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What North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See | Super Users

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives this warning, “State-sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.”
    It’s all because he’s created the most detailed publicly-available map of North Korea, revealing details the totalitarian state would rather the rest of the world didn’t have.
    What started off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacob’s forensic analysis has been vital in exposing what’s really going on in the world’s most secretive country.
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Comments • 2 570

  • VICE
    VICE  6 days ago +50

    WATCH NEXT ➡Using Maps to Fight the Russian Info War- flash-player.net/video/_Tqw7vHbo_M/video.html

    • Mr D
      Mr D 3 days ago

      @Nealon Francis
      The US army has ethnically cleansed the town one of my grandmothers was from. Not considered a warcrime...
      There is a lot more.
      A blast from the past that reaches in the present and the future:
      International military tribunal charter
      Article 19.
      The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.
      Article 20.
      The Tribunal may require to be informed of the nature of any evidence before it is entered so that it may rule upon the relevance thereof.
      Article 21.
      The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.
      It`s from the nuremberg and other trials. German guilt for Katyn has been established there in court and to my understanding has never been in front of a court since then (apart from a trial in Leningrad where supposedly a german officer confessed but i haven`t seen the transcripts). No matter what the polish, russian and other goverments say now about this incident.
      To my understanding you still risk jail in france if you say that the sowjets and not the germans did it. It`s the Gayssot law. It`s named after a guy of the french communist party and it was enacted at about the same time that things about Katyn got public because of Gorbachev / about the time he gave documents on it to the polish goverment.
      Also to my understanding you still risk legal trouble and even jail in germany and other countries for saying the exact same things that Yad Vashem in Israel and the USholocaustmuseum say, because they say things that differ for which germans were tried, found guilty and executed or imprisoned at this trials.
      This combined with people who took part in it and their track reckord (e.g. judges) as well as critics at that time (the Chief Justice of the US surpreme court at that time, Harlan Fisk Stone spoke out against it).
      You might be interested in the following books:
      Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince (1532)
      Gustave Le Bon: Psychology of the Masses (1895)
      Vladimir Lenin: What to be done Lenin (1902)
      Edward Bernays: Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923)
      Edward Bernays: Propaganda (1928)
      Theodore N. Kaufman: Germany must perish (1941)
      Earnest Hooton: Hooton Plan (1943)
      Louis Nizer: What to do with germany (1944)
      Jacques Ellul: Propaganda: The formation of mans attitudes (1965/1973)
      Dr. Michael F. Connors: Dealing in Hate. The Development of Anti-German Propaganda. (1966, 1979, 1996)
      As for the ww2 UK propagandist look for Sefton Delmer
      As for ww2 sowjet propagandists look for Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman.
      As for ww2 US propaganda look for Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, Theodore Kaufman, Earnest Hooton and Louis Nizer.
      You can throw Billy Wilder and the movie he made about Buchenwald while working for the US psychological warfare division in there too. The same with Alfred Hitchcock`s film/documentary.
      There are also voices, who say that Steven Spielberg is pretty much the same as Wilder. That includes jewish voices like Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce (who wrote a open letter to Spielberg). Someone even made a video answer/documentary to his movie Schindlers List that analised this movie. I can`t say if the statements made there are true or not. All i can say is that it`s out there.

    • Nealon Francis
      Nealon Francis 3 days ago

      @Mr D l

  • wakka chaka
    wakka chaka 8 days ago +1560

    I went on a rabbit hole about Google earth in NK awhile ago and found this guys site. He deserves way more credit for the work he's done. Google should integrate it into their official maps.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 days ago

      What’s the website called?

    • AlohaKIG
      AlohaKIG 8 days ago

      @Kyle Shebilske it was meant for you to build! 😎 lmk when you finish it lol start a go fund me lol call it project ICU haha

    • Gerardo Vega
      Gerardo Vega 8 days ago +1

      This guy needs to be hired by the cia lol

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 8 days ago

      what is the link of his website?

