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Indie World Showcase 5.11.2022 - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on May 24, 2022
  • GamingGaming

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  • chanlaman
    chanlaman 13 days ago +846

    Games like ElecHead will never cease to amaze me, even if I'm not personally interested in them. I just cannot imagine being to create a competent game by myself from scratch, accounting for visuals, animations, concepts, gameplay mechanics, the type of genre, music, programming, story (if there is any), quality testing, and marketing. There's just so much that not enough people stop to consider when thinking about what goes into game development, not to mention if all that is handled by a single person or not.

    • David Njihia
      David Njihia 3 days ago

      elec head is designed amazingly. Like it's one of the best designed puzzle games. If you're not going to play the game, just look at youtube videos. The game is masterfully crafted

    • todeyy
      todeyy 4 days ago

      i'm actually working on a indie game
      it's not "that" hard to make simple indie games
      but these are next level

    • HolaSoyWinston
      HolaSoyWinston 7 days ago

      What about gta 5 for the swich

    • Repent or you will likewise perish.
      Repent or you will likewise perish. 12 days ago +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”
      ‭‭John‬ ‭15:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Snaz Snazi
      Snaz Snazi 12 days ago

      Gunbrella too

  • RogersBase
    RogersBase 13 days ago +894

    Another Crab's Treasure was without a doubt the highlight of the Indie World for me. Definitely picking that up. 🦀

    • Shamil Santana
      Shamil Santana 5 days ago


    • AnonymousGoat
      AnonymousGoat 6 days ago

      @Value ___? ikr, it’s my favourite game ever

    • Just Plain MƎEN
      Just Plain MƎEN 7 days ago

      @jase276 That's bull. It's because Souls games are currently the trend as much as rouges are

    • Value ___?
      Value ___? 8 days ago

      check out going under - aggro crabs first game - its basically hades/bastion but with huge gameplay spins on it
      It really worth checking out, possibly one of the best indie games ever made.

    • John Yousif
      John Yousif 8 days ago

      So creative and whoever came up with the title should get a raise. Everything just fits.

  • george persaud
    george persaud 13 days ago +2048

    I am beginning to think Silksong is a ploy by Big Indie in order to draw eyes to every new Indie World that comes out

    • Monmagog
      Monmagog 9 days ago +1

      @Sebawuba yeah, three times everything

    • Sebawuba
      Sebawuba 10 days ago +1

      @Monmagog my man I am not undermining toby's achievements, I'm saying hollow knight is also an indie game...HK was made by 3 dudes for 30k dollars, its a very similar budget for 2 incredible games

    • Monmagog
      Monmagog 10 days ago +1

      @Time Stamp based

    • Monmagog
      Monmagog 10 days ago +1

      @Sebawuba Undertale was made by one dude for $10,000

    • Sebawuba
      Sebawuba 10 days ago +1

      @jase276 Imagine having a favorite game, what an inimaginable sin! clearly, games have expiration dates and whenever a new one comes out you have to leave the old one and instantly play the next!

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 13 days ago +729

    Gunbrella and another crabs treasure are definitely the 2 standout games for me

    • Value ___?
      Value ___? 8 days ago

      check out going under - aggro crabs first game - its basically hades/bastion but with huge gameplay spins on it
      It really worth checking out, possibly one of the best indie games ever made.

    • jase276
      jase276 11 days ago

      Sleeping on ElecHead

    • Another Inkling Who plays Yakuza
      Another Inkling Who plays Yakuza 11 days ago

      @Repent or you will likewise perish. Nah bro. I don’t really like YHVH so I ripped him from his throne with Krishna, Mastema, and Metatron

    • Repent or you will likewise perish.
      Repent or you will likewise perish. 12 days ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”
      ‭‭John‬ ‭15:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Judgernaut
      Judgernaut 13 days ago

      Totally agree on both counts!

  • LeafyNiko
    LeafyNiko 12 days ago +60

    It fills me with joy to see oneshot being put out there by a big gaming company. Thank you nintendo!

