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Bexar County Sheriff launches investigation into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022
  • The Bexar County Sheriff announced he's opened a criminal investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis'S operation - sending migrants from San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard.
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  • MrMe
    MrMe 9 days ago +38

    Next time you see a sign on someone’s lawn that says “open up our borders”, just go inside and make your self a sandwich!

    • Chris Topher
      Chris Topher 18 hours ago

      Who's putting signs on their lawn like that?

    • astrosoup
      astrosoup Day ago

      they were here legally

    • Ralph Padilla
      Ralph Padilla 7 days ago +1

      God made man. Man made borders.
      God placed people in a particular part of the earth. Some have traveled far to the lands of others to stake claim to their lands illegally.
      I'm sure that many European descendants think of this land as theirs. It isn't. This land is occupied land that belongs to Native Americans so if you don't have any Native American blood flowing through your veins then you really don't belong here. If migrants have to go that means you have to go too. And take your family too. Don't forget to let the door hit your ass on the way out!

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones 7 days ago

      Well to be fair though Martha's vineyard did deport them away the moment they got on the property. It was probably the property values going down. I heard if anyone is there that makes less then 6 figures then the values just start to drop.

  • Bob Abooey
    Bob Abooey 9 days ago +83

    Did he interview people when 53 people died in a truck?

    • Notinterested
      Notinterested 7 days ago

      Im sure they did, but it wasn't front page news.

    • Namfonos
      Namfonos 8 days ago

      it's almost as though people don't apply their moral standards and scrutiny equally regardless of political affiliation

  • Sarah Robert
    Sarah Robert 10 days ago +143

    Wow Martha’s Vineyard. Welcome to being a sanctuary.

  • cody4282 jr
    cody4282 jr 8 days ago +27

    It’s a long time since a politician got me to laugh this hard with out me laughing at them.

  • it's not me
    it's not me 10 days ago +89

    That was short and sweet. Almost like they haven’t had 2 million people come across the border

    • james summers
      james summers 9 days ago

      And they took all your 2 million jobs too, ill bet

    • Sue Howie
      Sue Howie 10 days ago +3

      What did Mexico agree to fund to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars after negotiations with Biden?Hint; it's not a flimsy wall...

  • arnie W
    arnie W 10 days ago +89

    I think this sheriff needs to take care of business in his backyard first.

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly Flower 10 days ago +189

    Pissed because they got exposed. 🤷‍♀️

    • Raymond Cabral, Realtor MVP Realty Associates
      Raymond Cabral, Realtor MVP Realty Associates 6 days ago

      This is what you call "NIMBY"

    • ADenizen abroad
      ADenizen abroad 6 days ago +1

      Nah I don’t keep up on conservative cognitive bias, also given the fact that those “hypocritical” liberals stepped up the ball plate and helped out a lot these families that were displaced, the only hypocrisy Inside comes from ppl who describe themselves as Christian and conservative, two concepts slowly becoming more and more paradoxical by the day

  • Mike Mian
    Mike Mian 8 days ago +96

    When we said we were a "sanctuary" city, we actually meant we were a sanctimonious city.
    We've got money for an investigation into a Florida governor but not enough to house illegal immigrants for more than 2 days.

    • Julie Hare
      Julie Hare 5 days ago

      @Eduardo Gomez I think most people in here do not understand the immigration process.

    • Eduardo Gomez
      Eduardo Gomez 6 days ago

      they shouldn't be in our country illegally period much less are state

  • Rachel Compton
    Rachel Compton 9 days ago +59

    Looks like Bexar county needs a new sheriff in town!

    • Rachel Compton
      Rachel Compton 7 days ago

      @JoAnn Johnson MV host parties which draw in thousands, they couldnt house 50? (Hint:) They could, they didnt want to! Believe your lies else where! I am a mother of 8 (Still married to their father) My husband supports us 100%, I homeschool them, we grow our own food, mow our own lawn, preserve our own food, clean our own house, etc! So definitely not above taking care of our own family (My husband and I)
      Do people in MV mow their own lawns? Or are they above that?

