Republicans Think Impeachment Hearings are BORING

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Trump claims he didn't watch the impeachment hearings, questions the existence of the whistleblower, Republicans focus on the hearings not being exciting enough, Mike Pence visits a NASA facility in California, Kellyanne Conway visits Wolf Blitzer, a new book is on the way from an anonymous current or former senior member of the administration, and Trump releases a new campaign ad with 'regular' people who claim they have had enough.
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    Republicans Think Impeachment Hearings are BORING
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Comments • 2 038

  • Joe Oats
    Joe Oats 4 days ago

    Jury duty is boring too; how stupid are people?

  • AK Riffle
    AK Riffle 5 days ago

    The Republicans think the iMpeaChMent heAriNgs are actually the "re-elect Donald Trump" hearings.

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz
    Cosimo Kramarawicz 8 days ago

    Careful that helmet has plunger spikes in the head phones.

  • Owlman 52
    Owlman 52 10 days ago

    Boring....the Russia saga was better. Impeach Fotifif 2nd season sucks!

  • SeanW Wilson
    SeanW Wilson 11 days ago

    Trump won almost 3 years ago. I think we're over the lost by now.

  • Bob Riedel
    Bob Riedel 12 days ago

    Impeachment will never happen - It's a liberal's wet dream. P.S. - Trump will win reelection by a landslide over the WEAKEST Democrats ever fielded!

  • firestream93
    firestream93 13 days ago

    It's not that they're boring...
    A waste of time is probably a better way of describing them.

  • David Cordle
    David Cordle 14 days ago

    That lady ate too many edibles before the show

  • Jaywalk 2020
    Jaywalk 2020 14 days ago

    OK, so, Impeachment Hearings will be much more interesting if they start arresting trump operatives who refuse to honor subpoenas.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 16 days ago

    This comment section is so sad

  • Zach Hamm
    Zach Hamm 18 days ago

    it was so hard to watch with that one woman you can hear laugh at freaking everything soooooooo loud and squeeky

  • it's pinkish
    it's pinkish 19 days ago

    You're the boring one jemmeh...

  • visvesh P
    visvesh P 20 days ago

    whos that lady laughing so weird....stop audience

  • Shane Godman
    Shane Godman 21 day ago

    This dude is so far left it isn’t even funny. TRUMP 2020

  • climatixseuche
    climatixseuche 21 day ago

    I assume, I think, I heard someone has told someone ... get a grip you clowns

  • joker13parasiempre
    joker13parasiempre 22 days ago

    Who was laughing that hard I love her I know it was a she lol

  • bob lee
    bob lee 22 days ago

    gee, the only thing more boring than the hearing is jimmy kimmel... how big is your audience now? 12 people? lol

  • Da Guy
    Da Guy 23 days ago

    The reason more people are joining the democratic presidential race is, the establishment dems & their donors/owners are afraid of Berni & want to block him out

  • Judy Pyle
    Judy Pyle 23 days ago

    Republicans are sheep being led by a bizarre human being that is so ignorant he can't even speak like an adult!

  • general shepard
    general shepard 23 days ago

    No One cares about your Boomer soap Opera.

  • Bruce McDonald
    Bruce McDonald 23 days ago

    I didn't find it boring. The only time I muted my tv, was when trump was lying. (I mean he was on screen)

  • Jeffery Butler
    Jeffery Butler 24 days ago

    Anyone else see that huge glob of spit come out of Eric’s mouth at 2:33

  • TheAlphahyena
    TheAlphahyena 24 days ago

    It's ALWAYS boring when your side is losing! Suck it up!

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy 24 days ago

    It wouldn't be boring if Trump lied... I mean testified.

  • Dodo
    Dodo 24 days ago

    Yeah its boring. A pointless impeachment hearing that has no chance of succeeding.
    Total waste of time.

  • Shirley Randolph
    Shirley Randolph 24 days ago

    Trump make's his idol Putin proud .. dictator in training

  • Joe S
    Joe S 24 days ago

    What else do you expect immature illiterate children to think?...

  • Liam Peters
    Liam Peters 24 days ago


  • The Music Gods
    The Music Gods 24 days ago

    Give up you dumbass he’s still got 4 more years to go kimmel is a big pussy ass hater

  • Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    The law and order party (read as: as long as it's the proletariat, the law applies)

  • Derek Spencer
    Derek Spencer 25 days ago

    What a joke, Trump 2020!!!