    • Some Tag Guy
      Some Tag Guy Day ago

      @Time Stamp fun fact: litteraly every major rpgmaker games pretty much anyone with an actual "they/them" gender (well, except for omori, which both protags are actually male) are considered to be the protags of their game lol

    • Korrinkorr
      Korrinkorr 9 days ago

      @Time Stamp every indie game is an lgbt game

    • The Egery
      The Egery 10 days ago

      @Time Stamp pls play it... its amazing
      if u cant play it on switch its on steam for like 10 or 15 bucks
      worth it

    • Fallout Boy
      Fallout Boy 10 days ago +6

      @Time Stamp "LGBT game"

    • LeafyNiko
      LeafyNiko 10 days ago +5

      @Time Stamp if i told you what it was about it would ruin the game, play it for yourself. I promise its worth it.

  • BanditGames
    BanditGames 13 days ago +117

    Can't wait to read all the item descriptions in Another Crab's Treasure to figure out the lore

    • Captain Corruptchu
      Captain Corruptchu 4 days ago +1

      Hi Bandit

    • Aiden Dias-Pagan
      Aiden Dias-Pagan 12 days ago

      i sent you a zelda theory on twitter as excipar

    • Eastman Alucard
      Eastman Alucard 12 days ago +1

      Lol the game not only looks interesting but also challenging and fun. Especially if that die in one hit without a shell stuff is true.

    • Sebestyén Talmácsi
      Sebestyén Talmácsi 12 days ago +2

      Just inmagine the EldenRing like 30 minute lore dives this could bring

  • MewJoy
    MewJoy 13 days ago +458

    Always got to appreciate the small teams that make these beautiful little games.

    • T teg egg
      T teg egg 4 days ago

      @SNES Nes so you like yearly games

    • Idk hell
      Idk hell 11 days ago +2

      @SNES Nes wrong. Your obviously a person who has no idea how hard it is to actually do these things and make them looks. Good. Many of them look fun and charming. You just don't like them but that's your opinion. The creators probably enjoy games like the ones they made. Also, modeling, animating, coding. Are all EXTREMELY hard to learn, learning one yet alone 3 is incredible. People take YEARS Learning to get even just GOOD at ONE of them. They aren't gonna be master pieces. Coming from an animator and a coder here, I'm still not as advanced at animation and have been trying for 4+ years. I couldn't imagine doing all 4 skills, modeling, coding, music, animation, indie games may not produce the best games, they don't have resources or a team. But don't doubt they didn't out a ton of effort in, they simply can't make more advanced games because that takes even more skill, and skill one person alone probably can't handle. That's why games have huge teams of over hundreds of people in the first place

    • SNES Nes
      SNES Nes 11 days ago

      @Zen The15 look indie games are great I don’t mind them. Some of these games were cool but the abstract looking ones made by the purple haired people weren’t good at all they looked bad and generic. How many different steam games have you seen that looked exactly like these games? It’s as if Nintendo purposefully selected these games to make indie titles look bad

    • BehindTheCookie
      BehindTheCookie 12 days ago

      @Auggy then I’m one of those “no ones”.

  • Wes Yarber
    Wes Yarber 13 days ago +96

    I am always so blown away and my heart is so warmed seeing the love and attention these developers put into their games. Such a labor of love from them - you can tell!
    Bravo to any of you that read this. Incredible work.

    • Sam
      Sam 12 days ago +4

      @Ricky Bobby Roode you must be fun at parties

    • Ricky Bobby Roode
      Ricky Bobby Roode 12 days ago

      Or it’s their job and most people work very hard at their job.

