NFL Biggest Hits of The 2019-2020 Season || HD

  • For this video I gathered the biggest / hardest hits of the 2019 season into a video. If you guys show me you like this video i will try to make a part 2! I found these clips through watching all of the games in the season, and writing down when a big hit happened. I used to have a weekly hit series, but all of those hits will just be condensed into these bigger videos now. The thumbnail was found from google photos, and I used phonto and picmonkey aswell for effects. I edited this video with Final Cut Pro.

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Comments • 80

  • Michael Lipka
    Michael Lipka 13 hours ago

    Every time I saw the redskins I thought of Sean Taylor

  • CFB Fan
    CFB Fan 19 hours ago

    We’ve got to get hitting flags out of the game

  • FakeUser NameTwo
    FakeUser NameTwo 21 hour ago

    -Crowd goes "OOHHH".
    -Ref throws flag out of instinct

  • SKAR KraemerRotation

    notice how lamar gets hit but gets right up like he didn’t get touched

  • Alex B
    Alex B Day ago

    God, I miss football. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled.

  • Wes Padilla
    Wes Padilla 2 days ago

    Being a bigger hitter shouldn’t even be on the scouting report anymore. It does nothing but draw penalties in this new era smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Declan Flaherty
    Declan Flaherty 2 days ago

    On the 39th second the ravens play thought the helmet was the football

  • Sphinx951
    Sphinx951 2 days ago

    Everybody know Sean Taylor has the real hit stick.

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13 2 days ago

    It breaks your heart when you see such great defense being played and some pussy ass ref throws flags at hits that aren’t even illegal because it sounded or looked bad.

  • americanmade78
    americanmade78 2 days ago +1

    These arent nothing compared to the hits in the 90s 80s and before,nowdays you hit someone its a huge penalty or fines or other shit

  • NoctemAeternusMusic
    NoctemAeternusMusic 3 days ago

    I get so mad seeing flags thrown on shoulder to shoulder hits.

  • JR Soccer
    JR Soccer 3 days ago

    user hit sticks

  • Zeus The Masseuse
    Zeus The Masseuse 3 days ago

    Player: touches qb
    Ref: I’m gonna end this man’s career

  • brandon johnson
    brandon johnson 4 days ago

    I think Wentz was trying to kill Agalor

  • only_zero_subs
    only_zero_subs 4 days ago

    9:21 damn Kelice a beast

  • Joe Bunton
    Joe Bunton 4 days ago

    can think of 2 other hits that should've features

  • Jared Reed
    Jared Reed 4 days ago

    Jamal Adams needs one more sweat band on.

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson 5 days ago

    Edelman took one for the team

  • X-Triippy-
    X-Triippy- 5 days ago

    Seems more like the Weeny Hut Junior League with all these flags being thrown.

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 5 days ago +1

    I miss the old school jacked up hits

  • Adam Zetterquist
    Adam Zetterquist 5 days ago

    There is ton of hitting the face!

  • Adam Zetterquist
    Adam Zetterquist 5 days ago

    goodness gracious!

  • Racing King2019
    Racing King2019 7 days ago

    0:41 he thought his helmet was a ball he finna dance wit a helmet and put a helmet on top of his LOL!

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown 8 days ago

    I love the Jets defense being in every other clip

  • Doughy
    Doughy 9 days ago

    The first one is clearly not a foul

  • kingdan 216
    kingdan 216 9 days ago

    All of the flags started to piss me off

  • Matthew Alaniz
    Matthew Alaniz 9 days ago


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  • Khappa
    Khappa 10 days ago

    patrick mahomes hit by ward

  • post l.a. space mtv cool zone man

    boys at workings

  • Hockey Dad73
    Hockey Dad73 11 days ago

    NFL is going soft pretty soon they’ll be playing no contact with flags

  • Tim Garcia
    Tim Garcia 11 days ago

    Big hits today were typical before.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 11 days ago

    Don’t apologize for “No intro” having there not be an intro made my day better.

  • Matthew Burmaster
    Matthew Burmaster 15 days ago

    You missed the play when the saints knocked out the titans wide receiver

  • Heiermann Gut Diese
    Heiermann Gut Diese 15 days ago

    I like the new sport Flagball.

  • matthew gallaway
    matthew gallaway 15 days ago

    Safeties man..

  • no name good
    no name good 15 days ago


  • conrad lydolph
    conrad lydolph 16 days ago

    10:22 nice hit

  • iVolcanic
    iVolcanic 17 days ago

    C'mon bro why does a preseason hit into Minshew on the cover?

  • Ty McQueen
    Ty McQueen 17 days ago

    Anyone saying the hits are soft, you can literally see on helmet to helmet hit when the offensive players body goes limp and if you think that’s okay you obviously don’t care about the players.