    • JoAnn Johnson
      JoAnn Johnson 7 days ago

      Martha's Vineyard has no way of housing 50 people so they had to go to the base till sorted out where and how. At least these people will do the work Americans don't and won't. Be thankfully their here to be nanny's, for kids and disabled parents, housekeepers, farm workers, gardeners, etc. God knows you folks are to above doing it.

  • The Legion is not Amused
    The Legion is not Amused 10 days ago +70

    Bexar county? That departments got its own issues without throwing shade.

  • gameofyou1
    gameofyou1 10 days ago +240

    Maybe they should investigate why these people got flown to Florida in the first place.

    • XWolven
      XWolven 7 days ago

      @Juan Macias that's human redirecting... Sending them to the ones professing to want them. And protesting the lack of treating the huge problem of too many immigrants in border states. So make it their problem

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis 8 days ago

      @RoboFuryMan Because of Biden !

    • Macho Comacho
      Macho Comacho 8 days ago +1

      @J.W. Braun If it is indeed a fact that DeSantis did fly them from Texas to Florida, I don't think that particularly means DeSantis wants, or needs, undocumented persons in Florida. Apparently, Martha's Vineyard doesn't particularly want illegals either. They only "say" they do - - but they really want conservatives to worry about how to accommodate them.

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    It’s a long time since a politician got me to laugh this hard with out me laughing at them.

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    It’s a long time since a politician got me to laugh this hard with out me laughing at them.

  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 10 days ago +9

    Bought and Paid for....Follow the money trail!

  • Maria Ceniceros
    Maria Ceniceros 10 days ago +27

    This has to stop. It should be unconstitutional to use our tax money to help the illegal immigrants when we have American citizens homeless and hungry in our own country.

    • Jim Long
      Jim Long 9 days ago

      @Brad Hombre I personally know several so yhea its true. Also don't think. Go figure it out so you will knkw.

    • Jim Long
      Jim Long 9 days ago

      @Brad Hombre yes they do I work in a clinic none can speak English all have medicaid and other benefits, and they all drive cars 5 years or newer some even have Mercedes. Helps when you work for zero taxes.

  • 먹자골목 corner eatery

    They think he's scared of it???
    Not in a million years

    • Jack Eagleeye
      Jack Eagleeye 10 days ago

      @James Hawk 101 Sup Ivan?

    • James Hawk 101
      James Hawk 101 10 days ago +1

      @cerebrum excrement the money to pay for this came from interest on funds given to Florida by the federal government and was voted on through legislation in which 98% of Florida democrated voted yes on.

    • cerebrum excrement
      cerebrum excrement 10 days ago

      you know what i think? i think desantis should keep spending taxpayers money to send these migrants to better communities across the country. they are already thanking him for enriching their lives. now i know why desantis had such a huge problem with $10k loan forgiveness to american nurses, teachers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, accountants, small business owners, etc. he rather spend $10k+ for each migrant to make sure their lives are better! 🤣

    • The Monkey
      The Monkey 10 days ago

      @James Hawk 101

  • J Fly
    J Fly 10 days ago +46

    Launch an investigation to the open border where they came through in the first place!!!!

    • RubbishFPS
      RubbishFPS 10 days ago +3

      The one in Florida that Ron buys people from, lies to them and then traffics them across state lines illegally?

    • Curtis Jeffries
      Curtis Jeffries 10 days ago +2

      They dont wanna do any REAL work. Theyd rather do the imaginary, fake kind.

  • missmiss76541
    missmiss76541 10 days ago +32

    They drop off a bus full on San Pedro every day. What is he doing for them?

    • missmiss76541
      missmiss76541 10 days ago +2

      @Benny Martinez they just said on the news, they're staying in motels.

    • Benny Martinez
      Benny Martinez 10 days ago +3

      Exactly a bunch of hypocrites

  • Uncle John
    Uncle John 10 days ago +11

    🤣 Yeah ok… WTF ever. Let us know how that works out for him….

  • Tom Henry
    Tom Henry 10 days ago +80

    Is he the sheriff who locked them up on an army base

    • Virginia Evelyn
      Virginia Evelyn 7 days ago

      You obviously have never been on a base lol. They have housing and barracks. Even running water.

    • Tim Kelley
      Tim Kelley 8 days ago


  • John Chambers
    John Chambers 9 days ago +1

    If only this sheriff was 20-percent more interested in protecting our public schools than political grandstanding and parading in some stupid paramilitary uniform, his county would be much improved.

