Never Leaving My House Again...

  • I'd like to officially announce that 2020 is NOT Jeffree Star Approved. Here is a video I filmed a few days ago before California went on full lock down. Right now we are not allowed to leave our homes unless to get food or medicine.. We've never seen anything like this happen before. It's been hard to sit down and film with all of this craziness happening but I hope this gives you a distraction for a few minutes. Love you guys so much.
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  • oneking seventeen

    You should make a quarantine pallet

  • yara andrade
    yara andrade 2 hours ago

    My gtav garage...

  • No wave
    No wave 4 hours ago

    Yes, the world is crazy. The fact that you live in a house this big for doing what exactly?? Make up videos? Ok...

  • fred flintstone
    fred flintstone 4 hours ago

    who the FUCK makes people like this famous..

  • YouTube- King552
    YouTube- King552 4 hours ago

    Why do u look like a deformed dog 😂😂

  • Giovanni Sanchez
    Giovanni Sanchez 4 hours ago

    sick ass whip.

  • Hoppi The Pug
    Hoppi The Pug 4 hours ago

    Sephiroth is fabulous...

  • shady anna grissom
    shady anna grissom 5 hours ago +1

    Makeup looks great love mascara

  • Orochi Quân
    Orochi Quân 5 hours ago +1

    can you make a video about morning routine when you have a lazy day ? i really love this topic :))

  • Лана Андросова

    *_. . ._*

  • Katelin Gray
    Katelin Gray 6 hours ago +1

    Btw bitch u don't need botox

  • Katelin Gray
    Katelin Gray 6 hours ago +1

    At the beginning when drama barked idk where he was but he sounded far away to me so he just knew that was him by his bark, and that's me with my cats I dont even have to look at them lol💖

  • Alexis Young
    Alexis Young 6 hours ago


  • Vinicius Junior
    Vinicius Junior 8 hours ago +1

    writing me +50946282043

  • Vinicius Junior
    Vinicius Junior 8 hours ago +1

    hi Jeffree

  • Ambria
    Ambria 8 hours ago +1

    Jeffree just dripping money!

  • Nick Lachey
    Nick Lachey 9 hours ago +1

    U look coool

  • Jamal Moore
    Jamal Moore 9 hours ago +1

    This looks like a gta 5 garage!!! 😮

  • Hi_im_bored Kwong
    Hi_im_bored Kwong 11 hours ago +1

    Don't you need food and supplies for quarantine?

  • Sara Peterson
    Sara Peterson 11 hours ago +1

    I`ve bought 10 of your palets and I love all of them

  • Stefka Dank-Derp Jr
    Stefka Dank-Derp Jr 11 hours ago +1

    Old conservative Mom from Georgia and I adore Jeffree. The thing I admire most about him is that he is very real. I know that sounds funny because he has the hair and the makeup but he is living his authentic self...I think I remember he is a Scorpio so he is a very outgoing, talkative Scorp. His energy is fun!

  • MementoMiri
    MementoMiri 11 hours ago +1

    So proud of him and his team, no real fur mink lashes, yeeaahh ❤

  • Ailisha bmore
    Ailisha bmore 11 hours ago +1

    Come on Barbie lets go party!!!! Is what the car reminds me of!!! My Barbie dream that I never got. Lol ..Jeffree is living it!! ♡ it

  • DangoTheUnicorn 1
    DangoTheUnicorn 1 11 hours ago

    England is on lockdown 😱😱😱😱😱

  • -Brooke Burleigh-
    -Brooke Burleigh- 12 hours ago

    March has been the longest year ever O-O

  • French Thot
    French Thot 12 hours ago

    6:00 he looks like Celine Dion!

  • Miss J
    Miss J 12 hours ago

    West Coast Customs from MTV's Pimp My Ride??? Lmaooo no wayyyy flashback cityyyy🤣🥰🧚‍♀️👏

  • IvyMadelyn
    IvyMadelyn 12 hours ago

    I am so amazed how you take the break up. I been watching for years but never comment and what not. Quarantine got me like... kidding... you are lucky to have wonderful people to be with you through that anddddd through the craziness of the world.

  • Marion
    Marion 12 hours ago

    I just wanna say've made me smile in a really dark shit world. Thx you for that x

  • Charlotte Larsen
    Charlotte Larsen 12 hours ago

    Wow that car!!! 😍

  • Dariel Thompson
    Dariel Thompson 12 hours ago

    You need to install a fast food taco Bell chain in your mansion😂😂 then you'd never have to leave.

  • AmazinStonrr
    AmazinStonrr 15 hours ago

    Awwh Jeffree St★★ is goals for you don't need someone to enjoy the little moments lol

  • Magia
    Magia 15 hours ago

    Watched for the custom car rebuild. Unfortunately VERY HARD TO HOLD DOWN MY FOOD the whole time. Yuck ok now im going to look at a naked woman for about an hour. Ok that was rude I apologise um sir miss just different because I never seen anything like this. Godbless. Ps your puppies are cute and you have a really nice home.

  • Funny Carlos
    Funny Carlos 15 hours ago


  • Shelby Sikich
    Shelby Sikich 15 hours ago

    i feel soooo poor!!!!!!!

