I Survived a 72-Hour Military Combat School

  • We traveled to Virginia to get our asses handed to us by former members of Seal Team Six, the Military, and Law Enforcement.
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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  • Ahmed alshmarei
    Ahmed alshmarei 47 minutes ago

    i really like his vids now i cant stop laughing

  • pax the ninja
    pax the ninja Hour ago

    Logan you are a savage

  • Danro Van Zyl
    Danro Van Zyl 4 hours ago

    Congrats logan

  • Jonathan Wahono
    Jonathan Wahono 8 hours ago

    Been sober my whole life

  • Kaden W.
    Kaden W. 11 hours ago

    I thought maybe he’d of changed. Nope. Still a child.

  • Mark
    Mark 16 hours ago

    so you had covid-19 / corona already.. your safe bruh..

  • marcas walker
    marcas walker 17 hours ago

    A the gun and the vest weighs around 70-100 lb depending with what u got on

  • Haidra Kamel
    Haidra Kamel 21 hour ago

    في 26 ظهر شخص

  • Brandon Castellanos
    Brandon Castellanos 22 hours ago

    Who’s watching during quarantine

  • Joey Ruiz
    Joey Ruiz 23 hours ago

    He burned himself out so hard in the beginning 😂

  • Abner Fernandes
    Abner Fernandes 23 hours ago

    That is motivating

  • Pietro Garcea
    Pietro Garcea Day ago

    What a wuss

  • Jayush Barooah
    Jayush Barooah Day ago

    He said 2020 is gonna be a good year🤔💀

  • Bilal Maalim-Ali

    are they real guns

  • Maria Jaquez
    Maria Jaquez Day ago

    😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 I wish to you in person and if your coming here merch and merch from jake and bring jake spend for a weekend

  • bushra tahan
    bushra tahan Day ago

    0:45-0:47 "2020 is gonna be so good"

  • Jenn Colella
    Jenn Colella Day ago

    I should be doing this stuff

  • c_men man
    c_men man Day ago

    seems easy

  • lucaliva
    lucaliva Day ago

    i would not trust logan with a gun

  • L Siva
    L Siva Day ago

    I see you Dom Raso!! CRUSH EVERYTHING! Psalms 144:1💪🏽

  • I’m an egg
    I’m an egg Day ago

    He’s gonna be drafted for ww3

    Wow I’m late to say this... 😗

  • GriZZZly
    GriZZZly 2 days ago

    If he was shooting a m4 or an hk416, the recoil would of knocked him out, 'cause he can't shoot a fucking gun. But props to him, he tried and did the best he could. Good job Logan!

  • ghost 13
    ghost 13 2 days ago


  • tyler maddox
    tyler maddox 2 days ago

    i feel like Logan should conceal-carry

  • Stang 1
    Stang 1 2 days ago

    Bruh this shit ain't fair, logan woke up and sneezed 3 times the day they shit this.

  • Daniel Rieth
    Daniel Rieth 2 days ago +2

    KSI punched Logan so hard that he actually started making good content 😂

  • Daniel Rieth
    Daniel Rieth 2 days ago +2

    0:30 Totally original joke...

  • zivx
    zivx 2 days ago

    wait whens the next video at the end coming out

  • Ruby Long
    Ruby Long 2 days ago

    Get bro I'll be sobber wit you

  • K Hddfds
    K Hddfds 2 days ago

    They would not let you hold a pistol not a ar 15 but a pistol maybe theyd give you a high point

  • Derek Flynn
    Derek Flynn 2 days ago

    I’ve had those meals before they ate they are really good

  • LegoHead 707
    LegoHead 707 2 days ago

    2020 is a big year for us
    2months later
    We are quarantined

  • mgb vlog
    mgb vlog 2 days ago

    How is being sober for u

  • spysky gaming
    spysky gaming 2 days ago


  • spysky gaming
    spysky gaming 2 days ago

    I hate logan paul thats all i got

  • Army Ant
    Army Ant 2 days ago

    I got a military vest if you need it I got you bro

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside 3 days ago

    Man Logan really evolved after the fight, hate to admit it but im slowly liking him every seconds i watch his Videos

  • Mia Williams
    Mia Williams 3 days ago

    I love you 😘 and you did a great job ❤️😘👍

  • Donny Hall
    Donny Hall 3 days ago

    72 hrs! Really? I know this guy that I'll help you out. And guess what. You get a total of 5 months + of training, and here is the kicker. You get paid for it. And you'll even get to use your training.