  • Lenice Y Dixon
    Lenice Y Dixon 25 days ago

    Did Pence give demand that NASA present proof that the Earth is round?

  • Eric William's
    Eric William's 25 days ago

    I'm not bored


    Yup, discussing the constitution, low, policy is boring for the GOP. Should’ve thrown some 🐈 grabbing in there, xenophobia, naming calling and child insults ...

  • Justin Caleb
    Justin Caleb 25 days ago

    Republicans Think Impeachment Hearings are BORING
    Democrats think Impeachment is for presidents they dont like.

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    Kimmel I am was in your show

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    Never He's crucial with le Raymond Aron

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    the sink-pad brought to you by castlevania
    what's in case you dont' know?

  • Kimberly Morales
    Kimberly Morales 25 days ago

    That ladies laugh ..

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    _Whe shall see, we shall see..._ 10/10-ty

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    temperature: what the jury is? Onions? Burger

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    reported: undiligent _they shall know what an impeachment is_

    • Lahom Bombay
      Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

      il a l'esprit crane (french) ...while a crane...

  • Bill Fausel
    Bill Fausel 25 days ago +1

    Get ready for another 4 years everyone sick of Democrats lies

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    star wars could testify only if Before Giant...
    that's already reading sometimes No legacy ("star wars has no legacy")
    ...No, boring: unstable...

  • Cymbolic Human
    Cymbolic Human 25 days ago

    All these court cases and hearings viewed on TV are boring. Why pick on one hearing
    when all of them are? Why people hate jury duty and city hall and company dinners....

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    the perfect phone call is the cia creativity around the Alexandre Benalla Case
    import YES/NO?
    I hate this Guy (Yellow Jackets), now is that bad...
    And just in the middle of the fake news, an impeachment, my man!

    • Lahom Bombay
      Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

      YES we see what material
      the outlook (G.S.P.R) was Italy neo-conservatives
      he is the stable genius

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    Jean-Pierre Rives is everywhere _moi, je crois que je vais pas en toucher un bout_
    We might choose Spain 2 - 2 Morocco
    we live out there
    where is the "shift"

  • bijan bijan
    bijan bijan 25 days ago

    Omygod did you notice ? The entire Republican party got together to neutralize the impeachment hearing and all they could come up with was the hearing was boring ? One after another they came on stage and repeated this assinine idiotic adlebrain meaningless comment one after another ? Kids in kindergartens must be laughing how stupid are these people ? These are the people running this country ?? Oh my god I am moving to Canada .

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    the case stairs of Carlito's Way 🕉

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    Bakou starts my azerty: Nice but small!
    - at the end of the tournament, the pot-aux-roses is découvert -
    They really have no intellectualisation and Jay dub = CYBER PUNK, you mean nothing to me, bastard

  • Spiritualistic
    Spiritualistic 25 days ago

    To republicans I'd say it's better to be 'boring' than to be completely full of sh!t 🙄

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    the bastardly impeached W key is a prequel to the whistleblowing meme. All in all, we're not short with or whithout Jimmy Kimmel. I'm afraid it wouldn't be a joint for you
    I couldn't see what mattering in the oil system

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 25 days ago

    jean-michel apathie the whistle-blowed incertitude to say something diferrent
    there's a dinner, meeting with François de Rugy, made famous with the yellow jackets climate, the journalist has a few words ahead we can call transcript of the Republican campaign. I might be saying

  • Nadia Victoria
    Nadia Victoria 25 days ago

    Elon Musk is right.
    We are living in a computer simulation.
    Because no one can be as stupid as Trump.

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub 25 days ago

    If it's boring, lets get it over with and move on to better than nothing

  • The Iron Sheeeka
    The Iron Sheeeka 25 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 BITCHES !!!

  • Colby's Parents Had A Real Good Marriage

    Almost as boring as watching Jimmy's show.... Bring back David Letterman

  • Ken Mcfann
    Ken Mcfann 25 days ago

    I care what the hearing has to say.

  • happy World
    happy World 26 days ago

    i agree jimmy
    i am 10 love your vids