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Food Theory: The Many Lies of McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

  • Published on Jan 7, 2022
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    Theorists, it is hard not to love McDonald's chicken nuggets. The McNuggets have been a staple of my fast food rotation for YEARS. Yet, they hold some dark secrets. Today we are taking a bite out of this tasty treat to reveal what is hiding beneath the crispy coating. Let's dig in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Alan Baker and Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 7 124

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments 4 months ago +4273

    Thanks, Mat, not even seen the intro yet and already see something I can’t unsee, I just wanted to eat my nuggets in peace without worrying about how they are shaped

    • Man Of Tea
      Man Of Tea 28 days ago

      Dude first thing I thought of when I saw ur pfp, Palau

    • JudasMahorn
      JudasMahorn Month ago

      The shaped like a gun

    • Gaddiel Pacheco
      Gaddiel Pacheco Month ago

      Mirjinou o

    • Billy Bobby
      Billy Bobby Month ago

      Then watch something else

    • Thomas McGee
      Thomas McGee 3 months ago

      @Cyclops so sad, i wish i could chose 2 options to report them for instead of just 1, sexually unwanted content and spam

  • Side Kickz
    Side Kickz Month ago +192

    I'm enjoying a 20 piece box of lies as I watch this! Mmmm
    FYI: I agree that the "boot" is the best. It fits in the dip cup the best

  • Bast4rdlyReaper
    Bast4rdlyReaper Month ago +114

    In the 90s, when I was a kid, I was really turned off of McDonald's, because my chicken nuggets always, without doubt had a chewy piece of gristle or bone in it. I finally stopped eating them all together when I finally got a beak in one... And I haven't eaten McDonald's chicken nuggets since.

  • SweetKiren
    SweetKiren 15 days ago +6

    I was 24 years old when I first tasted chicken nuggets. I always thought they looked kinda dry and disgusting. Was quite surprised to find they're rather tasty.

  • isis ross
    isis ross Month ago +93

    By 9:33 I finally realized that a portion of my brain was *not completely on board* with what's being taught today.
    It started with the sudden thought of
    "Wow...nuggets sound disgusting from the description of how it was made, but gosh does it taste decent enough to eat.....I haven't had those in a while..."
    and now I'm at:
    "Should I get McDonald's for dinner?"

    • Rihanna Arouna
      Rihanna Arouna 8 hours ago

      @isis ross haha ok that’s good

    • isis ross
      isis ross 9 hours ago

      @Rihanna Arouna no, I was good and ate something home cooked instead...but *trust me* when I say those nuggets were on my mind 😅

    • Rihanna Arouna
      Rihanna Arouna 10 hours ago

      So…did you get McDonald’s for dinner? Don’t leave us on a cliff hanger

    • Laura Lopez
      Laura Lopez Month ago

      My last name is BAKER

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      Strange that's exactly what I thought too

  • Logan Hostetler
    Logan Hostetler 4 months ago +5037

    This is the only guy I can watch go in depth why chicken nuggets are a lie, I love this channel

    • Rowansim_Roblox
      Rowansim_Roblox 2 months ago

      You know the among us nugget in mcdonald's

    • Gogi Poggers
      Gogi Poggers 2 months ago

      He could literally tell me why every goat can play football and i would listen

    • Kuroe-Chan
      Kuroe-Chan 3 months ago

      Pretty entertaining ! But when I found out the nutritional value…omg nugget not really healthier at all! So sad

      LB MARTINEZ 3 months ago


    • PuroVanni
      PuroVanni 3 months ago


  • TJC
    TJC 3 months ago +81

    When I was really young, I assumed I was the only person getting nuggets at McDonald's while everyone else was getting burgers. I held it close to me as if I held some "ahead of the curve" secret.

    • Cinema HubTV
      Cinema HubTV Month ago +1

      Same, I used to think I was to only kid who only ordered the nuggets while others got Big macs

    • Sam Swensen
      Sam Swensen 3 months ago +2

      There might actually be some truth to this. In 2016 there were some stats released that McDonald's sells about 90 Happy Meals per second (among other similar numerical stats.) But to the point here, only 25% of Happy Meals sold were for chicken nuggets.

    • Random Sudanese Dude
      Random Sudanese Dude 3 months ago

      Big brain

    • yung tooli
      yung tooli 3 months ago


  • Landoz
    Landoz Month ago +9

    Something interesting about the McNugget was that they originally couldn’t find a supplier but then hedge fund manager ray dailo hooked up both of them. He is the reason that there is a McNugget today.

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson 7 days ago +2

    Phew, for a second there matpat, I thought you were going to overlook Key's omission of evidence that disproved his hypothesis. Many people ignore this. They refuse to consider the possibility that beef and milk don't cause heart disease, for some reason

  • Shadow_Entity
    Shadow_Entity 3 months ago +47

    They taste awesome so that's enough reason for me to keep eating them.
    And since I'm not eating a lot of McDonald's in the first place I'm not that worried about anything.