  • booyakashaboy
    booyakashaboy 6 days ago

    I think the good people of Bexar County (Pronounced "BEAR", don't ask me why) need to make it their mission in life to get this woke sheriff away from this or any other position of authority where he can do no more harm.

  • literally always the Jews

    I dare the sheriff to go down there and try anything. Let us know how it goes.

    AVENUE 9 days ago +2

    I heard that this Sheriff also just opened an investigation into the Kennedy assassination.

  • Billyjoesmo
    Billyjoesmo 8 days ago +2

    Meanwhile, investigations of unsolved murders rape and violent crimes take a back seat to the horrific vacation to Martha's vineyard investigation.
    It looks like it's time to elect a new sheriff folks.

  • glenn struzinski
    glenn struzinski 8 days ago +14

    Maybe he should investigate the 51 that died baking in a box car in his jurisdiction?

  • DAVE Smith
    DAVE Smith 9 days ago +7

    Check for Sheriff's offshore accounts

    • James
      James 9 days ago

      Or DeSantis!

  • Uhm
    Uhm 9 days ago +33

    With zero laws actually broken. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police, He told Stalin, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” we're treading into this same mindset.

    • Dale Hood
      Dale Hood 7 days ago

      Uhm, sadly, I think you have got this "spot on"!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tou siuey
    tou siuey 2 days ago

    Well played sir.

  • Letitia Crowe
    Letitia Crowe 8 days ago

    Well, if you are going to be displaced...a wealthy community would be the place. It is questionably spiteful to send illegal aliens to other parts of the country uninvited, but not criminal.
    Lets all remember that terrorists and criminals use these same routes. We need to be watchful but also humanitarian.
    Just because someone in the company hired blows it, does not mean criminal intent was implied.
    Illegal aliens should not be complaining unless, hunger, thirst, cruelty, etc. Boys club needs lessons in social etiquette.

  • cody4282 jr
    cody4282 jr 8 days ago +1

    Well played sir.

  • Neil Wiggins
    Neil Wiggins 10 days ago +4

    Government punishment for political disparity--a.k.a. wickedness.

  • Joshua Borne
    Joshua Borne 6 days ago

    Wait a moment the Federal government can send illegal immigrants all over the USA by plane under cover of darkness, but Gov DeSantis cannot?? Sounds like someone with political clout got to the sheriff

  • Bill Hansen
    Bill Hansen 8 days ago +1

    What authority allows a Texas Sheriff to investigate a Florida Governor?

  • XWolven
    XWolven 7 days ago

    it's human redirecting... Sending them to the ones professing to want them. And protesting the lack of treating the huge problem of too many immigrants in border states. So make it their problem.

  • Andres D
    Andres D 9 days ago +24

    Who flew them to Florida in the first place 🤔 oh biden in the middle of the night 🌙

    • Master Blaster
      Master Blaster 7 days ago

      @Beau Campbell restards, you cant fight it.

  • Ulises G
    Ulises G 9 days ago +33

    BEXAR county Sheriffs department and sapd are real tough against parents and law abiding citizens.

    • Andy Christ
      Andy Christ 8 days ago

      You people will still back the blue either way...

  • Paul Newkirk
    Paul Newkirk 8 days ago +18

    So, the aliens sent to Abilene said yes, thats where I want to go. Please don't send me to Martha's Vinyard. Lol

  • Bob Willis
    Bob Willis 10 days ago +11

    Biden set the example for the Gov's

  • Conor Bowen
    Conor Bowen 10 days ago +8

    This makes little sense to me, half the people who stay at Martha's Vineyard are from Florida.

  • the new news
    the new news 5 days ago

    That's hilarious... Did you want to investigate how these immigrants got here? Or just the man responsible for fixing the problem.

  • bearden3d
    bearden3d 10 days ago +16

    Why shouldn’t they have to have some migrants too!

  • masked amender
    masked amender 10 days ago +34

    Does anyone else appreciate news stories that matter like this.... but also hate the fact that they're ONLY 23 freaking seconds?!?! Come on KXAN this ISN'T the Flash-Player "shorts" section!!!

