FUNNY MOMENTS OF 2019 | Smile with Barça!

  • Check out the funniest moments from FC Barcelona first team during the 2019 year. Watch and have fun!
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Comments • 80

  • FC Barcelona
    FC Barcelona  3 months ago +353

    Fill the gap: 2:05 is.....

    • Dwight Manalo
      Dwight Manalo 3 months ago

      valverde out

    • Faez Fritz
      Faez Fritz 3 months ago

      @Phuoc Tran le lol @FC Barcelona kicked this Vietnamese cat eater 😂

    • Maisam Samir
      Maisam Samir 3 months ago


    • 수포남Math
      수포남Math 3 months ago

      @Tomás Ocantos Barcelona is in the dogh!!!
      plz..Valverde out🤬🔪

    • 수포남Math
      수포남Math 3 months ago

      @spacetoon go Barcelona is in the dogh!!!
      plz..Valverde out🤬🔪

  • Moustapha Ba
    Moustapha Ba Day ago

    It’s a family 🔵🔴

  • thomas basis
    thomas basis Month ago

    1:25 🤣🤣

  • thomas basis
    thomas basis Month ago

    1:21 🤣

  • alisson rm vlogs
    alisson rm vlogs 2 months ago

    resumen del todo el vídeo : MOMENTOS DIVERTIDOS DE GRIEZMANN 2019 JAJAJAJA es que aparecio como 10 veces en ese video

  • Johan Salcedo
    Johan Salcedo 2 months ago


    PES DATE 2 months ago

    Barca in pes3 on my channel

  • Yanick Tamgue
    Yanick Tamgue 2 months ago

    If Barcelona want to win the champion league the have to change coach valverde

  • Kai Santana
    Kai Santana 2 months ago +1

    Where is join button?

  • cesar González
    cesar González 2 months ago

    Love FC BARCELONA ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽🖒🖒🖒😏

  • cesar González
    cesar González 2 months ago

    Barcelona 😍😘😘😘😐😎😏😎

  • Javier Piñol
    Javier Piñol 2 months ago

    Like si odias a Bale

  • Kirya de Antagonist
    Kirya de Antagonist 2 months ago

    Where's Messi in all of these man? Such a bore, man.

  • doctor james
    doctor james 2 months ago

    ...liverpool corner?!

  • YKH
    YKH 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie, that 7-second NBA challenge with Roberto, Busquets, Dembele, and Griezmann was absolute comedy gold. 🤣 But this was a sweet video, thanks for putting it together, admins.

  • Mr. sweat_
    Mr. sweat_ 2 months ago

    Who thinks Barca is the best please look at this comment Barcelona and sorry I don’t speak spanish

  • Nova Man
    Nova Man 2 months ago

    I miss Barcelona when we play

  • Côme
    Côme 2 months ago +2

    🇫🇷 Ils ont oublié de mettre la défaire à Liverpool 🤷‍♂️
    🇪🇸 Han olvidado el partido a Liverpool 🤷‍♂️

  • Meyling Cortedaano
    Meyling Cortedaano 2 months ago

    Fichen a cr7

  • Matias De Rivera
    Matias De Rivera 2 months ago

    Wow beatifulll team and beatifull 2019 ¡Thanks FC Barcelona 😘

  • Julian Walijewski
    Julian Walijewski 2 months ago

    My favoirite football club its: FC BARCELONA

  • Angel Osorio
    Angel Osorio 2 months ago

    ojala este ano no siga el senor valverde un tipo que no tiene verguenza.estoy cansado de ver este futbol del barca aburrido y mediocre