    • JJ
      JJ 8 days ago +1

      Just saw this guy for the first time and I am in awe. respect all your hard work and what you are doing and have been doing for decades. You are amazing!

  • Stephen Carpenter
    Stephen Carpenter 8 days ago +1120

    This young man is a national treasure. We have so many like him that are fighting our modern war and they often get overlooked as less important than the battlefield soldiers. His work will one day save millions of lives. Well done sir.

    • Swerv Splatt
      Swerv Splatt 2 days ago

      Laugh now, cry later. Cry on a day when 'Men's hearts will fail them from fear'. When there's nothing left but hostility, savagery and brutality. You remember you laughed at me.
      Enjoy your bread and circuses.

    • Bamawagoner
      Bamawagoner 2 days ago

      One man intel agency 😂

    • excellent
      excellent 2 days ago

      @Swerv Splatt idk who you are but I love you 😂😂

  • Crystal Gibson
    Crystal Gibson 7 days ago +558

    I am lucky enough to know Jacob Bogle and I am not surprised that his work keeps getting noticed. He is a spectacularly intelligent person and I look forward to more of his excellent research.

    • Albert Riojas
      Albert Riojas 22 hours ago +1

      He's smart but not smart enough to protect his identity

    • Trashy Raccoon2
      Trashy Raccoon2 Day ago

      Love his guy, but someone please tell him how to pronounce “nuclear” so he doesn’t embarrass himself

    • Crystal Gibson
      Crystal Gibson Day ago

      @LazyLion 😉

    • LazyLion
      LazyLion 2 days ago +2

      ok sure but are you lucky enough to know him in the biblical sense?

  • okiesoko
    okiesoko 8 days ago +554

    If they are trying to stop you, you are doing something right!
    This is an awesome documentary! ❤️ I’m originally from South Korea and my heart breaks for the North Korean people and the things they go through. I pray for their freedom.

    • Trashy Raccoon2
      Trashy Raccoon2 Day ago

      @Mingshi Li Sure thing Jong-Un! You’re such a sweetie, ain’t ya?

    • cfcreative
      cfcreative 4 days ago

      covid spelled backwards is divoc it is a Hebrew word look it up......

    • Mr D
      Mr D 4 days ago

      Just take the text of introduction and change the video and country to the US and tell me the difference.
      I know two differences. North korea doesn`t occupy and genocide other people and the US has used nuclear weapons.

  • secondhandsmoke10
    secondhandsmoke10 7 days ago +640

    Glad Vice is returning to the kind of content that made them so interesting in the first place

    • Jon Louis Hernández Orsini
      Jon Louis Hernández Orsini 18 hours ago

      @Young King Me too. I have seen those comments thru the years. They never stopped making this type of content. They just don't do it as much.

    • Garfield
      Garfield Day ago

      You sound like a broken record 🤣 knew someone would say this "sO gLaD vIcE hAs ChAnGeD" 💀💀😬

    • Bboy Corrosive
      Bboy Corrosive Day ago

      @Sushi Traxh maybe I could be educated, in a camp or something.

  • Al Weber
    Al Weber 7 days ago +1

    It’s inspiring to see someone taking on such an important part of writing history with such a passion.

  • Brad
    Brad 8 days ago +57

    When vice drops content like this it makes me reminiscent of the old days, keep it up!

  • triz313
    triz313 7 days ago +5

    Great video, and I love what Jake is doing. What a project! The insanity that is the NK government just makes me cringe. One reason is their insatiable desire to control information. Jacobs work is the ultimate slap in the face to their secrecy.

  • ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ

    I feel bad for the ppl of North Korea. I have so many things that I take for granted here in the US. I believe it helped to handicap me. I don’t take advantage of a fraction of things that I have access to. Seeing ppl needing the things that I seemingly don’t care about really opens my eyes. I have to remember to be grateful at every step of the way all thru out the day.

