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“get the look” q+a with ariana grande | r.e.m. beauty

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • surprise! we’re sending you to the sixties with a brand new makeup tutorial, featuring some of our favorite products from chapters 1 + 2 (and more…)
    keep watching as Ariana Grande answers some burning questions from our while creating this stunning lavender graphic eye glam 💜
    featured products:
    calming face mist: rem.beauty/3sstESH
    cooling blurring undereye balm: rem.beauty/3N7xUPm
    eyeshadow palette (groovy baby): rem.beauty/3PkpO83
    eyeshadow palette (gogo boots): rem.beauty/3PiMepX
    eyeshadow palette (smitten kitten): rem.beauty/3FHFXA3
    metallic gel eyeshadow (affirmation): rem.beauty/3yzYflc
    eyeliner marker (midnight black): rem.beauty/3FK3h04
    kohl eyeliner pencil (so mod): rem.beauty/3PfOFtv
    lengthening mascara (midnight black): rem.beauty/3FI9Wrn
    cheek + lip stick (audition): rem.beauty/3N8Pm63
    plumping lip gloss (vcr): rem.beauty/3FEte0I
    plumping lip gloss (clear): rem.beauty/3l3VyQK
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  • ItsRissa
    ItsRissa Day ago +4

    Okay this is exactly what I needed rn 😍😂

  • Thiq Betty
    Thiq Betty Day ago +2

    Ariana needs to do some Flash-Player or Instagram livestreams like this, it would be amazing

  • YouTube
    YouTube Day ago +3

    ari is in her beauty creator era and im here for it!!!

  • A Toney
    A Toney 19 hours ago +306

    Ari’s accents, the jazz, her mom collecting and naming every product, the plethora of background noises- pure chaos and I loved it 🤣 also r.e.m. sounds like Ari M. to me- aka Ariana Makeup ?!

  • Xavier
    Xavier Day ago +2

    I love how Ariana gave full responses to the questions she answered. Also she was very cute in this video (as always)! :) <3

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing 19 hours ago +185

    She’s been working so hard for the past three years and becoming a business woman. I will patiently be waiting for her to release a song whenever she’s ready

  • stacia allen
    stacia allen Day ago +6

    I really feel like Ariana should start doing more q&a / livestream with her fans / us about R.E.M. beauty. R.E.M. beauty is such an beautiful content. 🤍

  • Unknown
    Unknown 19 hours ago +208

    I live how Ari’s voice changes when she talks to her mom. Her voice becomes more sweet and she even calls her “mommy” how adorable 😭. You can tell she really loves her mom!

  • love4eva
    love4eva Day ago +410


  • Chocolate Coco 85
    Chocolate Coco 85 19 hours ago +146

    Ari- “I naturally have really dark circles”

  • pobeaxk plays
    pobeaxk plays Day ago +175

    I love how Ariana calls her mom "mommy" because that is what i call my mom and people make fun of me for it. Love you Ari!!🤍

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    As an Arianator for almost 10 years I feel so proud. She seems to really put a lot of work into everything she does and it’s amazing to see her progress over the years.❤️

  • marvel ntuk
    marvel ntuk Day ago +6

    i’m here for her influencer era.. 😭✨

  • 00:00
    00:00 Day ago +130

    To be honest it does make me really sad that Ariana isn't going to release music soon, but it makes me even happier to see her enjoying everything she does.

  • Kayjay dubb
    Kayjay dubb 21 hour ago +151

    I swear Ariana perfumes are the best fragrances out. She knows how to put out a good perfume. Hers are my top fav perfumes out

  • Sophia Muñoz
    Sophia Muñoz Day ago +44

    I think Nona just needs her own show. I love her!

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago +2

    Ari saying "I love you mommy" in like a baby sweet voice is so WHOLESOME. We love u sm arii

  • Trinity Rhodes
    Trinity Rhodes 4 hours ago +1

    Can we appreciate her music when she’s ready and wants to make it .. we love you Ari and glad to see you’re happy 💖

  • Claire Isabella
    Claire Isabella Day ago +1

    "my eyes are plowed by... the dick of darkness" ariana you never disappoint

  • Becca Mansour
    Becca Mansour Day ago +45

    I like that she’s steering away from that “Ariana Grande persona” that she’s put on for so many years. I feel like she’s being more her regular self lately.