5 World of Warcraft Rages GONE TOO FAR!

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • Some World of Warcraft players have gotten so mad, and freaked out! In this video I go over the 5 WoW rages gone too far!
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Comments • 301

  • SamusLovesMilk
    SamusLovesMilk 2 hours ago

    "I have a job and I have 143 IQ"
    If people online say that, they probably have around 83 IQ

  • Proxime
    Proxime 5 days ago

    like your own shit fucktwid

  • lexzbuddy
    lexzbuddy 6 days ago


  • blkbtty82
    blkbtty82 7 days ago

    If you still don't know how to play your character after 15 years then stop playing and crying about it

  • Vulganot
    Vulganot 7 days ago

    I have 143 IQ get at me 😂

  • Imischek
    Imischek 13 days ago

    I am not reading this

  • Christopher Friborg
    Christopher Friborg 15 days ago

    NIce you are using sodapoppin as clickbait

  • Whatster87
    Whatster87 16 days ago +1

    took 2 secs to realize this video is 10 mins long for a reason came to see the number of dislikes wasn't disappointed

      GUNCH GAMING 22 hours ago

      Whatster87 he explains the clips frame by frame. Him explaining the clips takes longer than the clip

  • Mike
    Mike 18 days ago

    I put raiding into perspective and never lose my cool. I'm just there to get gear like everyone else, because its not as though raiding is interesting because it's not. It's something for people to do because they can't PvP. It's about as challenging as going to the toilet. Button mashing for nubs.

  • MrAsap2000as
    MrAsap2000as 20 days ago

    Nerds are a very angry group of people, they've had very shitty lives. It's why the term "nerd rage" exist.

  • Máté Fejes
    Máté Fejes 20 days ago

    The best game is Burning Crusade:)

  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart 20 days ago

    where is the thumbnail part

  • Zen Gaming
    Zen Gaming 20 days ago

    These aren't wow rages these are just random people raging and saying it's about wow. You have been click bated

  • Ez Harkonnus
    Ez Harkonnus 21 day ago

    When you hear the guy start talking or begging for likes just double tap the right side of the screen a couple times.

  • Sali Mali
    Sali Mali 21 day ago

    Fuck you

  • Georgia
    Georgia 22 days ago

    Lol you have people smashing their keyboards but decide to put a female telling a guy off, who didn't even raise her voice, as the worst? Okay...

  • prvsnape1
    prvsnape1 22 days ago

    why skip the part where you tell us what happening just show the video

  • Richy X75
    Richy X75 23 days ago

    The raging girl at the end is just mad cuz shes fat snd she plays Tauren female

  • Ben
    Ben 24 days ago

    Can't stand this idiot's voice . Woh-cwahft...

  • Jason Hopper
    Jason Hopper 24 days ago

    The illidan raid boss is not a good raid leader

  • PacMan GhostDude
    PacMan GhostDude 24 days ago

    Anyone ever noticed the ones who scream and shout are actually pretty crap at the game?

  • Conr3der
    Conr3der 24 days ago

    When you kept asking for likes I disliked it. Don’t beg you entitled prick. Just because you compiled content from the Internet which is funny (asyouarenot) doesn’t mean you deserve a like or subscribe you absolute wanker.

  • Timothy Jones
    Timothy Jones 24 days ago

    I know that good and bad doesn't exist...what is good for a murder isn't good for you...good and bad is something humans create it isn't a truth...
    Luck may exist but bad and good luck doesn't. Stuff your subscription

  • iwannabefrag
    iwannabefrag 25 days ago


  • Natalia Virtanen
    Natalia Virtanen 27 days ago

    not ever realy been whit anyone who go super rage, but I did have a guild master who threatened anyobody who did something wrong whit kicking them, he was annoying to play whit

  • David Muehlhausen
    David Muehlhausen 29 days ago +1

    How can the Ony raid not be #1 lol

  • Bio Hazard
    Bio Hazard Month ago

    Therapy and a good psychiatrist for these not sure what to call them and nope begging for likes grants you dislikes.Good day.

  • Michelle Hammond
    Michelle Hammond 2 months ago +14

    that last girl didnt even seem that mad she was just telling the guy off

    • SamusLovesMilk
      SamusLovesMilk 2 hours ago

      @kxr the words of someone who is a waste of oxygen

    • Michelle Hammond
      Michelle Hammond 11 days ago +1

      @kxr ewwww you're gross

    • kxr
      kxr 11 days ago

      Not true.the dude was just telling her of her place in live. girls are only here to spreed their legs pump babies for us and make us food! their is no other use for them other then that.

  • Oscar Lara
    Oscar Lara 2 months ago

    #4 reminds me of the seagulls from finding nemo "mine,mine,mine,mine", lol

  • XxcowboyfromhellXx
    XxcowboyfromhellXx 2 months ago

    the fact you blurped out cussing like a 2 year old made me dislike the video and also made sure i didnt sub

  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold 2 months ago

    4:53 Luck?!?! Wtf are we 12yr old Leprechauns...🙄
    The Click baity title/thumbnail didn't bother me, asking for a like didn't bother me, & your voice sounds perfectly fine to me...
    But that shit pissed me off..

