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Tua Is Getting KILLED Over Video "Under Throwing" Tyreek Hill | Pat McAfee Reacts

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • I mean... CONGRATS AND THANK YOU TOM. What an INSANE deal!
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Comments • 1 642

  • Brian K
    Brian K Day ago +812

    Thankful that Pat McAfee is here on Flash-Player. I stopped watching NFL off-season nonsense. Nice to see this show not spreading nonsense, show one rep in practice and try to make something out of it, geez.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Day ago +334

    When Randy Moss came in to the league, the quarterbacks at camp had a pool that would go to the first person who could overthrow him on a go. Dudes can run 40 yards in 4.3 secs, that’s almost 10 yards a second. Any little hiccup with the snap, or anything probably puts a dude 10 yards further away than the play design. 70 yards 7 secs from the moment the ball moves. This is a slower developing drop back due to the play action. TH might have been 40 yards away when Tua set his feet

  • Cj Boyer
    Cj Boyer Day ago +35

    As a Chiefs fan who watched Hill play with Alex Smith I can assure you Tua’s arm strength won’t stop Tyreek from going off.

  • Terry Lemley
    Terry Lemley Day ago +416

    This could just be a timing issue.. qbs and wrs have to be in sync with each other. Tua just needs a little time to figure out hills speed. That's all. This is being over blown.

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson Day ago +277

    We’ve all watched Hill for years do this. I questioned multiple times if Patrick and Hill didn’t plan the play like that. The DB’s so afraid of getting burnt he can come back a little n it’s an easy catch

  • One Opinion
    One Opinion Day ago +260

    As long as everyone watches this take Tua will get a break. You make a solid point. Also , can’t wait for your title run.

  • cole elder
    cole elder Day ago +140

    I'll give the kid another year but he has a great roster around Gesicki and Waddle were already good receivers and now you add hill. He's got a solid O-line and just added Terron Armstead and on top of that the fins have a one of the best DB cores. If they don't go over .500 there's no excuse.

  • George Scott P.
    George Scott P. Day ago +98

    Tyreek is literally the fastest guy in the NFL, every QB that’s played with him has under thrown a ball to this guy.

  • i have no idea what is going on

    real smooth brain moment for the dolphins media team. way to add fuel to the “tua has a noodle arm” fire, just what we needed in a slow news cycle.

  • MoonlightUmbreon🌙

    Being a Dolphins fan, Tua has gotten so much crap over the littlest details. Yeah, he doesn't have that much of a rocket arm, but every year he has constantly got either injured or not had a good OLine. People don't give him enough credit with being accurate with the ball when he needs to. I don't care what haters say about my Phins, I will always support them, no matter what!

  • Lance Pulver
    Lance Pulver Day ago +5

    Keep it up, Pat! you're doing a great job!!

  • Phantom Shadowfax
    Phantom Shadowfax Day ago +11

    i love Tua. he works hard and hes a good dude. I've seen Hill have to come back for a Mahomes pass dozens of times. its part of football. PHINS UP!

  • ross8816
    ross8816 Day ago +4

    '98 vikes fan here. This is what Randy Moss looks like on a variety of deep touchdowns. rest easy miami

  • Randy
    Randy Day ago +143

    Tyreek Hill: "It's all good, Patrick used to throw it lefty at practice sometimes and it was just like Tua"

  • Shaun S
    Shaun S Day ago +36

    The thing I like most about that Tua video is how sick he looks with that fisherman's hat at practice.

  • Double T Sports
    Double T Sports Day ago

    I love this show and pat and the guys are unbiased about everything

  • Mathew DiStefano
    Mathew DiStefano Day ago +188

    I, for one, think Tua gets way too much flack and I’m a rival bills’ fan. He’s won a lot of games for not even having two full seasons under his belt yet.

  • Matthew Peterson
    Matthew Peterson Day ago +40

    As a dolphins fan, I’m stoked for this season. Pat is right Tua hasn’t had a legitimate chance yet either due to injury or bad O line. This year our O line is significantly better and we have possibly the best offensive roster in the league. If we don’t do well this year it’ll come down to 1 of 2 things. Either Tua or the head coach.

  • Big D
    Big D Day ago +13

    I'm not sure why people just wait for Tua to do something not perfect to start crap. So good that someone like you has common sense.

  • Bryson Caldwell
    Bryson Caldwell Day ago +6

    Most people that think they know how to play QB or throw a football never played QB or thrown a football.