Hasan Responds: "Why Does He Move His Hands So Much?" | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Patriot Act fans, Hasan has seen your feedback about how distracting his hand movements can be on stage and he's trying to be better. How's this?
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    Hasan Responds: "Why Does He Move His Hands So Much?" | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  • J Moe
    J Moe 13 days ago

    Love you sir

  • Big Muslim Mama - Mrs.Civgin

    Hassan has a great team working with him!

  • Shaun Ashraf
    Shaun Ashraf 24 days ago


  • Aiela Akhtar
    Aiela Akhtar 25 days ago

    This is....hilllllarious😂😂😂

  • ibrahim mostafiz
    ibrahim mostafiz Month ago

    Now thats called comedy xD!!!!!!

  • Art Foodie
    Art Foodie Month ago

    I have also been told that I use a lot of hand movements! I feel that it makes me explain this better tho. I’m not alone!

  • Liza Banik
    Liza Banik Month ago +1

    I like the hand movements, I find it more of an engaging conversation, or maybe because I'm Indian.... Well I don't know

  • ohsebutt
    ohsebutt Month ago

    Hasan's hands are where the magic is. Just like Hermione and her swish and flick wand

  • Lauren 1522
    Lauren 1522 Month ago

    He needs a pen or something to like keep his hands busy lol

  • Anamika Anamika
    Anamika Anamika Month ago

    I like those hand movements they are compliment to Ur words 🎖🎖☺

  • Jyoti Yadav
    Jyoti Yadav Month ago

    I just couldn't stop laughing man😂😂😂😂

  • montyollie
    montyollie Month ago

    Something you do that Oliver, Stewart, Colbert and all the rest do too (as well as Obama to an annoying degree) is overuse the word, "look". You don't ever need to start a sentence with "Look" unless you are telling me to physically use my eyeballs to see something like an eclipse. But as an assertation, it's actually quite rude to the rest of the world. I think Americans are just used to commentators saying it. I'm Canadian. We don't.

  • Snehal Gaikwad
    Snehal Gaikwad Month ago

    You are weird
    But we like you🤗

  • Srujana Mudumbai
    Srujana Mudumbai Month ago +2

    Oh my god i love him

  • TheCreebecois
    TheCreebecois Month ago

    So how come you don’t bob your head like Indians do?

  • Jennifer Ojie
    Jennifer Ojie Month ago


  • xxNao_113xx
    xxNao_113xx Month ago

    I'm dead😂

  • Shushwi
    Shushwi Month ago +1

    Hassan let your hands free, I didn't notice your hand movements were weird till the time I went through comments. But tbh they compliment your whole act. 💛🧡

  • Nabeela Anjum
    Nabeela Anjum Month ago

    hasan i love the way you are pleaseeeeeeeeee dont change your hand movement

  • K U
    K U Month ago

    Wow amazing how the smallest things matter! The way Hasan conveyed it through his indirect actions but direct words 🤔

  • sara
    sara Month ago

    After watching this video I can go back to my study fully motivated
    Your videos make me feel energetic
    Thank you hasan👊

  • Samah Amara
    Samah Amara Month ago +1

    He has a perfectly efficient way of proving his point and nature of things...he could have said that hand gestures are natural and all but no he proved it indirectly. This is some great argumentative skills used through action here

  • Mahrukh Zaidi
    Mahrukh Zaidi Month ago

    Why would anyone have a problem with Hasan's hand movements? They just help in conveying his message and show the enthusiasm and passion he has for his subjects. I'm a proud hand movement user as well, bro! #freethehands

  • Sokoya Abdulazeez
    Sokoya Abdulazeez Month ago

    there's no way he can do it without moving his hands

  • Najma Butt
    Najma Butt Month ago

    Love to watch your video 👌

  • Nadia Raza
    Nadia Raza Month ago

    Moving your hands along with your words actually show that you know the facts with your mouth and your hands. The hands are the first thing we see when we meet a human being. That's because in cave man times, cave men would see if the other were friend or foe by looking at what they were holding.

  • The Byzantinian
    The Byzantinian Month ago +2

    Hasan Minhaj doing a T Pose this is amazing

  • yavi n
    yavi n Month ago

    I love you and I love those hand movements! They complete you. 😭

  • wali muhammad
    wali muhammad Month ago

    Hands gesture are important.

