Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Official Trailer 3 (NEW FOOTAGE)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
    Intro/Outro: Imaginary - Broken Elegance
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  • TOM15555555
    TOM15555555 3 days ago

    This film was great China 🇨🇳 didn’t like movie lost Billions it was a high grossing movie 🍿

  • Raiko
    Raiko 9 days ago +1

    the way he says "my boy"

  • Taurus Wiggins
    Taurus Wiggins 9 days ago +1

    We can be heroes.

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori 23 days ago

    Seen the movie didn't hate it nor didn't love it, all I can say is it's one of the most fast paced, in your face Star Wars movie there it but I keep coming back to watch this trailer it's fucking badass

  • jbschlesser
    jbschlesser 24 days ago

    Movie was actually pretty good

  • Mr cat , game collector
    Mr cat , game collector 25 days ago +1

    This was a good moive I like all the movies

  • Raymond Voss
    Raymond Voss 28 days ago

    Saw the movie yesterday loved loved loved it!

  • Gabe Nwagbala
    Gabe Nwagbala 29 days ago

    0:55 The Powerpuff Girls Mojo JoJo: hold my drink.

  • MarvelousMike
    MarvelousMike Month ago

    what song from the soundtrack plays after the kylo/emperor part?

  • Blaize Studer
    Blaize Studer Month ago

    Where did this come from? Never saw it myself

  • Vadym Volodko
    Vadym Volodko Month ago

    CinemaVariety for $5/mo. Look for it on google.

  • Alu Ros05
    Alu Ros05 Month ago

    1:00 LOL

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    What song is playing in the beginning?

  • DannybOi Rodriguez
    DannybOi Rodriguez Month ago

    The Emperor is alive.
    Rey is Palpatines Granddaughter. (Leia knew).
    Leia was training Rey.
    Ben turns good. He talks to Han Solo (Ghost).
    Luke appears to Rey (Ghost).
    Luke gives Rey Leia's lightsaber.
    Leia dies.
    Rey hears every Jedi's voice while unconscious including Ahsoka Tanos.
    Rey and Ben kiss.
    Ben dies.
    Rey kills the Emperor.
    The Emperor sent to kill Rey parents.
    Lando Calrissian calls all the allies.
    Wedge Antillies shows up.
    Rey goes to Luke's house on Tatooine and calls herself Rey Skywalker.
    The Emperor says "DO IT".

    • Freddy Teddy Studio
      Freddy Teddy Studio Month ago

      I mean, I watched it but you didn't have to spoil it for everyone else

  • Mark Boswell
    Mark Boswell Month ago +1

    Just got home. Go see it. Redemption from the train wreck of Last Jedi.

  • Francesca Whelan
    Francesca Whelan Month ago


  • ttvbigboibee
    ttvbigboibee Month ago

    Palpatine has a fettish for skywalkers

  • ActionNation
    ActionNation Month ago


  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson Month ago

    God I can’t wait to see thsi tonight

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak Month ago

    Jar jar controls palpetine

  • J Weav
    J Weav Month ago

    Rey says ok boomer to the emperor I will die

  • Randive
    Randive Month ago

    Inside your head

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett Month ago

    may the force be with always

  • LC Lane
    LC Lane Month ago

    The entire new trilogy should have been about Palpatine's return and the dark side taking over again. Ian McDiarmid could have carried this new trilogy himself. No problem.

  • Tocoolforschool
    Tocoolforschool Month ago

    Can’t wait

  • BeetleJuice
    BeetleJuice Month ago

    Too bad the trailers are better than the actual movie lmao.

  • Hannibal Smith
    Hannibal Smith Month ago

    Well it may shock the internet. I just saw TROS.. and I LOVED it!!

  • ****
    **** Month ago +2

    Funny there are so many haters of this movie before it's even come out. Disney stands to make a *TON* of money, because the more negative publicity there is, the more people, including the haters, will want to check it out for themselves to form their own opinions. LOL! The joke's on the haters!!

    • FlipFlopGod
      FlipFlopGod Month ago

      **** I saw it last night, the movie was terrible lol. Check the rotten tomatoes score. Everyone thinks this movie sucks.

  • Toa Volans
    Toa Volans Month ago

    at last
    my boy

    this peace is what all true warriors strive for

  • Kit Kat Gamer
    Kit Kat Gamer Month ago +1

    0:55 a duh it’s him his theme

  • Matt_E_Whiteboy
    Matt_E_Whiteboy Month ago

    I just want to be the first person to point out that Darth Vader sounds like Optimus prime i

  • Lucas Maximus
    Lucas Maximus Month ago

    This is how a star wars trailer should be

  • Jessica Carmody
    Jessica Carmody Month ago

    Hope this music is going to be in the movie

  • J B
    J B Month ago


  • vicente castillo
    vicente castillo Month ago

    this is gonna be a kylo ren story!!!!!!
    the sith!!!!
    duel of fates!!!!!