  • Lynmaree Hadley
    Lynmaree Hadley 3 days ago +1

    The cofthin how how dude

  • уєєт мαιи уσтє αѕ ωєll

    Professional loser lmao, so true doe

  • dima kotov2022
    dima kotov2022 3 days ago +1

    Русский отзовитесь

  • DrippinnMollyy
    DrippinnMollyy 3 days ago

    Logan is a Fuckin Beast for this

  • Deku !!!
    Deku !!! 3 days ago

    I mean I’m twelve so the no alcohol 2020 will be easy for me

  • dom_ p_w
    dom_ p_w 3 days ago

    This was disappointing to watch Logan like come on man I know it's hard but I did almost the same thing in the jr boot camp and I am 15

  • Jules Rules
    Jules Rules 3 days ago

    logan sucks jake is WAY WAY WAY BETTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mmm yos
    Mmm yos 3 days ago

    I now have respect for this man

  • Brooke Melville
    Brooke Melville 4 days ago

    Logan needs to play more call of duty and Fortnite 😂

  • Kahlil Reaves
    Kahlil Reaves 4 days ago

    Jeez tht was sick!

  • NSG Wild
    NSG Wild 4 days ago

    You had crovid 19

  • Chase Killeen
    Chase Killeen 4 days ago

    Logan:I’m tired
    Tim:your lives behind u

  • Jaidyah Scott
    Jaidyah Scott 4 days ago +1

    at 16:10, that dude that is sitting down is me when i see a hot guy with abs

  • benjamin manry
    benjamin manry 4 days ago

    anyone now what kind of plate carrier that seal was wearing

  • benjamin manry
    benjamin manry 4 days ago

    you think he will send me free MRE otherwise nown meal barley edible

  • saintshateyou
    saintshateyou 4 days ago

    My bed is shaking

    • saintshateyou
      saintshateyou 4 days ago

      It’s like I’m at the movies and it’s on a speaker that is very loud

  • saintshateyou
    saintshateyou 4 days ago


  • Jasmine Robert
    Jasmine Robert 4 days ago

    2020 is not a good year

  • shirely bejo
    shirely bejo 5 days ago

    Hey logan im a kid i just use my moms account and btw i want to join you please this is for my birthday and btw im in the philippines

  • Julianne Mendoza
    Julianne Mendoza 5 days ago

    I love mre I grew up eating them

  • Bryce Amorosi
    Bryce Amorosi 5 days ago

    Sadly known of this is legal in California

  • Colton Scroggs
    Colton Scroggs 5 days ago

    That's not true

  • mike
    mike 5 days ago +1

    It looks like a play ground... I feel like I would do better, my brother, dad, uncle, & both Grandpas did this... It just looks so easy like a play ground!!!

  • Xeno
    Xeno 5 days ago

    Logan needs to try Marine Corps boot camp for a couple days.

  • Peanut butter jelly TIME!

    Right has he took off his shirt I started choking in my chocolate

  • Isaiah Ramos
    Isaiah Ramos 6 days ago +2

    1:30 you can see a airplane in the back ground if you see it to leave a like rite there


  • Kaden Presgraves
    Kaden Presgraves 6 days ago

    I want to

  • Heather Uber
    Heather Uber 6 days ago

    Dude Marines go through hell this ain't nothing

  • nicole kearns
    nicole kearns 6 days ago +2

    Why shouldn’t you give like Jake Paul a gun because he’s gonna shoot somebody

  • Ricechicken
    Ricechicken 6 days ago

    Someone here when covid-19 is kissing the whole World?

  • Nathan Sparrow
    Nathan Sparrow 6 days ago

    i like ksi more than logan paul but ill say that his content has been really good lately and he has come back from the L really well

  • N8 Rice
    N8 Rice 6 days ago

    You can’t shoot for shit

  • Max Goldberger
    Max Goldberger 6 days ago

    logan looks like a ex seal already

  • David Dixon
    David Dixon 6 days ago

    hated this this kid at first. but now he is getting my respect. always good skills to have. everyone should WANT to take this combat.

  • Noah Linton
    Noah Linton 6 days ago

    Most military recruits survive it dumbass

  • Kazified
    Kazified 6 days ago


  • Rodrick La Rosa
    Rodrick La Rosa 6 days ago

    Getting ready for corona virus and a tyrannical government

  • ExeSwayz
    ExeSwayz 6 days ago

    Wait he went to ohio again and I didn’t see him and I saw him once

  • Its me real werdio
    Its me real werdio 6 days ago +4

    Logan said 2020 will be good
    This has happend
    Near ww3
    Bush fire
    Who now

  • Saad Bubshait
    Saad Bubshait 6 days ago

    I wish we saw mike while he was doing the obstacle course

  • Pepe The frawg
    Pepe The frawg 6 days ago

    *logan and mark excited for 2020*
    Me: 2020=corona, australia into ashes,18 months to save earth unless we will not be able to get it good again, bruh do u rly want this