    • Mail Human
      Mail Human Day ago

      North Koreans work 48hrs a week are given 71 days of sick leave and 15 days of vacation. School and healthcare are state funded and universal, no one owns cars cause public transportation or buses metros and other vital transportations are considered infrastructure and are therefore considered a human right in North Korea. Cannabis is also legal. North Koreans live such a different lifestyle free from the pressures of capital that anyone who immigrates to South Korea have to be educated on how to live under capitalism and to understand the concept that they can become homeless

    • Nato Min
      Nato Min Day ago

      @Mr D i mean not all but many of your people did ethnically tried to erase the Jewish population so I dont see why your mad about Americans harboring negative feelings to do the same to you when the Germans caused a war that killed millions of people. Its not right but being a human means grudges and negative feelings exist.

  • Towed Array
    Towed Array 8 days ago +2222

    Google Earth is literally one of the best pieces of software ever made in my opinion. It was cool how that guy used it to do amazing research. What a cool video.

    • Alain Koch
      Alain Koch 6 hours ago

      @Jj Fatts well.. yes. you dont have to be sick to treat those who are.. but unless where sick onnce, you will never fully understand how your patients feel. the definition of an "expert" includes being comprehensive in the particular area. You can read as much as you want about north korea, but you will still know way less about it then a view million people who happen to have been there...

    • Jj Fatts
      Jj Fatts 15 hours ago

      @Alain Koch You absolutely can be an expert of somewhere that you haven't been. When you work in intelligence, you gather intelligence from multiple sources and comb through what is alike and dislike. When you see patterns, you can come to make sense of what is accurate or not. It takes a lot of time and dedication but it absolutely can be done. You don't have to have had the flu to treat those with it. You don't have to experience something to know it.

    • Average Aussie
      Average Aussie 20 hours ago

      Don't credit Google, give credit to Keyhole and In-Q-Tel for developing the software to where you see it today. Google just purchased the company and assets.

    • Alain Koch
      Alain Koch Day ago

      @A K I D • 17y ago right. the only thing i didnt hear somewhere in the news already are the alligations of their coal mine polluting a river ( And South Korea calling it Uranium waste instead of sludge :) )
      Its kind of hiypocritical for someone who lives in a nation that practices fracking (pumping poison into ground water reserves ) is pointing with the finger at what seems to be coal sludge near a river on a satelite image. And if the US complains they dump uranium waste in a river even more, since they are the only nation on the planet that dumped uranium bombs on humans...

  • Oshzz Oshzz
    Oshzz Oshzz 6 days ago +3

    I was stationed in South Korea from 12' to 13'. The information you've provided is stunning. Respect.

  • Kyle Shebilske
    Kyle Shebilske 8 days ago +9

    Hey Vice. I absolutly love the content you produce about the cyberwar that currently being waged in the shadows between both nation states & also individual Hacker/Users on the internet who's insane story's had a historic impact that help to shape our modern world & thus they effect all of our lives in the end.

  • Matthew Moreno
    Matthew Moreno 8 days ago +168

    Duuuuude a couple of weeks ago one night I saw one of the old North Korea documentaries they made and it hooked me, I ended up watching all those videos that night(about7-8).They were amazing. Say what you want about vice but at the end of the day they are capturing stories all over the world in such a manner that large media companies could never do

    • Mystical Trees
      Mystical Trees Day ago

      @Anonymous and Immortal I don't know if you are being sarcastic, but if you are not, America's drinking water has so many health hazards that can lead to infertility and neurological issues. Filled with fluoride and dissolved metals.

    • Robin Hoode
      Robin Hoode 5 days ago

      @Anonymous and Immortal ok troll 😜

    • kimberquirky
      kimberquirky 5 days ago

      @Matthew Moreno and you know, if one has been around long enough to see VICE when they were cutting edge and almost anti-news back in the day, we lucky.
      In todays world of vapid, fast info and Tik told, the fact anyone is watching VICE, is a good thing. Good to have info out so people can be informed and or just have their brains activated in a different way.
      However, all news comes from the same parent companies and that is alarming… Vice of course being Disney via Fox.

