Brian Ortega made changes after Max Holloway loss at UFC 231 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Brian Ortega returns to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss what he’s been up to since his loss to Max Holloway at UFC 231, including recovering from two surgeries. He says he’s watched the fight multiple times and (10:12) describes how he reacted to his first pro loss. After making changes, including new coaches and management, Ortega says he’s fallen back in love with the sport again. He adds that he wanted to fight The Korean Zombie in Mexico City, but looks forward to fighting him in South Korea.
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Comments • 840

  • Erick Houston
    Erick Houston 23 hours ago

    I just realized that brian ortega looks like a white version of henry cejudo.

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 8 days ago

    Head movement when boxing, that’s what he lacked.

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 8 days ago

    Smart guy.

  • Junior Bailey
    Junior Bailey 9 days ago

    The wannabe gangster 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you good bro😉

    TALON 9 days ago

    What I like about Ortega taking the time to come back after an amazing streak of fights to the top, is that so many fighters when they lose will say "I'll go back to the drawing board and see what I did wrong..." and when you see them return, they come back looking exactly the same, same tactics, same attempts to get the win and don't show any growth. It's great to hear the things Ortega has been up to and I'm glad to hear he's staying focused. It really sounds like he did exactly what he needed to do in taking a break and reassessing his title run to the top. Looking forward to see him fight Korean Zombie in December and see the growth in his game.

  • MnogoSam Brzz
    MnogoSam Brzz 12 days ago

    The eggs Got cold

  • MnogoSam Brzz
    MnogoSam Brzz 12 days ago

    The eggs Got cold

  • MMABeijing
    MMABeijing 16 days ago

    interesting how so many latinos pick an english first name, i appreciate it

  • trent d
    trent d 18 days ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to hammer fist his eggs open.

  • trent d
    trent d 18 days ago

    my god these memes are getting outta control hahaha

  • Veli G
    Veli G 19 days ago


  • VI P
    VI P 27 days ago

    Only his face was charged after the max holloway fight.

  • walklikeaduck
    walklikeaduck 27 days ago

    SMDH, trusting your nutrition to a "bodybuilding coach."

  • Tim Etter
    Tim Etter 28 days ago

    What about Halle Berry

  • Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Lyg3rBurg3rz 28 days ago

    It's so strange how much momentum swings in MMA. Think of it like this, Yair Rodriguez was on a tear before he got shut down by Frankie Edgar, who then got completely denied a title shot by a short notice knockout loss to Brian Ortega who was also on a tear, until he fought Holloway and took that hard loss. So then Holloway is seriously getting the credit he deserves and decides to move up to challenge for the Interim Lightweight championship belt and decisively loses a war to Dustin Poirier. Poirier finally gets his title shot after beating such a dominant champion and then just gets shut down completely by Khabib. I'm not trying to show any MMA math BS, more just showing how much people win and lose in MMA, it's a tough fucked up sport. I guess now we just see who eventually beats Khabib. My money's on Tony or Gaethje.

  • James Luokkala
    James Luokkala 28 days ago

    All the talk of change and improvement is nice and all but I'll believe when I see it. Korean Zombie is known for breaking people and that's what happened Ortega's last fight. Korean Zombie could easily be the best 145er right now.

  • Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Lyg3rBurg3rz 28 days ago

    Me: Hey Brian Ortega, do you know how to play Operation?
    Brian Ortega: 2:21

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke 29 days ago

    10 days ago, brian ortega was given a choice, to continue going on the ariel heelwani show, or continue doing something else.

  • Tee Shark
    Tee Shark 29 days ago

    Oh man... T-City is back. I can see it in his eyes. He is gonna slaughter a zombie in December. I feel sorry for K-Zombie because he's a good fighter but Ortega is gonna walk him down. It wont go past rd.2

  • cambo6911
    cambo6911 29 days ago

    I'm the best I've ever been, look bro, eggs for breakfast.... 😂

  • kduffin33
    kduffin33 Month ago

    Kron should take note...he is such an amazing jiu jitsu player and his boxing has improved immensely but without wrestling to implement it, top level guys will simply stuff takedowns and turn the match into a kickboxing fight.... at that point boxing isn’t enough against a skilled Muay Thai/ kickboxer. I fear he may not be as open minded as Ortega who grew up with a little kickboxing before his Bjj training and also having the Gracie name attached seems to be a barrier of pride.
    It will be interesting to see Ortega come back having been training with some Dutch kickboxers/ Muay Thai / wrestlers. If he can go all in as it seems he has, his game could seriously level up

  • Jason Robbind
    Jason Robbind Month ago

    Yes! My favorite fighter is coming back!

