannot imagine the pain everyone affected is going through, a betrayal undeserved to the otherwise wholesome content that Try Guys and staff put out. I hope that everyone can recover from this.

  • Holly Cockerham
    Holly Cockerham 4 hours ago +1

    I hope everyone involved is taking care of their mental health during this, especially those closest to the situation 🙏🏻

  • Anonymoose TR
    Anonymoose TR 4 hours ago +2

    Usually wouldn't comment on something like this, but honestly it's so shocking at what had happened. I feel like it would be wrong for me to say how amazingly professional how strong everyone's been because that's not the point of this, but I give credit were credits due. Well done to try guys for coming out about it and doing the best you could to confirm the information and give a proper statement, and especially well done to the editing team for your hard work. This should have never happened but I hope Ned figures out and comes to terms with what he's lost and fixes himself to become a better person. Good luck to you all in the future try guys.

  • asmrvilla
    asmrvilla 11 hours ago +848

    I’m heartbroken for all of you… Everyone involved. Thank you guys for everything. We appreciate and enjoy your videos and personalities so so much! Much love to you all.

  • Shannon s
    Shannon s 4 hours ago

    Jokes aside..this is absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain of these men and their coworkers + Neds family (excluding him). I hope you all manage to move on

  • Maria Johnson
    Maria Johnson 3 hours ago +2

    Eugene is literally infuriated! It's werid seeing him so angry. Why Ned! Why!!! 🥺💔👏🏻. But you need to do what's right.

  • Marshie
    Marshie 4 hours ago +1

    Im sorrry about this situation. Sending love to all and even with leaaving a friend I hope with this new era, you find happiness and fulfilment. Could only imagine the heartache, anger and dissapointment you all feel but even with this spirling out of control right now, you guys are going to be just okay!

  • Katie P
    Katie P 4 hours ago

    Eugene, Zach and Keith - I can't imagine how hard these past few weeks have been. In these next few weeks and months as you regroup with the whole incredible Try Guys team please know how many people are willing you on. You three are wonderful human beings who deserve every ounce of success that's come your way, and this isn't going to change that. There's a new era of the Try Guys coming, and I for one am sure it will be beautiful. Sending you all so much love, keep your heads up, there's so much good stuff yet to come.

  • hey
    hey 11 hours ago +5709

    the amount of pain in their voices, especially zach’s, is insane. much love to all of you. sorry this even happened.

    • Viabat
      Viabat 11 hours ago +134

      Kieth was really quiet (when Keith’s said he gets really quiet), Eugene looked like he could kill some me through a screen and you can hear through Zach’s voice that he was really struggling to not cry :(

    • Khalilah D.
      Khalilah D. 11 hours ago +12

      Just sad 😢

  • Aigor's hunch
    Aigor's hunch 3 hours ago +1

    I wish you three, Ariel and the children the best. This is heartbreaking. You all deserve better.

  • Zoë Geijsmans
    Zoë Geijsmans 4 hours ago +2

    thank you for showing and giving the people who basicly feed on this drama some sense of empathy.
    Proud of you guys

  • Junebug
    Junebug 4 hours ago +1

    it breaks my heart seeing how much this has hurt you guys. please know that we love you and support you 🖤

  • Lindsey M.
    Lindsey M. 3 hours ago +1

    My husband has always really been into rooster teeth and funhause etc, he’d watched them for YEARS... We met right around when it came out that two long time employees and creators were cheating on their wives and one was even speaking with minors- My husband was so upset and shaken by it and I just couldn’t understand why he cared so much about these random people on the internet…
    Seeing this video now I understand completely.
    I grew up watching the Try Guys, I’m married now and have my own family, and I am attached to these Flash-Playerrs and I have followed their lives for years. I trusted Ned, I found him being the “wife” guy endearing- I feel TOTALLY betrayed now, misled, and disappointed. It also adds to my own trauma of being cheated on in the past and makes me afraid that if Ned, the sweet guy that always talked about his wife 24/7 could cheat- then my loving, wonderful husband could too… I am glad Ned is off the team, but I am truly so sad now that I understand now, just how my husband felt two years ago.

  • Tania Becks
    Tania Becks 4 hours ago

    So much respect for you guys. I can’t imagine how you must feel, but I will always support you! ❤

  • Gemma-Anne Lyons
    Gemma-Anne Lyons 4 hours ago +2

    This is just so heart breaking. I’m proud of the boys for their composure in this video but you can see how devastated they all are. My heart goes out to Ariel, the kiddos and everyone at the try guys. I hope everyone can respect their need for privacy and compassion at this time.

