Shannon SHOCKED Myles Garrett ejected after hitting Mason Rudolph with his own helmet

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Shannon SHOCKED Myles Garrett ejected after hitting Mason Rudolph with his own helmet
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  • Michael Adderley
    Michael Adderley 4 days ago

    1970 KC vs Oak brawl was worst...

  • Michael Adderley
    Michael Adderley 4 days ago

    Kicking someone in the nuts is "now" apart of football play...educate the kids and spread the word....typical steelers...we didnt do nothing wrong....yeah right...

    BOSS ROSS 4 days ago

    Did Skip really just ask a dude who played with and against Romanowski if he's ever seen anything this bad? LOL. Of course he has, he played against and with the dirtiest player in the league.

  • Rob The Old
    Rob The Old 5 days ago

    I have no dog in this fight. Very surprised to see comments blaming Rudolph. Don't teams train their players to ignore taunts? Wasn't Garrett watching to see the ball was gone? Worst I've ever seen. I really appreciate the two couches standing together on the field. Garrett's career should be over. Suspension is not appropriate. And his skill as a player shouldn't be considered by the NFL.

  • James Konopinski
    James Konopinski 5 days ago

    Rudolph calling Garret a coward is ridiculous. He tried ripping Garrets helmet off first AND kicked him in the balls. And then he got manhandled like a ragdoll, just as he deserved. Obviously Garret went too far by hitting him with the helmet - he should have just thrown it on the ground after ripping it off. Had he done that, Garret would have been 100% justified.
    I just dont get why everyone is letting Rudolph off the hook. It's the equivalent of me spitting in someone's face, slapping them, and then getting mad when they punch me in the face.

  • Joseph Seraile
    Joseph Seraile 6 days ago

    Now I'm a BROWNS FAN

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice 7 days ago

    Mason looked like a jack off

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva 8 days ago


  • SMK 24
    SMK 24 9 days ago

    I think y’all failing to see Rudolph proceed to attack gerrett while surrounding the man

  • SMK 24
    SMK 24 9 days ago +6

    “He could’ve killed him” said the guy that was trying to stomp on gerretts face with cleats.

    • Ansh Ghayalod
      Ansh Ghayalod 17 hours ago


    • I Petrik
      I Petrik 5 days ago +1

      Not really

  • SMK 24
    SMK 24 9 days ago

    Cowardly it was 3 on 1 and gerrett was being attacked

  • Gr. Vo.
    Gr. Vo. 10 days ago

    To the race card-player. Hey Garrett, if you're looking for employment, Jussie Smollet is looking for a bodygaurd.

    ThePROFESS10NAL 10 days ago

    Kitties puppies turtles and quarterbacks

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 10 days ago

    Well atleast he will fill a law suit agains the browns garret he needs help

  • Jesus H Christ
    Jesus H Christ 10 days ago +1

    The shit I’ve seen in my Semi Pro years makes this look like puppy play.

  • Spiderman
    Spiderman 10 days ago

    What type of fashion statement is this jackass trying to make

  • Adam Dunlap
    Adam Dunlap 10 days ago

    Sooo biased LoL 😂

  • Doyle Coleman
    Doyle Coleman 11 days ago

    Does anyone remember Lyle Alzado

  • Nick Kessler
    Nick Kessler 11 days ago

    Mason Rudolph is a little bitch who cant handle losing. Like the entire Steelers organization. Thats how they are coached and thats the foundation the Steelers are built around. Being little sore losing bitches.

  • D00MTR33
    D00MTR33 12 days ago


  • cool Dad46
    cool Dad46 12 days ago

    You guys go to hell. It's a violent game. Pulling the helmet off and hitting the quarter back IS THAT THE WORSE THING IN NFL?. I saw hell no.

    NHS NHS 12 days ago +1

    I wish pouncey was my father or brother lol

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 12 days ago

    He should be prosecuted for Felonious Assault (F2). Grab a football helmet off a wall in a bar and do the same thing to someone, and THAT will be the result. Asshole should be in jail.

