SPEEDY BUBBA! - Dead by Daylight!

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at www.twitch.tv/tru3ta1ent
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  • Tyson Campbell
    Tyson Campbell Month ago

    Those chases where you were waiting for PWYF to pop against actual good survivors would be where you lose with this build, as soon as you are stunned with the pallet, look down and keep looking down till the pallet is broke. It sucks you can't see exactly where they are going but you'll always get your stack unless they sit right on the pallet waiting for you to break it.

  • Nate Higgers
    Nate Higgers Month ago +5

    When is Tru3 gonna learn to look at the ground and keep chasing to get a stack? It's like the pre-rework Legion strategy.

  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes Month ago +4

    Why do totem placements give me depression?

  • Ashton Chaotic ϟ
    Ashton Chaotic ϟ Month ago

    4:16 that claudette is probably like "oh yeah im such a bad ass" she literally ran in a straight line she was playing with luck for sure. But its still funny ti see

  • Antonino Fontana
    Antonino Fontana Month ago

    You are very good

  • Machine Meme
    Machine Meme Month ago

    You know bubba sucks when truetalent is struggling to land chainsaw hits

  • Michael Vizard
    Michael Vizard Month ago

    You know that Ash thought he was doing awesome with the stuns.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago +2

    the thing is you don't have to respect loops cause if he doesn't drop the pallet the survivor goes down if he does he will make you faster by 5/10/15% + getting oblivious so it's a win in both case

  • brahmburi brahmburi

    2 Gens in 6 Min rofl! Where do u find these Dumb Braindead Morons? When i play killer i get SWF Headset Squad, 5 Gens in 5 Min! WTF After 9 Min still 2 Gens ROFL

  • faaskee
    faaskee Month ago

    3:23 Oh yeeeaah

  • Roman Stewart
    Roman Stewart Month ago

    hey true why not try pwyf on wraith he can take advantage of the stacks by just cloaking in the middle of a chase for his stacks so you wont need nemesis

    • Jesús Montero
      Jesús Montero Month ago

      You need nemesis to make sure you ever "lose" the obsession.

  • Kyle Buyers
    Kyle Buyers Month ago +2

    True I tried out your wraith build holy crap it’s so good, ez 4k’s every time

    • GCBrad
      GCBrad Month ago

      What does the set run?

  • Zal Can
    Zal Can Month ago

    Played this really badly early on, you should have gotten stacks fast with the first obsession then traded them the rest of the game for confirmed M2s
    Tbh surprised you didnt get gen rushed into oblivion

  • ; D
    ; D Month ago +2

    They should really try adding crossplay🤷‍♂️

    • ; D
      ; D Month ago

      Amos Hall yeah

    • Amos Hall
      Amos Hall Month ago

      They have it planned for near future, gonna be so easy to 4k at red ranks without gettin sweaty😂

  • Hooba Dooba
    Hooba Dooba Month ago +2

    3:08 I would’ve been salty if I was that ash🤣🤣🤣

  • Ace in Your whole
    Ace in Your whole Month ago

    I’m very happy you’ve done this.

  • Mini Matt
    Mini Matt Month ago +3

    grabbing does not take away stacks

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez Month ago +3

    3:25 "DOOHHHHH "

  • SirKirbith
    SirKirbith Month ago +1


  • TheJedikai
    TheJedikai Month ago

    I love you! You're so amazing. #ohmwrecker is a lie and a jerk!

  • Cayleb Pember
    Cayleb Pember Month ago

    Can someone inform me if im wrong please but i am feeling very confident that billy and cannibal cant grab because they have something in each hand, meaning they would have to drop and M1 tool or chainsaw which doesnt make sense. I have mained billy for a while now and still to this day i dont think iv ever got a grab, it always makes me M1. To clarify this is not a statement i am wondering if this is accurate in any way or not

    • THphantom7297
      THphantom7297 Month ago

      You are incorrect. Just to make clear, you are approaching someone who is on a gen, or vaulting a window, and just TAPPING the button, yes? If you hold it, it will lunge. However, the game also is buggy with grabs, breaking a lot of the time.

  • TheJedikai
    TheJedikai Month ago

    thank you forr your advise!

  • Rye Toast
    Rye Toast Month ago +1

    Idea for mouse 1 killers: play with your food, save the best for last, cruel confinement/bamboozle, brutal strength, leave the obsession alone.

  • Mugeno_o
    Mugeno_o Month ago +2

    There are already people on the forums saying this Nemesis + PWYF combo is OP and needs nerfed, by the way. lol

    • Guzzs Bjoudd
      Guzzs Bjoudd Month ago +3

      Really is it on page 4 after the countless threads on the most arbirtary shit survivors do?

  • 12 Trillion IQ
    12 Trillion IQ Month ago

    Its kind of crazy how much of a better killer Bubba becomes with PWYF, he feels just so much more powerful with it.

  • Tameem Zgallai
    Tameem Zgallai Month ago +13

    what makes me mad is the build is good its just he doesnt show how good pwyf and nemesis are. He basically doesnt use it to its full potential.

    • ForEver
      ForEver Month ago

      Tameem Zgallai He was literally taking advantage of the perks the whole time..

  • radicalgamer81
    radicalgamer81 Month ago

    Love the vid cause ur not using just stealth killer :)

  • george mihas123
    george mihas123 Month ago

    That is why bubba is my main and actually a good killer

    BROWNIES BEFORE BED? Month ago +16

    Bubba: HUAHE HIEEE HUAHOAE (translation: I'm fast asf, boi!)