  • sohaib jomha
    sohaib jomha 2 months ago +1

    If dembele doesnt make u smile, than u have no heart❤❤

    BIG M GAMING 2 months ago +1

    You might not know me coz I am also a citizen like others who is living in one small corner of this world but I am a die hart of fc Barcelona and from the bottom of my and most barca fans heart I pray you sack valverde and give chance to players from LA MASI. We only have 4 players from LA MASIA playing in first team and they are soon coming to the the end of their football carrier. Stop focussing on transfer window grow and bring your own gems to first team .Afcors players from LA MASIA won't get to play in place of players like greizmann coutinho the 100 million milestones.Where is that who produced legends like iniesta xavi and the god of football Leo messi.Good players from LA MASIA WILL leave due to lack of playing time in first team just live XAVI SIMONS who was widely regarded as the next big thing in barca until he left for psg

  • Iman halabi
    Iman halabi 2 months ago

    ter stegen💪 griezmann😇 coutinho😢😢 messi👑 suarez❤❤ piqué😍 ~barcelona_umtiti roberto..~

  • NikaGamerHD YT
    NikaGamerHD YT 3 months ago

    Anyone know from what video is 0:56 ?

  • Jose Unapucha
    Jose Unapucha 3 months ago +1

    👍 barca 👎 liverpool

  • Nimit Shah
    Nimit Shah 3 months ago

    Like and comment on my soccer video

  • cristian torrez
    cristian torrez 3 months ago


  • Noah Asmar
    Noah Asmar 3 months ago

    I mean god

  • Noah Asmar
    Noah Asmar 3 months ago

    Nice love hod

  • el introvertido Javier
    el introvertido Javier 3 months ago

    Valverde out

  • Racum Perez
    Racum Perez 3 months ago

    Saquen a Valverde, directiva inepta

  • Jorge GRAJALES
    Jorge GRAJALES 3 months ago

    El momento más divertido 2019, cuando un loco decidió renovar como Director del F. C Barcelona al Señor Valverde. Que se largué ya, para que los fanáticos podamos ser felices.

  • Gameplay 312
    Gameplay 312 3 months ago

    De verdad mi mejor equipo es FCB BARCELONA Y mi mejor jugador es MESSI

  • Daffa Arnanda
    Daffa Arnanda 3 months ago

    Dari indonesia, gw cuma pengen guru penjas out valverde out......

  • Daniyal Shehzad
    Daniyal Shehzad 3 months ago

    Plz sign neymar jr and rejoin msn trio again

    • Nova Man
      Nova Man 2 months ago

      Msn rejoin unbelievable bro

  • Axel Cayetano
    Axel Cayetano 3 months ago

    Alguien que habla español

  • sr felino
    sr felino 3 months ago

    Yo tengo que declarar que no soy del barca y que prefiero al Manchester city,pero hay que admitir que esté canal es el mejor de todos los clubes🤣🤣

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia 3 months ago

    Where is Messi?

  • Aliya‘7 09
    Aliya‘7 09 3 months ago

    Hello ! Could you add French subtitles for the next videos? Thank you very much 💙

  • sharma_ sumn
    sharma_ sumn 3 months ago

    I miss Coutinho:(

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer 3 months ago

    Visca el Barça!!!

  • Damayanti Devi
    Damayanti Devi 3 months ago +1

    They didn't include Anfield.

  • Resul Özdemir
    Resul Özdemir 3 months ago

    BARCELONA -Neymar lo que sucede cuando el hombre se convierte en leyenda

  • Mohammed Barisa
    Mohammed Barisa 3 months ago

    Funny that messi ain't funny

  • Shobham 1729
    Shobham 1729 3 months ago +1

    Umtiti , Dembele , Rakitic , Vidal leaving the club probably in the January window 🥺😢

    • Shobham 1729
      Shobham 1729 2 months ago +1

      @Nova Man 😂🤣 that would be a dream move !!! And barca would be more than happy to do it , if it was possible ..... But i think Barca should go after Jadon Sancho rather than Neymar now !