  • Jerrie Godwin
    Jerrie Godwin 12 days ago

    If he would of split his wig they would still be fighting.

  • Horse Man
    Horse Man 13 days ago

    Should be arrested and career over unacceptable

  • SPacy sam aku holT
    SPacy sam aku holT 13 days ago

    Back in the eighties, I remember a GB Packer picking up Jim McMahon and throwing him to the ground after McMahon threw a pass.

  • William Neville
    William Neville 13 days ago

    Attempted murder.
    That's why so many blacks go to prison for murder or become victims of murder.
    In their genes.
    Not fit for society if that's the mindset.

  • William Neville
    William Neville 13 days ago

    Beat that retards was,Pouncey
    Beat that coin black(already is) and blue

  • putting on the foil
    putting on the foil 13 days ago

    Shannon is such a woman ... and Skip - "assault with a deadly weapon" - c'mon! Hilarious!!!! Garrett was wrong, but Rudolph has some blame in this, and football is a physical sport where tensions run high. To say this is the WORST thing you've seen in the NFL - you clearly haven't watched the NFL for very long.

  • Hangover Chilly
    Hangover Chilly 13 days ago

    $20,000 are you fucking kidding me? As much as they get paid, that's like fining me a nickel. Yeah, that's really going to make not wanna do it again. Dude should be banned from football and in prison for felony assault at the very least. Some might even argue attempted murder.

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt 13 days ago

    Why fine him? it doesn't stop this thug, Garret. He's done shit before. the owners should get rid of him before he kills someone.

  • Saint Miller
    Saint Miller 13 days ago

    No one is talking about the attempted second swing of the helmet backhanded but luckily the Steelers player got in there and blocked it right as he was starting to swing.

  • Saulo Souza
    Saulo Souza 13 days ago +1

    I'm shocked every game how the refs can destroy the Lions

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson 13 days ago

    He deserved to get hit

  • Keith McCoy
    Keith McCoy 13 days ago

    This is the new NFL image of thugness, fights, cheating, taunting, cursing, name calling non stop, game delays, and scoring theatrics resulting in a 20% increase in penalties per season in the last 5 years! It's got to stop! Next, is someone pulling a blade out! Or a player gunned down outside the lockroom or stadium! Thank OBAMA for the mind set! "I did the crime, but I'm the black victim here!" Oh! The White Devil made you do it!

  • Nadine Barrios
    Nadine Barrios 13 days ago

    Such disgust when I watch the replay! Horrible horrible actions by that fool on the browns! And they were winning?? Stupid!

  • Cloud9 ThePodcast
    Cloud9 ThePodcast 13 days ago

    Myles was dead wrong no matter what was said to him. Period

  • Alika Jones
    Alika Jones 13 days ago

    Assault with a deadly weapon...Garret should be ban for life and jailed!!!!

  • SooperFlye
    SooperFlye 14 days ago

    Why is Shannon Sharpe & Stephen A. Smith so loud?

  • Rock Mobster
    Rock Mobster 14 days ago

    Ok, people have already mentioned how Rudolph nearly ripped Garrett's helmet off himself. But I think what's even more incriminating is the fact that Rudolph CHASED Garrett down to continue the fight. His lineman already broke up the fight, he could have just let Garrett get shoved around. Not that I think this justifies Garrett trying to kill the guy, but Mason Rudolph deserves a lot more criticism than he's getting

  • Sandman
    Sandman 14 days ago

    Prosecutor should be investigating.

  • J Howard
    J Howard 14 days ago

    we need colin kaepernick on this STAT! I'll bring the kunta kinte t-shirts.

  • Wes
    Wes 14 days ago


  • Carlos Green
    Carlos Green 14 days ago

    Garrett says Rudolph called him a nigger that's why he snapped is this true?

  • Supreme Mathematics
    Supreme Mathematics 14 days ago

    Shannon uncle tom

  • Richard Petersen
    Richard Petersen 14 days ago

    Drama queens now you have something to talk about.