  • Adriano Cardoso
    Adriano Cardoso 13 days ago +750

    Timestamps with release information for you :)
    0:40 - Ooblets (This Summer)
    2:28 - Batora: Lost Haven (This Fall)
    3:18 - Elec Head (This Summer)
    5:36 - Soundfall (Later Today)
    7:37 - Wildfrost (This Holliday)
    8:38 - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (This Summer)
    11:09 - Gunbrella (2023)
    12:53 - We Are OFK (This Summer)
    15:27 - Silt (June)
    17:04 - Mini Motorways (Later Today)
    18:02 - Wayward Strand (July 21)
    19:23 - Cult of the Lamb (This Year)
    20:10 - Another Crab's Treasure (2023)
    23:06 - OneShot: World Machine Edition (This Summer)
    23:16 - Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Later Today)
    23:26 - Idol Manager (August 25)
    23:37 - Card Shark (Pre-Order Today)
    23:47 - Cursed to Golf (This Summer)
    23:57 - A Guidebook of Babel (This Fall)
    24:07 - OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom Edition (Later Today)
    24:51 - Hollow Knight: Silksong (Someday)

    • DenGC
      DenGC 7 days ago

      the silksong joke hurt me.
      although I am exited for one shot coming to switch

    • Monmagog
      Monmagog 12 days ago +1

      Yes, your tears fill my endless void in my insatiable soul that comes with being a Metroid/Valve games (that aren’t Dota or CS) fan

    • CyberRider17
      CyberRider17 12 days ago +1

      Someday indeed

    • Brendan Donegan
      Brendan Donegan 13 days ago +1


    • valdo64
      valdo64 13 days ago +1

      Youuu were never one of us....

  • DuffyLONER64
    DuffyLONER64 13 days ago +480

    Another Crab's Treasure looks really cute!! Definitely gonna be on my list of games to play.

  • L The Fifteenth
    L The Fifteenth 9 days ago +8

    Given the art style, I'd love to see "We Are OFK" made into a show. It looks beautifully animated.

  • Micah Buzan ANIMATION
    Micah Buzan ANIMATION 13 days ago +39

    Videogames are an amazing art form.

  • nashdome
    nashdome 13 days ago +138

    These indie world showcases are probably my favorite thing since the switch era started at Nintendo. So many cool games i probably would've accidentally missed otherwise. My wishlist will grow tenfold with all of these games! Lol

  • HoodieSticks
    HoodieSticks 13 days ago +29

    Happy to see OneShot is still getting some love, all these years later

  • DiamondSquid
    DiamondSquid 13 days ago +68

    I highly recommend Oneshot - and to anyone even slightly interested, go into it completely blind. If the premise seems fun, I promise you the game is so much better!

    • Dablika
      Dablika 2 days ago

      ​@BestBerry I basically did the same thing which is funny

    • The Egery
      The Egery 9 days ago +1

      @BestBerry the (whole?)game

    • BestBerry
      BestBerry 10 days ago

      @The Egery yep, I did it in a period of 48 hours. Now I have PTSD any time I hear the music lol

    • The Egery
      The Egery 10 days ago +1

      @BestBerry did you finish the game yet?

    • BestBerry
      BestBerry 11 days ago +4

      I bought the game on steam 2 days ago. And the switch port was announced the day after. I'm so mind blown by that (but not as mind blown as I am by the game itself!)

  • Aish
    Aish 11 days ago +14

    Ooblets looks so freaking adorable and cozy! Same with Wayward Strand (Aussie pride!) It's just what I've been craving during my study breaks 🥰

  • KDT Gaming
    KDT Gaming 13 days ago +44

    Definitely my favourite Indie World from those I’ve watched before! I’m definitely gonna be getting ElecHead and Mini Motorways, and a bunch of other games shown today looked really, really good too! Great showcase, Nintendo, and many congratulations and thanks to all the amazing indie developers & publishers out there!

    • A B
      A B 13 days ago +2

      @KDT Gaming bruh

    • KDT Gaming
      KDT Gaming 13 days ago +2

      To any who read my above comment - thanks! It really means a lot. I just want to stress that my above comment is entirely my opinion. Regardless of whether or not you agree with me, I hope you found a game in this showcase to look forward to! And if not, I’m sure there’s plenty more so be shown soon!

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted 13 days ago +175

    Sooooo many good games! Definitely wanna get Ooblets, Elechead, and Another Crab's Treasure

    • Subzu
      Subzu 11 days ago

      @John Wellbeloved because of how it sounds i don't think it was their intention to make it sound like a slur

    • Subzu
      Subzu 11 days ago

      @Darkvoid how are the devs toxic

    • Ricky Bobby Roode
      Ricky Bobby Roode 12 days ago

      I like the indie directs but come on this was easily the worst one they’ve done.