    • Matthew Moreno
      Matthew Moreno 7 days ago +2

      @Abraxas a lot of times when I post a comment saying something good about vice or read comments of going things being said about vice, theirs usually ten more subcomments shitting on vice, that’s why I said that

  • LoneWolf8
    LoneWolf8 8 days ago +83

    The dedication of this guy is something else. 30K pages?!

  • Strawberry Station
    Strawberry Station 7 days ago +1

    I'm glad this site is getting some much-deserved attention. The level of detail is pretty remarkable - they've been documenting the camp system for years.

  • nkr dinla
    nkr dinla 2 days ago +1

    I need more on this. I’m damn near obsessed with knowing more about North Korea, whether it’s how it’s changed over the decades or what’s happening there today.

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread 7 days ago +11

    I think the Kim family knows without a doubt that their rule is incredibly tenuous, that’s why they’re so aggressive. When fear stops working, they will have nothing.
    I’ve become increasingly interested in North Korea and binged all the content you have put out over the years, I’m glad there is still content, although somewhat sparse. Much of the news doesn’t really dig in and go inside NK (literally and figuratively), so I feel like I learn so much more from the bravery of the journalists over at VICE.

  • Maria Hotgirl
    Maria Hotgirl 7 days ago +173

    what an amazing guy
    he deserves an award for all his hard work

    • Supernova
      Supernova 4 days ago +2

      For what, Being nosy?

    • Atlas Marvel
      Atlas Marvel 4 days ago +2


    • Randomguy
      Randomguy 7 days ago +4

      @Ruoyu Li blabla

    • Ruoyu Li
      Ruoyu Li 7 days ago +5

      remember, the same satellite photo method was used to justify the existence of WMD in iraq and an invasion, same overhead methods was used to justify drone striking afghan children in 2021

  • Towed Array
    Towed Array 8 days ago +2148

    These Vice videos are NUTS, quality-wise. Some of the best content I can think of are all Vice videos. This is dripping with hard work, good editing- just awesome. Typical of Vice but still worth noting and thanking them. So - thank you Vice team. Another boomshot here.

    • cfcreative
      cfcreative 4 days ago

      covid spelled backwards is divoc it is a Hebrew word look it up......

    • Rahul Sudhir
      Rahul Sudhir 4 days ago

      @J S Loved Shane's videos. Even the other Pakistani chap did some great coverages. Another brilliant journalist whose content I love is Johnny Harris. Especially is warzone coverage!

  • hiiiimymelody
    hiiiimymelody 8 days ago +25

    VICE NK docs have been killer. The NK work camps across Russia series was my favorite and I would love for them to do an updated NK documentary. I know travel restrictions are insane right now but a doc interviewing the younger generations of defectors and activists around the world and their take on modern problems any information from their networks would be a great project for VICE.

    • kchall5
      kchall5 11 hours ago +1

      The Russian work camps series was spectacular, culminating in getting up-close footage of none other than Kim Jong-il and then-Russian president Dimitry Medvedev.

  • aliss liou
    aliss liou 4 days ago +1

    Invaluable work. He has no idea how valuable this information is! He should be recognized for his efforts!

  • Claim 50-1000$ Free Gift Cards

    These Vice videos are NUTS, quality-wise. Some of the best content I can think of are all Vice videos. This is dripping with hard work, good editing- just awesome. Typical of Vice but still worth noting and thanking them. So - thank you Vice team. Another boomshot here.

  • Sounds And Sights
    Sounds And Sights 7 days ago +144

    If anyone need helps relaxing thats what I'm here for :)

  • Get Free Gift Cardss 50-1000$

    If they are trying to stop you, you are doing something right!
    This is an awesome documentary! ❤️ I’m originally from South Korea and my heart breaks for the North Korean people and the things they go through. I pray for their freedom.

