#ProsBehindThePros | Episode 1 "Fuelling Barça" by Beko

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Through unique access as our Training Partner, Beko’s exclusive 4-part series uncovers the hard-working individuals that make it possible for our first team to lead healthy lifestyles off the pitch to remain one of the world’s top clubs on the pitch.

    Watch Episode 1 with Chef Adrià Ponce, Menu Lead Marta Miguel and Nutritionist Toña Lizárraga to find out how a healthy diet makes all the difference.
    0:43 Intro (Skip)
    2:29 A day in the life of double training
    3:53 The team on tour
    10:50 Nutrition advice inspired by the Pros
    11:48 Episode 2 trailer

    For more inspiration, tips and recipes visit Beko.com/EatLikeAPro.
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  • FC Barcelona
    FC Barcelona  2 months ago +689

    ❗Hey! Due to some technical issues, we published the video without captions... but you got them now! Go turn them on!! :)
    ❗Por problemas técnicos, hemos publicado el vídeo sin subtítulos, estamos trabajando en la versión española. ¡Os avisamos cuando esté! Gracias por la comprensión :)

    • coolboy007666
      coolboy007666 12 days ago

      Looking forward to watching you guys choke again. Ha ha ha.

    • yogesh kumar
      yogesh kumar 2 months ago

      Nice video .....just that ......I don't understand even a word in Espanol except ......gooooalaso

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man 2 months ago

      I think they need to start feeding griezmann something else. I said he would be the biggest flop. One season wonder

    • K e n n d r y
      K e n n d r y 2 months ago

      Porque putas ponen en ingles si el club pertenece a la liga española, no mames

    • Davans GALEANO
      Davans GALEANO 2 months ago

      Messi es una mierda Suárez otra más Gérard piqué que es la mierda más grande de Cataluña fc Barcelona sois unos mierdas ladrones que los premios individuales de Messi los compráis y se que vais comprar los votos para Messi gane el balón de oro y Virgil van dijk es realmente el mejor jugador del mundo de la temporada pasada

  • 지민김
    지민김 3 days ago

    Lang korea plz TT

  • don vito
    don vito 4 days ago

    10:19 Luis Figo after watching Saw Movies

  • Enimo Syrti
    Enimo Syrti 4 days ago

    Hardworking people..salute to all chefs...Barca❤️❤️❤️

  • Gona zeta
    Gona zeta 7 days ago


  • khalid Ahmed
    khalid Ahmed 8 days ago

    I love the Spanish language .. I would love it if I could talk in Spanish... great work...

  • Candra adi
    Candra adi 8 days ago

    I love this club, it's more than a club, mes que un club ♥️💙

    CATALANS 8 days ago

    Much love to all the kitchen staffs and dietitian of F.C Barcelona. Heroes !

  • Jjulia Ross
    Jjulia Ross 9 days ago

    Dembele se leciona mucho debe hacer ejeccio

  • neoalex18
    neoalex18 9 days ago

    Y el spanish?

  • Piper Betle
    Piper Betle 10 days ago

    The greatest football club ever!

  • Ian Golkar
    Ian Golkar 10 days ago

    Once Suarez and Messi are gone, there will go Barca. Neymar will be 29/30 by then. A waste of a talent. Liverpool is the future. Never forget 4-0.

  • MrPanSzymon
    MrPanSzymon 10 days ago

    Great content, but you got to have an impression that profesional players live in a happy bubble. Everybody around them adores them, do everything for them including cooking, cleaning, driving them up, taking care of their financies. I wonder if they even know how to boil an egg or turn on an iron

  • Fr Medi
    Fr Medi 11 days ago

    viscaaaaaaa barçaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍
    viscaaaaa leoooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Martin Zurita
    Martin Zurita 11 days ago

    En Barcelona se habla español, ESPAÑOL!!!

  • Melcom Eddy
    Melcom Eddy 11 days ago

    Pls for the sake of some of us that does not understand Spanish next time put it on the subtitle so that we can follow our darling team well tanx. Forca Barca

  • Segundo Villacis
    Segundo Villacis 12 days ago

    Saludos una excelente labor gastronomica para los deportistas pero y no vi no guantes no protegeindose la cabeza de los pelos que vuelan a la comida mas precaucion.por favor

    MIKeKLIPXe 13 days ago

    The off voice is Gordon Ramsey?

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 13 days ago +1

    i have a feeling that a lot of food goes to waste

  • Jokubas
    Jokubas 13 days ago

    "the experts behind the training" haha I laughed so much I broke a rib

  • Varun Naveen
    Varun Naveen 13 days ago


  • khmer ps4
    khmer ps4 13 days ago

    🇰🇭🇰🇭 🇰🇭


    Wow! All the more reason FCB should WIN everything from now on. Viva Barca!

