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The TRAGIC Truth About Tiffany Haddish's Life

  • Published on Aug 20, 2020
  • Tiffany Haddish might be the queen of funny, but her life has been anything but a joke. From her rough childhood to marriage troubles, she has had her fair share of ups and downs. Here’s the truth about her life story.

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Comments • 2 025

  • Egypts Pyramid
    Egypts Pyramid Year ago +3

    we always judge people for the way they act, but never get to learn or understand them. All of this makes sense on why she’s always so playful 💕much love to Tiffany. y’all take care💙✨

  • Dodo Diva
    Dodo Diva Year ago +1

    I just feel like giving Tiffany a hug. She's been thru to much as a child. From trauma to trauma without any social support. The woman is strong!

  • Alicia Edge
    Alicia Edge Year ago +697

    This is not a “sad life story”, this is a beautiful, intelligent, powerful woman’s encouraging life story that captivates her resilience.

  • D
    D  +83

    I’m glad her heart never turned cold. You go GIRL

  • barbara goodson
    barbara goodson Year ago +183

    That which does not kill you makes you stronger: I am so proud of your tenacity and endurance Tiffany Haddish! May you enjoy life, the fruits of your labor, and the companionship of a loving partner.

  • InnaMoskorina

    I LOVE her! Her story is very inspirational. So much adversity and it could have gone either way but she chose to persist and keep her dream alive. I live for life stories like these.

  • IsaMN
    IsaMN Year ago +42

    The moment i saw her in a movie, i loved her..She's got that spark in her eye, that not many celebrities do..

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy Year ago +3

    She deserves all her success.

  • Christina A
    Christina A Year ago +6

    I'm inspired and proud of Tiffany, looking at her you would never know what she has overcome. Everything she went through she used comedy to overcome it. Truly you are a phenomenal woman of God. I love your comedy and the movies you play in. You took your situation and turned it into something wonderful. I admire you and see your pain which you never showed. You are my shero and I love you. Keep on keeping on. You will get double for your troubles.

  • Del Wil Jr
    Del Wil Jr Year ago +90

    I worked with her at Alaska Airlines in the earlier 2000s, and she was doing every type of comedy gig to build her skills, so when I heard Katt Williams trash her, I was pissed, 'cause she had her hustle. I am glad she finally found her dad, because that was a source of deep pain for her. Proud to have known her!

  • Marique May

    I can't believe she went through all of that. I would definitely say she is the strongest women I've ever known. Seeing this video and finding out all the things she had gon through actually tought me that I can make it through anything

  • Beverly Rhame

    So sad and terrible that a child is put through horrors like this.

  • Lala
    Lala  +5

    I didn't know until I saw a clip of her stand up that she was in foster care. When I heard that, I was immediately afraid that she might have been abused as a child. Sad to hear that my fears were true 😥

  • Abel Lewis
    Abel Lewis Year ago +3

    "I'm not sleeping with nobody for a roof over my head."

  • Darling M

    She deserves all her success, much more love, support and even more.

  • Lynda Chioma

    She’s been through a lot, yet she puts smiles on our face😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ann -

    It's good to hear that good is coming to someone that had life so rough. I was thinking she would be good to give Noah a chance at a relationship, because they are both comedians that went through a lot. If she found love in her own way, that is good too. I hope things continue to get better for her.

  • Rika Alexander
    Rika Alexander Year ago +42

    Looking at her and actually knowing her story is like looking into a mirror or seeing myself.

  • ri edebiri
    ri edebiri Year ago +165

    God bless Kevin Hart, he helped her out when she was at her lowest. She will never forget that act of kindness.

  • Neutrals & Noir
    Neutrals & Noir Year ago +2

    I’m glad she found peace with comedy to escape the trauma .