  • MephsTV
    MephsTV Month ago

    Brian Ortega sucks

  • Mark Torres
    Mark Torres Month ago

    Ten years ago brian was givin a choice

  • ili dot
    ili dot Month ago

    Those bjj guys should do some wrestling and learn how to get a guy down or else they will be like Ortega with Holloway and kron with Swanson

  • anuma nuva
    anuma nuva Month ago

    3654 days ago, you had a choice!

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino Month ago

    Fake ESPN

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee Month ago

    Is it me or Ariel interviews sucking more and more? I’m surprised fighters are actually doing interviews with Ariel. He asks the dumbest questions...

  • Felix Morales
    Felix Morales Month ago

    Well enjoy your cold eggs Brian, you can thank this long interview

  • YodaOnTheDrums
    YodaOnTheDrums Month ago

    Ariel “brain of a middle school girl (he said she said)” Helwani... 🙄

  • YodaOnTheDrums
    YodaOnTheDrums Month ago

    Ariel “what do you mean by that? let’s dig deeper into the drama” Helwani

  • YodaOnTheDrums
    YodaOnTheDrums Month ago

    wow such original questions... you’re an amazing “journalist” Ariel... 🙄

  • YodaOnTheDrums
    YodaOnTheDrums Month ago +2

    i’m only here for Ortega... because Ariel is the true king of cringe these days...

  • Smouve Couve
    Smouve Couve Month ago

    BO is wack

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime Month ago

    I like Brian and hope he gets back in the win column. With that said, the one handed egg open is not only easy, but as common as pouring milk with one hand. Who doesn't do that is the real breakfast question... Somebody get Chanel on this asap.

  • Crunch Attack!
    Crunch Attack! Month ago

    Nice to see you back my boy Brian. Love you dearly x

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith Month ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to drink Brian Ortegas Modelo

  • zu01206
    zu01206 Month ago

    My man is so down to earth.

  • Old Ironsides
    Old Ironsides Month ago

    Sounds like a broken fighter

  • Just A Thought
    Just A Thought Month ago

    10 months ago max made his face a balloon.

  • kanenas
    kanenas Month ago

    After that last fight Brian could be called the Mexican Zombie. The 2 toughest fighters are about to clash

    GTR LIFE Month ago

    Lol he couldn't submit or takedown hollaway and he thinks he can deal with khabib haha

  • MMA man
    MMA man Month ago

    So did he break ties with Rener?

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa Month ago

    He took that long to heal up from getting smashed. He still looks mentally broken imo.

    X82BIGBLUE82X Month ago +2

    Dude needs to work on his wrestling because his BJJ is some of the best I’ve ever seen in MMA, if he can constantly get guys to the ground he would dominate.

    KWRBT Month ago

    Brian Ortega was given a choice after his Max Holloway loss.

  • stuart cunningham
    stuart cunningham Month ago

    Choice bro

  • CreamyBone
    CreamyBone Month ago +2

    I'll never forget the PAINFUL HORRIFIED look on the face of his striking coach when Holloway was going to work on him.

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R Month ago

    The choice he made 10 yrs ago was the wrong one. Should have been a cook not a fighter.

  • Cedric le Noir
    Cedric le Noir Month ago

    When having an interview and knowing your food is getting cold must feel so annoying.. Respect Brian! I would have cut Ariel long time haha

  • Ricky Blommaert
    Ricky Blommaert Month ago

    I like ortega but I'm a huge kz fan so I really want him to win but of ortega wins that's oké to

  • gavin patterson
    gavin patterson Month ago

    Very simple instructions . Stop trying to strike with everyone , yes you can bang but also you are built on ju jitsu

  • mo zaman
    mo zaman Month ago

    Kurmit mahomes is the type of guy to eat chocolate on the toilet

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle Month ago

    Not impressed, Tony Ferguson ankle pick'd an entire dozen of egg open with 1 shot. Rt

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle Month ago

    Nobody care about this bullshit guy

  • ej
    ej Month ago

    thx to Ariel for Q about Rener. That martial arts relationship is truly one of a kind....his bjj is so good, even Khabib wouldn't go to the ground with this guy. With a good clinch/takedown game, he'll be unbeatable. hardest hitter at 145 and one of the best chins in the game.
    I first saw Ortega fight as a skinny kid in LA, Jan 2014. what a will to win. deserves all the success that coming.

    • Dave Randle
      Dave Randle Month ago

      This guy gets beat up in every single fight he had, but manages to pull a sub for a win.

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis Month ago +1

    Ortega is a steroid cheat, but he's not black everyone gives him a pass.

    • Dr. Loomis
      Dr. Loomis Month ago

      @Bad Santa mum?

    • Bad Santa
      Bad Santa Month ago

      He's black on the your Mum after a night out.

  • Fen3rbahce
    Fen3rbahce Month ago +1

    he looks depressed

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    Yeah we seen you in Mexico City! 👎👎

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid Month ago

    If Brian was given a choice to go 3 rounds w Tony or Stepie, who would he pick ?