    • masked amender
      masked amender 9 days ago

      @rand mayfield thank you I appreciate that!!! It's just that early in the morning while I'm making my coffee and scrolling not fully awake, I think 😌 & click on it and realize oh its not full story.... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Lol
      Lol seriously though thank you!!

    • rand mayfield
      rand mayfield 9 days ago +2

      Go to the main channel and is there's a longer version. Most of the time there is.

    • David o'keefe
      David o'keefe 10 days ago +1

      They're investigating why they did not send more planes.

  • Ich bin Biden Ich bin dein Herrscher

    That cop is a joke 😂🤣😂🤣

  • me
    me 9 days ago +1

    Then this Sheriff should be under investigation for allowing illegal immigrants coming into the country.

  • Mitchell Campbell
    Mitchell Campbell 10 days ago +4

    So this guy wants to be famous, huh? A quick search and I see that he’s gotten himself into a few controversies. Seems like he doesn’t plan on winning again in 2024 LOL

    • Matt McEwen
      Matt McEwen 9 days ago +2

      Oh no Mitchell.... ignoring millions of illegals flooding our country by the tune of 10 - 20,000 a day, that is not controversial.

  • ML McDowell
    ML McDowell 8 days ago

    Great use of police time. This should land him a job w the FBI.

  • gary K
    gary K 10 days ago +20

    Oh, good grief!

  • Nick King
    Nick King 9 days ago

    Hilarious until we realize that our Republic is in danger...

  • Raymond Cabral, Realtor MVP Realty Associates

    Bexar county sherrif should concentrate on reducing violent crime in Bexar county and not be wasting valuable resources on suing a sitting governor for doing his Job. It's time for the citizens of Bexar county to vote this flunky of a sherrif out of office. As law enforcement officials there are better things he should be doing!!!

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7 9 days ago

    The swamp is despicable and lucky for most citizens of this once great country DJT drained it enough for US to See

  • Michael Feliciano
    Michael Feliciano 9 days ago

    They entered the country illegally, breaking the law ......

  • Eric Northman
    Eric Northman 7 days ago

    They are more concerned about people who broke the law. When you commit a crime, don't you go to jail ? We really need to vote in people who actually care about citizens of this country ... Our homeless who are citizens are not getting the help they need..

  • Rey Tech
    Rey Tech 10 days ago +21

    What a clown that sheriff is

    • The Dodge D100 build
      The Dodge D100 build 7 days ago

      @Patricia Perez Lady, he's the sheriff, not the boarder control....stop repeating Fox News talking points, they aren't smart.

    • The Dodge D100 build
      The Dodge D100 build 9 days ago

      @new life lol. I think we got a Proud Boy 🌈 over here!!!!
      So you're cool with human trafficking? Some people always want to be a victim.

  • Mr.Grotto
    Mr.Grotto 8 days ago

    This area pays less than 4k per million in home taxes. Gotta love entitlement.

  • Pete
    Pete 7 days ago

    Well let's send them all to Bexar county then. If caught anyplace else in Texas after that than sue the Sheriff.

  • Alpharoth
    Alpharoth 10 days ago +3

    i just picture morgan freeman..."good luck"

  • big foot67
    big foot67 9 days ago

    Leave him alone man.

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 7 days ago

    This guy with the four stars needs to return them back to the people. Your job is suppose to keep the people in your area safe. If your letting illegals in to the country then how are they safe? See government has forgot it's first rule. It's suppose to protect the people. If you dont then the people have the right to protect themselves.

  • 🔞Don't read profile photo

    lol they interviewed some of the 50 people and they seemed pretty pleased.
    Tbh though who doesn’t want to be in Martha’s Vineyard at the beginning of fall. This is objectively the best time of the year in New England. It’s a shame they weren’t allowed to stay

  • Lyle G.
    Lyle G. 10 days ago +58

    The people Martha's Vineyard couldn't stand them being there got rid of them so quick made your head spin

    • Luxury girl 💰💎
      Luxury girl 💰💎 9 days ago

      @K p That's also not true. The people of Martha's vineyard treated them with love and kindness. One of them were upset of how Ron was treating them. And there were no national guards.