    • Darkvoid
      Darkvoid 13 days ago +2

      @John Wellbeloved or you know, the toxic devs.

    • CNT
      CNT 13 days ago +1

      Don't buy Ooblets

  • Cheese4G
    Cheese4G 13 days ago +140

    This was a really cool looking slew of games! I'll definitely be adding Batora, ElecHead, and Wildfrost to my wishlist. Soundfall and Wayward Strand look cool too, but I don't think they're quite my thing.

    • Five Nights at Freddy's
      Five Nights at Freddy's 12 days ago +1

      @Ricky Bobby Roode tabs is actually a really well done game

    • official cringe 300
      official cringe 300 12 days ago

      @Ricky Bobby Roode is fall guys coming to the Nintendo switch

    • Ricky Bobby Roode
      Ricky Bobby Roode 12 days ago +1

      Really? They all looked bad to me.

    • Big Yoshi
      Big Yoshi 12 days ago


    • RosyChocobo
      RosyChocobo 13 days ago +1

      I have to agree but I don't why people say this Indie World was the worse one yet. This Indie World was alright and the games in this looked fun. I guess people was suspecting big games and I understand that but what do you suspect for this type of presentation. Just be glad that we are getting more games coming to Switch.

  • Secretor
    Secretor 13 days ago +64

    Oh my god! I can't believe they're bringing OneShot to the Switch! Yes!

    • Pandachu123
      Pandachu123 13 days ago +2

      I'm so excited for it!! 🤩

    • Waddle Burr
      Waddle Burr 13 days ago +2

      ​@Cuprite payed version has way more content. I'll say 2-4 times as long (depends if you do NG+ route). Play it on PC or switch. Either way, it is AMAZING.

    • Secretor
      Secretor 13 days ago +1

      @Cuprite, I look forward to you playing it. The payed version is also amazing.

    • Cuprite
      Cuprite 13 days ago +1

      Its been shown before, but ye. I've still yet to see the content added outside of the freeware version, so the Switch version is likely gonna be my excuse to experience it myself. :)

  • Faux Crow
    Faux Crow 13 days ago +41

    No one is talking about how good the cult of the lamb looks!

  • LayzPotato
    LayzPotato 13 days ago +7

    I saw oooblets and tabs being played years ago when they were in beta never knew they got a final version and im so exited to see it

    • Godzilla
      Godzilla 10 days ago +2

      Finnaly someone talks about tabs

  • Samuel Bernstein
    Samuel Bernstein 12 days ago +17

    *Looking at the comments here, SILT is already underrated. Looks incredible, an underwater Lovecraftian, anxiety fueled nightmare.*

    • Ecatirina Goddess
      Ecatirina Goddess 6 days ago +2

      It looks amazing, I might pick it up after my subnautica nightmares calm down...😅

    • P MF
      P MF 9 days ago +1

      Yep. Was expecting to see more people talking about it.

    • Lazily Lapis
      Lazily Lapis 10 days ago +1

      Yea it looks really good, I'm surprised how little comments there are.

    • HBerry
      HBerry 10 days ago

      It reminds me a bit of gris

  • XanyChew
    XanyChew 12 days ago +3

    TABS is an extremely underrated game. I’m so glad more people are gonna get to play it

  • Alex Dayz
    Alex Dayz 13 days ago +26

    Lots of good looking games! A few that caught my eyes where Ooblets, Elec Head, and Cult of the Lamb. Can’t wait for all of these

  • Paper Luigi
    Paper Luigi 13 days ago +181

    Guess not being a Hollow Knight fan payed off. I don’t get my hopes high. Still, more power to you guys. You’ll get Silksong someday.

    • Brent Wolgamott
      Brent Wolgamott 12 days ago

      Imagine not being a fan of hollow kinght

    • SagittariusAyy
      SagittariusAyy 13 days ago +3

      Yeah, I wasn’t expecting Silksong news this time, either. Helps to temper your expectations when you’re a Hollow Knight fan.