    • Kevin Bond
      Kevin Bond Month ago +2

      You get it. If you don't eat alot of fast food its not bad for you.

  • Zennore.C
    Zennore.C 4 months ago +2811

    I remember the food pyramid. It was taught to us in school during elementary. I do want Matpat to make that video about how wrong it is.

    • Shawn King
      Shawn King Day ago


    • Magda Villafuerte
      Magda Villafuerte 12 days ago

      @Satori Matsuzaka the problem is that first world countries always criticize latin america for polluting but india does it more and they never criticize india.

    • Satori Matsuzaka
      Satori Matsuzaka 12 days ago

      @Magda Villafuerte true. But a lot of Indians are naturally vegetarian too. Plus they are a third world country and have different food access.

    • Lucciano Bartolini
      Lucciano Bartolini Month ago

      @tilapia dave "Mass murderer"
      With that, you lost me.

  • Larry From Wisconsin
    Larry From Wisconsin Month ago +18

    I liked K-rations when I was a soldier in the 1980s. That was during the time that MREs were first being introduced. If we were going out patrolling carrying backpacks then a weeks worth of MREs left no room for spare socks or underwear. Quartermaster started giving us expired K-rations that were dehydrated, very compact and lightweight. All great when you are carrying them for miles and miles. I thought they tasted great if enough Tabasco was added.

  • Elusive Gamergirl
    Elusive Gamergirl 2 months ago +2

    MatPat, you don't "overgrow" a food item, you "outgrow" them.

  • Jeremiah Groovy
    Jeremiah Groovy 3 months ago +4

    I once received a whole box of these. The air fryer makes these taste even better. My wife worked for the company that makes these.

  • Ksc1990
    Ksc1990 2 months ago +17

    I used to make McDonald's nuggets in a factory so I can say right now it's not the actual chicken that is the problem. It's the batter that is strange. The only bag I ever saw that doesn't state the ingredients on it and needs to be stored in the cool room... I always found it quite strange

    • Tanners Rdr2Clips
      Tanners Rdr2Clips 2 months ago

      Its defs crack lmao that batter is gooooood

    • Frizzy KiKi
      Frizzy KiKi 2 months ago +2

      But the batter is what makes them superior to all other Nugs. 🙁

    • Pink pink
      Pink pink 2 months ago


  • SpaceBoy
    SpaceBoy 4 months ago +1060

    matpat as a 6 year old: "ooh chikin nugies"
    matpat watching himself as a 6 year old: "STOP EATING CRISPY LIES"

    • Sam
      Sam 4 months ago

      @Indefax i need more mcnuggies

    • Indefax
      Indefax 4 months ago +1

      @Sam You need help

    • Sam
      Sam 4 months ago

      I’ve literally lived on McNuggets since I was 13 and now 10 years later I’m still in good shape and perfect health. Still eat at least 20 a week.

    • That one sussybaka
      That one sussybaka 4 months ago


    • air:
      air: 4 months ago

      K 8 yr old

  • kinilas
    kinilas 3 months ago +15

    In college I was part of a group that did research on the Mediterranean Diet. Studies have found that the foods in the diet lead to "reduced oxidative stress" (reduced being relevant only when compared to the modern American diet of mostly red meat and dairy) oxidative stress is basically what causes aging, it boils down to oxygen atoms causing damage to DNA in cells. Our cells have a lot of extra DNA to reduce damage done this way, called telomeres, and when those telomeres start to take so much damage that they become too small to protect our genomes, we start getting side effects of aging.

    • kinilas
      kinilas 28 days ago

      @J - J I was a microbiologist, my best friend is an engineer, we can't understand each other. Don't worry about it. The TL;DR is that eating certain foods (more poultry, nuts, and veggies) and practicing certain lifestyle choices (eating slowly, walking and exercising, and eating smaller meals) can reduce damage done to the DNA and actually make you live longer

    • J - J
      J - J 29 days ago +1

      I'm an idiot, I couldn't understand half of that. How am I in college?

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall 2 days ago +1

    The food pyramid wasn't created until 1992. Before that it was simply the four food groups. But MatPat doesn't have to be 100% accurate, I suupose.

  • Kennie loo
    Kennie loo Month ago +2

    Where your food comes from - I mean how it’s bred, fed, housed, processed, etc - is all important. Beef should not be demonized. Mass manufacturing of animals should be demonized. Meat grown by your local ranchers and farms is not the bad stuff. It’s the stuff you buy commercially that was raised improperly that is hurting the environment and bad for your health...

  • A Shot of Hennessy
    A Shot of Hennessy 3 months ago +3

    I remember reading a Canadian news article that said McDonalds chicken (not just the nugz) weren't 100% chicken but had 20 percent "mystery" filler that the McDonald's corporation refused to identify.

  • GGman
    GGman 4 months ago +1189

    I would consider myself a Mcdonalds fan and as addressed at 0:16, the boot nugget is supposedly a favorite. The boot also happens to be my favorite because when flipped upside down, the protruding piece of chicken can be used as a handle when dipping. I hope my opinion has shed some light on the reason that Boots are the public's favorite shape.