  • Jin-
    Jin- 2 months ago

    Who added that stupid music on those clips? How are you supposed to listen what grandma says with that music on?

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants 2 months ago

    I blew up watching World of Whorecraft!

  • Darkside Princess
    Darkside Princess 2 months ago +1

    Wow they are triggered

  • Ragingcookie 128
    Ragingcookie 128 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the arrow in the thumbnail. I might have missed the chair if you didnt point it out..

  • Arif Dayi
    Arif Dayi 3 months ago

    i disliked like 5 vids on youtube and this is one of them now

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen 3 months ago +1

    Your voice makes me want to give myself a glass shard enema

  • Moon .Gazer
    Moon .Gazer 4 months ago

    PC players being toxic?
    Le gasp!
    Say it isn't so!
    We must ban PC Toxicity!

  • Denisas Bulanovas
    Denisas Bulanovas 4 months ago

    How can you rage in world of warcraft wow realy in fortnite rage alot not in world of warcraft

  • liago dima
    liago dima 5 months ago +5

    When he said smash the like button i smashed the dislike button

  • Kenny Stroner
    Kenny Stroner 5 months ago

    I always found it really pathetic how people would take so much crap from a raid leader or guild leader that would just go off on you and you were expected to take it and let them get as verbally abusive as they wanted to with you. They would take his chit and kiss his ass. I remember being in that guild. I didn't take his chit for a minute when the guy just decided to buzz on me because I wouldn't just kiss his ass like other people would. He was quick to just boot me from the guild. To this day, I felt I made a good decision. There are good guilds and raids out there, there is zero reason to just take crap from people that had a bad day and decide to make you their douche.

    Anyone that thinks it is okay for let people be abusive to you whether they are a guild or raid leader or whatever. Never let people abuse you are talk down to you like they are everything thing and you are nothing. There are way too many good guilds out there for anyone to have to put up with that nonsense! Have fun and play hard!

  • Judy Thompson
    Judy Thompson 5 months ago

    if they get that upset in a game, then maybe they should rethink the whole business. and it surely should not come home with them.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 5 months ago

    why were all those chinese gamers using mouse in left hand ?

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 5 months ago

    whats wrong with your speech?

  • Erebus Anima
    Erebus Anima 5 months ago

    R = W
    TH = V OR F

  • Mahdi Didou
    Mahdi Didou 6 months ago

    He asked 3 times for like, then i pressed the bouton 3 times.

  • E'Leeze McKenna
    E'Leeze McKenna 6 months ago

    I love these kinds of WoW rage videos. My favorite is still the kid who's mother canceled his WoW subscription and he rips his clothes off and threatens to kill himself.

  • ziplet1992
    ziplet1992 6 months ago

    You begging for likes constantly, explaining dumb shit that doesn't need to be explained almost made me as mad as the people in the video. I smashed the dislike button just for you.

  • HayleyGeek
    HayleyGeek 6 months ago

    Woman was totally valid in her being pissed off. If you dont understand why she would be annoyed at this then you are usually the offender. To tell a woman to make a sandwich is mocking her because she is a woman. Saying she should be no where else but the kitchen doing what man wants. This follows us around like a bad fucking smell when all we want to do is just game.

  • Cowly
    Cowly 7 months ago

    How to not Flash-Player:
    1. Beg for likes constantly
    2. Explain things that doesn't need explaining
    3. Ruining clips by cutting out the audio making it not only hard to understand completely what they're saying, but also ruining the humor / the clip in it's entirety.
    4. Trying way too hard to get the video to over 10 minutes long

  • Nota Fayget
    Nota Fayget 7 months ago

    ffs hello warcraft bible

  • Dan Stormy
    Dan Stormy 7 months ago

    onyxia wipe animation is best :-)

  • OGviiciouZ
    OGviiciouZ 7 months ago +1

    show pictures of lyndon and dellor the biggest ragers on twitch and then shows some shit "rages" lmao enjoy the dislike

  • callingout thetruth
    callingout thetruth 7 months ago

    stop begging

  • Nathan Lungtau
    Nathan Lungtau 7 months ago

    1.1k = 1.1k i better not dislike or like

  • Jay Seibert
    Jay Seibert 7 months ago

    your video is pretty pathetic, trying to scam us into liking and subbing, I hit dislike, mainly because of your speech impediment. Leave the video making to the people who can pronounce their words.

  • Drooksy JB
    Drooksy JB 7 months ago

    best game ever made.Patch 1.12.1 / 2.4.3 / 3.3.5 Best part of all time

  • Ab Cd
    Ab Cd 7 months ago

    The irony of a guy walking away while his only justification being ' youre so bad'.

  • Arthur M
    Arthur M 7 months ago

    your gameplay is shit

  • Ryan Calogero
    Ryan Calogero 7 months ago

    Better video title would be "guy keeps asking for likes on his video GONE TOO FAR!"