  • Jhon Mamaril
    Jhon Mamaril 5 days ago +1

    What a really brave man, disclosing secrets that puts his safety on the line.

  • Panda Music
    Panda Music 7 days ago +5

    Nice to see vice going back to the good old days of focusing on producing good content instead of politics. This video was super interesting.

  • Alexis Palmer
    Alexis Palmer 8 days ago +1

    Fascinating. I wonder how the conclusions that are reached from this information are verified or confirmed. It's not like there are many ways to corroborate the data, so I suppose a lot of this is guess work based on assumptions. If you wanted to, you could actually say there are leprechauns and unicorns there, and nobody could really disprove it.

  • Sveasnaar Musik
    Sveasnaar Musik 4 days ago +4

    Sometimes life bums me out. Then I remember I don’t live in North Korea, and I feel much better.

  • Nick S.
    Nick S. 8 days ago +33

    After all these years, vice documentaries are still unparalleled.

  • priya gaur
    priya gaur 4 days ago +10

    This man tore apart the most secretive nation without even stepping on it.

  • Rupert Pupkin
    Rupert Pupkin 8 days ago +11

    I need more on this. I’m damn near obsessed with knowing more about North Korea, whether it’s how it’s changed over the decades or what’s happening there today.

    • AAA YYY
      AAA YYY 2 days ago

      There are several podcasts with Yeonmi Park, the north korean defector. and crazy, horrible stories from her

    • Rupert Pupkin
      Rupert Pupkin 2 days ago

      @Alex Korova thanks, I’ll definitely check it out! Also good to know there are various versions out there and why. I think the last thing I checked out was the story of Shin Sang Ok and Choi Eun Hee, the actress and director Kim Jong Il ordered to be kidnapped to make NK movies. It’s such an outlandish thing to happen (especially to celebrities) yet not many people talk about it. 🫣

    • Alex Korova
      Alex Korova 5 days ago +1

      If you haven’t already read it I definitely recommend the book Escape from Camp 14, it’s about a NK defector who survived a labor camp. He changed his story a bit afterwards, but nonetheless, a great read. There’s since been a foreword added to explain the changes in the guy’s story and an article on MPR News that explains how and why his story changed. Basically the book is a sugarcoated version of his early life. It’s pretty damn horrendous. I’ve had a bit of an obsession too with learning about North Korean. For most of my life I knew nothing of it, so it’s still mind boggling to me to learn just how isolated and oppressed the whole country is in this day and age.

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick 8 days ago +274

    I love you guys at Vice. Thank you for this amazing groundbreaking content! Your hard work is much appreciated. And thanks to Jacob for telling us his story

    • Willem Schellings
      Willem Schellings 5 days ago +1

      @Robin Hoode I stay hating

    • Robin Hoode
      Robin Hoode 5 days ago

      @Willem Schellings ok hater 🤓

    • Sabz
      Sabz 7 days ago

      Please use these hashtags to support Iranian freedom fighters , #mahsaamini, #mahsa_amini, #iran_protests, #free_iran

    • Willem Schellings
      Willem Schellings 7 days ago +3

      Bro this is the only semi-good vice video I’ve seen in years 💀 they’re like buzz-feed for emo Disney adults. Ground breaking? Na. Entertaining? ya sorta.

  • Hypercombo
    Hypercombo 8 days ago +17

    Give this man a raise.

  • Abraham Mathew
    Abraham Mathew 8 days ago +1

    Great job. Your information was an eye opener. These tyrants need to be outed and the world needs to know how these people are suffering.

  • ✨KitKhat✨
    ✨KitKhat✨ Day ago +1

    I find it funny that Jacob states "I think we do a disservice when we hide things behind walls" but then puts a paywall on his website. First article i clicked on immediately prompted a membership sign-up page.
    I understand it's to fund server costs and research time, but to be so blatantly hypocritical in this way comes across as disingenuous...
    [edit] given the context, this video comes across as a commercial now

  • Jason Colquhoun
    Jason Colquhoun 8 days ago +7

    Vice is fantastic. I remember one of the early videos that Shane Smith did visiting North Korea… He was pretty bold, funny as hell and it was so interesting.