  • seyo
    seyo 3 hours ago +1

    I remember literally watching you guys everyday when I got home. I found you through my brother but after a few years I stopped watching..
    It honestly shocks me that Ned would do such a thing. The guy we THOUGHT would never cheat on his wife, who shows his "loyalty" the man himself. Did such a horrible thing..
    Try guys will always have a special place in my heart no matter what. But I am going to miss the old try guys..

  • Shinzo Luka Alucard
    Shinzo Luka Alucard 4 hours ago +2

    Fucking dammit Ned......I'm so sorry about....everything that happened and my heart and warmth goes out to you guys....Ariyel and Eugene especially.....I hope to one day see the three of you move forward after all of this blows over and you guys come back even stronger.

  • annabanana
    annabanana 7 hours ago +5396

    The anger in eugene’s eyes and the way Zach and Keith look ready to cry is honestly a bit hard to take, I can’t imagine what a week this has been for them. They’re taking it all with so much class and grace though, this is truly the first Flash-Player “press” release I’ve ever seen that feels incredibly genuine and to the point. I really feel for them and their staff. Here’s hoping for a bright future for the three of them

    • A
      A 6 hours ago

      @Lorisa214 Keith was lowkey smiling a few times. He didn’t look sad at all honestly.

    • Candy Apples
      Candy Apples 6 hours ago +1

      @Eran Williams Exactly! 100% this. I had wanted to add that to my comment as well, that we are not entitled to know what Ned did immediately as it's none of our business but thought maybe it would be too harsh. People definitely need to remember that they were very kind enough to sit down on that sofa, and film this video for us all especially within weeks of the situation while they're struggling to come to the terms of the whole mess. I actually also had expected them to say something a year later at least about it once the whole matter has settled down personally and legally wise. (Also didn't expect them to provide subtitles with this video straight away either for us that are Deaf/Hard of hearing!)

    • Eran Williams
      Eran Williams 7 hours ago +3

      @Candy Apples I want to add to this, the humans involved owe NONE of us an explanation for any of it. It's a curtesy. They produce fire content and we consume it. Beyond that they dont owe any of us a thing about their personal emotional state or private feelings and experiences. Any of it they share, is a blessing and overly generous.
      If someone here in the comments feels entitled to ANYTHING from them, the are sick in the head. They are disturbed and dysfunctional.

    • Roope Malmström
      Roope Malmström 7 hours ago

      Reminds me of another split that happened between Juji and Tom.

    • Anna C
      Anna C 7 hours ago +4

      Saddest of all to me, in regards to the guys reactions in this video specifically, is the fact that we all know Eugene has the hardest time coping with and expressing his emotions. Most especially when he is sad, hurt or betrayed. Which means that anger we see is the best he can do to cover up just how badly he's taking this. I just truly feel he's the one taking it the worst out of the three.

  • Annemarie Kühn
    Annemarie Kühn 3 hours ago

    My heart is hurting, I can't even imagine the pain of people who are actually involved are going through.

  • Lea E
    Lea E 3 hours ago +1

    The rage from Eugene is so intense. The emotions from all the Try Guys are so heart breaking and intense. I'm so sorry this is all happening to all of you. It will get better and your fans are here for you ❤

  • noot
    noot 4 hours ago +1

    props to you guys for how professionally and maturely you handled this! people being held accountable for what they've done is great to see.

  • Ashish Beji
    Ashish Beji 4 hours ago +1

    I'm so proud of the Try guys for being so proactive in the midst of all of this and handling it all with so much strength and morality. A few years ago with a different set of men, I'm fully confident that all this would've been slid under the carpet or brushed aside as men being men. Not with these guys though and so proud of them for that. Somehow I cant seem to fully blame Ned too, I'm sure he must've been going through something for him to have let himself be led astray but what he did was completely awful and my heart goes out for Ariel and the kids. They deserve way better. As mentioned though, my respect has gone up for Eugene, Zach, Keith and the rest of the team too. May you guys only continue to grow from here and be aware that your fans appreciate your efforts quite alot!