  • AndyMG503
    AndyMG503 14 days ago

    Es Una Vida Soñada!! Like si lo crees asi!! Quien no quiere vivir asi!!! Dios nos ayude!!

  • Manya
    Manya 14 days ago

    Se mueren de hambre tienen que comer lo justo 😂

  • nose
    nose 14 days ago

    Muestren el vídeo totalmente en español o catalán por que lo ponen para los gringos

  • Lydia tea
    Lydia tea 14 days ago

    This was so fascinating to watch. I’ve actually wondered how they handle the nutrition part and what they eat

  • Josue Amaya
    Josue Amaya 14 days ago

    No es por nada que estos jugadores llenan de millones de euros a estos clubes

  • diego Ponce
    diego Ponce 14 days ago

    A Messi hacele un choripan y listo 🤣

  • Logan Rees
    Logan Rees 14 days ago

    Top class

  • Natthawat Sport
    Natthawat Sport 14 days ago +1


  • Jxke
    Jxke 14 days ago

    This is so interesting to watch

  • Francisco Ortiz
    Francisco Ortiz 14 days ago

    Wooow, que crakcs!!!!

  • Zanelti Croes
    Zanelti Croes 14 days ago

    Pues gracias a Dios that I speak español and Inglés 😁

  • MrComandoBaker
    MrComandoBaker 14 days ago

    El FC Barcelona son como padres para sus jugadores. Como los cuidan.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 14 days ago +1

    You could also feed dembele...

    WAHYU CHANEL 14 days ago

    Hidupnya terjamin pisann....
    Orang indo like..

  • Rezka Ermanda
    Rezka Ermanda 14 days ago

    Speak English

  • pedro nsue
    pedro nsue 14 days ago

    en español podéis ponerlo no? aunque sean los subtítulos 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Angelo Ximenes dos Santos

    Unseen hero

  • Xe M
    Xe M 15 days ago

    This is ridiculous.

  • Majestic _Shadow
    Majestic _Shadow 15 days ago

    E uno schifo,giro troppi soldi esagerati per il calcio... voi seguitelo che loro fanno la bella vita minchioni...

  • brayan alienigena
    brayan alienigena 15 days ago

    Gran video gran responsabilidad y muy buen trabajo en conjunto mis felicitaciones al chef y a todo el equipo de nutricion❤💙 VISCA EL BARÇA

  • Deivid santos Braz
    Deivid santos Braz 15 days ago

    Põe legenda pra português tem muita gente que é brasileiro e é fã do Barcelona também ❤️

  • lalala ayee
    lalala ayee 15 days ago +1

    Everything is better from japan than spain

  • Htheorphanarian
    Htheorphanarian 15 days ago

    "we always set it up the same," maybe there's a reason barca have been stale for the last 6 years.

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 15 days ago

    This is nice but hopefully all the unused food is used to feed homeless ppl or something but appreciate the work

  • Lendup Kalden
    Lendup Kalden 15 days ago

    Man subtitles please..... Luv barca n want to understand what everyone assisting barca R saying...

  • Graciano Snarcy Mendis

    Wau como o Barça é uma familia muito grande mesmo.

  • Aarón Pérez Agulló
    Aarón Pérez Agulló 15 days ago

    Viendo la maquina de exprimir naranjas veo la calidad de la alimentación....de pena, hay que reciclarse, los zumos aun que sean naturales no son buena opcion

  • Salam Khan
    Salam Khan 15 days ago

    I think I am the best footballer than all of them because I eat everything what can comes in my stomach and go to field and score twice or thrice everyday ! Also it’s difficult to play against typical villagers ! Who can only kick your a** instead of ball ! Provide me such facilities then I am the champion. Write it down

  • Simone x
    Simone x 15 days ago

    Plant based diet is best for optimal performance. Many famous athletes such as Lewis Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nate Diaz and Patrik Baboumian (broke record for most weight ever carried) have switched to a plant based diet. Watch The Game Changers, one of the best documentaries on this topic!

  • Edu Luis
    Edu Luis 15 days ago

    Y ke le pasa a dembele ??? Ke come chocolatinas y hamburguesas del macdonal oke?????? Jajajajajajajja valla desastre

  • Vaibhav Dhanvij
    Vaibhav Dhanvij 15 days ago +1

    Wow wow wow what a club, what a great life you are living 🙂 and i stuck in india

  • 12 Lensa
    12 Lensa 15 days ago

    Thank you mam, thank you. You get my big respect

  • audberto trujillo morales

    chief wow perfect

  • Sadman
    Sadman 16 days ago +1

    Life ❤️

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 16 days ago

    This is way better than Matchday

  • David Chaiña Gonzales

    Nutran bien a Dembelesionado lo necesita...