Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA - YES (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    Official Music Video by Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA performing "YES" © 2019 RNG / EMPIRE
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  • Ariel Animations
    Ariel Animations 5 hours ago +1

    El ultimo que se suscriba en este link sera millonario flash-player.net/video/Gs_Q9v2bLhI/video.html

  • Jean Bernal
    Jean Bernal 5 hours ago

    Dale like si amas tu vida💕💥

  • Yeudy Henríquez
    Yeudy Henríquez 5 hours ago


  • Zachery Bear
    Zachery Bear 5 hours ago

    2:17 cardi does the hand gesture for white power!

  • gisellgigi19
    gisellgigi19 5 hours ago

    Gosh how many aguaniles 🙄

  • Darleny Cruz Martínez

    La caldi😍😍😍

  • Emanuel Epuraș
    Emanuel Epuraș 5 hours ago +1

    Que carajo dice Fat Joe???????

  • Cephas Humbles
    Cephas Humbles 5 hours ago

    Fat Joe got skinny jeans Lmfao bichoraro act your age with your a Humpty Dumpty looking bald headed F*** NOT EVEN BRUJERIA WILL BRING BACK YOUR CAREER WHEN BIG PUNISHER DIED (RIP) so did your MUSIK CAREER ....

  • Gilles Lorenzo
    Gilles Lorenzo 6 hours ago

    Money in youre mind you dont have enough ? money for what ? overconsumption ? diamond why you need diamond ? to love yourself ? nobody need it, really, its time to wake up, stop trying escaping reality, overconsumption destroy the world and environment and they will manipulate you teeling you that it doesnt, that way you can make work society, ignorance. those people are disconected from nature, love, ampathie, self love, they lost the bigest connexion, the connexion with the universe, with god in another word.. seriously, i know society sucks, can make all your environment look rude, tough, full of violence, jealousy, competition but its time to wake up,to open your arms to love and heal your inner wounds even its hard, its esay to say murder and money in my mind, ass up face down, waaww..... go through yourself, go into yourself, try and dont be affraid to fail, heal yourself, cause what you see in this video exist from sufferance, fear and lack of self confidence... ( im french so my english is maybe not perfect i guess) but i hope you understand what i mean in this message

  • Malcolm Griffith
    Malcolm Griffith 6 hours ago


  • Lexis Braswell
    Lexis Braswell 6 hours ago

    She killed it

  • lame raverga :v
    lame raverga :v 6 hours ago +1

    Me gusta todo,pero ese hombre que sale gritando en la canción me marea

  • Jasmine Sutton
    Jasmine Sutton 6 hours ago

    Here for Cardi’s segment 😩❤️💪🏾

  • Yenny Alegre
    Yenny Alegre 6 hours ago

    Que. Bonito

  • goku dragonsito
    goku dragonsito 6 hours ago

    Kien no leda Lki anuel AA no es fans cabron el errre lo tenemos en plomo

  • veekay
    veekay 6 hours ago

    Somewhere in heaven Big L and Big Pun be like "what the fuck is this shit homie?? "

  • Sebastian Alvarez
    Sebastian Alvarez 7 hours ago

    what would Pun tell

  • Dalibor Antic
    Dalibor Antic 7 hours ago

    It is soo unfair to put the Castingshow with Chance the Rapper, snoop, fat joe Ti and the Queen Cardi in Netflix the People who are live in Ghettos and don't have money for buying Milk and Bread or to buy anything for theyr Children to cook dinner and you Assholes put the Castingshow on Netflix where's the cheapest giftcard for the month 11.90$ and on the free channels are only The Voice, The Four was Amazing Amazing with Sharaya and James and the other one who were Amazing singers and Rappers and sadly this Talentshow after 2 seasons was canceld! I really don't undertand why?????? 😭😱🥵🤥 to pay Netflix who Monhly makes Billions of dollars like Amazon ? T.l.- Cardi-Chance and of course Snoop have enough money to go on a National TV and to tell theyr openions! Im so sad right now who cant offer 10$ and to look to the 2nd Series on the next Series on National National and fee Tv Stations! God bless you guys!❤❤❤ Also so from Beyonce the Coachella Documentation called Homcecomming

  • Mrs G
    Mrs G 7 hours ago

    So this song is fuego not because of Cardi but because of the sample of Aguanile....muy caliente...now I am not a Cardi fan at all but this beat is murrrddddddaaaaaaa...that hookkkk geeeessseee I need a clean version so I can use it in one of my Zumba or pound classes...