  • Shelby Sikich
    Shelby Sikich 15 hours ago

    o my gosh THAT DOG❤❤

  • CandaceMarie
    CandaceMarie 15 hours ago


  • BeingAmber
    BeingAmber 15 hours ago +1

    I’ve never heard Chris talk so much

  • Shelby Sikich
    Shelby Sikich 15 hours ago

    how can you be bored in that house

  • Shelby Sikich
    Shelby Sikich 15 hours ago

    is that house bigger than the mall

  • BroadwayLoves Kat
    BroadwayLoves Kat 15 hours ago

    I want a official count of how many mirrors Jeffree owns.

  • Rae-Lyn Monks
    Rae-Lyn Monks 15 hours ago

    Ok but green palette named Blood Money.

  • Fernando Moreno
    Fernando Moreno 15 hours ago


  • Gabriela Gutiérrez ríos

    love jeffre 💜💜

  • Marcela Volková
    Marcela Volková 16 hours ago +2

    If I would have to stay quarantined in house like this Imma be like: OOKAY LET'S GO

  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet 17 hours ago

    Yo I want a pink Mclaren like damn.

  • Wayne Carranza
    Wayne Carranza 17 hours ago

    Sean Hannity wants to put these nuts in jail Fox news knows this virus is a hoax vote Trump the truth President

  • Arianna Alonso
    Arianna Alonso 17 hours ago

    this is the first time for me watching a Jeffree Star video, and I've never felt more poor in my entire life

  • Laya F
    Laya F 19 hours ago

    Can Jeffree adopt me

  • Eternally Senseless
    Eternally Senseless 19 hours ago

    Yeah quarantine yourself in a mansion and vlog about it so that you can remind your audience that you know nothing about life. How are we supposed to think that you’re an entrepreneur if you are 34 years old and talking like a 14 year old valley girl.

  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell 20 hours ago

    You are such an idiot..,

  • MR swu
    MR swu 20 hours ago

    I thought he/she was about to offer a red bull to the camera man

  • Bm Gabon
    Bm Gabon 20 hours ago

    Whatever happened to social distancing

  • Ela Stanciu
    Ela Stanciu 21 hour ago

    But in the same time for what to have si many cars and luxury furniture??? Im wondering if he has true real friends, in this hard times we realise that people need other people so we can be happy in life, not things, but us as humans, and to stop judging ourselves, just to be simple and be togheter, create stuff togheter

  • Ela Stanciu
    Ela Stanciu 21 hour ago

    If i was to live in hes House, i will create new videos of myself dancing in each room so i can have a different background each time. U can do so many things in that place in this hard times.

  • Piss Miggy
    Piss Miggy 21 hour ago


  • Lana B.
    Lana B. 21 hour ago

    Hey guys! Wanna be friends? Subscribe to my Flash-Player channel 💕

  • Jordan Dior
    Jordan Dior 21 hour ago

    Why is Jeffrey Star’s garage bigger than my house

  • Bitroman DZ
    Bitroman DZ 22 hours ago


  • Dawn Froemel
    Dawn Froemel 23 hours ago

    Your boy your not girl

  • i am a wolf xx
    i am a wolf xx 23 hours ago

    omfg he has a parking lot

  • i am a wolf xx
    i am a wolf xx Day ago

    anyone notice the shane merch

  • Sy Badine
    Sy Badine Day ago

    I'd rather you never make another video again....each to their own...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Maria Irene Gomes

    Who else thinks Jeffree looks like the Malfoys after the makeup

  • Фридерик Эдельмейстер

    Бляха, там Скамеечка ...!!)))))

  • Фридерик Эдельмейстер

    O ! You look Better, better, better !!! 😻😻👍😻

  • Фридерик Эдельмейстер

    Hello !! This head for you like a present !)) 😀😯

  • James bonnici
    James bonnici Day ago

    Theirs ppl with viruses what have u done with ur money to protect ppl?

  • James bonnici
    James bonnici Day ago

    How u got so much money being an idiot act like a man bruv

  • springalingading

    Revelation 3:11

  • Nigol T.
    Nigol T. Day ago

    What is this thing?

  • T BORI
    T BORI Day ago

    That car is so gorgeous 💕 💗

  • Lady Artoria
    Lady Artoria Day ago

    So people can't go see their families, kids can't play with their friends, etc., but this igit gets a full crew to play dress up.
    America, the disease is showing.

  • DeadBoizClub
    DeadBoizClub Day ago

    “Never leaving my house again”
    Me: honey... house? H O U S E? How about castle. (I love you Jeffree but let’s be honest 😂)

  • MessiAustralia
    MessiAustralia Day ago


  • Monique M
    Monique M Day ago

    Jeffree what the fuck LMFAO get it?!????!

  • Liana S
    Liana S Day ago

    This is not a good example of social distancing during the pandemic
    , so many people have touched Jeffry’s face.... no.

  • wayford ford
    wayford ford Day ago

    yes that will go well while you visit hell

  • brenda Parra
    brenda Parra Day ago

    Jeffrey countinio doing what you do best to help community come out the other side

  • Crissy Brooks
    Crissy Brooks Day ago +1

    16:16 Me trying to impress my noob friends on GTA V.