Andre Ward recaps Tyson Fury’s win, says Canelo Alvarez will stop Sergey Kovalev | Max on Boxing

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Andre Ward breaks down Tyson Fury’s victory against Otto Wallin, where Fury suffered a bad cut and persevered to get the win. Max Kellerman and Ward (6:02) discuss if a rematch vs. Deontay Wilder in February gives Fury enough time to recover from the cut. (7:45) Ward previews Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev and answers Kellerman’s question about if he’d ever entertain a fight vs. Alvarez.
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Comments • 952

  • Q A
    Q A 8 hours ago +1

    Thumbs up, Ward comes out retirement to face Canelo if he defeats Kovalev.
    I think this would be Canelo's second official defeat if Ward faces him.

  • Judah Hebrew
    Judah Hebrew Day ago

    Of Course Canelo will win it’s the only reason he’s fighting Kovelov. Canelo won’t fight Boo Boo, or Charlow because he could lose. So he cherry picks fights. Canelo is a FAKE champion with blown up media hype. UNDEFEATED BELT HOLDERS CALLING CANELO OUT & he’s running!!

  • 92VXEG
    92VXEG Day ago

    Ward wouldn't be able to get away with his foul fest against Canelo and there would be VADA testing. Ward will stay retired. He knew 175lbs. was heating up and retired with a gift win followed by a nut punch tko. Glad to not see his atrocious and foul filled style ever again.

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai Day ago

    Ward robbed kov in vegas, so i wonder what idiot will bet on kov to win this time.

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris Day ago

    You are wrong Andre Ward kovalev is going to stop Canelo Canelo has not ever stopped an elite fighter

  • LZ
    LZ 2 days ago

    Canelo did say his name tho

  • Fernando Hasbun
    Fernando Hasbun 2 days ago +1

    I think Kovalev Will ko Canelo. Too big, too powerful. Kovalev still The crusher.

  • Aj Garren
    Aj Garren 2 days ago

    Ward cleaned out the they're super middleweight division. And he beat them all in their prime. He moves up to light heavyweight. He beat Sergey both fights.but I thought he lost the first one.if ward fights canelo at 175 he beats him.lets face it canelo is in his prime, and he has questionable wins over every good fighter he faced. I thought he lost both triple g fights. But because he did better in the rematch. People think he won. I think canelo got better as a fighter. They waited to triple g got old.

  • Daniel Leyva
    Daniel Leyva 3 days ago

    Love to ward vs canelo even in an exhibition fight.

  • Edison Jara
    Edison Jara 6 days ago

    AAhh, I can watch these two gentlemen all day

  • Jose DeJesus
    Jose DeJesus 6 days ago

    Per the Information ESPN gave to Fury's corner, would they do the same if it wasn't one of their network fighters ( one that they invested close to $100M) ? I think not, that was wrong because it changed the dynamics of the fight. Broadcaster are there to broadcast for the people watching at home not the coaches or corner of a fighter.

    G UNIT SOILDER 7 days ago

    I agree canelo will stop kov for many many reasons.....

  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga 7 days ago

    10:10 that nose rub means he wants all the smoke

  • Smitty McSmitt
    Smitty McSmitt 7 days ago


  • Manuel Macias
    Manuel Macias 7 days ago

    Max Kellerman be quiet you don't know anything about fighting!!

  • swiss cheese
    swiss cheese 16 days ago

    Ward would play with canelo

  • Matador
    Matador 16 days ago

    Ward, Roy and Max would be my ideal boxing commentators

    MMA TALK WYBF 16 days ago

    Canelo wants ZERO smoke with Andre!

  • Coping Doomer
    Coping Doomer 18 days ago +1

    This was good ESPN do more work like this, no politics, no race baiting, no one here was forced to argue a stupid position, etc. This was straight to the point, clear, and insightful.

  • Jojew
    Jojew 18 days ago

    Andre ball puncher

  • Greenfield121
    Greenfield121 18 days ago

    He lost to Kovalev in first and should of had a point taken off for low blows in the 2nd except the ref gave him a TKO victory. Bull****

  • Milton Villalba
    Milton Villalba 19 days ago +6

    I like Ward but he definitely lost his first fight with Kov. I’ll never forget the look on his face when they Announced he won.

    • model marc
      model marc Day ago

      Milton Villalba yeah he looked like a winner...dummy...

    • Other
      Other 19 days ago


  • by the power of greyskull

    Ward would school canelo sooooo badly. Make it happen

  • Deo Guyadin
    Deo Guyadin 20 days ago

    Why they in front of green screens just to color it all black?

  • Ernest Sillion
    Ernest Sillion 20 days ago +1

    Canelo will not beat Kovalev, no way.

  • Mark Aurelius
    Mark Aurelius 20 days ago

    nobody paid by oscar said Canelo won the 2nd fight angaints GGG

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 20 days ago

    Why does he make a living out of getting belts and vacating them instead of clearing out the division. Seems like he picks the weakest champ in the next weight class to make him look great. Could've fought Callum Smith,Billy Joe Sanders, and Andrade. Apparantly moving up to fight kovalev a grizzled veteran instead of usyk or beterbiev is making history.

  • Gustavo Flores
    Gustavo Flores 21 day ago

    Canelo will probably win another fixed fight. I am sick and tired of corrupt judges.....😡

    • Gustavo Flores
      Gustavo Flores 17 days ago

      Bullshit!!! Erislandry Lara beat Canelo. The Cuban boxer was too fast and the better fighter. I bet you know nothing about boxing.