  • Febreze
    Febreze 9 hours ago +4901

    I can just feel Eugene’s rage, Keith’s disappointment, and Zach’s sadness
    Cant wait for the future

    • clubafterlife
      clubafterlife 3 hours ago +1

      ​@Nathan Olson I think they knew what Ned was like for a long time, but I don't think they knew about Alex until recently. He can cheat with a rando any time and it doesn't open them up to legal problems (or as much monetary problems). They're not stupid - they know the boss/employee thing is what will ruin their business - they would NEVER let it go on for those exact reasons.

    • Nathan Olson
      Nathan Olson 5 hours ago +2

      Don’t be fooled to thinking none of these guys knew what was going on, I don’t blame any of them but it only a problem because it now public and effecting their bottom line

  • Cat Witch Moonmun
    Cat Witch Moonmun 4 hours ago +1

    Imagine cheating and risking destroying everything cos of that itch. Damn. I hope the Try Guys Team can stay strong as well as Ariel. This sucks for a lot of people.

  • Laura Moreira
    Laura Moreira 4 hours ago

    As devastating as this whole situation is, I'm proud of the way everything was handled so professionally and I'm definitely looking forward to what Eugene, Zach, Keith and the whole team have in store for us. It's definitely gonna be weird for a while seeing the Try Guys as a trio but it's honestly for the best. The Try Guys brand is not just about who we see on the screen trying new things, it has become so much more than that and I can't wait to see what kind of content they'll bring us in the future! Sending lots of love and support for everyone who is part of this awesome team ❤️❤️

  • Patience Holmes
    Patience Holmes 3 hours ago +16

    Not sure if this is possible (legally or privacy wise) but when you guys speak out more I'd love to know if Ariel is likely to be involved in any future Try Guy's stuff? Like I know she was usually involved as one of the wives and can definitely understand if she wants a clean break or isn't sure yet but I'm hoping we get to see more of her and I hope she knows how much support and love she has from fans.
    Also please make sure to take care of yourselves. This is a loss. You need time to grieve it. Take whatever time or space you guys need, everyone will always be here when you're ready. It's ok tot take a break for a while.

  • Mel F
    Mel F 3 hours ago

    The professional way this is appearing to be handled has me in your corner. Good luck with everything, Try Fam.

  • Lex Play
    Lex Play 10 hours ago +1799

    Thank you for standing by your principles and for acting so quickly. I’m sorry for the devastating emotional damage this has wrought on your group and on your fan base 💔

  • Marissa Moore
    Marissa Moore 4 hours ago

    Such a genuine video that I can’t even begin to imagine the difficulty to make. They lost a buddy, a brother, aside from a business partner. All three are obviously hurt and I can feel it from Eugene’s anger, Zach’s numbness, Keith’s exhaustion and disappointment. The way Keith has his arm on the couch and around Zach, you can just tell that they are all trying to hold each other together through this video. We will always support you and will always love you. So incredibly sorry that you, the staff, and families are going through this devastating time.

  • BeautifullyFalling
    BeautifullyFalling 4 hours ago +13

    I hope everyone who speculated that these three knew of Ned's inappropriate behavior before it got out change their tunes real quick. You can see and hear the emotion in all of them. The anger, the pain, the exhaustion from dealing with all of this for the last 3+ weeks. I'm proud of how gracefully they're handling such a messy situation, and I'll be looking forward to whatever content comes when they are able to deliver it.

  • tropicoolfish
    tropicoolfish 3 hours ago +1

    this feels so damn similar to what i went through when my father left after having an affair in 2020. i felt a strong understanding to their pain, how it was difficult to comprehend, how he seemed to not take full responsibility and not put me, or my sisters, and our feelings into the full scale. i've been NC with him since he's left but goddamn his emotional abuse still lingers with me.
    sorry i went on a tangent about myself there, i just understand the pain.

  • Shivani Roy Chowdhury
    Shivani Roy Chowdhury 3 hours ago

    What breaks my heart beyond how this has affected everyone is that Ned had become the symbol of what non-toxic masculinity can look like. There are so few examples of men being good fathers, being in love with their wives, and being all about their family in the media. In a world where we are more lonely than ever, Ned Fulmer had become a beacon of hope. Now, that's gone. He could have been an idol for this generation, but his "consensual workplace relationship" was more important. pfft.
    P.s. I am legit scared of Eugene in this video.