  • vicente castillo
    vicente castillo Month ago

    the sith soooooong!!!!

    INSPIRE Month ago

    Kylo dies

    MC TDAWG Month ago

    This chick flick will NOT be getting my money.... I have watched the original trilogy movies when I was a little kid and this is new trilogy is no Starwars movie... I will take a hard pass...

  • IchbotedeinKanal HD

    Darth Vader is back in the buisness

  • Arctic Fox 0406
    Arctic Fox 0406 Month ago

    So, basically Kylo was getting Yeeted this whole time...

  • Jamie F
    Jamie F Month ago

    0:49 Darth Nihilus?

  • Chris Pinto
    Chris Pinto Month ago

    Im sorry just looks all cookie cutter no substance

  • Joyce Koch
    Joyce Koch Month ago +1

    PALPATINE TURNS OUT TO BE A SKYWALKER -it is the story of one family.

  • SP Gamer
    SP Gamer Month ago +1

    Please take out that intro

  • dave dickton
    dave dickton Month ago

    Rey approaches Palpatine in his throne room to go and kill him. Kylo Ren is already there and announces himself. Palpatine says ‘One of you will my new apprentice; the other will die’. Ren is going to kill Rey but Rey initially refuses to defend herself, like Luke in ROTJ, but eventually feels forced to fight back and kills Ren. She turns to the Dark Side. Nobody can stop them ruling the galaxy. Cut away to other scenes happening. Then back to Palpatine and Rey. The doors open and in walk Luke and Anakin wearing Vader’s outfit. They stroll up closer to the throne telling Palpatine this time he won’t escape. Rey goes to cut down Luke but Anakin stops her with his lightsaber - just like he did in protecting Palpatine from Luke’s swipe in ROTJ. Rey is surprised and isn’t sure whether to believe that it is truly Anakin. She says: ‘You’re not Darth Vader’. He removes his helmet - it’s Hayden Christensen - and says: ‘No - I’m Anakin Skywalker’. They fight. Luke and Anakin win and banish Palps and Rey both forever and then all disappear too. The Jedi and the Sith are over. The Rise of Skywalker is the legend / story that spreads throughout the galaxy.

  • Rahil Mushtaq
    Rahil Mushtaq Month ago

    Is it just me or does one of the statues look like Darth Nihilus around 49 seconds in behind kylo

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 Month ago

    1:33 did anyone spotted the U-wing ?

  • Martin Betti
    Martin Betti Month ago +1

    Now we know "Palpatine" can fake voices so we don't really know if he is actually someone we even know (remember this is still disney) so my theory is that the voice is actually jar-jar binks and he was the bad guy all along

    TARDI B Month ago +1

    Ita palpatine and ray, then palpatine and solo, palpatine himself, Snoke and Vader. Just as they combined voices when Rey has a vision when touching Lukes Saber

  • XSC 3
    XSC 3 Month ago

    ah Palpatine... once an evil governor who happened to have evil force powers to master manipulating politician to now vampire demon... of course this last transition happened way back in the early 90's with the "Dark Empire" comic series. great concept for a comic or video game... terrible idea for an "official" movie. skip it

  • grandnizargt
    grandnizargt Month ago

    does anyone knows the name of the soundtrack please thnak you

  • Dapper Drink
    Dapper Drink Month ago

    What is this 15 fps?

  • Lloyd Stacey
    Lloyd Stacey Month ago

    Emperor music always gave me chills

  • Levi Thorstone
    Levi Thorstone Month ago

    Cut out every voice and sound affect to try to make it watchable but it's still crap kylo Ren has never beat anyone Ray is going to win everything and all the good original characters will die and Disney Star wars will continue to attack the fans for agenda and money boycott this disrespectful Disney cash grab

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan Month ago

    Might be the best thing I’ve ever watched

  • elpollodelamuerte
    elpollodelamuerte Month ago

    If he is a clone... then the entire EU must be canon

  • Jelly-Filled Donuts
    Jelly-Filled Donuts Month ago +1

    Was that plaguesis’ theme I heard?

  • Cat Bot
    Cat Bot Month ago

    1:33 was that a u wing?

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V Month ago

    Re-return of the jedi.

  • Joseph Howell-Burke

    Would've given thumbs up if not for the double watermark during the video. On both right and left side....smh