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      telegram me on vicenews011 8 days ago

      congratulation you have been selected among the shortlisted Winners 🎁send direct message you just won a gift💯🎁

  • Dan Dasilva
    Dan Dasilva 8 days ago +68

    Honestly props to this guy! He seems to love what he does (hobby or not). But also important work that somehow, someway will eventually be useful to some nation. Double win for him. You can see his enthusiasm when he destined 7,000+ hours working on this (let alone mapping the entire landscape haha). Cool to see someone doing what they love while making a super important impact at the same time.

  • B A
    B A 2 days ago +2

    I watch all the North Korea Vice videos. Always so interesting even though the state of the country is beyond sad.

  • jack chop
    jack chop 5 days ago +1

    This is the vice material that I follow this channel for. I might troll the weird pervy themed articles and videos but vice does great with these types of videos.

  • Paris Achilles
    Paris Achilles 7 days ago +7

    Invaluable work. He has no idea how valuable this information is! He should be recognized for his efforts!

    • Mr. Dk
      Mr. Dk 4 days ago

      And also protected at all cost.

  • DaChicago3
    DaChicago3 2 days ago

    Such an informative and necessary video to watch! Keep up the great work!

  • TruthSeekr
    TruthSeekr 8 days ago +783

    Very impressive Documentary. I would like to see a longer version of this.

  • Julian Gentile
    Julian Gentile 3 days ago +1

    When I was about 18 I was casually browsing the internet and I came across an article about some photographers who were captured in North Korea and supposedly had some of their leaked photos so I clicked the link. While scrolling through I noticed my webcam had turned on.. I already knew what was happening but I made sure to close all applications and tabs, the webcam still glowing green. As soon as I closed the tab of the article about North Korea the webcam turned off… I had already known I wasn’t secure online but ever since then I’ve been a lot more cautious with my data.. eye opening experience

  • MikeEckesBeatzzz
    MikeEckesBeatzzz 7 days ago +3

    Such a smart and devoted dude, super great journalism

  • Graepixels
    Graepixels 7 days ago +3

    He's offering almost nothing that government intelligence do not already have. But, at least he's bringing the facts into the public eye.

  • maitake mani
    maitake mani Day ago +1

    Love how this guy conveniently never mentions Syngman Rhee and the US support for him in his summary of the Korean War.

  • Posers and Professionals
    Posers and Professionals 8 days ago +676

    This is so cool! This guy is doing important work but is he getting any compensation from the government? I feel like he should he’s doing so much for global security

    • Armani Davenport
      Armani Davenport 7 days ago

      @ArchMon Gaming that's what I said!

    • MrGray56
      MrGray56 7 days ago

      There's no way he isn't a government employee. He's been using the same confusing way of talking about DPRK that everyone does. Anti DPRK news is a hugely US govt funded industry 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nada Gain Again
    Nada Gain Again 4 days ago +1

    Good to see vice getting back to real journalism

  • Lance Tennenbaum
    Lance Tennenbaum 8 days ago +1

    Vice does the best reporting in many respects. They certainly have the best coverage of North Korea.

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C. 23 hours ago +3

    as a South Korean, this dude is pretty amazing

  • ItsCrazy
    ItsCrazy 4 days ago +1

    Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine 💖

  • Fabian
    Fabian 8 days ago +1

    damn you've got to respect the work he put into this

  • S
    S Day ago +1

    Protect this young man at all costs!

  • Butt-Head
    Butt-Head 4 hours ago

    For being so secretive I've sure learned a lot about them from the countless documentaries done about the country

  • EnergyMarxist
    EnergyMarxist 8 days ago +2

    This man is trying to explain actual unbiased truth and spread some light that maybe North Korea isnt as bad as western media says it is, and vice is just shitting on it.

