50 People Try To Name Their Representatives In Congress | Culturally Speaking

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Electing legislators is a cornerstone of American democracy, so you would think each of us could easily name our representatives in Congress. And yet…

    Watch as we ask 50 people from the 50 States to name the lawmakers who represent them in Washington, D.C.
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    50 People Try To Name Their Representatives In Congress | Culturally Speaking
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Comments • 216

  • Bridget Nash
    Bridget Nash 3 days ago

    Only one I know for Missouri is Emmanuel Cleaver. He was the mayor of Kansas City when I was growing up and they named a street after him.

  • Emily Eddens
    Emily Eddens 5 days ago

    "It's Don Young, he's been our rep for 350 years"
    Um, 352, sir.

  • Lucy Heisey
    Lucy Heisey 5 days ago

    Ok as a Marylander all my life, I pass the lady onto Virginia

  • Paja Faudree
    Paja Faudree 6 days ago

    I’m triggered I live in Rhode Island and I’m a kid and ik more than here! Gina Ramundo ( don’t know how to spell) is our governor not representative! In the senate it’s jack reed and Sheldon White House and in the house our representatives are Jim lanjivine ( again don’t know how to spell) and David cisilini ( don’t know how to spell) is that so hard?! We only have 2 representatives!

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 6 days ago

    How did the California guy not realize that Nancy Pelosi is a representative there. Same with Minnesota, with Ilhan Omar, and in Hawaii with Tulsi Gabbard who’s running for president. Also AOC in New York.

  • iidxmi xx
    iidxmi xx 7 days ago

    Alabama, North Carolina and New York did not disappoint

  • forevrcharmed16
    forevrcharmed16 15 days ago

    How you are you going to pick someone who hasn't lived in Nebraska for five years?

  • Rylee Roseborough
    Rylee Roseborough 17 days ago +1

    Wyoming: oh I only know one.
    Good, that’s all you got

  • Ethan Rae
    Ethan Rae 17 days ago

    They're all idiots.

  • SophieInTheStars
    SophieInTheStars 19 days ago

    high key disappointed in Nh :(

  • Ariana Berry
    Ariana Berry 19 days ago +2

    Why is it rude to talk about politics in Wisconsin? Or is this guy just saying that bc he doesn’t know

    • josh gruber
      josh gruber 2 days ago

      it's not. he's def being sarcastic or something because of how polar things are between MEGA democratic madison and SUPER republican northwoods/rural area, if i'm not mistaken that's why we're a swing state. mans just doesn't know his reps

  • yasmine acheli
    yasmine acheli 20 days ago

    good vidéo be continue you are the best

  • Jonah Safern
    Jonah Safern 21 day ago

    0:36 I'll give you a hint: she's a vile racist.

  • Daniel Flynn
    Daniel Flynn 22 days ago

    This one for Connecticut I’m not sure but I’ll take a crack at it Richard Blumenthal 😕

  • Jonathan Constant
    Jonathan Constant 22 days ago

    so senators are not representatives of congress now?

  • Olivia Touba
    Olivia Touba 23 days ago

    NH has two US reps: Chris Pappas and Annie Kuster, both Democrats.

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker 23 days ago

    mine is Dr. Raul Ruiz for the 36th of California, Former was Kevin McCarthy of 23rd of California. those where for where I lived but we also have Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes, T. J. Cox, Barbara Lee

  • Minda Kahn
    Minda Kahn 25 days ago

    Oh Michigan come on Fred Upton has been around forever. Justin Amash is probably the most famous in Congress right now. Tim Walberg, you can’t remember the name Walberg? Sounds the same spelled differently. Rashida Talib, getting all kinds of crap, Debbie Dingel, Andy levin, Kildee, Slitjin, Stevens, Mitchell, and I forgot one, maybe two Sorry.

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren 25 days ago +2

    Vermont only has 1 and it’s Peter Welch. We’re a small state. Lol.

  • CJ Pascua
    CJ Pascua 25 days ago

    illinois guy is HOT!! just saying well for me atleast

  • Madison Owens
    Madison Owens 26 days ago

    Yay North Carolina guy !!!!!!!!

  • Sosuke S
    Sosuke S 26 days ago +6

    when alaska guy said Don Young has been there for about 350 years I laughed so hard because seems so true

  • drtee51
    drtee51 26 days ago +1

    I beg his pardon! There is nothing "uncivil" about talking politics in Wisconsin!

    • Eowynnofrohan
      Eowynnofrohan 23 days ago

      Yes, as long as you can keep it civil! ;)

  • Yonathan Gonzalez
    Yonathan Gonzalez 26 days ago +2

    As a Marylander, I think the Maryland Woman was thinking of Ralph Northam, Virginia Governor.

  • David Grager
    David Grager 27 days ago

    This is extremely embarrassing for our country

  • Mazin Abram
    Mazin Abram 27 days ago

    53 reps in Cali and you couldn't name one?

  • SourPatchMitch
    SourPatchMitch 27 days ago +1

    Okay they change every person for each state, besides:
    New Mexico
    Oh and let’s not forget
    *M A R Y L A N D* (please change her)

  • Lill
    Lill 27 days ago

    once again, Michigan disappoints

  • Lethea Segel
    Lethea Segel 27 days ago

    Friendly reminder to anyone reading this who may not know, you can Google your representatives right now! It's good to at least know for your district

  • Rachel Mobley
    Rachel Mobley 28 days ago

    Unless you're into SC politics, the only one everyone knows around here is Joe Wilson because he represents the area that includes Columbia, and also....

    "You lie!" circa 2009.