    • Nova Man
      Nova Man 2 months ago

      @Shobham 1729 is it possible if dembele go to PSG and neymar comeback thts good deal

    • Shobham 1729
      Shobham 1729 2 months ago +1

      @Nova Man but Messi wants him to leave because of his unprofessional behaviour off the field but they are planning to keep a buy back option with the sale

    • Nova Man
      Nova Man 2 months ago

      May be Umtiti, rakitic, Vidal leaving in January but not dembele .dembele leaving in January not possible, he's an important for us

    GAMING SPORTS GST 3 months ago

    hey add subtibel indonesia

  • Lazaro Pintos
    Lazaro Pintos 3 months ago

    Barca, love of my life!!

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar 3 months ago

    Why is Messi not in any challenge?

    • Nova Man
      Nova Man 2 months ago

      Cos messi is magic

  • Heartlxss
    Heartlxss 3 months ago

    2:05 is Ter-Stegen doing the Take The L dance because he saved griezmann’s shot

  • Saima Williams
    Saima Williams 3 months ago

    Messi is never part of those activities,maybe shy

  • Esteban Mejia
    Esteban Mejia 3 months ago

    Hola Messi Diosito Messi

  • Esteban Mejia
    Esteban Mejia 3 months ago

    Hola Diosito Suárez soy fan tuyo te digo así porque tú eres Pro

  • Esteban Mejia
    Esteban Mejia 3 months ago

    Hola rakitic soy fan

  • Khelad Khalid
    Khelad Khalid 3 months ago

    2:08 Ter Stegen 😂😂😂😂😂

  • روميو HD
    روميو HD 3 months ago

    اكو عرب بالطياره😂

  • Julio Cesar Hernandez Centeno

    El mejor equipo del universo

  • Tamara Alveo
    Tamara Alveo 3 months ago +1

    Esto es ser *Barçaaa* nos da Algeria, emociones... Momentos unicos _Visça Barça_ saludos desde🇵🇦✍🔐

  • Бекмырза Эрмеков


  • Akarii
    Akarii 3 months ago

    Question to the FCB:where is Mr.Umtiti?

    • Nova Man
      Nova Man 2 months ago

      If am not wrong He was in London

  • Rudi Rudii
    Rudi Rudii 3 months ago

    Rudi ya barca messi

  • Warrior Assassin
    Warrior Assassin 3 months ago

    I have a question

    Which school did messi go to and did he had proper education

  • wan kos
    wan kos 3 months ago +1

    hi fcb can you help me
    I want to playing with you
    in lamasia I'm 16 years old I'm from Algeria please I'm waiting for yoi

  • AriyanAdib She
    AriyanAdib She 3 months ago

    Alena and Umtit 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Pinchy Prince
    Pinchy Prince 3 months ago +1

    ❤️Thank you for a wonderful decade Barcà.❤️

  • Shbir Océane
    Shbir Océane 3 months ago

    Je t’aime Barça 😍😍

  • Salah Eddine Echalhi
    Salah Eddine Echalhi 3 months ago +1


  • Muhammad Ashik
    Muhammad Ashik 3 months ago

    Messi 🥰😍😘😍🥰😍😘😍

  • Keegan b
    Keegan b 3 months ago

    Malcolm should come back

  • stranger man
    stranger man 3 months ago

    love this club from Japan👘🌸🇯🇵

  • Toño Olivares
    Toño Olivares 3 months ago

    Funny moments in training! And that the reason for the bad playing, Season 2019=Barca mode sleep

  • Karan Modi
    Karan Modi 3 months ago

    No dembelé was injured during the making of this video

  • steven bang7l hadi
    steven bang7l hadi 3 months ago +1

    Coutinho how are you 🙂

  • alhilal_Love never ends mr


  • Adit Assidiqi
    Adit Assidiqi 3 months ago

    bring back coutinho

  • Hadika Zannat Oishee
    Hadika Zannat Oishee 3 months ago

    You did my boy Ciro dirty

  • Kingsley Osei
    Kingsley Osei 3 months ago

    Barca for life

  • احمد عباس
    احمد عباس 3 months ago

    Where is Malcom ?