  • BarTabz
    BarTabz 14 days ago

    1985 Cowboy's Randy White ripped of the Bears Keith Va Horne's helmet and hit Mark Boortz. Look it up. He only got a $1000 fine and no suspension. Lyle Alzado used to rip helmets off too. Quit being so soft. Even hockey players throw down all the time and no one makes this big of a deal about it.

  • Country Grown, Inc.
    Country Grown, Inc. 14 days ago

    I do remember Randy White taking his helmet off and slamming opponents with it during a mid-game brawl. Can’t recall which team.

  • Bryce Dzenkiw
    Bryce Dzenkiw 14 days ago

    No different when bertuzzi ended that kids career in the nhl years ago. These players should lose the right to play in professional sports period.

  • Bryce Dzenkiw
    Bryce Dzenkiw 14 days ago

    The should be expelled from the nfl and sent to jail. Assault with a deadly weapon is no different in public or on a sports team period. Set the example now

  • ViKing Tut
    ViKing Tut 14 days ago

    Id go to battle with pouncey any day

  • K Kennedy
    K Kennedy 14 days ago

    She said it best Rudolph tried to take Myles helmet off first. Rudolph didn’t say anything about that!!!

  • IRL Music
    IRL Music 14 days ago

    Edit: I want to start by saying it's very sad to see that America has descended to a point where a white man and a black man can't even get into a fight with out people instantly questioning if racism was the cause...I don't mean to say that in some sort of condescending way, quite the opposite, America has the potential to be a beacon of light in the world but the reactions here are unsettling, if a black man and a white man can't even get into an altercation without people assuming racism had to do with it you have a serious problem
    Both contributed to the altercation happening. These things happen in football it's an agressive game and tensions run high, the line was crossed when he used that helmet is a weapon.
    I can understand if Garrett reacted by ripping his helmet off and throwing it. I could even understand punching him in the face, hell I could understand punching him twice.
    Hitting someone with a helmet is disgusting, you can point the finger at both players if it ended at the scrum. That's football, it happens, if punches are thrown kick em out of the game.
    Also the entire "did he say the unforgivable" is so dumb. It it actually happened Garrett would have gone to a coach immediately and told them and it would have been investigated. The field is surrounded in extremely high quality microphones, no doubt it would have gotten recorded by one of them.
    If he actually does end up calling him it, it changes the situation, it doesn't justify assault with a deadly weapon but it does put things into more perspective. Everyone knows this, if it actually happened someone would have informed a coach or trainer right away.... professional leagues do not take that lightly
    My guess is he knows he fucked up and is trying to lighten the punishment.

  • Robie Granger
    Robie Granger 14 days ago

    Oh my God, all the million dollars sports casters/analyst cannot see that Randolph started the whole thing by trying to take off Miles helmet. Not to mention kicking him in the balls, and who knows what was said. Yes I don't condone what Miles didt but it was instigated by Randolph. I just can't believe these high dollar sports casters say anymore. Troy Aikman's comment of "I have never seen this before" is absolutely wrong. Maybe not on live TV, but I grantee that is been done

  • How To
    How To 14 days ago

    Garret claiming he called him a "N----" while two African American players are vigorously beating the shit out of Garret and defending the QB? (I think not..).

  • Jonathan Gee
    Jonathan Gee 14 days ago

    Where is big Lyle Alzado when you really need him?? R.I.P. Big Lyle.

  • Jason Stiller
    Jason Stiller 14 days ago

    Good job Pouncey

  • Gary Songer
    Gary Songer 14 days ago

    He should be suspended until he can prove he's all there! This is not what normal people do...something is very wrong with this guy! You don't want him on the streets either! Six months in jail wouldn't be too harsh! People are sitting in prison for doing less than this! Now he's trying to pull the race card???

  • It’s Free Real Estate

    The Browns were playing dirty and head hunting all game long and got multiple players injured and threw Rudolph to the ground with seconds left in the game: it’s Garrett’s fault not Rudolph’s

  • Rob West
    Rob West 14 days ago

    Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off first. Then proceeded to pursue the fight. Then got his ass handed to him. Hmmm