    • Ayden Rozzelle
      Ayden Rozzelle 13 days ago +1

      @Wyatt Rosebrock thank you

    • Wyatt Rosebrock
      Wyatt Rosebrock 13 days ago +1

      @Ayden Rozzelle they are both great

    • Ayden Rozzelle
      Ayden Rozzelle 13 days ago +1

      Play Hollow knight

  • Afronaut Explorer
    Afronaut Explorer 13 days ago +60

    Another crab's treasure looks the most intriguing out of all

    • james wannitt
      james wannitt 13 days ago +1

      They have an among us plush bro it’s going to be amazing

    • donkey Kong country master
      donkey Kong country master 13 days ago +1

      Yeah that's the one game I got very excited for when it was shown in the direct

  • DaSheepKiller
    DaSheepKiller 13 days ago +83

    Elechead, Gunbrella, and Another Crab's Treasure were the highlights of this for me.

  • Syrahl696
    Syrahl696 13 days ago +5

    OPUS: Echoes of Starsong didn't get much screen time in that montage, but it is a really good story. The gameplay is kind of just a vehicle to drive the story, with some light resource management and exploration mechanics. But the story absolutely knocks it out of the park. As long as you're not the type of player who skips all the cutscenes, definitely give it a closer look.

  • Andy Gun
    Andy Gun 13 days ago +13

    It's cool that TABS is finally coming to the switch!

  • Double Oof
    Double Oof 13 days ago +18

    I love indie games, they can make new ideas and take gameplay, narrative/worldbuilding and art style risks that no AAA game companies would make

    • jase276
      jase276 11 days ago

      @Ricky Bobby Roode The only thing AAA has over indie's anymore is graphics. Projects made by passionate devs will usually trump over projects made by overworked, soulless devs.

    • Subzu
      Subzu 11 days ago

      @Ricky Bobby Roode your telling me that AAA games are better than indie well lets talk about it most AAA games either A focus on graphics more than they focus on gameplay or b it focus on microtransaction and nonthing else. Now am i saying that all AAA games are like that no ghost of tshuima and horizon forbidden west for example, but most are atleast with a bad indie game i can still see thier love and care they putted into it but with AAA games i don't see that at all

    • Time Stamp
      Time Stamp 11 days ago

      @Ricky Bobby Roode These all seem awful. Especially "We Are OFK", yuck.

    • Ricky Bobby Roode
      Ricky Bobby Roode 12 days ago +2

      Yeah but most of the time with the exception of Super Giant they’re not anywhere near as good as AAA games.

  • BamboozledYT
    BamboozledYT 13 days ago +3

    Ooblets and another crabs treasure are definitely games i will get! I love the cute farm-y feel of ooblets and another crabs treasure just looks plain fun! DEFINITELY picking this up! Also, if u havent played it yet, i def Reccomend TABS!

  • SilverFlight01
    SilverFlight01 12 days ago

    Presentations like these ones show how great indie games can come from teams, big or small, given the time they absolutely need to make them.

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff 12 days ago

    Lots of good looking games! A few that caught my eyes where Ooblets, Elec Head, and Cult of the Lamb. Can’t wait for all of these

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    I am always so blown away and my heart is so warmed seeing the love and attention these developers put into their games. Such a labor of love from them - you can tell!
    Bravo to any of you that read this. Incredible work.

  • Jacinta Tate
    Jacinta Tate 13 days ago +2

    As an Ozzie I'm so excited for Wayward Strand. Looks really unique and fun.

  • Ennis W
    Ennis W 13 days ago +3

    Thanks for all indie game developers. Keep going for your dreams!

  • Aishutoon
    Aishutoon 13 days ago +25

    Soundfall and another crabs treasure look really good!

  • Mariya 0ver L!ve
    Mariya 0ver L!ve 12 days ago

    Always got to appreciate the small teams that make these beautiful little games.

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff 12 days ago

    Another Crab's Treasure looks really cute!! Definitely gonna be on my list of games to play.

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff 12 days ago

    Another Crab's Treasure looks really cute!! Definitely gonna be on my list of games to play.

