• Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • AMAZING FISHING CHALLENGE where I had to find all my own bait before I tried to catch fish!!! Found a TON of bait but was SHOCKED to see the variety of fish species I was able to catch!
    Check out this MONSTER FISH I Caught from a TINY Canal!!!
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    #fishing #outdoors #adventure #challenge
    Rod/Reel/Line/Baits used:
    -Natural worms & hellgrammites
    -Genie Jar (Holds live bait)
    -Major Craft Benkei 6'4" light/fast travel rod
    -Shimano Ci4+ 1000 Spinning Reel
    -Suffix 832 braid (6 lbs)
    -Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (6 lbs)
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    Location: Patapsco River in Maryland
    Date: August 9th, 2019
    Primary Pattern: Hellgrammites in deep holes
    Time Fished (+harvesting bait): 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Air Temp: High of 88 degrees
    Water Temp: 78 degrees
    Water Clarity: 24 - 48 inches
    Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the SW up to 6 mph
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  • dennis velez
    dennis velez 2 hours ago

    The name of the spider is gagamba in our nation

  • ger
    ger 11 hours ago

    *go pro dieds*

  • Giantpotato247 Gaming
    Giantpotato247 Gaming 11 hours ago

    It’s a crab spider

  • Luke Koops
    Luke Koops 15 hours ago

    where do you fish ?

  • Fresh Steve
    Fresh Steve 22 hours ago

    I keep toe nail clippers to get rid of the rear “sticky” pinchers, they can’t get snagged that way. Cool vid!

  • Jerome Butler
    Jerome Butler Day ago +1

    Better than coyote Peterson

  • Brooklyn brothers

    Next time I’m Fishing those pelgromite is my bait

  • Baylin Costa
    Baylin Costa 2 days ago +3

    Look at this guys Yt Nick Fry you should fish with him

    GUNGA 2 days ago

    Crab spider

  • Kenery Joseph
    Kenery Joseph 2 days ago


  • ricardo frança
    ricardo frança 2 days ago +5

    Pro tips: always fish when u have darker clothes, or else fish will get scared. And always try to hide the hook on the bait, a dizer 6 would be good enough. Hope this 2 tips will help you in future videos. Keep up with the good work

  • devin booth
    devin booth 3 days ago +2

    Bro that's a common wood spider, we got tons in north Texas. They dont mess with you but sucks to get bit.

  • J.J Dina
    J.J Dina 3 days ago


  • Electric_ Spooks
    Electric_ Spooks 3 days ago +2

    I love your I Videos and the biggest fish I ever caught was a largemouth bass in Lake superior

  • Ant lover Sg
    Ant lover Sg 4 days ago +1

    Get in the boat. I get the reference 😏

  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts 5 days ago

    Way did you catch the spider

  • No Chill andy
    No Chill andy 5 days ago

    6:22 ima shoot that shit if i see it idc

  • VitaminDee TV
    VitaminDee TV 5 days ago

    inspiration in every video...keep showing us how its done 1Rod!

  • Kivara 2445
    Kivara 2445 5 days ago


  • Magnum Mountaineer
    Magnum Mountaineer 5 days ago

    I like to use the Berkley Gulp minnows. They have Gulp Helgramites too, but ive never tried them before... Might just have to pick up a pack next time to try for my smallie adventures.

  • the gt racer
    the gt racer 5 days ago

    Thank you for being very enthusiastic and entertaining

  • KD FootBall skills
    KD FootBall skills 6 days ago +1

    You are good at fishing

  • Fish Cutting
    Fish Cutting 6 days ago

    Oh, it was a spider napa. Phathathatenasisa ohelanao scientific name.

  • Nichole Blakeslee
    Nichole Blakeslee 7 days ago

    It’s pregnant

  • Jonathon Mcmullan
    Jonathon Mcmullan 7 days ago

    Cut the pinchers off

  • Thomas Marlow
    Thomas Marlow 9 days ago

    Hello I love your vids

  • Błoody- Reaper
    Błoody- Reaper 9 days ago +1

    You say bad words

  • Adventures with Frodo

    Are people so stupid that you say I have a jar and then you are using a square snap top container???

  • Blury Plague
    Blury Plague 9 days ago

    Bruh why you show that spider I have Arachnophobia

  • jackson rose
    jackson rose 9 days ago

    cat fase spider

  • Lana Brown
    Lana Brown 9 days ago

    It's called a crab spider

  • Lane S
    Lane S 9 days ago

    Th spider is a cat face spider.

  • Brayden 4REAL
    Brayden 4REAL 9 days ago

    The spider is a crab spider

  • ThatLlamaGuy
    ThatLlamaGuy 10 days ago +1

    Do you only get helgramites in America or Britain aswel

  • One Love
    One Love 10 days ago

    1:42 left...

  • Anker Sorensen
    Anker Sorensen 10 days ago

    He said he only had those things in beginning but he had way more

  • Christine Keith
    Christine Keith 10 days ago

    orb weaver

  • FlippinBass
    FlippinBass 10 days ago

    Screams like a baby Those guys hurt a little bit

  • Tim Darweesh
    Tim Darweesh 11 days ago

    Gold mine or gold diger he jk

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 11 days ago

    gorgeous view

  • Hockey Kid
    Hockey Kid 12 days ago

    I don’t know it all summer that’s kind of spiders trip my dirtbike and I’m extremely scared of spiders

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia 12 days ago


    DELVIN CLASH ROYALE 12 days ago

    It looks like matt stonie

  • B m
    B m 13 days ago

    I use squiddie hand reels.

  • Zestyyy
    Zestyyy 13 days ago

    Worm in your pocket

  • The Tank Stopper
    The Tank Stopper 13 days ago

    Why does America have small fish compared to England

  • WeAreNumberOneTWONKYDONK

    I love spincasters cuz they're so easy to control with mainly the bail

  • Danny Shot
    Danny Shot 14 days ago

    One day ima go fishing with you after grad school and take you somewhere you never been cause your channel and you brighten my day such a fantastic man!

  • Patrick Jacobson
    Patrick Jacobson 15 days ago

    You are the worst Flash-Player

  • dakilla333 -s
    dakilla333 -s 15 days ago

    But still

  • dakilla333 -s
    dakilla333 -s 15 days ago

    That is easy easy challenge

  • Fishin Fool
    Fishin Fool 15 days ago

    Orb weaver

  • King Croc
    King Croc 16 days ago

    hellgramites r fucked nasty

  • Bub Davis
    Bub Davis 16 days ago

    Not a night crawler they are American wrigglers break top of soil can find hundreds of them

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack 16 days ago

    The spider was a catface spider

  • JumpyJoe Thompson
    JumpyJoe Thompson 16 days ago

    That was the first fish I caught a sun fish

  • Jack Brdecka
    Jack Brdecka 16 days ago

    Thought those people from far away were catfish and carp

  • Nichola Golder
    Nichola Golder 17 days ago

    That spider is the mother read back

  • Dallas Wood
    Dallas Wood 17 days ago

    the "get in/on the boat" shore fishing cracks me up every time

  • Mr Pancakes 9012
    Mr Pancakes 9012 18 days ago

    It’s a crab spider m8