    • reís
      reís 8 days ago

      He didn't even mention their Constitution and DPRK's principles of Juche, people from factories could easily overthrown Kim they want to. This video is cringe.

  • Misael Cañenguez
    Misael Cañenguez 8 days ago +12

    You can imagine? This 8-minute video was a decade in the making.

  • Finesse03
    Finesse03 4 days ago +2

    We saw the lies, incompetence and corruption regarding the effectiveness of Russia’s military. Safe to assume china is also far less capable than they claim, as communist or totalitarian states seem to misrepresent capabilities. Imagine how poor the North Korean capability is. Their soldiers are smaller than the south’s bc of malnourishment, how could they build or maintain modern weapons systems and implement high level training.

  • R Yohn
    R Yohn 2 days ago

    I love maps and studying geography. North Korea is a fascinating research subject. Lots of places there most of us, even average North Korean citizens, will never see. I've looked at concentration camps or kwanliso maps. Very scary things are near the borders.

  • Sadmanchild
    Sadmanchild 8 days ago +57

    This guy clearly has a pretty good understanding of the current geography and Infrastructure of North Korea. However I would take his Social understanding with a grain of salt

    • Ignorance ≠ Bliss
      Ignorance ≠ Bliss 2 days ago

      @Anonymous and Immortal At least we're allowed to discuss it and criticize our government officials openly over their lack of oversight.

    • Kovu
      Kovu 7 days ago

      @Thank You lol

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    The American government should hire this smart young man. He's doing some great work.

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    Honestly this video deserved at least 20 minutes total 💯👌🏽

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    Metalextra 5 days ago

    Thank you Vice! Feel sorry for him, US government di not really take his research into an actionable plan...

  • Blooregard
    Blooregard Day ago

    This guy's work is pretty awesome, but If I were the vice editor for this I would probably have put way more video time of him showing interesting finds on his maps and would have left out his little off shoots summarizing North Korea's status. These statements aren't valuable to most who are watching this, who likely already know the context, and those who are unfamiliar will find these snippets inadequate and opinionated. When he said that they value "the group" and this somehow allows them to poison groups of people...? That sentence nearly gave me whiplash, I think it is safe to say that collective ideology is not what causes things like that, take flint MI, Jackson MS as counter examples of private organizations causing the same outcome. The DPRK is just a desperate autocracy hell bent on getting nukes, and although their way of aestheticizing this power structure is through old socialist ideology, portraying their fake Juche propaganda as a real praxis is disingenuous. I think putting in those snippets didn't provide the audience with meaningful information, and could have been better spent with his actual data.
    I was also disappointed by the amount of B-roll showing news channels spouting sensational headlines over the years, which became the overtone and narrative of the video by the end of it. What a shame. There is so much of this on the internet, where the whole video is "Wow! This country is CrAzY and wAcKy!" They will gawk at the seemingly cartoonish image of the Kim Dynasty for about 5-10 minutes, and finish up with no real conclusion. If you are reading this and this is your first exposure to North Korean affairs, keep digging for the real content, there is so much to the Hermit Kingdom's plight that videos like this aren't going to show. Jacob Bogle' blog and map is a good start.

  • Oni-One
    Oni-One 8 days ago +2

    I just spent 4 hours scouring through the North Korean map. Key take away, if there are no soccer fields in the area, those people are likely more screwed than those with soccer fields in the area. Also, North Koreans love soccer, but every field is always empty...