  • Beta Wooper
    Beta Wooper 13 days ago +39

    So many charming and fun looking games, I don't think there was a single one didn't interest me at least a little.

  • ByronTheUsurper / Eatinggamer 39

    i LOVE ooblets, it looks amazing,

  • Big Private Dick Chinchilla

    Gunbrella looks sick, kinda sad that it will take about a year for it to release.

  • Peepoo
    Peepoo 13 days ago +42

    The games herr actually look really fun, cult of the lamb and mini motorways is on my list

    • Xyan Nail
      Xyan Nail 11 days ago +1

      One Shot. Big recommendation. I don't know what they thought leaving it for the end. Amazing soundtrack.

    • indi_ice
      indi_ice 12 days ago

      @Ricky Bobby Roode okay than?? what?? - Duster (C.C)

    • Ricky Bobby Roode
      Ricky Bobby Roode 12 days ago

      You couldn’t pay me to play mini motorways.

  • Senseless mind
    Senseless mind 13 days ago +105

    I repeat: I definitely recommend watching the Japanese Indie World, too. It gave a closer look at the games in the montage on top of having different games.

    • Valentino Lau
      Valentino Lau 13 days ago

      Ugh, Japanese Indie World doesn't mean every title could get their release outside Japan. Some titles might also be exclusive to Japan as well.

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 13 days ago +1

      W They're significantly better, he just has no taste.

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 13 days ago

      Hawshi Magi☆TV Then you should get a pair of glasses.

    • Rus
      Rus 13 days ago

      @Hawshi Magi☆TV could they be any worse than these?

  • Sabe Sunrise
    Sabe Sunrise 13 days ago +3

    I always love watching the Indie World Showcases :)

  • Toon Zelda
    Toon Zelda 13 days ago +4

    Mini Motorways was the highlight for me. I love how many possible traffic scenario's you can create. Its soo coool : DDD

  • Miguel Yanez
    Miguel Yanez 11 days ago

    I love watching these! The creativity is out of this world!

  • Cuprite
    Cuprite 13 days ago +16

    For me, the ones that caught my interest were ElecHead, Wildfrost (Chucklefish tho...), Gunbrella, Cult of the Lamb, and, of course, Oneshot. Maybe also Batora, not sure.
    Out of those, the one I'm most interested in is Oneshot, cause I just love that game so much (And haven't seen any of the new content added by the Steam version, so it getting put on Switch with presumably even more content is a great excuse for me to do so).

    • marioprime99
      marioprime99 13 days ago +1

      @Cuprite oh geez

    • Cuprite
      Cuprite 13 days ago +2

      @marioprime99 It should be fine in this case since they're just *publishing* the game, but they have a history of overworking their devs. Crunch issues, basically.
      I will say tho, idk if that's changed or not, but hopefully it has.

    • marioprime99
      marioprime99 13 days ago +1

      What happened with Chucklefish?

  • Justin Emlay
    Justin Emlay 12 days ago +1

    Gunbrella looks amazing!!! Love the graphic style!

  • Skadisson Deboye
    Skadisson Deboye 13 days ago +10

    Gunbrella got me unprepared, i adored GatoRoboto and am looking forward to be playing this dark and vibrant pixel cowboy game. ElecHead looks genious like one of those visionairy GameBoy games that pushed the mechanical boundaries by making complexity intuitive with the help of visual minimalism.

  • Jhen- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    I am always so blown away and my heart is so warmed seeing the love and attention these developers put into their games. Such a labor of love from them - you can tell!
    Bravo to any of you that read this. Incredible work.

  • IAN doneven
    IAN doneven 13 days ago +1

    these sets are incredible, its insane how far miamoto has come

  • Imrano Static
    Imrano Static 5 days ago

    Nintendo are killing it with indie games, look forward to playing We Are OFK, Another Crab's Adventure, Gibbon & Opus!

  • Evandro Eduardo
    Evandro Eduardo 13 days ago +2

    Esse vídeo é muito bom eu amei muito bom Nintendo vcs é o melhor 💓

  • Krakenjackz
    Krakenjackz 13 days ago +1

    Another Crabs Treasure, Ooblets and Gunbrella are straight nabs for me. Pretty fun showing today overall

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis 11 days ago

    Ooblets is totally the kind of game I'd get on Switch. I love the look and feel of it!

