Paul Finebaum "heated" Tua will miss rest of season (dislocated right hip) | College Football

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Paul Finebaum "heated" Tua will miss rest of season (dislocated right hip) | College Football
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  • bigeric1030
    bigeric1030 13 days ago

    Did Tua Tagovailoa have his leg cut off? Bobby Carpenter and Finebaum are acting as if he had been injured like Eric LaGrand was...paralyzed. First of all, Bobby sounds like he’s been hitting the Winstraw HARDCORE! Just cycle off, guy. Secondly, he’s going to recover. This IS NOT Bo Jackson. The reason Bo’s injury became what it was was because it took over 3 months for them to discover the true injury, the lack of blood flow to his hip and joint. THAT’S what caused Bo to have to have his hip replaced. Tua is already ahead of Bo because of what everyone learned from this kind of separation with Bo Jackson. Finally, he’s going to have the absolute best therapy and recovery team at his disposal because of the need for quality QB play at the next level.

  • nick allen
    nick allen 15 days ago +1

    Fuck Paul Stinkbaum

  • TideFan Yankee
    TideFan Yankee 15 days ago

    "God always has a plan". Well Tua, if you're reading this, maybe that plan is for you to make a full recovery, and play your senior season at Bama. As it is, many teams will take a pass because they don't want to take the risk. Coming back and being successful in your senior year would put to rest all doubts. Yeah, you could get hurt again, it's SEC football after all. But about the only way to prove you've recovered is to PROVE you've recovered and you can only do that in real games. Just a thought. Think long term......the money is better and you can silence all the talking heads (aka "experts"). Either way, all the best and God's speed.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 15 days ago

    Tua has sat out more second halves than any other QB I’ve ever seen, and he was going to sit out the second half of this game. He looked fine and was performing well. It’s ridiculous to act like it was irresponsible of Saban to let him play the last drive of the first half before sitting the rest of the game.

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker 15 days ago

    Thats actually a hi-five emoji

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd Brothers 15 days ago

    Who the foook is Bobby Carpenter?

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd Brothers 15 days ago

    Stfu kaepernick go away

  • Stringman1950
    Stringman1950 15 days ago +1

    Man ... you do have a great face for radio. Passive-aggressive, smarmy little bald man.

  • Crackles and Pops
    Crackles and Pops 15 days ago

    Holly crap
    Y'all going gay over Tia
    Stop it!there are 1.000s of players and teams to talk about it.

  • Larry White
    Larry White 15 days ago

    #10 on Mississippi state jumped on him while he was down....why ain't he suspended

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin 15 days ago

    This situation will affect his NFL draft a bit. Good luck Tua, you will still be there.

  • King Ming Slayer
    King Ming Slayer 15 days ago

    Karma is a bitch!

  • ImNotMad ButUR
    ImNotMad ButUR 15 days ago

    I just now heard about Finebaum’s pet dog Darriell from Georgia posting pics and tweets showing Tua on the turf, and that he made extremely tacky, nasty, pointed remarks making fun of Tua and Alabama and Saban (he calls him “Satan” but darriell is owned by Satan, so . . . ).
    The Bama Nation detests all these types of low class acts but that’s what Finebaum people are attracted to - low class dirt. I’ve not seen any of these posts that darriell the ex marine (he’s an ex marine in my book of real Marines) put out because I don’t have twitter and those types accounts. But I’d like to hear from some who have seen and maybe saved the pictures and words. What a load of garbage! I wish I could get him stripped of his Marine Corps everything, because of all the respect I have - and love, for my family who served and died serving, some did, and this Georgia jerk has no place in our Corps. He has no honor. I have as much respect for him as I do for say, Paul Flumbum who has his own version of a Jerry Springer show for sports delinquents like Darriell, not- man, chump from Tuscaloosa, etc, etc.

  • Gary Mills
    Gary Mills 15 days ago +3

    Let's Make One thing for Sure, NOBODY IN ALABAMA NATION Likes Finebaum, He is a rate getter that has No ties to BAMA Nation, He only gets his money from discussing Bama, If We Bama Nation wasn't as Big as We are he couldn't get a job delivering Newspapers, Why this ignorant Dumb Ass gets paid for anything shows how ignorant his Fan Base is,

  • Renaud Rodrigue
    Renaud Rodrigue 16 days ago

    Man this is such a crappy thing to happen to ANY player. Big blow to the team and their fans. He is such a wonderful leader and person all around. We all need to pray for this young man. Prayers do work.