  • Nidhi Vaidya
    Nidhi Vaidya 28 days ago

    Go Texas girl

    • Jonah Safern
      Jonah Safern 21 day ago

      @Nidhi Vaidya Yeah, that's true. And surprising lol

    • Nidhi Vaidya
      Nidhi Vaidya 21 day ago

      Jonah Safern i mean she knew her representative and most people in this did not

    • Jonah Safern
      Jonah Safern 21 day ago

      She sucks. She doesn't represent Texas at all.

  • Michael Hanson Jr
    Michael Hanson Jr 28 days ago

    Minnesota governor is waltz & the Lt. Governor is peggy Flanagan .🙂🤙🏼👍🏻✌🖖

  • Adrienne Reed
    Adrienne Reed 28 days ago

    Way to go ALABAMA

  • Sean Haggard
    Sean Haggard 28 days ago

    I bet you all of these people are certain trump should be impeached.

  • Dakota Darci
    Dakota Darci 29 days ago +2

    Wisconsin guy: We don't talk politics in WI, it's considered rude.
    Must be a Rick Scott supporter and is EMBARRASSED to admit it.

    • drtee51
      drtee51 26 days ago +3

      Rick Scott? That's Florida. Do you mean Scott Walker?

  • Amber Jean
    Amber Jean 29 days ago

    I can name the Elwood rep because he made some crap about I80 through Joliet. And that's Walsh.

  • Dianna Mallar
    Dianna Mallar 29 days ago +1

    Chellie Pingree (D 1st District)
    Jared Golden (D 2nd District)
    Susan Collins (R)
    Angus King (I)
    Either this is over a year old or she has been living under a rock.
    Last year Maine switched to "ranked choice voting" (what a mess!) The runner up was a bit of a sore loser. It was several months before the dust settled.

  • Anonymous Spy
    Anonymous Spy 29 days ago +1

    What's that Utah girls @? Help a brother out

  • Ryl
    Ryl 29 days ago +1

    California rep looks a little bit like Tan France lmao

  • LolloRosso
    LolloRosso 29 days ago

    I didn't know that a lot of these people don't even live in the state that they "represent" anymore. That's boring.

  • Person
    Person 29 days ago +2

    I love the Maryland Girl

  • Emma Is Awesome
    Emma Is Awesome 29 days ago

    One of Iowa's is Steve King. That's all I know

  • Zoe
    Zoe 29 days ago +1

    Okay Dutch Ruppersberger, but seriously she doesn’t know who ELIJAH CUMMINGS IS

  • Tosh T
    Tosh T 29 days ago


  • Matthew Zachow
    Matthew Zachow 29 days ago

    Dissapointed in the Wisconsin dude

  • aliciaofalaska
    aliciaofalaska 29 days ago +8

    Fun fact: Don Young only became the Representative of Alaska when he was first elected because the guy who was actually elected disappeared in a plane crash. He had been missing for 3 weeks and people still elected him over Don Young. 😂

  • jonnyminogue
    jonnyminogue 29 days ago +1

    The CA couldn't even remember Nancy Pelosi? For good or for bad, you should have at least got that one!

  • Soup Or Man
    Soup Or Man 29 days ago

    Anna Eshoo is mine

  • Todd
    Todd 29 days ago +3

    I think we should just make Stephen king our state representative.

  • Alma :/
    Alma :/ 29 days ago

    Can you please start doing this series but around the world again:(

  • Penquin402
    Penquin402 Month ago

    In Oklahoma we have MarkWayne Mullin. That's the only one I can think of.

  • Isaac Verhelst
    Isaac Verhelst Month ago +3

    Shoutout NC, NJ, SC, WY, NY, AK, TX, TN

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago +1

    You can usually talk about politics while still being civil and polite. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to do so in the toxic situation the country is in at the moment.

    • MissRight91
      MissRight91 29 days ago +1

      Please, that was his cop-out for not knowing. He's had a very sly sense of humor in the other videos.

  • Kayla Valdellon
    Kayla Valdellon Month ago +1

    Hi, I will gladly represent Maryland. Grew up in Bethesda. Went to 3 different schools in College Park, Greenbelt, and Bowie. I also have family in southern maryland, Columbia, and Baltimore.

  • Tomas Sudaj
    Tomas Sudaj Month ago +1

    And they wonder why Trump is president or potentially Clinton would have been elected and why they can't.pass legislation or do anything to help their respective state

  • jonkbaby
    jonkbaby Month ago

    Love this video series. Side note, are you related to epicurious? Seen a few of these people on one of their videos

  • jonkbaby
    jonkbaby Month ago

    Way to go Alaska! I would have been worried if he didnt get it

  • AlaskanCabinFilms
    AlaskanCabinFilms Month ago +9

    As an Alaskan, he is really correct👌🏼

    • Elizabeth Moore
      Elizabeth Moore 23 days ago

      @aliciaofalaska that's hilarious

    • AlaskanCabinFilms
      AlaskanCabinFilms 29 days ago

      aliciaofalaska yup

    • aliciaofalaska
      aliciaofalaska 29 days ago +3

      AlaskanCabinFilms My mom was born in Alaska, she was 4 when Don Young got elected and she is 50 now. 😮

  • Andrew Vazquez
    Andrew Vazquez Month ago +2

    Literally almost every state
    👁 👁
    “I dunno” 🤷‍♂️

  • firkellperez
    firkellperez Month ago +58

    If they don’t live in the state anymore why should they represent ? Just saying.

    • drtee51
      drtee51 26 days ago +5

      I have to agree.