  • Nerd Alert!
    Nerd Alert! 12 days ago +1

    One of the best indie world we have gotten so far. TABS is a banger of a game and all of the others look AMAZING too

  • Joshuabump
    Joshuabump 13 days ago +32

    it's so cool seeing ElecHead coming to Switch
    I remember playing the demo for the game a couple years ago and loving it, I still have yet to play the full game but hey maybe I'll get it on Switch

  • Daniel Milcent
    Daniel Milcent 12 days ago

    It's wonderful how many different things there are, Gumbrella, Crab's Treasure, ElecHead... i'm always amazed how indie games bring universes you never imagined or never stopped to think about

  • makreel
    makreel 13 days ago +1

    Lots of cool little gems, another solid Indie World!!

  • Ayden Rozzelle
    Ayden Rozzelle 13 days ago

    This is one of the best indie showcases yet. It not only showed games I'm interested in, but will actually buy (another crabs treasure).

  • zHobz
    zHobz 13 days ago +1

    Wow such a good Indie Showcase. Games that stuck out for me were Elechead, Gumbrella, Mini Motorway, and that Crab Souls Game!

  • RedWrath Karu
    RedWrath Karu 12 days ago

    I've been playing Ooblets on EPIC since it was released. Super stoked to support them on the switch!

  • Tristan
    Tristan 13 days ago +8

    OneShot is a must play title. Also, I heard a lot of good things for OPUS. 😁

  • Erwin Ekkel
    Erwin Ekkel 13 days ago +22

    Elechead, gunbrella and that crab game look amazing!

  • Iced _Berries
    Iced _Berries 13 days ago +3

    I’ve been waiting SO LONG for ooblets to come to switch! It’s literally the perfect game for it!

  • ByronTheUsurper / Eatinggamer 39

    i love watching roguelike deckbuilders. I'm not great at playing them, I have steam World quest but I never got too far, but they're so cool to look at!

  • Christian Álvarez
    Christian Álvarez 12 days ago

    Indie games have an special place in my heart, this direct just reminded me

  • Evandro Eduardo
    Evandro Eduardo 13 days ago +2

    Eu não tenho console de Nintendo eu amei esses jogos 💓💓

  • WiiGi
    WiiGi 13 days ago +1

    Looking forward to Gunbrella, Cult of the Lamb, Elec Head, Another Crab's Treasure, and Soundfall!

  • Justin Montana
    Justin Montana 13 days ago +1

    Of all things, I am incredibly hype for Ooblets

  • dave food
    dave food 13 days ago +18

    "I just said it's supposed to be approachable"
    "Oh, what if every time you dodge-rolled, there was like a 1% chance you just trip and fall over"
    Best moment of the entire event.

  • Paranoia Corner
    Paranoia Corner 12 days ago

    After Going Under, I'm super excited about Another Crab's Treasure. Aggro Crab is killing it 🔥

  • ConditionallyUsed
    ConditionallyUsed 13 days ago +2

    SoundFall looks neat but I'm not good with rythmn. Yet wow, that is a lot of weapons and options for replay and finding best gear.

  • Gfam Vlogs
    Gfam Vlogs 13 days ago +1

    One of the best indie showcases we’ve gotten! Wow! These all look incredible!

  • NavariteAzuth
    NavariteAzuth 13 days ago +9

    Love the showcases, but at least allowing for placeholder items for the store for each of these would make it way easier to remember for desired future titles. Elechead looks amazing and i wish i could reserve my spot for it.

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff 12 days ago

    Soundfall and another crabs treasure look really good!

  • manamaster6
    manamaster6 12 days ago

    The team who developed Another Crab's Treasure was soooo cool.

  • Scruff Zilla
    Scruff Zilla 13 days ago +4

    Card Shark looks pretty great. Can’t wait to try out the demo. 👍

  • Landru soto
    Landru soto 13 days ago

    Nice! Elechead and another crabs treasure looks pretty cool!