  • CelticThugPoet7
    CelticThugPoet7 16 days ago

    Enter...Tate Martell

  • Bill Berry
    Bill Berry 16 days ago

    Tua, my prayers are with you..................

  • Alex Connor
    Alex Connor 16 days ago

    A buddy of mine is an Auburn fan and was brought to tears, I’m a gamecocks fan and I’m sickened by his injury. Tua, just know the whole SEC is behind you man ✊🏻

  • Lord Sauron
    Lord Sauron 16 days ago

    The people talking on this segment made some of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard. Def love two guys with no medical experience giving medical advice lol

  • Terry Freeman
    Terry Freeman 16 days ago

    nobody wants kap!

  • Lazy Leftist
    Lazy Leftist 16 days ago

    Theres no "n" in tagovailoa. It's not Tungovailoa. You should lose your job at ESPN if you say his name and include a phantom n

    • essafats 5
      essafats 5 15 days ago

      @Lazy Leftist 👊 Lol im from hawaii, I see some nfl players with I believe polish/Czech or east europeans last names. I don't even start to try pronouncing. I feel u.
      God bless america!

    • Lazy Leftist
      Lazy Leftist 15 days ago +1

      @essafats 5 I can learn it, and i can also point out how it's inconsistent with the spelling. I can do both.

    • essafats 5
      essafats 5 15 days ago

      @Lazy Leftist so in other words its a mainland thing. Plz note we are a nation of immigrants with diff dialects, pronunciations, etc. Why can't we embrace it, learn, accept it & move on

    • Lazy Leftist
      Lazy Leftist 16 days ago

      @essafats 5 it's not about appeasing anybody. It's about making pronunciation consistent with spelling. Tagovailoa is not the only word that falls under this category

    • essafats 5
      essafats 5 16 days ago

      @Lazy Leftist learning lesson for all mainlanders, Tua younger brother coming up for alabama so the u.s.a. has nthr 3 yrs to get it. Besides why change a proud last name just to appease a few?

  • Country Joe
    Country Joe 16 days ago +5

    Sorry to hear Tua’s career is over. He was a really good quarterback.

  • Autumn Kelso
    Autumn Kelso 16 days ago +1

    Paul is absolutely right, Alabama keeps hearing all this crap that they aren't good enough to make the playoffs (and it's crap, they're plenty good enough until the iron bowl maybe) so Tua tried too hard when he didn't need too. I also kind of thought one of the tacklers sure drug him into ground awful hard considering he had just thrown the ball away. I get this is football and it's suppose to be physical, but it seemed a little overkill to me. After watching the hit I find doubt in coming away with a conclusion they were only trying to make a play on the QB.

  • The Money Maker Sports
    The Money Maker Sports 16 days ago +1

    Tua is Much Too Delicate for Football..He should play a Non Contact Sport like Bowling.

    • essafats 5
      essafats 5 16 days ago

      Yeah he should be like u a marathon couch potato keyboarder

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill 16 days ago

    Hope you get well better soon Tua!!!!

  • Pat Miles
    Pat Miles 16 days ago

    WOW! Sorry for Tua and Bama...and I'm an LSU fan. Both are good for College Football! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  • Protective Measures
    Protective Measures 17 days ago

    Sounds like she's trying to down hurts. Get off the bandwagon blond bed wench

  • Protective Measures
    Protective Measures 17 days ago

    Should have never wronged Jalen hurts. Karma is a mother.

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 17 days ago

    Fuck Nick Saban he doesn’t truly care about this kid he has three more highschool he’s prolly looking at to replace him already and he also prolly more sad he’s not making the CFP

  • old man
    old man 17 days ago

    the coach at Oklahoma did not play one of the top receivers in the country against Baylor.Lamb said he was ready to play.Saban is a selfish coach.

  • Jimmy Wilkes
    Jimmy Wilkes 17 days ago

    Finebaums such a damn bum.

  • Bill Dance
    Bill Dance 17 days ago

    first Tua is a warrior, second Paul Finebaum is a fool! You do not risk your number one QB to run up scores on sorry teams! Clemson always pulls Trevor at the half or after the beginning of the third quarter! Saban was trying to let Tua get more points for the hiesmen it was a calculated risk and it backfired now a great QB like Tua with suffer the consequence's, it is a shame!