    • K p
      K p 9 days ago +2

      @Luxury girl 💰💎 The Martha's vineyard people called it a crisis said "they need to go somewhere else" and within a day the national guard had removed them and taken them to a military base.

    • masterofreality
      masterofreality 9 days ago

      Just like were trying to do.Bunch of hypocrites.

  • Kevin Dunlap
    Kevin Dunlap 9 days ago

    Maybe they should investigate all of the crime that happens daily in that s-hole. Oh no, let's go after the one decent governor in the country instead. Pretty much makes sense from a legal standpoint in 2022.

  • Dry Run
    Dry Run 8 days ago

    Are you serious is that sheriff smoking them crack rocks I hope more and more people are waking up and really understand how these Democrats work 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • LoneStarMum
    LoneStarMum 10 days ago +34

    He’s not trying to get brownies points with the left elite at all 🙄

    • Nathaniel Beven
      Nathaniel Beven 8 days ago

      @Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster "because he mean to guy i cheer for. Guy i cheer for on right, thus anything negative for my guy must be from left." - typical MAGA
      independent thought in a group of proud anti-intellectuals shouldn't be expected. all they know is to jump/cry/rage when they're told.

    • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
      Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster 9 days ago +1

      How do you know that 😉?

  • Eric S
    Eric S 10 days ago

    I believe everything the migrants say .

  • Mr.retard
    Mr.retard 9 days ago

    about time no one is above the law

  • Steve Christmad
    Steve Christmad 10 days ago +2

    Good we need to know who they are this sheriff is for Brandon bet the sheriff doesn't get re-elected

  • Carlos _
    Carlos _ 8 days ago +1

    Send Sheriffs to investigate Bexar Sheriff too!

  • Reggie Rendon
    Reggie Rendon 7 days ago +1

    Investigation? He needs to investigate why nobody is helping the little Texas town's that have run out of funds. Trying to feed the thousands of illegal immigrants.

  • Bonnie Wilson
    Bonnie Wilson 8 days ago

    For what sending migrants to a sanctuary city to prevent overcrowding
    What a bad apple sheriff wouldn't he want to prevent fights starting in over crowed shelter ..so why not prevent before happening ..preventive measures sounds better ..

  • vanderfk
    vanderfk 8 days ago +1

    He should stay in his own lane,, He doesn't have a dig in this fight.. Let him investigate as soon as he's done with Brandon. At least Governor DeSantis didn't drop them off in the middle of the night like sneaky creepy Joe dies

  • jumpoutofriver
    jumpoutofriver 10 days ago +46

    A great idea. 😅 At least those politicians who promote something, like illegal immigration, should take lead to practice it. Otherwise, it’s unfair to us, people in streets.

    • Great Brae
      Great Brae 9 days ago +1

      We have allot of homeless people in florida. The money he spent on sending people that was located in texas to another state, could had been used to help decrease the amount of homeless in FL.
      I want to also note here, that homeless rates also highly effects crime rates. The best way to beat crime, is to reduce homelessness.

  • Rene Russo
    Rene Russo 8 days ago


  • Michael Young
    Michael Young 9 days ago

    Must b nice free healthcare when people in our own country cant even get healthcare I'm always refused

  • Eddie Davis
    Eddie Davis 7 days ago

    If Ron DeSantis get charged with anything.. now that would be a reason to march on the capital and the White House in the words of a great American let roll

  • Jorge
    Jorge 9 days ago +3

    Hahahaha this is so funny…..

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll 9 days ago

    Nothing will happen to him… he did nothing illegal

  • buzz
    buzz 8 days ago

    Wantsee CO and to wink, "goddamit?"

  • K H
    K H 8 days ago

    He showed everyone democrat's hypocrisy, so now they're sending their gestapo

  • Memnion
    Memnion 10 days ago +109

    lol they interviewed some of the 50 people and they seemed pretty pleased.
    Tbh though who doesn’t want to be in Martha’s Vineyard at the beginning of fall. This is objectively the best time of the year in New England. It’s a shame they weren’t allowed to stay😢

    • Master Sonogashira
      Master Sonogashira 8 days ago

      Which part of “criminal investigation” do you not understand? It is the state that is harmed in this case, it doesn’t matter if the victims fells pleased or not

    • edseit66
      edseit66 8 days ago

      @Perry the dog please explain the point?