    • Torsten Adair
      Torsten Adair 2 months ago

      The toe of the boot is perfect for scraping the remnants of sauce from the tub corners.

    • Florida
      Florida 4 months ago

      I've never had McNuggets before...

    • * Gavin *
      * Gavin * 4 months ago

      This man is a genius

    • The Boogeyman
      The Boogeyman 4 months ago

      I mean I don't have a favorite but I like the boot ones because they're pretty and also look bigger than the other ones

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 months ago +4

    The boot used to be my favourite (before I went vegetarian) because it was easy to scoop the last bit of sauce out of the pots

  • Rob Alinder
    Rob Alinder 3 months ago +61

    And yet the real dietary villain, SUGAR, isn't mentioned once.

    • Craig Dendy
      Craig Dendy Month ago

      @Rob Alinder fruit contains nothing but fructose. The liver is the only organ that breaks fructose into glucose. Fruit is very hard on the liver.

    • Rob Alinder
      Rob Alinder 3 months ago +5

      @Michael Anderson Yup. Starches break down directly into glucose in the gut. Raw fruits and berries are ok in moderation, but when they're de-pulped, have their naturally encasing fiber removed, or extracted into juices, they become no better than sugar water, and often worse because they also contain fructose.
      Bread/Pasta, Tubers, and processed fruits are really not much different than candy to your metabolism.

  • Everything 80's Podcast
    Everything 80's Podcast 3 months ago +5

    McNuggets were actually created by a French chef named Rene Arand who was the first executive chef McDonald's ever hired to design a food. He also went through hundreds of different sauce creations before landing on the main three.

    • Dominic Fucinari
      Dominic Fucinari 3 months ago

      But if they needed to market something supposedly leaner and healthier, why did they have to deep-fry the McNuggets?

  • Michelle U.
    Michelle U. Month ago +1

    I always watch food theory when I'm having lunch. Why? because it's the only time I can watch these videos and not actively crave what's on-screen. if I'm already eating I can watch it peacefully

  • QuickNugget
    QuickNugget 4 months ago +1621

    As someone literally called "nugget" I am happy to announce MatPat has said nugget in a video over 25 times!

  • Walnut Spice
    Walnut Spice 3 months ago +4

    Had to pause this half way through, didn't know you were doing more than Game Theory now. Just wanted to say this is an insanely nice very well done video my man, great editing and research on the topic

  • Yeller Young
    Yeller Young 11 hours ago

    I could count on one hand how many times I have had chicken nuggets in my half a century of life.

  • jonisilk
    jonisilk Day ago

    I refused to eat nuggets as a child because no-one could show me which part of the chicken a nugget comes from.
    I still refuse to eat them.

  • TRu-Florida 44
    TRu-Florida 44 3 months ago +7

    I'm about to drive my way to McDonald's drive through and order me a 10 or 12 piece chicken nugget order with a large sweet tea and rewatch this whole video again. Now that's priceless.

  • Ajwath boy
    Ajwath boy 4 months ago +1646

    Here’s a question: would gingerbread really make a good life sized house? And if not, what food or combination of foods would make the best house?

    • VroodenTheGreat
      VroodenTheGreat 3 days ago +1

      I would imagine my mother's pork chops would stand up to the elements pretty well.

    • Birthday Fruitecake
      Birthday Fruitecake 4 days ago

      Oh, that's a good question!

    • Shiki *
      Shiki * 5 days ago

      If you want in an ant house and also melting house of the rain

    • Uncle10hours
      Uncle10hours 11 days ago


    • wargex
      wargex 11 days ago

      Hemp is used in food, and we already know it makes good building material. I mean considering in 1984 Henry Ford made a vehicle out of hemp that's supposed to be 10x more durable than steel and also ran on hemp oil. I imagine it would be one the best food materials you could use for a house.

  • Elleon
    Elleon 3 months ago +1

    I enjoy eating chicken nuggets for nostalgia, but I was always aware while eating them that they were unlikely to be fully (or even mostly) chicken. Kind of like you know that grape soda is not made with grapes. It's all just tasty junk.

  • Matt Faraday
    Matt Faraday 3 days ago

    This was great. If you haven't already, you should do a video on margarine too.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +19

    With regards to Keys's not publishing his data that contradicts his main theory, it should be pointed out that it could be as much due to the publishers and not the researcher. In order for a researcher to publish their findings, they must first find somewhere (typically a peer-reviewed journal) to publish it. They can't just unilaterally will it or make it happen and instead, must rely on the publisher must first agreeing to publish the material. It is known that there is a bias towards publishing positive findings (i.e. findings that are statistically significant) rather than findings that aren't; in part due to there often being more material being submitted than the journal and publisher can publish.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago

      @will fridenbergs It would be helpful if you could cite or provide a bit more detail about this story to make it easier to track things down. Especially since just because the studies were found in someone's records doesn't mean the author had no intention to have them published. They could be copies (which the author would almost certainly retain even when submitting a manuscript for publication). Similarly, until they actually get accepted by a journal, I would presume the author is going to have a copy of the manuscript.