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      It was still first half and Trevor stayed in against Weak Forest until late 3rd quarter.
      Go Tigers!
      It’s football. Everyone looking for someone to blame. It’s football.

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check 17 days ago

    Paul Finebaum is such a hypocrite and was a major factor in the beauty contest mentality in college football.

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips 17 days ago

    Tua needs to go pro or something before he gets killed. He may never recover or play in the NFL, looks like the Bo Jackson injury. Saban is not to blame but he did put the guy in there last week against LSU trying to get back to the playoffs so Saban can say this and that but a real coach would have sat him down until he was 100%. It's all about winning and legacy with Bama though so next player up!!

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      Everyone would have been screaming at the end if he would have kept him out and they lost “Why wasnt he playing Tua!?Why did he keep him out!?”

  • Sean Dunn
    Sean Dunn 17 days ago +1

    I understand Tua got the hip injury against Mississippi state but he should not have played against LSU. If Nick Saban really cared about Tua, He would have reminded Tua that he has a bright NFL future and that he needs to shut it down for the rest of the season. Nick Saban is a selfish bastard.

  • Sean Dunn
    Sean Dunn 17 days ago

    It's interesting to me that nobody is placing the blame on Nick Saban. Tua is one of the most decorated players in college football history. He was almost a lock to be taken #1 in the NFL draft. He should not have been playing against LSU. He's sacrificed being 1st round pick to for nick saban to beat LSU. Nick Saban is still getting his millions. Saban is an arrogant asshole.

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      Everyone has been blaming (wrongly) Saban. Where have you been?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 17 days ago

    Paul : when will some focos be on the in experience of ohio st Q B AND HOW HE NEVER PLAYED IN A BIG GAME .I SAY PENN ST TAKES THE MDOWN.

  • jcelldogs
    jcelldogs 17 days ago

    Saban and Alabama arent that good. Heres their secret formula: play 3 cupcake teams all at home(bama refuses to travel), play weak teams from the sec along with a game or 2 against some thought teams like LSU or auburn.... go to the sec title game against some weak team from the other division.... go to the playoffs or bcs title game over the years and pull off a win. They are a well rested team because of who they play. It's not rocket science.

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      Wait wait wait....that doesn’t fit the Narrative when Clemson beats down Bama because the excuse always is “well Clemson doesn’t have to play the long concrete breaking jackhammering bone crunching steel melting secsecsec schedule that Bama does so they are well rested”... how does that work?

  • Mark Soi
    Mark Soi 17 days ago +1

    LSU fan here .. start with Finebaum is a Saban honk . But , if Tua falls in the draft , could be the best thing for him . He is injury prone and if you send him to Cincinnati or Miami, he will get crushed . He has been spoiled with 5 star linemen , throwing to a track team .

  • Rocky Stallings
    Rocky Stallings 17 days ago

    I can't believe some of the hate of some of the people here. No one whould want this to happen to any one if this was there team.prayers are with you TuA get better

  • Jackross7_11
    Jackross7_11 17 days ago

    This exactly why college athletes should get paid. Boys pro football future is really not looking good. Anyone’s hip would have popped out with them 2 big ass guys on their back. He didn’t cost him self millions of dollars! His coach cost him millions of dollars!

  • klaws32
    klaws32 17 days ago

    I'm not gonna play the blame game, but Tua should have been sat, co mpletely , for no less tha4 to 5 weeks, no playing whatsoever. I predicted this would happen. People say this injury has nothing to do with ankle, i dont believe that. I hope coaches learn, when a player has a high ankle sprain, sit them for 5 weeks, end of story.

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson 17 days ago


  • Erati243
    Erati243 17 days ago

    There is no blame and stop talking about the score being a reason. No college QB comes out of the game because it's turned into a route. What like 6(?) of there games this year have been blow outs and Tua did not come out of a single one. They felt he was healthy enough to play, and clearly he was, FFS he threw for 250+ yards and 2 tds, he got injured on a normal football play. It happens. Get over it and stop trying to blame the coach, or player etc. to the next point, "why am i going to go out there and sacrifice my body and my future for one or 2 more games against nobody tech" How bout because if you are at that level and you are likely to go to the next level that YOU ARE MOST LIKELY ON A SCHOLARSHIP and that's the only reason you are there to begin with?