    • edseit66
      edseit66 8 days ago

      @Uncle John roflmao

    • kpokpojiji
      kpokpojiji 9 days ago

      @Perry the dog so share your point.

  • Deiby Beras
    Deiby Beras 10 days ago +4

    How about launching an investigation into the border 😐

  • joshua koch
    joshua koch 9 days ago +1

    I am so tired. Tired of being constantly gas lit by these NPC idiots in the government and media. This make no logical sense at all.

  • Susan Elmer
    Susan Elmer 10 days ago +44

    🤣🤣🤣. Go for it.

    • Uno Hombres
      Uno Hombres 9 days ago +1

      the hatred in this country is sick

  • Bryan R.
    Bryan R. 9 days ago +9

    The Texas sheriff should stay in his end of the pool. That's why we get a 23 sec. video over nothing.

  • D H
    D H 9 days ago

    Hey, someone let DeSatans ancestors in. What a big mistake!

  • Judi Barth
    Judi Barth 10 days ago

    Good, he really is a despicable and inhumane person!

  • ernie5229
    ernie5229 9 days ago +39

    When you find yourself in a lib's kangaroo court, you know you are doing something right!

    • K H
      K H 8 days ago

      @The Dodge D100 build I just looked at your Flash-Player history. The only difference is I never gave up on learning about politics while you decided to take the easy route and follow whatever you F E L T lol
      Try ACTUALY arguing a political topic Mr.Adhominem... You're trying to talk on a video about it now so go ahead...

    • The Dodge D100 build
      The Dodge D100 build 8 days ago

      @K H I think we need the @FBI over here. I just went through your Flash-Player history.....god damn. Proud Boy for sure. Where were you on Jan 6th?

    • K H
      K H 9 days ago

      @The Dodge D100 build Then unless you decide to finally talk about the main topic of the video my point is proven

    • The Dodge D100 build
      The Dodge D100 build 9 days ago

      @K H no thanks.

  • ChristianJon
    ChristianJon 10 days ago +11

    Yay let’s put migrant homeless before our own indigenous out of control homeless situation here at home.

    • “ALASKA”
      “ALASKA” 10 days ago

      Americans Last in ~Bidens America…

  • Man of Steel
    Man of Steel 9 days ago

    this sheriff does not understand the law of being a sanctuary state, and desantis shipped them there legally, and these people illegals signed up paper to voluntarily to go to MArthas Vineyard, lol.

  • Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    Maybe they should investigate why these people got flown to Florida in the first place.

  • susan meihls
    susan meihls 9 days ago

    It would be nice if they worried about our homeless people like they do the illegals people coming across

  • Gary Lord
    Gary Lord 9 days ago +4

    Great news.

  • Larry Sarlo: Wildwood Real Estate

    Does this guy want to hang his career out to dry on this? He's about to get schooled

  • Caveman Ballistics
    Caveman Ballistics 8 days ago

    Laughable:) I wonder how many are taking up sanctuary at his house? Be careful what you ask for sir, you might get caught and go down with the ship!

  • Frazier
    Frazier 8 days ago

    Send them back

  • Stephen Coopet
    Stephen Coopet 10 days ago

    Lock him up

  • Dan Morrow
    Dan Morrow 10 days ago

    Lock him up

  • lex hem creates
    lex hem creates 10 days ago

    Lock him up

  • Suskelley Kelley
    Suskelley Kelley 9 days ago +35

    I live in Florida and I would of loved a free flight to Martha's Vineyard!! How Sweet Gov DeSantis to do that for them!

    • me
      me 8 days ago

      @Great Brae and I can see your educational system failed you.

    • me
      me 8 days ago

      @Shirley Cooper if you don't like what's happening to these illegal immigrants let them live with you and you support them.

    • Florida Family Fun
      Florida Family Fun 8 days ago

      @Alexis Winter exactly. cruelty is the point with these people.

    • me
      me 8 days ago

      @Off The Cuff you just have to ignore this thing ( @Great Brae). He or she has been crying all thru this post.

    • Username commenter
      Username commenter 8 days ago

      @Shirley Cooper what don’t you get

  • Kevin
    Kevin 8 days ago

    Please run for president.thank you