    • will fridenbergs
      will fridenbergs 2 months ago

      the only way they found the studies is from someone's son who had them in their fathers basement, he had no intention of publishing the study

  • domitron
    domitron Month ago +2

    I love Chicken Nuggets from Macdonald's. It's easily one of my favorite meals, and if I could eat them each day, I would.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Makes you wonder how many people are going to keep eating McNuggets after watching this

    • kauigirl808
      kauigirl808 2 months ago

      @The Doctor thank you. Like no one who eats ice cream cares about health either.

    • kauigirl808
      kauigirl808 2 months ago

      I want them even more. I miss it.

    • timothy roberts
      timothy roberts 3 months ago

      Im eating some while watching this

    • Ethan Turk
      Ethan Turk 3 months ago

      I am

  • Abigail Hogan
    Abigail Hogan 3 months ago +1

    I chose to stop eating nuggets when I was a pre-teen as I had a couple that had some cartilage or bone and had heard some stories of other people finding that kind of stuff or worse in them. Never looked back.

  • Bertie Badger
    Bertie Badger 7 days ago

    every time I watch food theory I find something new about food and it annoys me because I never look at food the same way after I watch a food theory video

  • TheExploding Gamer_YT
    TheExploding Gamer_YT 3 months ago +3

    I learned how nuggets were made back in the early 90s still my favorite item with dipping souce I dont care how they are made does not stop me from loving them

  • Roland Kennedy
    Roland Kennedy Month ago

    this is so well done and condensed. great video

  • Melly Pop
    Melly Pop 4 months ago +1355

    Speaking of health lies, I bought a breakfast muffin from the supermarket recently because it said “healthy” in the title. I looked at the label when I got home and… yeah… It looked exactly like the labels on my usual doughnut or sugary cereal. Can you put the word “healthy” on ANYTHING? Are there no guidelines? Just wondering if I can say I have a “healthy” diet while wrist deep in my second Pringles can.

    • 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐝
      𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐝 2 months ago

      Watch Supersize Me 2, it’s free on Flash-Player.

    • Kaelan Ward
      Kaelan Ward 2 months ago

      While wrist deep in your second pringles can? Assuming you're talking about one of those nice big tall tubes that any sane person buys pringles in. Absolutely not. There's roughly 1100 calories in an entire long tube/can of pringles. The daily recommended *average* intake of calories is 2000. In my case, my actual recommended calorie intake is lower. 1645ish, as calculated in a highschool health class a couple years ago. That's more than 2/3rds of my recommended calorie intake and over half the recommended average. In ONE long tube. I know there's a whole lot more to dieting than *just* calories but I'm not qualified to try and explain any more deeply.

    • Matt
      Matt 2 months ago +1

      Yeah you can put "healthy" on anything. Because it's usually true in some way. You can put the words "safe and effective" on whatever too. It doesn't really mean anything. It's mostly marketing

    • Amy Carter
      Amy Carter 3 months ago +1

      @trekkeruss ...
      I see. It's a far cry from what I know, but then again, what I know isn't the same set of double-standards that the hive mind of Earth are used to.
      Yeah, and I'm an extraterrestrial, blah blah blah; non-mortal, yadda yadda yadda, my homeland is autonomous, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...(is also a volcanic island where farming is not great and pasture is scarce)

    • trekkeruss
      trekkeruss 3 months ago +2

      @Amy Carter Free range is not what you think, and it barely above so-called cage free chickens. Cage free gives the chickens 1.5 square feet minimum of living space, while free range allows 2 square feet. Free range chickens only have access to the outdoors.
      The highest quality eggs come from pasture raised chickens, where chickens are allowed to roam an actual field and eat their natural diet.

  • Official Akim
    Official Akim 3 months ago +3

    What about the shredded chicks? I thought it would be addressed but I still wonder if it's a myth or not. I remember this one video going viral and since then the general consensus seems to be that they're made of shredded chicks.

  • Sutterjack
    Sutterjack 3 months ago

    Great video - I still love good beef but I'm more concerned these days of how environmentally wasteful it is - the amount of water and food a cow consumes for that delicious protein is very inefficient .

    CJR STUDIOS 3 months ago +1

    Ah yes the standard that if it has some percentage of real food in it its "Healthy"

  • Jasper
    Jasper 2 months ago +1

    speaking of sweet and sour sauce, they switched up their packaging and im pretty sure they switched up the recipe as well because it tastes wayyyy different.

  • Shivorath
    Shivorath 4 months ago +809

    Fun fact about the 7 countries study: it was a scam. He started with dozens of countries and threw out all the ones that didn't fit his preconceived notions.

    • Safwaan
      Safwaan 4 months ago

      @The Power Lover yeah science is meant to help you

    • The Power Lover
      The Power Lover 4 months ago +2

      ​@Giorno Giovanna the 2th _"Non serious"_
      And right there, you signaled being as unscientific as Ancel Keys.
      You're clearly not golden despite your pfp and name...

