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We NEED More Horror Games Like This One...PLEASE

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • I Played the Best Siren Head Game Ever and I Regret Everything
    Welcome to Siren Head Resurrection! Siren Head Resurrection is an incredible horror adventure that extends the Siren Head universe. I don't know why I just heard about this game, but let's give it a go! Let's play Siren Head Resurrection!
    WATCH ANOTHER: flash-player.net/video/_WmKKdjgWfE/video.html
    Play and support Siren Head Resurrection: show-more.itch.io/siren-head-...
    INCREDIBLE Siren Head Model in thumbnail by LightningOcelot: sketchfab.com/lightningocelot
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    Want more Siren Head Resurrection gameplay? Let me know in the comments!
    Modded Minecraft: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLMsj...
    Previous Minecraft: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEUvG...
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    Siren Head Resurrection on itchio: show-more.itch.io/siren-head-...
    About Siren Head Resurrection:
    Siren Head Resurrection is a solo, indie, fan made game. The project started only as a short teaser and received a great positive feedback from the community. The game was in development for 8 months and was designed with replayability in mind.
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  • IGP
    IGP  2 hours ago +15

    New Video:

  • GojiMet86
    GojiMet86 Day ago +1

    Congrats to the developer Showmore for making this game. And to think it is the work of just one guy. It is very impressive already, with all the background and lore.

  • Wubberson 44
    Wubberson 44 21 hour ago +222

    The creator of Siren Head, Trevor Henderson, actually gave an official statement on the matter of multiple Siren Heads. He said that, yes, there are multiple Siren Heads, and they ARE a species; but they are extremely territorial, and will attack each other on sight, which is why you only ever see one at any given time.

  • Taco048
    Taco048 9 hours ago +134

    I think that no matter how "over done" this siren head thing was, the fact that all the other games were rushed and didn't live up to the concept's potential in the first place makes this game all the more worth it to play.

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo 4 hours ago +89

    IGP is the kind of creator to add an echo effect to his voice when he enters a cave in a game. You don't often see that kind attention to detail, and I love him for it.

    THIS IS A USERNAME Day ago +459

    This Game developer definitely deserves to be hired by a bigger company

  • Andronick Martusheff
    Andronick Martusheff 9 hours ago +90

    Alternate title: “We need more game devs to take copious amounts of psychedelics.”

  • Derek Drake
    Derek Drake Day ago +1

    As someone who lives deep in the woods, bears aren't that scary unless they're with cubs or just really hungry. If they're hungry enough, they will actually try to break into your home at night (though that's very rare) However.. hearing something as unnatural as a blaring siren in the middle of the woods, knowing there's no siren tower within earshot.. that would be extremely unnerving. It just doesn't belong there.

  • Casey Viajar
    Casey Viajar Day ago +233

    they used a technique that makes this very scary used by subautica. it makes a situation where something that is rarely seen almost never seen. and it makes this environment where you just want to know where it is, you don't care if it chases you, you just want to know where it is at this time to avoid it. and siren heads siren noise to scare you is similar to the roars of leviathans in subnautica it makes you stop and look if something is close and if that something is going near you. you stop what you were doing you stop your thought process and begin to look for the source of the sound from a monster you don't see or cant see. master piece of a horror game if i do say so myself.

  • Luciano B
    Luciano B 4 hours ago +10

    This guy's reaction is like someone made a human character with "humor sensibility" up to 11. His entusiasm for everything makes anything more entertaining

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +446

    This gave me a lot of nostalgia

  • TheGreatSmol
    TheGreatSmol Day ago +83

    The whole pick up animations and concept is something that I rarely see and this is the best I've ever seen it. The fact that this was all made by one person and ITS FREE... God bless you

  • Steven Astillero
    Steven Astillero Day ago +68

    This is actually quite well made, especially considering that it is an Indie game by a solo dev and free as well. Still can be improve like perhaps making the wildlife seem more alive or so, like the deers or so. Like sure, they can seeemingly roam and stuff but like when IGP threw rocks at them, nothing really happened, those kind of stuffs. Other than that, maybe like the main pkayer character's reactions and such, kinda seems deadpan like when they see Siren Head or A Siren Head anyways, you'd think they'll react more or something, even subtly like seemingly shaking or so to try and drive the point that something is happening, something unnatural or so. Other than those, generally still rough around the edges or so but yeah, for the most part, for what it is, simply outstanding I say. Really am in awe here, also getting chills, partly cause of the vod and game I do think so. Even when I generally know what might be coming or so, I am still getting chills here.

  • CCON1s Owl Nest
    CCON1s Owl Nest Day ago +3

    The fact that IGP goes so in-depth as to put an echo in his voice in the caves is why he’s my favorite Flash-Playerr this guy is going above and beyond and I love it lol EDIT: I really hope IGP happens to see this but if he doesn’t we need to rally, there’s an Indie game out right now called No One Lives Under The Lighthouse, it’s an amazing game that deals wit the exact stuff IGP loves and I hope to see it on the channel sometime soon

  • Roy Liber
    Roy Liber 7 hours ago +3

    I hope Trever Henderson makes a horror movie out of this. Siren Head got TONS of potential to be a good horror movie. Wether we speak about the amazing sound design or the overall scary atmosphere from the games. If he does make it into a movie, I just hope it won't be another failure like Slenderman did...

  • 西行寺 幽々子 『SAIGYOUJI YUYUKO』

    The fact that this was made by a SOLO dev, just shows how the indie gamedev scene is so awesome sometimes. It's very inspiring to me as a person learning gamedev as a hobby!

  • Rahul Sinha
    Rahul Sinha 19 hours ago +17

    I really appreciate the little synopsis of the game in the beginning with clips. Helps me chose the right playthroughs to watch! Small detail but works wonders for the viewer

  • This account name is completely Unoriginal

    This seems like a charming little game, even down to the low budget mocap

  • nachobae
    nachobae Day ago +34


  • SludgySlayer
    SludgySlayer Day ago +1

    Developer: “Im gonna make a horror game about Siren Head”