  • Trinitty Forrisi
    Trinitty Forrisi 8 hours ago +3607

    Seeing how angry Eugene looks, how absolutely heartbroken Zach looks, and how disappointed Keith looks it honestly so hard. I’ve been watching the Try Guys since they first started on buzzfeed. This was absolutely crushing to hear about, especially since Ned was always so passionate about Ariel. I truly hope she is doing okay with all of this. I’m glad they handled this so professionally, but I do want to hear all of their raw thoughts on this.

    • Nunnia Business
      Nunnia Business 8 hours ago

      Ned used to be passionate about Ariel and his family but as soon as it started becoming his brand was probably around the time he started his infidelity

    • Canadiangirl_2
      Canadiangirl_2 8 hours ago +8

      They could get sued if they put their personal thoughts out. They are a cooperation not just three heart broken betrayed friends.

    • Trinitty Forrisi
      Trinitty Forrisi 8 hours ago +6

      @ARMY & Exo-L & NCTzen I think they way they are handling it is absolutely amazing, you can just see that they all have so much to say about the situation. I am definitely looking forward to what they have to say about it moving forward.

    • Trinitty Forrisi
      Trinitty Forrisi 8 hours ago +5

      @Molly Archer which is heartbreaking, you can see on their faces that they have so much they want to say.

    • ARMY & Exo-L & NCTzen
      ARMY & Exo-L & NCTzen 8 hours ago +19

      I would like to hear their raw thoughts and frustrations in this situation too but I respect their decision to handle it this way too.

  • Glenda Stewart
    Glenda Stewart 3 hours ago

    I’m just shocked. Just seeing how hurt the guys are I can’t imagine how Ariel feels. I’m sorry to everyone that was affected and hope they get the peace they need.

  • Ketsup5000
    Ketsup5000 4 hours ago +2

    Was a disappointment. My sons father cheated when my son he was a little one and it’s completely illogical (emotions aside) Look what he’s messed up. If he was unhappy he could of gently left her with people feelings kind of intact and friends who still respect him.
    Well done guys. You could have chosen to sweep this under the carpet but you stood up and said no, good on you and Thankyou
    It’s also extra gross because he was always the “I love my wife” guy
    Is the other woman getting fired?

  • Apple Pop
    Apple Pop 4 hours ago +2

    I've been following & watching you guys since BuzzFeed and i feel my heart ache after knowing what happened! I just wish you guys that you may overcome this hurdle and come out even stronger...

  • rebeca romani
    rebeca romani 3 hours ago

    I’m so sad you’re all going through this right now especially the families that are involved. I support you guys 100%. We love you ❤

  • Polymathically
    Polymathically 10 hours ago +6004

    Eugene: Barely restrained rage.
    Zach: Barely restrained tears.
    Keith: Barely restrained disappointed Dad.

    • Maine Man
      Maine Man 4 hours ago

      Ned: Barely restrained commitment to his wife.

    • Sarah Leaf
      Sarah Leaf 9 hours ago +9

      It’s safe to say that Ned is daddy’s least favourite now.

    • I'm 💯 That B@*!%
      I'm 💯 That B@*!% 9 hours ago +4

      That's the worst of the 3
      Be mad, be sad, but do NOT be disappointed in me......that shit hits harder 🤣

    • Gabrielle Gaia
      Gabrielle Gaia 10 hours ago +13

      disappointed dad is the best definition for the look in keith’s face

  • Amélie Hudini
    Amélie Hudini 4 hours ago +1

    I’ve refused to look at the speculation, but this hit me really hard. I wish you all the best and am so proud of you for sticking to your personal values

    • J B
      J B 3 hours ago


  • Robin H
    Robin H 4 hours ago

    Eugene's barely controlled rage, Zach's broken heart, Keith's worn down soul. We can see what this took out of you and we're proud of you for taking a stand. Abuse of power behaviour is unacceptable.

  • angelsinthewindow
    angelsinthewindow 3 hours ago

    Seeing how hurt you all were and the rage Eugene has brought me almost to tears. I hate seeing people getting hurt by others, especially when those people were considered close friends. Major love to all of you, not just you three but your staff as well having to deal with all this.

  • Rorrie Clark
    Rorrie Clark 3 hours ago +4

    I think they must've noticed he was flirty but I think the fact that Ned had an affair with a coworker was a shock. Their reactions seem genuine. It's hard for me to believe that they didn't notice anything off about Ned but I don't think they knew the full extent.

  • Ellie Beans
    Ellie Beans 11 hours ago +503

    I can’t handle Zach almost tearing up. The pain you all feel is tangible.