  • D. Chiekezie
    D. Chiekezie 17 days ago

    Players are getting smarter

  • D. Chiekezie
    D. Chiekezie 17 days ago

    In the 80 s i had a deep thigh bruise on my left leg. I continued to play. Dr. Told me that because of over compensation i could suffer another injury. A week later i blew my left knee out.

    • kevin rizzo
      kevin rizzo 17 days ago

      @Randy Weaver I get what you're going for, but welcome to how the world works. Tua is the bigger name so his injury actually gets covered. Same thing happens every day. Why is it national news when a famous person dies, but when some random person dies it doesn't matter. Just how the world works.

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      D. Chiekezie my point is an ol miss player got put out for the season in this same one even knows his name...why?

    • D. Chiekezie
      D. Chiekezie 17 days ago

      My point is that if trainers knew that back in the 80s why didnt BAMA medical staff consider some basic rules of injuries.

    • kevin rizzo
      kevin rizzo 17 days ago

      Not surprised by that. I am sorry that happened to you, but it's just how the body works. Even though it is able to overcompensate for the injury, it cannot do it for long or even difficult activities. Tua may be the same case, but this is roughly the same injury Bo Jackson has (a lot better chances Tua comes back from it because he had surgery instantly, where Bo had it roughly a month after the hit. The time table is huge for that exact injury). I think it was more of just the way he landed rather than his previous injuries leading to this one. Hope he recovers though.

  • Cerone 747
    Cerone 747 17 days ago

    I hope the poor guy has a career still.

  • Peter Montgomery
    Peter Montgomery 18 days ago


  • Peter Montgomery
    Peter Montgomery 18 days ago


  • Drewski
    Drewski 18 days ago +1

    Patriots will draft Tua late in the 1st🤔

  • Bourne Bergeron
    Bourne Bergeron 18 days ago

    Tua getting injured on purpose, he is going to be a bionic man for the draft... worked for Brees.

  • robertk2007
    robertk2007 18 days ago +1

    Imagine if two NFL players did that to Tua?

    • Fact Check
      Fact Check 17 days ago

      Tua is Mr. Glass
      He’s done ✅
      He was a solid QB but losing 15-20% will make you a non NFL QB
      Too bad for a good guy but hopefully he was insured

  • robertk2007
    robertk2007 18 days ago

    LSU wont score over 20 against UGA

    • Randy Weaver
      Randy Weaver 17 days ago

      And Clemson is going to hammer LSU.

  • Frater Sol
    Frater Sol 18 days ago +1

    Same injury that ended Bo Jackson career...

    • Chase M
      Chase M 16 days ago

      Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies “similar” is not the same as “same.” Come armed with a dictionary next time dick head.

    • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies
      Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies 17 days ago

      Absolutely not the same injury that ended Bo Jacksons career. Come armed with facts next time.

    • Chase M
      Chase M 18 days ago +2

      Frater Sol the injuries are similar. However, it’s the immediate treatment where the prognosis differs. Bo’s injury was not treated for weeks. That’s why it ended his career. Tua’s femur was relocated in the hip joint immediately after the dislocation, improving the odds of not developing vascular necrosis. Vascular necrosis is what ended Bo’s career.

  • Mike3883
    Mike3883 18 days ago

    Don't care about a 2 year retired backup

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 18 days ago

    NFL is like, who's next!!!

  • Geoffrey Wilson
    Geoffrey Wilson 18 days ago +1

    How the hell is Paul gonna blame the medical staff? Was their crystal ball malfunctioning when they were not able to predict that he would destroy his hip? They cleared him because he ankle was healthy enough to play, and it was. Were they supposed to test Tua's posterior wall in his pelvis to make sure it could withstand his femur getting rammed into it?

  • Candy Banks
    Candy Banks 18 days ago +4

    It's a stand alone injury. Had nothing whatsoever to do with an existing injury.

    • Gilitar
      Gilitar 16 days ago

      I don't buy that. If he is 100% he would have been able to avoid being tackled like that.

  • Patrick Witherow
    Patrick Witherow 18 days ago

    3:38 jumps to Twitter video of Tua dancing and singing in his hospital bed. :)

  • thomas train
    thomas train 18 days ago

    God bless you tua!