  • iceturtle 1025
    iceturtle 1025 2 months ago +1

    His neck movement was even weirder lol

  • Tanvir Ahmed
    Tanvir Ahmed 2 months ago


  • Nadia K
    Nadia K 2 months ago

    haha .. loved this videoo

  • Macr MAK
    Macr MAK 2 months ago

    Hahaha.the one who speaks with hands movement doesn't lie.its a fact

  • Manic Matt
    Manic Matt 2 months ago

    Just give him some light up gloves that would look cool

  • Lecci P
    Lecci P 2 months ago

    I would love to see Hasan talk abou the plastic straw situation. About how people are adamant about banning plastic straws, because of the sea pollution. But no one talks about how straws are only 0.025% of sea pollution, and fishing nets for example are 50% and no one talks about those. And these people also ignore the fact that plastic straws are essential for some disabled people to eat and, without it, they could choke and die while feeding themselves. I just think this topic went viral on social media, but I feel the good intentions are being misguided, attacking individual instead of, say, big corporations that don't have good ways of discarding their residues.

  • Naicul Naiculandru
    Naicul Naiculandru 3 months ago

    because of the hands i just quit watch your show. it is anoing how you underline every statment with the hands looking like a puppet jumping around

  • Lisa Harewood
    Lisa Harewood 3 months ago

    Also I love how you reply to us or turn even negative comments (not this one because I think it was fans in most cases just giving constructive feedback) but other comments you make funny. Give you more content, makes you even more relatable; love love love all your content....I’m hooked.

  • Lisa Harewood
    Lisa Harewood 3 months ago

    I like the hand movements, just sometimes it’s too much... so don’t get rid of it, just do it a little less

  • Vivek
    Vivek 3 months ago

    Jazzzz hands

  • Yaseen Ali-Taha
    Yaseen Ali-Taha 4 months ago

    Hasan barely moves his hands compared to us Sudanese.

  • Parker S
    Parker S 4 months ago

    Hasan Minhaj running on the stage with his hands in his pockets is so funny to me and I have no idea why

  • sailor mood_
    sailor mood_ 4 months ago

    this is amazingly hilarious lol

  • Tishita Ai
    Tishita Ai 4 months ago

    Desi man

  • younis khan
    younis khan 4 months ago

    Do you have Pakistani friends?

  • 3 of 9
    3 of 9 4 months ago

    Good spirit. But yeah, it's annoying and distracting to me. Just, do some magic while you're waving them mitts. It's like watching a coked up mime making a police report in sign language.

  • Mohammed Musfar Imran
    Mohammed Musfar Imran 4 months ago


  • Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
    Dr. Pomita Ghoshal 5 months ago

    I died laughing at the end. This is my ghost writing.

  • Deven Gabhane
    Deven Gabhane 5 months ago

    🤗someday i'll attend your show.

  • Catalina Lezama
    Catalina Lezama 5 months ago

    I love the hand movements it's the what makes part show great.

  • Arsala Michael
    Arsala Michael 5 months ago


  • zowi1rawr
    zowi1rawr 5 months ago

    You can't be reading EVERY single comment online. Ok So Honestly, I should be studying for my final med school test in Sept which is 89 days away from now. I.ve been watching the show instead, I liked it since last year but I stopped watching Netflix coz it was just a huge distraction. And now I'm ranting just procrastinating.... So... YEah.... Pediatrics... here I go ?----I mean the point here, is the show is amazing, your team must be fkng amazing, the graphics, WOW fkng WOOOOOOW, you're sexy as hell and I'm glad Hollywood has not snatched you up yet ( for some meaningless but superfamous movie). Can't wait for you to write and star in a movie someday.

    • zowi1rawr
      zowi1rawr 5 months ago

      P.S. How much caffeine do you drink? Doctors would REALLY appreciate that information. THANKS!!!

  • Aubree Aidyn
    Aubree Aidyn 5 months ago


  • dark sonata
    dark sonata 5 months ago

    we need more real people like you, and i'm starting with my self

  • arielle alexander
    arielle alexander 6 months ago

    You made my neighbors mad with the sound of laughter. Good times.

  • Frisca Intan Luzia
    Frisca Intan Luzia 6 months ago

    it's makes you special and keep me excited! the free pass. Signature!

  • Confused Cunt
    Confused Cunt 6 months ago

    I like his hand movement

  • Jabrina Khan
    Jabrina Khan 6 months ago

    LMFAOOOOO i literally laughed throughout the entire duration of this video i can't breathe

  • Liha M.
    Liha M. 7 months ago

    but i really like it!

  • Kristen Stoll
    Kristen Stoll 7 months ago

    Hilarious! I never noticed your hand movements. They accentuate what you say, kind of like pictures in a book. It would be weird if you didn't use your hands.

  • harini rao
    harini rao 7 months ago

    How could you possibly read every single comment !! You are amazing and so so humble .. I wish you success beyond your imagination..