    • Grace Turner
      Grace Turner 4 months ago

      @Giorno Giovanna the 2th bruh he's a youtuber not a professional. his job is to entertain not to provide real world, groundbreaking revelations.

    • Bowser Jr.
      Bowser Jr. 4 months ago +4

      Wait, so you’re saying that SCIENTISTS lie??? GASP 😱

    • choreomaniac
      choreomaniac 4 months ago +5

      @Eristeo Perez he was one of the worst “scientists” since WWII.

  • Laurada Gerbracht
    Laurada Gerbracht Month ago

    I already knew that mcnuggets were never really food but the animation is too cute and funny to pass up. If it came to starvation versus mcnuggets I'll become a vegetarian.

  • Janko J
    Janko J 2 months ago

    I love Chicken McNuggets! Maybe once or twice a year I will eat them to get that fix in and then feel guilty for doing it.

  • Camo Lo Ti prod.

    Actually, I never really liked the mc-nuggets so I don't have a found memory. Not that McDonalds taste great anyway( aside from the breakfast)

  • Jeremy Andrews
    Jeremy Andrews 3 months ago +1

    Well, honestly I never knew Chicken Nuggets were supposed to be a healthier option. I thought a lot of people just liked chicken. If anything, I have to admit... I like having a burger and nuggets instead of a burger and fries. That is, sometimes I would replace the fries with nuggets rather than the burger.

    CRIMSON HAWK 3 months ago

    When I worked at McDonald’s I loved how on the ingredients it said ( chicken parts ).

  • Saman Bouniady
    Saman Bouniady 3 months ago

    I think you should do a video on different regions and how different areas’s people sort of evolved to better take adapt to it. Like how some do better with more red meat in their diet vs how others do better with more fish.

  • Nicholas Souris
    Nicholas Souris Month ago

    I love how his picture of the steak isn't bright red like we see in the supermarket.

  • Mark Park
    Mark Park 5 hours ago

    Ansel Keyes was a charlatan and a liar. Meat is the healthiest food you can eat. Cholesterol is not bad.
    Carbs, sugar and seed oils, not to mention overeating and eating for fun instead of health are the main problems.

  • Golden Thomas productions
    Golden Thomas productions 4 months ago +591

    I'm surprised he hasn't done a food theory yet about that weird controversy about how what was
    "Inside" The nuggets

  • RMR Savage
    RMR Savage 3 months ago +2

    I live how he just subtly and casually announced ‘Science Theory’ at 6:02 and no one’s even realized

  • Andrew Mayen
    Andrew Mayen 2 months ago

    One time I was eating a chicken McNugget and when I was chewing I chewed on something hard….. never had a nugget since and it’s been years

  • Galantski
    Galantski 2 months ago

    Thank you, Food Theorists, for exposing the lies. Someday you need to look into what makes Ronald such a creepy clown. (He is in The Creepy Clown Hall of Fame, you know, the one I just made up...because someone had to!)

  • Weirdyo!
    Weirdyo! 3 months ago

    "And no amount of sweet and sour sauce is going to make this one taste any better"
    Me: oh yeah, I'll bet on that! (Puts tiny chicken nugget in a giant bowl filled with 30 gallons worth of sweet and sour sauce and drinks the whole thing)

  • Momo
    Momo 4 months ago +452

    The longevity of Italians actually has nothing to do with health or diet.
    It’s the fact that so many elderly Italians lost their birth certificate and misreport their ages.
    There’s a neat video here on Flash-Player explaining the facts

    • Safwaan
      Safwaan 4 months ago

      @Oscar Cacnio yess!!! And also make sure to not feed yourself for days on end!

    • Oscar Cacnio
      Oscar Cacnio 4 months ago +1

      From what I'm reading here, to reduce my chances of getting heart disease, I must live as if I were in war-torn Italy during Lent? Effectively for the rest of my life?

    • Ryan Ford
      Ryan Ford 4 months ago

      I'd be interested in watching this, could you link the video? Or atleast mention what Flash-Playerr it was?

    • choreomaniac
      choreomaniac 4 months ago +2

      @KerbalFacile was going to say that. Also, the deprecations of the post-war, especially shortages of sugar, likely helped.

    • Noblesse Oblige
      Noblesse Oblige 4 months ago +2

      @Sky Render so we should all have kids with Italians? Got it.
      (I'm not being series)

  • Skyrim 2.22.22
    Skyrim 2.22.22 5 days ago

    I don't have any rebuttals or denials or personal stories other than this: These videos are awesome!

  • Chris S
    Chris S 3 months ago

    Problem with your thesis, the Filet-O-Fish had been on the menu since 1962. I will admit that Chicken McNuggets were the first serious attempt to market a non-beef to kids. Really enjoy seeing how "nutrition" in the US is largely marketing. You should work in the public schools. You can serve kids ANYTHING! Just as long as it says "whole grain" on the label.

  • ChaoticHoly
    ChaoticHoly 2 months ago +1

    I once ate 50 of these suckers in one sitting...and when I was done I was still hungry for 50 more So I ate 50 more.
    To be fair, I'd just recovered from the flu and was absolutely famished.