  • emperorofpluto
    emperorofpluto 8 days ago +4

    Kudos. Remarkable achievement for a private citizen although surely he must have some kind of symbiotic relationship with the intelligence community, especially since CIA has been conducting similar analyses using aerial data for decades.
    As someone who came of age during the Cold War, the DPRK terrifies me - a historical anomaly a _Stalinist_ relic of a bygone era, long after Stalinism was denounced by Kruschev.
    The survival of such an isolated anachronism seems to constantly defy the odds. History has demonstrated that even the most oppressive police states can topple in moments - as demonstrated by the execution of Ceauscescu and his evil hag of a wife in Romania, and the collapse of the USSR. Surveillance and infiltration of the population is no safeguard either - the GDR fell apart _in a single afternoon_ despite one of the most intensive and intrusive surveillance networks in history. There are definite similarities with Germany - one nation divided into two adversarial states by opposing Cold War superpowers, one a prosperous liberal democracy the other a "communist" dictatorship. Like all such states it defines itself by revolution, war and the mythical class struggle - in any ostensibly communist system the revolution must be ongoing, there must always be an enemy, internal and external. When change comes and the foundations of the DPRK are really shaken it will collapse like a house of cards.

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    as someone who is studying the history of Korea it's amazing in a certain way how NK's ruling system almost didn't change a bit from the ones that were used during the Joseon period. I mean it's called Joseon for a reason ig...

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    this man is doomed Im amazed he is this brave

    INAUDIBLE SCREECHING 8 days ago +1

    I would love for him to start a youtube channel and discuss any future findings.

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    he deserves an award for all his hard work

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    I was told once by an instructor that if someone is trying to take you out, it means your a threat.

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    Viewing the NK DMZ line via Google Earth, I found a garden next to the line with crops grown creating NK or Chinese letter characters I couldn't translate. Viewing Kim's homes and yachts, the empty hotel prison camps is interesting and I'll be using this info

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    This guy is phenomenal. Nice work Jacob; I like who you are.

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    Every statement made could be applied not only to the United States, but all colonised country's.

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    Don't Know if I should congratulate this Dude for his dedication or for his guts ... He seems to have both in ample supply ... The only thing he lacks is a thought for his own safety ... Great work 👍

    • anonymouse
      anonymouse Day ago

      @Hindol Mukherjee that a REALLY LOW "%" that they send some "agent" to poison/killed him in the US he has a higher chance for that same thing IF went to South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia or China to get poisoned and or killed bc North Korea doesn't have a good relationship with the US since the End of the Korean War Or (if you want to back earlier) After the fall of the Soviet Union back in 1991 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • S W
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      Umm pretty sure he's safe lmao. Unless he goes to North Korea, he'll be just fine 🙄

    • RM - Cosmic Consciousness
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      Safety? He works from home or office building using Google Earth. He has high chance of stubbing his toes on the way to the restroom, I guess.

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    • Ignorance ≠ Bliss
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      At first I thought you were joking but now I see that you're just being ridiculous.

    • Sam McMillan
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      @Virginie Chagnon know all about it. Watched the original Vice documentary they made when the series had reporters with cameras and guts. Now all they have are pizzafaces with MacBooks who wish to impress us with their reading & comprehension skills.

    • InterwebXplorer
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      @Virginie Chagnon they have done it before

    • Virginie Chagnon
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      Do you realise we are talking about north korea? A dictatorship where it is very difficult to visit, let alone bring a camera. State officiel follow each and every of your footsteps as a tourists and you are only allowed to go to certain places. Imagine journalists...

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    5:55 “even demographics are a state secret. So we We don’t have an accurate figure of the population of North Korea”
    7:26 “North Korea is a country with 26 million people.”

    • 39mdg92
      39mdg92 4 days ago

      Demographics entails so much more like age and sex distribution, birth and death rates, average life expectancy, urban and rural distribution, information on education and economics, etc

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  • Just Some Random Guy Without a Beard

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    Dedicated man. Respect due. Eventually these countries will become a danger to the rest of the world. Even if they are isolated and left alone. They are a threat to everyone including themselves.

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    I'm betting he is getting plenty of job offers from the government if he not already has one. If he mapped 30,000 pages of data just for fun imagine what he could do with government technology. He is a great asset to our government.

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    5:45 This might be the funniest and most extreme oversimplification of the Korean war I have ever heard, its almost impressive.

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