  • Marino Lamantia
    Marino Lamantia 17 days ago

    Miami Dolphins vs jags preseason game had a massive hit check it out


    *football is the meaning of life*
    0:57 🖤🎬

  • Chase Elgin
    Chase Elgin 18 days ago

    Part two better have Dirty Dan labeling Ryan Tannehill like a package out of Amazon

  • Captain _Crunch
    Captain _Crunch 18 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit but how fast you get up and how you take the hit

  • Mason Dixit
    Mason Dixit 18 days ago

    Bucs has a whole touchdown but the clown refs called him down

    JACOB WATSON 18 days ago +1

    These aren’t big hits these are baby hits no offense to the video but I’m talking about the nfl it’s become so soft watch so old school hits

  • Peter
    Peter 18 days ago

    Disappointed you didn't have that hit by KJ Wright when he flattened George "no one can tackle me" Kittle 😂

  • Ja'Chyvea Barnes
    Ja'Chyvea Barnes 19 days ago

    Da NFL is gettin mad soft bro they need to stop

  • Justin Meyers
    Justin Meyers 19 days ago

    Does Wentz get a kickback from hospitals for all the teammates he sends there?

  • Blame
    Blame 19 days ago

    Justin Reid's hit on Tyreek Hill during div round of playoffs should have been in here, that hit was nasty

  • Josh Bronson
    Josh Bronson 20 days ago

    I know y’all see all these jets highlights 😏

  • Josh Bronson
    Josh Bronson 20 days ago

    Hits soft asl compared to them early 2000’s days

  • Joe Dasilva
    Joe Dasilva 20 days ago

    Half the good hits get flagged. Y I don’t watch football anymore. The new rules ruined this MAN’S game!

  • Nowah Himenez
    Nowah Himenez 20 days ago

    What’s your favorite team mine GREEN BAY PACKERS


    What a hit on Greg olsen

  • Josh Banda
    Josh Banda 21 day ago

    The Rhodes hit at 1:30 was totally a Hit stick move 👍

  • Estevan Lopez
    Estevan Lopez 22 days ago

    1:23 what a big hit

  • Darius Shupe
    Darius Shupe 23 days ago

    7:00 rip that mans whole knee

  • TheLinkremmy
    TheLinkremmy 23 days ago

    Just remember it was old broke nfl players suing the nfl why we have all the penalties now

  • Isaac Goodwin
    Isaac Goodwin 24 days ago

    How. Was. There. No. Jamal. Adams. ????

  • Thomas Mendoza
    Thomas Mendoza 25 days ago

    This is bitch shit.... the nfl is a fucking joke

  • Andrew Raney
    Andrew Raney 25 days ago

    But travis is just a big wr... 🤭

  • Monika Novak
    Monika Novak 25 days ago

    0.53 OOF ouch

  • daddymcyeeterson tho
    daddymcyeeterson tho 26 days ago

    I love big hits

  • Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright 27 days ago

    Car Crash 》Normal People 》Die
    Car Crash 》American Footballer 》It's just a scratch

  • Brian
    Brian 29 days ago

    A lot of these weren’t even big hits. Just weird tackles lol

  • Crue Wignall
    Crue Wignall 29 days ago

    These hits are good but how many were useless flags. Xfl is the one to watch hard hits

  • biggy cheese
    biggy cheese Month ago

    Gets good hit
    Guy talking: FlAgS EvErY WhErE

  • popcorn playa
    popcorn playa Month ago

    That shit didnt faze Larry legend

  • Your Boss
    Your Boss Month ago +1

    if i hit someone like the first guy hit the titans player and get flagged i'm most likely going to get ejected after the hit as well as being flagged

  • JMAN
    JMAN Month ago

    I feel like there’s one hit you missed from that Steelers game against the Browns. I just can quite put my helmet on it.

  • Anthony Sherman
    Anthony Sherman Month ago

    I like no intro

  • Floyd Allen
    Floyd Allen Month ago


  • Gatortide 4
    Gatortide 4 Month ago

    1:07 In Madden D Hop would catch that

  • Rojean Haughton
    Rojean Haughton Month ago


  • JimmyJimmy
    JimmyJimmy Month ago

    CTE highlights

  • Dirty boy
    Dirty boy Month ago +1

    What about the hit on mason Rudolph😂

  • Aarchie -
    Aarchie - Month ago

    Hightower is pure power 😳

  • Joe Evangelista
    Joe Evangelista Month ago

    I swear josh Allen took so many hits

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay Month ago

    Now. The NFL. You can't hit the head, you can't hit the legs, you can't hit the back, you can't hit the body too hard, you can't hit his arms, you can hit anywhere.