  • kristen
    kristen 2 months ago

    My favorite nugget shape is the ball. Id love to request a 10 piece chicken nugget with just the circle nuggets

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 4 months ago +482

    "Santa invented Sprite" this and "McDonald's chicken nuggets" that. *I* wanna know how you get the peanut butter in Reese's cups to be like that. Like, it's not in the form we usually see peanut butter in (smooth and sticky); it's a bit crumbly. And yet it tastes SO good. I want answers to what kind of magic happens in getting the peanut butter inside the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    • Bryan Mcfadden
      Bryan Mcfadden Month ago

      It's the salt in it making it"crumbly"

    • Stop motion thingz
      Stop motion thingz 4 months ago

      It’s just processed peanut butter

    • Orin Anthony
      Orin Anthony 4 months ago +2

      Powdered peanut butter.
      Also, sugar + peanut butter + oven heat creates something very similar.

    • CodySmith_73
      CodySmith_73 4 months ago +2

      It’s not actual peanut butter. It’s a penuche.

    • ScreamingFalcon/MajorFalcon71
      ScreamingFalcon/MajorFalcon71 4 months ago +3

      They actually revealed the secret in the old ads: there's chocolate in that peanut butter filling and peanut butter in that chocolate shell.

  • charli_blue
    charli_blue 2 months ago


  • Sarah Tsou
    Sarah Tsou 3 months ago

    "it's almost like sharing all of the information both for and against your hypothesis is important for the education of the masses"
    Yet, here we are in 2022 still acting like the science is settled on our most pressing issues. No wonder the public is so hard to convince, they've seen this all before.

  • 𝐿𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝐻𝒶𝓁𝑜

    Mat: everyone remembers eating a chicken mcnugget
    Me, a fricking vegetarian: Hah, I wish

  • Honky Tonkinson
    Honky Tonkinson 3 months ago

    I miss the early 80s nuggets that were made with dark meat and came in the yellow styrofoam box with the tray for the sauce

  • Fiona Pang
    Fiona Pang 4 months ago +283

    I honestly wish Mat would have a History Theory Channel, especially since there's less people caring about history nowadays. Alot of misleading things also. So, ima start a
    Day 1 of asking MatPat to do a History Channel
    If anyone has a good history channel that similar to how MatPat does he's channel plz tell me as well

    • CrazyDragy
      CrazyDragy 4 months ago

      Cool idea but it's quite different from the brand... tho ig a lot of these newer channels are.
      There are history channels out there, especially if you're not afraid of dipping into politics.

    • Fiona Pang
      Fiona Pang 4 months ago

      @dopamine i know i just think its a good idea if he ever wants to create a new channel on his own will.
      Also 4, including GTLive

    • Bee!
      Bee! 4 months ago +1

      @churbles furbles um no? We are always learning new things about history and he wouldn't be cancelled for telling the truth. Don't be so dramatic...

    • Patricia Huber
      Patricia Huber 4 months ago

      that blue science looking theory logo, he should make that a channle and call it "life theory"

    • Brian McClellan
      Brian McClellan 4 months ago

      Or a science theory channel?

  • Cedrone
    Cedrone Month ago

    i watch this channel bc i can hear about all of mcdonald’s conspiracy while seeing jokes from brokeback mountain the range is just incredible

  • Adolf Dassler
    Adolf Dassler Month ago +1

    I recently found nuggets exactly like these in my local frozen food store. Same shapes & everything. £1.59 for 20 - bargain.

  • Anthony Kovach
    Anthony Kovach Month ago

    I guess that explains the McMarlboro they had for a while🤔🤣. Another winner MatPat

  • Podium Fly
    Podium Fly 3 months ago

    Dipping them in the honey sauce makes them healthier!😋

  • Saiyan_Prince Studios
    Saiyan_Prince Studios 4 months ago +700

    As much as I love their chicken nuggets their old nuggets were even better (around 2003 or before) I remember they changed at least their oil and I think their nuggets too to be slightly more healthy. Ofc the older less healthy version tasted even better.

    • James Dinius
      James Dinius 4 months ago +2

      I think this was related to the use of lard. On it's own, sure it's very unhealthy but in the grand scheme it doesn't matter that much when your already eating McDonald's. The big problem was that lard is a beef product, and they sold chicken nuggets as containing no beef. This was a big problem in India, a predominately Hindu nation. Hindu prohibits the consumption of beef as the cow is held sacred. If they had just been honest, no issue would've come of it.

    • Lenwae
      Lenwae 4 months ago +4

      The reason they changed the oil was because they used to fry everything in the same oil vats, which contained beef lard, but this meant that people who wanted vegan options couldn't even have just fries because they technically contained meat, so now they cook everything in their own separate oil vats with only vegetable based oils.

    • Steve P
      Steve P 4 months ago

      That's why Mickey-D's fries aren't as good.

