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submitting this next time an audition asks me to add an "asian accent"

  • Published on May 9, 2022
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  • ISwift
    ISwift 14 days ago +24

    You very honorably captured the lack of dishonoring your ancestors. You captured this role with great honor.

  • RadioDragon
    RadioDragon 14 days ago +12

    Ah yes, Asia. That famously homogeneous part of the world that shares a single language and culture. How I long to eat moon cakes and Saag Paneer as I watch the Sakura blossoms fall in Hanoi.

  • GulDukatDidNothingWrong

    I went to Japan and this is EXACTLY how everyone talked. Men, women, children, and all in english as well. It was very surprising.

  • Jan Rupert Alfeche
    Jan Rupert Alfeche 19 hours ago +1

    Them: "Can you do an Asian accent?"

  • Gamer Sisters
    Gamer Sisters 14 days ago +1

    I love how you don't have a single expression on your face, it really eccentuates the absolute passive-agressiveness and i live for it lmao

  • morgan e.
    morgan e. Day ago +926

    Casting Director: "Okay can you give us an Asian accent?"

  • Scott Almighty
    Scott Almighty 14 days ago +23

    I imagine as a Korean-American the fact that "Asian accent" is usually code for "Japanese accent" adds an extra layer of salt to everything.

  • KnucklesAndBig
    KnucklesAndBig Day ago +2

    I love that Sungwon, a Korean-American, added the Japanese "good morning" for that extra salty emphasis on the stereotypical Chinese "honor" speech

  • Matthew Bertrand
    Matthew Bertrand Day ago +1

    wow, Sungwon's skills are incredible. he really did sound like every single person from Asia, a continent with only one type of person throughout its dozens of nations and hundreds of regions, even though he clearly isn't of Asian descent since he doesn't sound

  • Intrafacial86
    Intrafacial86 14 hours ago +505

    does an Indian accent

  • Joel Delica
    Joel Delica 16 hours ago +286

    Yes, that’s absolutely true. We Asians have that one single progenitor. That most honorable Samurai from Japan.

  • AndSorrowsEnd
    AndSorrowsEnd 16 hours ago +632

    Them: can you do an Asian accent?

  • ShrekAteMyOnions
    ShrekAteMyOnions 14 days ago +12

    Whoa… it really sounds like he’s speaking in Asian! Sungwon sure is an incredible voice actor!

  • Serenity Klein
    Serenity Klein Day ago +292

    I see the acting/voice acting industry is still committed to their whole "could you be a bit more... *urban*?" way of casting minorities.

  • Calisifer Grinn
    Calisifer Grinn Day ago +778

    Lifehack: Next time they ask for “Asian “, hit them with some Tuvan throat singing; they’ll give you the role on account of them thinking you are a warlock or something.

  • The Silver Lance Saga
    The Silver Lance Saga 16 hours ago +69

    This is basically true. However for fun. When they ask for an asian accent. I would just use your normal voice, then when they try to say that its wrong be all "well I am Asian and this is what I sound like." Then try to make them squirm by hinting that they're racist and see how what they say.

    ORMONDROPON 19 hours ago +171

    The real question is: when this bit inevitably gets you a gig, how mad are you going to be?

  • Octorocker
    Octorocker Day ago +72

    It’s especially funny when you put all of the accents in Asia side by side. I imagine a studio implicitly wanting a Japanese accent and then the VA suddenly starts screaming at them in a Filipino accent

  • Toganium
    Toganium 14 days ago +14

    The amount of spite here is actually kind of entertaining.

  • Connor
    Connor Day ago +83

    This feels like it was recorded 5 minutes after he got out of a bad audition.