Lakers Give Heat 1st Home Loss of Season! 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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Comments • 324

  • Sleepee
    Sleepee 28 days ago +1

    And LeBron keeps on firing -Lakers employees-

  • mark spannar
    mark spannar Month ago

    LeBron James is a piece of uneducated trash that can barely read.

  • Frank da tank all day

    Lebron floppin

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James Month ago

    I'm the best player in the league, no cap

  • Steven R
    Steven R Month ago +1

    Damnn thats just too funny jummy butler pushing lebron down lool

  • Xstremz
    Xstremz Month ago

    Does smoove even sleep

  • Dayvideo
    Dayvideo Month ago

    How is shoving a person to the ground not a foul

  • Avault Clumsi ジ
    Avault Clumsi ジ Month ago

    That was a foull

  • Kingston
    Kingston Month ago

    Heat Bron was the best Bron

  • Blake09715
    Blake09715 Month ago

    Not gonna talk about danny greens double dribble no call

  • Tibbor Orban
    Tibbor Orban Month ago


  • Francis Gabriel
    Francis Gabriel Month ago

    Who's finding LeBeautiful comment?

  • War Chief V
    War Chief V Month ago

    dj khaled wasnt even watching the game lol on his phone whole time

  • n u t
    n u t Month ago

    Wait the celts, 76ers, AND heat were all undefeated at home? And philly still is...

  • Drip Synsei
    Drip Synsei Month ago +11

    Jimmy thought he was playing madden with that move😂

  • Roderick Tucker
    Roderick Tucker Month ago

    How was that not an offensive foul on butler for pushing lebron 😂

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman Month ago

    Lakers are transgenders

  • Landon Sterner
    Landon Sterner Month ago +5

    Lol butler shoved LeBron no foul and he still misses a open 3 that’s tuff

  • Bright Countenance
    Bright Countenance Month ago

    LeBald James back at it

  • Kid Ink_-
    Kid Ink_- Month ago

    McGee ass stay getting dunked on damn😂

  • Elite TerryYT
    Elite TerryYT Month ago

    Kris bush

  • Lava Slime
    Lava Slime Month ago

    We just saw a finals matchup

  • killerjay47
    killerjay47 Month ago

    I miss Dwyane wade

  • Catnip Mcgee
    Catnip Mcgee Month ago


  • Foo Bar
    Foo Bar Month ago

    I wanna see the old Roid James

  • The HomieBandit
    The HomieBandit Month ago +1

    The refs was on some bs

  • relly gore
    relly gore Month ago

    So u not gone show that CONTROVERSIAL double dribble by Danny green?

  • Jrise Breezy
    Jrise Breezy Month ago +7

    Damnnn butler just bulldozed lebron. My man 🤣🤣🤣

  • Young Baller
    Young Baller Month ago +3

    Yo we not gonna talk about the crazy blocks javele was having in that game

    • LeWinning James
      LeWinning James Month ago

      RyanWasHere valid, how about Anthony Davis 3 foul, no call on kick ball? Butler bulldozing through Lebron

    • RyanWasHere
      RyanWasHere Month ago +1

      We not gonna talk about Danny greens uncalled double dribble

  • shinx_75
    shinx_75 Month ago

    We couldn’t cheese tonight ):

  • Al Hoops
    Al Hoops Month ago

    Damn Jimmy Butler is a legit superstar

  • kurtus white
    kurtus white Month ago

    Those heat jersey tuff

  • C Millz
    C Millz Month ago

    Let’s just stand around on defense - The entire NBA

  • sickandloose
    sickandloose Month ago +1

    Does Jimmy have an issue with LeBron doh?

  • Let Go
    Let Go Month ago

    Butler could of went to LA

  • Kameron Dolberry
    Kameron Dolberry Month ago

    Anybody peep Gucci and his wife on the sideline?

  • jammin
    jammin Month ago

    Damn those neon shoes are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago

    Butler hit james wit the hall of game sphere

  • joeman
    joeman Month ago +3

    Best game of the season so far?

    ITS YABOY Month ago

    Jimmy Butler trucked LeBron

  • Curry TMS
    Curry TMS Month ago

    What a fucking game

  • Mikhel Brown
    Mikhel Brown Month ago +1

    Lebron's chartreuse 17s are Lit! 💥🔥 💯

  • MalRulesAll
    MalRulesAll Month ago +1


  • thekillakid99
    thekillakid99 Month ago +11

    Heat got the best floor in the nba 🔥🔥

  • JJJ Gang
    JJJ Gang Month ago +1

    I got a game today

  • Jimi Gomez
    Jimi Gomez Month ago

    Where is the

  • Moises Sobrepena
    Moises Sobrepena Month ago

    Where's my Laker fans at???!!!

  • TheVangbal
    TheVangbal Month ago

    Holy shit, those Lebron kicks are sexy af 🔥

  • Henry Hudson
    Henry Hudson Month ago

    Jimmy trying that Reggie Miller shit on MJ... only more shoving and less shot-making😂😂

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia Month ago

    That is a preview of Lakers in the playoffs

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me Month ago +17

    Lebron James taking his talent back to Miami 😂😂😂 I feel you Smooove.

  • aldo frans
    aldo frans Month ago


  • 2ez4 Ho0oDIN1
    2ez4 Ho0oDIN1 Month ago +6

    Battle of undefeated Lakers are 12-0 outside of Staples. Heat are 11-0 at home nc game by both teams

  • BoyGenius101
    BoyGenius101 Month ago

    What a pass

  • Betty Sanders
    Betty Sanders Month ago

    Lebron is such a flopper. 😂🤦‍♂️

  • FA Kell
    FA Kell Month ago +1

    🤐Crazy How Y’all Let The Elites Do Evil In Front Of Our Faces

    • Em Jay
      Em Jay Month ago

      FA Kell bro what?

  • queen671 letitgo
    queen671 letitgo Month ago +6

    Smoove u need to acknowledge that they also have a winning streak also🤦
    Don't be a bad sport 😉

  • Sam Liu
    Sam Liu Month ago

    The smoove hat is now available.

  • Kuda
    Kuda Month ago +1

    LeBron should be the MVP already just because he never unnecessarily do Loooooaad Management.

  • Thanet Phoumsavanh
    Thanet Phoumsavanh Month ago +10

    Lakers ties their best start ever to a regular season since 1985

    • Thanet Phoumsavanh
      Thanet Phoumsavanh Month ago

      @The Green Pill Mindset yeah I repeated ever twice thanks for the correction guys

    • The Green Pill Mindset
      The Green Pill Mindset Month ago

      @Dylan Nelson Is the sentence still perfectly understandable if you remove both "evers?"
      YES. It is. The Lakers have tied their best start since 1985.

    • Dylan Nelson
      Dylan Nelson Month ago +1

      @The Green Pill Mindset the 1st ever is fine the 2nd one is unnecessary

    • The Green Pill Mindset
      The Green Pill Mindset Month ago +1

      The word “ever” had no place in that sentence.
      Just say it’s the best since 1985.