    • Imago Minus Ch. [aspiring VTuber]
      Imago Minus Ch. [aspiring VTuber] 4 months ago +3

      @Gaming Champ Three in the first 10 comments at that! This needs to stop! But apparently, reporting them for pornography/sexually explicit material isn't enough, despite their profile pictures showing, you know, sexual contents.

  • A random commenter
    A random commenter 6 days ago

    i’m one of those people who goes like “i dont care what its made from, as long as it tastes good, im eating it”

  • Phourke2Spork
    Phourke2Spork 3 months ago

    You would have to pay me to eat and swallow a chicken nugget from McDonald’s. Me and my wife have never tried McDonald’s nuggets we figured we would give it a try and see but upon chewing we spat it out immediately. So my question would be why are they nasty to us… we’ve tried veggie nuggets and surprisingly those were good 👍
    We like chicken nuggets but just not from McDonald’s 🤮

  • Vasily Martin
    Vasily Martin 2 months ago

    Interesting, except I felt sure that the video would've touched on the nuggets having plastic and/or rubber in them. Perhaps they don't, but that's what I've heard

  • V'Ger
    V'Ger 3 months ago

    I liked the older McNuggets, before the so called healthy improved one. Wendy's has awesome nuggets along with their honey mustard dip mmm mmm mm, BK is good too.

    • D N
      D N 3 months ago

      no way bro said bk

  • Blackpool 2014
    Blackpool 2014 4 months ago +284

    I've recently started working at the uk McDonald’s branch and I can confirm the hash browns, fries, chicken nuggets, doughnuts, brownies and cheese dippers arrive frozen there stocked in a giant freezer that is kept at -20 degrees, everything takes 2 minutes to cook in the fryer, the apple pies takes 5 minutes to cook, the brownies are delivered frozen then thawed out and packed up before breakfast menu ends
    The bottled drinks such as orange juice, water, milk, and fruit drinks are kept in a giant fridge at -12 degrees,I have seen the new vegan patties (beyond meat patties) being cooked and they smell like something is burning it reeks

    • wietse 111
      wietse 111 4 months ago

      @Large Boy I try and occasionally fail

    • Large Boy
      Large Boy 4 months ago

      @wietse 111 are you a vegan?

    • freakcan
      freakcan 4 months ago

      @Large Boy I don't live in the UK, but that's what I want to know.

    • Large Boy
      Large Boy 4 months ago +2

      mcdonalds has donuts? and brownies?

  • ᴷᴬᵂᴬᴵᴵ ᴹᴱᵂᴼ

    The sweet-and-sour sauce with fishing legs made me laugh

  • Random _ Person
    Random _ Person 3 months ago

    One of my favourite things as a child was my mum wouldn’t let me get McDonald’s unless I had this one friend came over so every time she came we always got McDonald’s

  • Malacophile
    Malacophile 2 months ago

    The cholesterol in a burger vs. chicken nuggets reminds me of turkey bacon vs pork bacon. Turkey bacon has more cholesterol than pork bacon in the same serving size. More sodium too, I think.

  • Jay Rumpf
    Jay Rumpf 3 months ago

    I really miss the old McDonalds dark meat chicken nuggets from the 80’s and 90’s.

  • jobiec420
    jobiec420 4 months ago +894

    I worked at McDonald's back in the 90's, while I was in high school. In the freezer I would see the boxes of the McNuggets and it listed the ingredients. I never counted how many ingredients there were in them, but I was surprised at how long the ingredient list was. The strangest ingredient I remember seeing on the box was Alaskan Cod. Never could get a straight answer out of anyone why fish was one of the ingredients to the McNuggets.

    • jobiec420
      jobiec420 17 days ago +1

      @Buck Rodgers I agree with ya brother.

    • Buck Rodgers
      Buck Rodgers 18 days ago +1

      That's an easy one to answer. And the answer is because their actually "chicken" nuggets, and not chicken nuggets. If you want real chicken go to KFC, Popeyes, or Boston market. If you want 'shredded food based chicken substitute', get some "chicken" nuggets at your favorite place to get them.

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 24 days ago

      @Chris Moore I'm skeptical 🤨 about this

    • Ginger Gaming
      Ginger Gaming 28 days ago

      McDonald’s has to keep their business plans fishy
      I deserve to burn in the lowest ring for that pun😅

    • jobiec420
      jobiec420 Month ago

      @Zil lol I agree with you on being terrified of the food industry. With some investigation it can be kinda shocking what's actually in food and the legality of it all. 🤢🤢 Lol. Take it easy!!

  • Spino with a fancy hat
    Spino with a fancy hat 2 months ago

    Me: so Mat nuggets taste good enough to eat?
    Mat: yeah
    Me: so they are clearly fine to eat around every week?
    Mat: yeah?
    Me: the world won’t be destroyed if I eat them
    Mat: well actual-
    Me: NO IT WONT

  • melody ._____.
    melody ._____. Month ago

    McDonald: When you want to do something, sometimes you end up doing something completely different.