    • Herman Mendoza
      Herman Mendoza 17 days ago

      Gustavo Flores oh stfu

  • sharky marky
    sharky marky 21 day ago

    Let me make one thing clear, Andre Ward would school Canelo if they thought and he knows it, hence why he said they would not and will not call his name out!! So there you go, if Canelo wants that smoke he just has to call him out once he beats Krusher 🤣

  • ARCc016
    ARCc016 21 day ago

    0:09 When your mom's checking if you're high or not

  • R Michael
    R Michael 21 day ago

    He called him brother lol ☻

  • WestChi
    WestChi 21 day ago

    Uhhhhhhh if Wilder hits that eye i don't think the issue is whether a cut is going to open up....Fury is going to be unconscious....Wilder doesn't open up cuts he puts ppl to sleep.

  • jay hern
    jay hern 21 day ago

    ward quit too soon, he has soo much more fights.smh

  • gmann sanchez
    gmann sanchez 21 day ago

    Basically there's no hiding in a 15-round fight but these fighter is now and it just for the money and the payday they're not looking for a knockout or to get hurt so unfortunately that's not what makes a really good fight

  • gmann sanchez
    gmann sanchez 21 day ago

    Fighters these days aren't used to fighting 15-round fights like in the old days they don't have the same attitude of do or die so it's a boring fight all the time it's rare to find a good fight

  • gbrazor1
    gbrazor1 21 day ago

    Just let that man (AW) retire in peace, he went out on top and hasn’t fought in years

  • Aldo Aldi
    Aldo Aldi 21 day ago

    SOG ..grear champion

  • Carlos solorio
    Carlos solorio 21 day ago

    Max Kellerman should be on DAZN

  • Roany Hernandez
    Roany Hernandez 21 day ago

    Is that drake ???

  • David R
    David R 21 day ago

    ESPN broadcasting was wrong, they should have no involvement on swaying decisions made by a corner regardless of intent.

  • Mong Lee
    Mong Lee 22 days ago

    Come on guys no mames wey, Kovalev gonna power jab and straight right hand all night till he tkos Canelo. but I can totally see Canelo winning by split robbery decision if Kovalev cant finish him.

  • Mong Lee
    Mong Lee 22 days ago

    Andre is a great champion but why he pretending like he stop Kovalev with a body shot? Lol he also lost that first fight too. That's why he decided to retire undefeated Instead of a third fight. Smart guy.

  • Wakandan Cowboy
    Wakandan Cowboy 22 days ago

    Who's the greater Mexican warrior, Canelo or Ruiz?

    • Spartacus
      Spartacus 22 days ago

      First Ruiz needs to beat AJ again and beat Tyson Fury before even thinking of asking that question.

  • NamezKick
    NamezKick 22 days ago +1

    Ward is a joke. Two gifted figths with kovalev

    • Wakandan Cowboy
      Wakandan Cowboy 22 days ago

      Who's the greater Mexican warrior, Canelo or Ruiz?

  • Todd P
    Todd P 22 days ago

    Andre Ward talkin extra greasy about Kovalev, but he did take the heart out of him in their 2nd bout. I feel that hes personally biased against Kovalev.

  • eternalmindset
    eternalmindset 22 days ago

    Canelo don’t want no parts of Ward.... and I like Canelo.

    SPIDERM0OSE 22 days ago

    Wards a class act.
    He was a dirty fighter at times but he was a rock, unbreakable & had excellent ring generalship. Any natural ability he lacked like one shot power, he made for with intelligence, hard work toughness n courage.

  • Fermin Garrick
    Fermin Garrick 22 days ago

    I think kolaveh will ko him early....if the figth is not u know theirs a third hand in boxing for years....since 💰 is on side of the street they need to recycle that money to make more have officials meeting with promoters...behind close doors all is fixe and prearrange...FARSE.

  • Kris Rock medina
    Kris Rock medina 22 days ago

    Ward looks like drake there lol

  • boxing4 life
    boxing4 life 22 days ago

    Andre ward gonna come back to fight canelo watch

    • Wakandan Cowboy
      Wakandan Cowboy 22 days ago

      There's no reason for him to come out of retirement to face Canelo, unlike Andy Ruiz, Canelo hasn't knocked out anyone that matters in the sport.

  • Matt Goode
    Matt Goode 22 days ago


  • José Mora
    José Mora 22 days ago

    Very good speech WAO

  • Electric Spyboy
    Electric Spyboy 22 days ago

    if canelo would stop Kov then canelo would stop ward too. lol

    • Wakandan Cowboy
      Wakandan Cowboy 22 days ago

      When was the last time that Canelo stopped a top champion?
      I'll wait....

  • Carl Dennis
    Carl Dennis 22 days ago +3

    Andre clearly lost the first fight with Sergey

  • Neo X North Florida Tyrant Watch

    Why he didn't fight Beterbiez

  • Savage Facts
    Savage Facts 22 days ago

    That fight should of been stoped.

  • red aka yellow man
    red aka yellow man 22 days ago

    I used to respect you Andre Ward but you don't know what you are you confused BROTHER

  • PaulBodyBuilder
    PaulBodyBuilder 22 days ago

    Chris Eubanks Jr. 🥊
    Philadelphia PA

  • Sherrod Arrington
    Sherrod Arrington 22 days ago

    Andre Ward and Canelo Alvarez will not be a good fight Andre Ward will knock him out in the 6 round easy money

    MIGUEL LOCO 22 days ago

    I love tyson , and thanks Andre that was a gritty win from Tyson. people see the cut and stay Tyson looked bad he made a ajustment and showed why he is the champ!