  • MX MTZ
    MX MTZ 7 hours ago

    Pero que feo ritual satánico para darle la bienvenida a mi fat

  • giovannie toledo
    giovannie toledo 7 hours ago +1


  • Crilex A&C
    Crilex A&C 7 hours ago

    Y este tipo de canciones en que ayudan al planeta?

  • Halal Sabz
    Halal Sabz 7 hours ago


  • David Natiembe
    David Natiembe 7 hours ago


  • Laddy Gaga
    Laddy Gaga 8 hours ago

    Sooo Great !!!!

  • Raymond Gitonga
    Raymond Gitonga 8 hours ago

    Damn! This a killa bitch, Cardi shaking that thang like hell

    YGBTV 8 hours ago

    Sub to our channel tho 👀🤘🏾

  • Ricky Lopez
    Ricky Lopez 8 hours ago

    LA Cardi!!! 😜🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • elena babanu
    elena babanu 8 hours ago

    Y después dicen que están violadas

  • elena babanu
    elena babanu 8 hours ago

    Al infierno con vosotros

  • Ame Ril
    Ame Ril 8 hours ago

    The Song is trash. AA did most of the vocal leg work. Music video is barely better, IG girls visuals is what helped keep a pulse in an otherwise dead video 😕

  • Javier Cota
    Javier Cota 8 hours ago

    Anuel necesita cantar en Do!!!,,Donde nadie lo oiga al askeroso ese canta pala verga,putas rimas pendejas

  • Saori Hernández
    Saori Hernández 9 hours ago

    Saquen ala cardi b

  • Tiberiu Chiper
    Tiberiu Chiper 9 hours ago

    Fat Joe cash in a lot of money 😅. He sings 4 word the entire song . Good business for him

  • yancarlos sandoval
    yancarlos sandoval 9 hours ago

    Solo vine por el culo de Cardi B 😋😋

  • hunnid dub hunnid stack

    Throw the whole hoe away paid county gtown bet for the s/o playa lol

  • ale_pr valdez
    ale_pr valdez 9 hours ago

    Que asco esta song a a exepcion de fat joe y cardi b que su rap en ingles su mucho mas bakano de la porqueria que dijo anuel ....

  • Jihan Sezin
    Jihan Sezin 9 hours ago

    Cardi B pues si que estas bien llena eeeh 😂😂❤

  • Inadequate Man
    Inadequate Man 9 hours ago

    The only American Cardi B rap performer who reads on a level with niggas

  • Miller Mosquera
    Miller Mosquera 9 hours ago

    Anuel sobra ahí 😪

  • Inadequate Man
    Inadequate Man 9 hours ago

    cardi b one love)))

  • Sabina Dunkova
    Sabina Dunkova 9 hours ago

    This IS crap uk rapers are better

  • Maycol Magnate
    Maycol Magnate 9 hours ago

    Anuel es el mejor de todos BRRR RHLM DESDE ARG

  • Fans Arianators
    Fans Arianators 9 hours ago +1

    La caldi 😻

  • Show Time
    Show Time 9 hours ago

    I used to listen to Terror Squad, now ure pussysquads bitches

  • Cody Lee
    Cody Lee 10 hours ago

    Cardi b suckssssss, jacob Campbell can rap better than you, you just the New York trick

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 10 hours ago

    La parte de anuel es la mejor..... safa el tema por la parte de el nomas

  • Saul ROGERS
    Saul ROGERS 10 hours ago

    This is trash, they can’t think of anything else to think about.

  • meulindrack drack
    meulindrack drack 10 hours ago

    Música buena flash-player.net/video/dSzwe3TPZk4/video.html apóyame please

  • Mahoyage
    Mahoyage 10 hours ago

    Fat joe hadn’t been fat for awhile, he should call himself joe

  • Abdullahi Aadan Dahir
    Abdullahi Aadan Dahir 10 hours ago

    Good song

  • Jorge Luis Morales Medrano

    Con este tema malograste tu voz anuel yara

  • Pamela Peñaranda
    Pamela Peñaranda 10 hours ago

    Nikki Minaj

  • Thalia Gonzalez
    Thalia Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Y que tiene que ver "aguanile" y religion con toda esa pornografía plasmada en vídeo musical?

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 11 hours ago

    this shit is fire

  • Anuuka 81
    Anuuka 81 11 hours ago +1

    UUUAA Palomo!!!


  • Manuel pro xd xd xd
    Manuel pro xd xd xd 11 hours ago +1

    Leopardo inchao el tio ese 🐆🐆

  • Anna Genesis
    Anna Genesis 11 hours ago



    Good rhythm but... lyrics are bullshit...

  • Cash Jones
    Cash Jones 11 hours ago

    Them hoes thick asf and cardi snapped with her none writing ass 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️