This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week Fourteen Edition (2019)

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Everything happened this week. Pretty much everything. Soap operas, eliminations, tense games, scoring fests, Eli Manning. Everything. There's enough to talk about already. Let's make like George Kittle and run over everyone to go over the week... or at least kinda?
    NOTE: How many injuries were there this week? Literally how?
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  • Joe Blogan
    Joe Blogan Day ago

    Holy shit he called Jason garret going to the giants 😂

  • karbaona
    karbaona 4 days ago +1

    Mitch Kissintitties

  • TheRealYoshi
    TheRealYoshi 8 days ago

    Whats the song at 13:53?

  • beau jacobs
    beau jacobs 9 days ago

    Never stop pissing tree.
    Love you 👍

  • Aaron imbragulio
    Aaron imbragulio 16 days ago

    Kittle smash
    Db1: He's the fucking hulk help
    Kittle: get the fuck off my face brat
    Db2: how is this man not going down
    Db3: here I come

  • Ivan Celis
    Ivan Celis 23 days ago

    33 casualties...

    Man, the football gods have been a bit trigger-happy that week

  • Low Quality Gamer
    Low Quality Gamer 26 days ago

    no cat noise for the jags? :(

  • FishNipples
    FishNipples 29 days ago

    Listen to the metal cap theme while watching any long football run, you’re welcome

  • Thisnameisfine
    Thisnameisfine Month ago

    Chiefs defense a mess? Best in football the past 3 weeks

  • Chad M
    Chad M Month ago

    We sure George Kittle isn’t a long lost Gronkowski brother?

  • JustinRoKStar
    JustinRoKStar Month ago

    Can’t wait for the week 15 edition of sportsball, we’ll be in a huge field day with that. :3

  • Alejandro Diaz
    Alejandro Diaz Month ago

    Ur right the Texans were a bit too cocky

  • DAWGS Airsoft
    DAWGS Airsoft Month ago +1

    is it just me or when he says buccaneers it sound like "fuckin ears"

  • EdM240B
    EdM240B Month ago +1

    Imagine the Rams going 10-6 and not making the playoffs, but the 8-8 Cowboys clinch their division.

  • Jacob Bader
    Jacob Bader Month ago +1

    So many injuries this week

  • Michael Hartin
    Michael Hartin Month ago

    I love a good tank bowl

  • jode boyd
    jode boyd Month ago

    9rz pepper uranus

  • Andrew Cameron
    Andrew Cameron Month ago

    Music for kittle clip?

  • Kenneth Frierson
    Kenneth Frierson Month ago

    Can't wait for Dallas to make the playoffs with a 7-9 record

  • Warren Carr
    Warren Carr Month ago

    Sorry to dig at the heart of a Steelers fan but, BILLS ARE IN!
    Punch that playoff ticket.
    (Always loved your content though. Keep it going!)

  • Matthew Junio
    Matthew Junio Month ago +3

    Get ready for another “Days of Our Steelers” episode.

  • Vihaan E
    Vihaan E Month ago +1

    Please redo the Legacy of Failure video for the Giants, we’ve been begging you to rip us a new one since that disaster of a 2017.

  • Dario Martinez III
    Dario Martinez III Month ago

    Whats the violin cover he plays in some videos?

  • Ih8heels
    Ih8heels Month ago

    I think either the "Unit Lost" sound cue button is jammed or the shield has a better chance of fitting their fist through the eye of a needle than managing the health of players.

  • Jason Case
    Jason Case Month ago

    Well I'm wrong because the Titans didn't defeat the Texans today they lost to the Texans today 24-21.

  • Mottie Cohen
    Mottie Cohen Month ago +1


  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes Month ago

    i play for the chieftains from mass and they were going to take our helmets

  • Nicknight12
    Nicknight12 Month ago +1

    In what way are the Steelers likable

  • Jason Case
    Jason Case Month ago

    To the UrintingTree The Titans are not a lock to finish 9-7 because they play the Texans twice. They'll win more than 9 games, defeat the Texans tomorrow, and win the AFC South.

  • Jason Case
    Jason Case Month ago

    I'm guessing UrinatingTree has changed his mind that the Titans are not going to get swept by the Texans, and the Texans won't be winning the AFC South after a bad Broncos team easily demolished the Texans.
    The Titans have been playing great since the Chiefs game, and I picked the Titans to defeat the Texans in a close good game, also I'm highly confident the Titans win the AFC South by winning 10 games or more.