  • Ryan Meyer
    Ryan Meyer Month ago

    Holy shit I always forget how bad leatherface is

  • Danksy
    Danksy Month ago +5

    Otz shown this build like a week ago which we already know it’s bubba’s “best build”

    • Danksy
      Danksy Month ago

      I’ve never once said it’s otz build.

    • Yeet Lord daddy fucker
      Yeet Lord daddy fucker Month ago

      Danksy i dont really think anybody thought that would work but honestly maybe people did, but calling it otz's build when discussion on the dead by daylight subreddit was all about nemesis combos all during the ptb

    • Danksy
      Danksy Month ago +1

      You can say the exact same thing about tru3 claiming Ruin, thanat, sloppy, nurses to be his build, Like no one has EVER thought of that.

    • Yeet Lord daddy fucker
      Yeet Lord daddy fucker Month ago

      HereTillThursday why tf should he give otz credit. Play with your food is one of the best perks to run on bubba. And nemesis gives great synergy with play with your food. So putting it in a build is all otz's idea and nobody has EVER thought of doing this?

    • HereTillThursday
      HereTillThursday Month ago +1

      I know right. They should atleast give Otz some credit for it

  • Field Agent Reaper
    Field Agent Reaper Month ago +4

    Grabbing doesn’t take away pwyf stacks lmao silly true talent another mini fact you make me smh, good build though looking forward to trying it out

  • camgamingdbd
    camgamingdbd Month ago

    I want leatherface homemade chili

  • Bubble smoker562
    Bubble smoker562 Month ago

    Leatherface too op

  • Lord Scav
    Lord Scav Month ago +1

    I wanna see tru3 do a Zimbabwe bubba

    With the earrape mic included

  • Gruber Schmitermit
    Gruber Schmitermit Month ago

    God damnit Tru you're making me want to play this game again. This game tilts me more than Rainbow.

  • HubbaGaming
    HubbaGaming Month ago +1

    I personally think leatherface is decent

    • ForEver
      ForEver Month ago

      HubbaGaming Even if you do that, they could just find a window and make you m1 them. Insta Saw and his speed add ons are the best for him imo

    • HubbaGaming
      HubbaGaming Month ago

      @ForEver I think he's only decent with insta-saw just simply bc of his 1 shot kill potential. If you get perks that help with anti looping that cause survivors to move away from their loops and look for another one, you can use that time to try to insta-saw them. I recommend perks like play with your food to help leatherface be a little quicker when chasing survivors from loop to loop. It makes insta-saw all the more deadly. All his other add-ons are useless to me unless they help with rev-up time or chainsaw movement speed

    • ForEver
      ForEver Month ago

      HubbaGaming Please explain, I would love to see why you think he is decent.

  • Cartoon head
    Cartoon head Month ago +14

    I prefer playin bubba to billy even though everyone says hes weaker, he has a bit more personality to him lol, dont make him look to strong tru or the devs will nerf him :)

    • Abby Lynette
      Abby Lynette Month ago

      Cartoon head yeah old Freddy was actually pretty fun just frustrating lol

    • Cartoon head
      Cartoon head Month ago +2

      Abby Lynette yes same for me, i enjoy playing some of the so called weaker killers especially bubba and doctor, i even liked the old freddy being able to see sleeping survivors auras outside ur terror radius was quite strong with M+A

    • Abby Lynette
      Abby Lynette Month ago

      Machine Meme spirit already got nerfed

    • Abby Lynette
      Abby Lynette Month ago +1

      Cartoon head he’s easier to play than billy for me

    • Machine Meme
      Machine Meme Month ago +1

      BloodKnight if they nerfed bubba it’s be like kicking him while he’s down. He’s already one of, if not, the worst killer in the game. Why make a shitty character shittier? Sure they could do it and they might but their time is better spent nerving Oni and Freddy. Personally I think spirit should get nerfed a bit

  • Noah Iverson
    Noah Iverson Month ago +18

    Tru: He is playing safely that’s why I haven’t caught him yet.
    Ash: hey I can fix that!
    (Instantly goes down) 8:54

  • JAYMZE 6
    JAYMZE 6 Month ago


  • Gaming For God
    Gaming For God Month ago

    Bro I really wanna try this build out. Thanks to all the youtubers including you for making this a thing.

  • Mcflowbster
    Mcflowbster Month ago


  • Droguza
    Droguza Month ago +4

    ... Next time You play Bubba, i want You to 4 man slug them, And watch them bleed out

    Name Your price

    • Droguza
      Droguza Month ago +1

      @Ghøul // " couldn't find You guys, sorry lol " hahaha

    • Droguza
      Droguza Month ago

      @Cartoon head LOL you guys are hectic XD XD XD i like

    • Cartoon head
      Cartoon head Month ago +1

      Lol il do it for free on ps4

  • d1sml
    d1sml Month ago +1

    man im EARLY EARLY

    I've gotta admit Tru3, your overall calm state and overall really informative playstyle is something I respect, you're an adult who acts as such and you bring a very good vibe to DBD, i'm glad to have found you homie, keep doin you

    • Guzzs Bjoudd
      Guzzs Bjoudd Month ago +2

      Translation: I like english accents and am easily impressed, I also like weird hats.

  • Kek~ ❤
    Kek~ ❤ Month ago


  • Uistreel
    Uistreel Month ago

    Early. Hmm