  • DRAE The M.A.N.
    DRAE The M.A.N. 3 months ago

    The thumbnail made Me want some McDonald's chicken nuggets 😋

  • Lord Of Chaos Inc.
    Lord Of Chaos Inc. Month ago

    I do have this weird memory of having eaten nuggets made from normal chicken meat as a kid but apparently it couldn't have been McDonalds since they've always been meat paste.
    Can't find such in the store either so I don't know if they actually exist.

    • eric houston
      eric houston Month ago

      I tell people all the time it’s not chicken it’s a pink slim like thing

  • Victory Gamer
    Victory Gamer 4 months ago +262

    Yeah, I've seen these shapes before. But I've also had a boot with extra bumps in it, making it look like a chicken, a ball that was perfectly round, and a boot and bowtie attached, making It an 11 piece box. Basically what I'm saying is that I've gotten weird shapen chicken mcnuggets.

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones 4 months ago

      @Giorno Giovanna the 2th heart attacks

    • Giorno Giovanna the 2th
      Giorno Giovanna the 2th 4 months ago +1

      @Osmosis Jones
      What does this have to do with chicken mcnuggets

    • AshTub
      AshTub 4 months ago

      5 bots in your replies already wow

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones 4 months ago +2

      What about the spike in heart inflammations and Strokes after the covid vaccine

  • John P
    John P 3 months ago

    I never liked all of the $hit that McDonalds put on their burgers, so I loved when McNuggets were introduced.

  • Jame Exxem
    Jame Exxem 3 months ago +1

    ....but I didn't know that lies could taste so got dam delicious though...🤤🤤🤤

  • msamour
    msamour 3 months ago +2

    I was a bit skeptical about 7 minutes in to try to figure out where you were going with this, but you tied it all up nicely in the end. good job on the video, and you were funny as heck!

  • Binky barns
    Binky barns 3 months ago

    Wait if the cholesterol study was so impactful that on diets in 50s, why did beef continue to surge and peak in the 1974?

  • Beware the Lily of the Valley

    I still somewhat like their nuggets but the thing is, they're always selling a very large quantity of them for very cheap. The chicken isn't of high quality and has a lot of additives. I'm not a massive stickler for those things per se, but I do raise an eyebrow every time I see thosr 20 or 40 nugget deals for dirt cheap.
    They used to have their buttermilk tenders a few years ago, which were made to order (I always had to pull up and wait for them). Those were absolutely delcious, especially with their ranch dressing. You could get them covered in barbecue sauce as well, but those to me weren't as good as just the hot chicken by itself and dipped into the sauce. Wish they'd bring them back because the nuggets are not nearly as good as those.

    • Corona Virus
      Corona Virus 3 months ago +2

      I mean it’s McDonald’s we’re talking about

    • fallen gold
      fallen gold 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, I always knew something was off because if its THAT cheap, there's something WRONG

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 4 months ago +5

      @Wind_Cursed Oh, I'm certain they're to be shared, that wasn't my issue. I'm just saying that the chicken used is not of that great of quality because of the vast quantity they're selling. I still eat them every now and then, but that info is always there in the back of my head.

    • Wind_Cursed
      Wind_Cursed 4 months ago +1

      You could get the 20 or 40 nugget deals for multiple people and not just yourself. I know this because my mom often buys larger quanteties of something for cheaper because she feeding her six children and her husband and herself and she doesn't want to become poor. But I do see why it would be concerning to see that, I can't imagine anyone eating that many chicken nuggets all by themself

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 4 months ago +1

      @Majin Ally Mine usually were, with maybe only one instance where I got them without having to wait a long time. Maybe that's how your location worked but most of the ones in my city made them fresh.

  • Carlos_RoCrafter
    Carlos_RoCrafter Month ago

    In my WHOLE life, i only got 1 happy meal.
    I live at Brazil, so these are REALLY expensive. Honestly it didnt even taste that good :(

  • P A.H.
    P A.H. 3 months ago +1

    Am I having a false memory or did they once use a mix of light and dark meat in McNuggets?

  • Kakyoin Noriaki
    Kakyoin Noriaki 2 months ago

    In spite of this I drove to McDonalds as soon as I started the video I paused it and got Chicken Nuggets AND MADE SURE THEY LASTED THOSE 12 MINUTES OF THE EPISODE. YOU CAN NEVER TAKE THESE NUGGETS AWAY FROM ME.

  • spudthegreater USA
    spudthegreater USA 3 months ago

    It is interesting how alcohol and cigarettes were never even considered in these early studies when we knew at least that alcohol can cause issues with all sorts of organ failures. Smoking should have been a common sense observation, but the world was addicted and didn't want to know anyway.

  • Puff Daddy
    Puff Daddy 4 months ago +165

    I am sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot, just ate a 20 piece nugget. This should be fun to watch. I’m sure there is absolutely nothing here that will make me regret ordering those chicken nuggets

      CARBON MiNT 26 days ago +1

      (I just started watching the video) Let me guess, he's going to talk about the nuggets not being made of actual chicken meat. But out of chicken seperation meat (meat from left over carcasses)