  • Kaizaro123
    Kaizaro123 Month ago


  • Zachery Irvin
    Zachery Irvin Month ago

    Now watch jerry boy extend the clap master👏

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Month ago

    Lol uhhh why do people with Flash-Player channels keep saying the Chiefs defense still sucks? I don’t get it. The last 3 games they give up 17,9 and 16 and take the ball away a total of 8 times in those 3 games....I’d say my chiefs are playing DAMN WELL on the defensive side of the ball 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • yoinx
    yoinx Month ago +1

    0:15 I was at that game!

  • WoeIsLee
    WoeIsLee Month ago +1

    Great timing using the phrase "drunkenly stumbles".
    Im still fucking confused on that play.
    Move to the outside and thats likely a touchdown, game over.
    But no, instead ima just run right into the back of my only fucking healthy receiver and get tackled.
    God this team is frustrating to watch.
    But then again.......Wouldnt be a philly team any other way.

  • Mattman
    Mattman Month ago

    The culture...
    * actually damn good.*

  • Robert McGarthwaite

    ur stupid and sports accuracy is bad

    SAMEOLDAPPLE Month ago +1

    If the Bills make it to the post season and lose again, it would be another chapter for their legacy of failure, they lost not, not two, not three, but four Superbowls in a row and they loss twice to Jerryboy. So please make the legacy of failure the Buffalo Bills

    • Jason Case
      Jason Case Month ago

      The Bills are the only NFL team to lose 4 consecutive Super Bowls.
      It would be highly laughable if the Bills continue to lose games, and don't make the Playoffs.

  • Austin Strong
    Austin Strong Month ago

    Hail to the deadskins
    i look forward to that every week😂😂

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson Month ago

    This guy says that Mike Tomlin is one of the 10 best coaches in football. I guess barely holding on to the training wheels Bill cowher put on qualifies you as an awesome coach. Glad I know now

  • Bucs fan 20
    Bucs fan 20 Month ago

    8:45 dang it as soon as vea hits doyle the eliminated sign comes up

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    Just saying 49er defence Is gud

  • Brennan McKinney
    Brennan McKinney Month ago

    Tree: This team is likeable
    I’m sure that will change come playoff time

  • Ma De
    Ma De Month ago +1

    Unit lost

  • Bennyboo Plays
    Bennyboo Plays Month ago

    Fuck u

  • KingViperXLV
    KingViperXLV Month ago

    The metal Mario music 😂

  • TylerF
    TylerF Month ago

    10:37 made me laugh so fucking hard

  • Bill Halbert
    Bill Halbert Month ago

    NYJ v MIA: "The one game where unfortunately one team had to win". LMAO!!

  • Cody McInnis
    Cody McInnis Month ago

    this guy knows absolutely nothing about football to dismiss the chiefs like that really shows your lack of knowledge

  • Rook 119
    Rook 119 Month ago

    the Tank Bowl music always makes me uncontrollably happy

  • Joseph Telegen
    Joseph Telegen Month ago

    "Jerry Boy wants to choke a bitch..." I'm done for the rest of the video.

  • Diego Candia
    Diego Candia Month ago

    People crying about the NFC East forgot about the 2010 NFC West with the Seahawks going to the playoffs at 7-9 and eliminating the defending Super Bowl champions in the Wildcard.

  • Botch Lesnar
    Botch Lesnar Month ago

    Still waiting for the Ultimate Tank Bowl between the Redskins and Bengals

  • Steven Bailey
    Steven Bailey Month ago

    Hey 🌳
    Can you keep the text you put on the screen just like a second or two longer..
    Im dyslexic and i always have to stop or go back to read it 😆
    If not its cool bro ill always give you my views because i love your content, im just shooting a shot in the dark hah

  • Lance Fulton
    Lance Fulton Month ago

    I was eating the Popeye's chicken sandwich, and thought to myself "the sandwich, is actually damn good."

  • Scott Sharp
    Scott Sharp Month ago

    15:41 um I’m lit her alley doin the dishes 😶😳🤣😂

  • hawaiidkw
    hawaiidkw Month ago

    Me as a teenager hearing about a season ending injury: Oh, that's terrible.
    Me several years ago hearing about a bunch of season ending injuries: At what point is it just not worth it anymore?
    Me right now after watching the end of this video: JEEZIZ, WHEN THE THE NFL BECOME CYBERBALL??

  • Chandler Rodgers
    Chandler Rodgers Month ago

    Jameis Winston is Jay Cutler 1.1

  • DarkManX16
    DarkManX16 Month ago

    You know the NFL is doing bad when the 49ers and the Buffalo Bills are one of your best teams

  • Carson Cook
    Carson Cook Month ago +2

    Every season the "Eliminated" sounds are my favorite 🤣