  • Cam Freed
    Cam Freed 13 days ago +1

    Thank you Nintendo for always making fun games for ALL children all over the planet 🌏 we thank you! Sincerely the people of planet earth! ありがとうございました 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼

  • Shakenia Wakefield
    Shakenia Wakefield 13 days ago

    23:26 Very Happy to see Idol Manager coming to the switch!

  • thefiretailedweasel
    thefiretailedweasel 13 days ago +4

    We are OFK looks soooo fun

  • Ratoons
    Ratoons 12 days ago

    Would love to see those games come out on the nintendo switch ❤️

  • Dru Mo
    Dru Mo 13 days ago

    ElecHead and Another Crab's Treasure were the two best to me, gonna have to check them out.
    Almost forgot about Gunbrella.

  • SunHarvester GlobeEater

    Ooh, I'm excited for ElecHead, Silt, and Another Crab's Treasure! Wayward Strand also seems super intriguing, though it's not my usual cup of tea

  • The Richard
    The Richard 12 days ago

    I love Going Under, so I have high hopes for Another Crab’s Treasure. Hopefully it’s have the same composer.

  • derek221122
    derek221122 13 days ago +16

    If Gunbrella gets a physical release i'll buy it for sure!

    • derek221122
      derek221122 13 days ago +1

      @Nick Robbins don't know. But at least it gives people a chance to get a preview well in advance. Plenty of support thus far it seems.

    • Nick Robbins
      Nick Robbins 13 days ago

      Isn't that a 2023 release, why did they show it so early?

  • creekandseminole
    creekandseminole 13 days ago +19

    At this point Silksong is pretty much a huge Nintendo direct title to show off, not on indie directs anymore. No E3 this year, but June could still be a time for summer game news and maybe Nintendo will have something to show us.

    • smashinghappydays
      smashinghappydays 13 days ago

      Yeah theres no way it just get plugged randomly amongst other low grade indies

  • Jarle Klausen
    Jarle Klausen 13 days ago

    Some of this games were really impressing. Elechead, Gunbrella and Another Crab's Treasure were my 3 pick games.

  • Eastman Alucard
    Eastman Alucard 12 days ago

    Honestly been waiting for cult of the lamb since it was first announced and I am so hype for it. But also that wildfrost game getting some adventure time vibes.

  • superduperdrew12345
    superduperdrew12345 12 days ago

    Another crab's treasure seems really cool. The dig at Brawl's tripping mechanic seemed brave for a video on nintendo's youtube channel.

  • CookiesOnToast-MechaMinilla99

    That crab game looks awesome! Definitely playing that.

  • DavidG185
    DavidG185 13 days ago +4

    The only game I'm excited to play on the Switch as showcased in this presentation is Mini Motorways. Love it on Steam, will love it better on Switch.

  • That one Smugged Skeleton in your closet

    Indie directs never cease to amaze me

  • Magic25
    Magic25 13 days ago +7

    My personal stand outs include soundfall, gunbrella, wayward strand, and another crabs treasure. Of course I've also been interested in oneshot for a long time, but was unfortunately never able to get to it. Hope that changes soon though.

  • Sean Deehan
    Sean Deehan 13 days ago +7

    my favorite of the bunch was definitely Hollow Knight Silksong

  • kavoozle
    kavoozle 13 days ago +14

    I'm interested in a lot of the games shown (I think some people are being a bit too salty about these games just because of Silksong) and I love that Nintendo is spotlighting more indie games and development teams, but I gotta say it was painful listening to that narration at times lol. Made it kinda hard to sit through.

    • Spupa
      Spupa 12 days ago

      I didn't see anyone being salty.

    • Paulo Cardoso
      Paulo Cardoso 12 days ago +1

      This x1000. The games are always interesting, diverse, colourful, nothing wrong with them.
      The voiceover? Looks like they're talking to dogs! Read the room Nintendo...

    • Stygian Ikazuchi
      Stygian Ikazuchi 13 days ago +5

      Yeah the narration sounded EXTREMELY drawn out and unnatural...