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Tiffany Haddish BLASTS Ex-Boyfriend Common - Says She Didn't 'FEEL SAFE' Around Him!!

  • Published on Dec 25, 2021
  • When Haddish was nine years old, her mother was diagnosed with mental illness after a car accident and Haddish had to go into foster care. At one point early in life, she was hospitalized with toxic shock syndrome.[9] After graduating from high school, Haddish was homeless, living in her car for a period of time.
    Haddish partnered with Living Advantage, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the welfare of foster youth, for her Suitcase Drive for Foster Youth, where she collected suitcases in which foster youth can keep their belongings.She volunteers at the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp. Her She Ready Foundation also helps foster care programs.
    Haddish married her ex-husband in 2008. He helped her locate her once-estranged father who walked her down the aisle at their first wedding, which she described as "one of the happiest days of my life." Haddish filed for divorce in Los Angeles County, California in 2011; the divorce was finalized in 2013. She was in a relationship with rapper Common from mid-2020 to November 2021.
    Haddish became a naturalized citizen of Eritrea on May 22, 2019, while taking part in festivities there commemorating the 28th anniversary of Eritrean independence from Ethiopia. She first visited the country in 2018 to bury her Eritrean-born Ethiopian-Jewish father, who came to the U.S. as a refugee, and to connect with her relatives.
    In 2017, Haddish revealed she had a brief experience in Scientology.In December 2019, Haddish decided to have her Bat Mitzvah ceremony at age 40.Reform Rabbi Susan Silverman, the sister of comedian Sarah Silverman, officiated.

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Comments • 1 063

  • Lindokuhle Jele
    Lindokuhle Jele 21 day ago +229

    I think that we all have rushed in too quickly in relationships.And it always hurts when it ends.

  • Kado
    Kado 28 days ago +528

    Seems like a year or two is his max on relationships. He’s had a few awesome women in his life.

  • Tracy Allen
    Tracy Allen 12 hours ago +2

    I was pulling for them to make it😔 It’s unfortunate but I surely hope that she finds true happiness with someone that fits her vibe and wants to spend the rest of their life with her and she with them🙏🏾💞🌸

  • Chazzy Is Funny
    Chazzy Is Funny 21 day ago +109

    Tiffany Haddish reminds me of a childhood friend who always looks for validation from which lacked from her childhood. The reject type but finally found her way. Common was passing time.

  • Tamiko Jones
    Tamiko Jones 21 day ago +137

    I learned in therapy that it takes 2 years to really begin to get to know someone. Before that it's our (Representative) I like to call it because most of us wear masks.

  • Ken Love
    Ken Love 28 days ago +412

    Sounds like you were Common's "Quarantine" entertainment and once the world opened he bounced.

    NYC POLOGOD_75 21 day ago +134

    I hate when celebrities exploit there bizness to the media

  • dawn thompson
    dawn thompson 28 days ago +95

    If Tiffany can survive everything she went through in her life surely she can handle a break up. I actually thought they would last ...oh well

  • Letrice1
    Letrice1 21 day ago +221

    Why would any woman risk being in a serious relationship with Common? The red flags were all there.

  • Sheila N
    Sheila N 21 day ago +45

    I always thought they were not a match. I really thought it was a publicity stunt for a while.

  • Shugar212
    Shugar212 14 days ago +37

    She didn't say that she didn't feel safe with. She was making a statement of what she wants period.

  • Puleng Macheli
    Puleng Macheli 28 days ago +169

    Why do you use the word 'blast' when she only said nice words. Or you just want people to rush to your channel. Not good

  • Suzette Coates
    Suzette Coates 21 day ago +111

    So sorry to hear this Tiffany. May God heal and restore you.

  • Crazea
    Crazea 21 day ago +75

    Common doesn't settle down for long, he keeps it moving.

  • Lisbeth
    Lisbeth 21 day ago +42

    Common’s just there for the drinks & the party. 🎉✌🏾

  • Dhyna Cash
    Dhyna Cash 14 days ago +6

    this man like many others in the industry is ran through, he can't stay with a woman to save his life. 50 years old and can't settle down to save his life.

  • Sauce Sauce
    Sauce Sauce 21 day ago +320

    I knew the breakup wasn't mutual. And I knew the breakup was not on Tiffany's side. " busy schedules " is an excuse. And the fact he couldn't tell her to her face she had to hear about it in the paper shows what a coward he is.

  • Minister Toya
    Minister Toya 28 days ago +58

    Look every one goes through a mental breakdown it irritates me how people always go to social media to vent. Keep your life to your self. Too many chiefs in your business is never good

    LAKIN KEY 21 day ago +31

    Common needs to clean up his image. Hurting different women isn't cool. I hope Tiffany meets her lifetime love.

  • Princess Whitener
    Princess Whitener 21 day ago +37

    Count it all joy that you woke up Tiffany!!!!!!!!! Don't forget you are "BOSS"!!!