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Camille Vasquez shutting down Amber's lies for 13 minutes straight

  • Published on May 29, 2022
  • Camille Vasquez shutting down Amber's lies for 13 minutes straight / Camille Vasquez exposing Amber Heard for 13 minutes straight
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  • M79
    M79 4 months ago +39814

    The fact that she's being put in her place by another woman makes this so much more righteous.👌🏼

    • t dow
      t dow 8 days ago

      -Come over and see my
      content that
      proves Queen Elizabeth impeded
      justice against prince Andrew

    • Alok Verma
      Alok Verma 10 days ago

      @Dana B a male lawyer wouldn't have been able to do it right like Camilla did

    • t dow
      t dow 18 days ago

      -Johnny Depp PERSECUTES Amber Heard’s fans come and see!

    • Elizabeth Yoss
      Elizabeth Yoss 20 days ago

      They were so right to have Camille cross examine her

    • emes
      emes Month ago


  • 6410Harmehr Sobti
    6410Harmehr Sobti 3 months ago +2707

    Camille- Miss Heard I was told your first name is Amber, yes or no?
    Amber- That is indeed the name I was given by my legal guardians. I identify as an individual named Amber.
    Camille- So it’s a yes?
    Amber- No
    Camille- But you just said it was..
    Amber- I use yes and no synonymously.
    Holy Jesus this comment blew up crazy fast. Thanks!

    • Sally MJ
      Sally MJ 16 hours ago

      Or, I’ve seen that name on my legal documents, my driver’s license, my traffic tickets, and both of my arrest warrants. Therefore, I concluded that indeed is my legal name. I used to go by “Slim” - but after that deposition, I became addicted to cookies.

    • DANNIE ;]
      DANNIE ;] 10 days ago +1


    • Merritt Reeves
      Merritt Reeves 11 days ago +1


    • Austin Lau
      Austin Lau 23 days ago +1


    • Seth Shall
      Seth Shall 27 days ago +1


  • Jake
    Jake 3 months ago +965

    Im a male and Im a victim of false harassment claims. The fact that Johny won really makes me hopeful because these false claims are very common and I’ve seen alot of people’s lives get ruined over stuff like this.

    • Carrie Mitchell
      Carrie Mitchell 2 days ago +1

      I’m so sorry for what you have gone through. My husbands life was ruined b/c of mere words believed over him. That turned into Parental Alienation Syndrome on the kids that were his life. It’s a long story but I can relate to having an Amber in our lives There’s not enough time or words to explain the psychopathy. I wish you the best.

    • Lexi Hunnel
      Lexi Hunnel 7 days ago +1

      jake I’m

    • Ann Mccabe
      Ann Mccabe Month ago +1

      Totally agree Jake and I wish you the very best in life sir xxxxxxx

    • A random masochist
      A random masochist Month ago

      @Calvo Tama does it include the false allegations that succeed and get the man in jail

  • matt
    matt 3 months ago +773

    The fact people want to actually defend this evil woman.

    • Black Raven
      Black Raven 18 days ago

      Haha tell that to Disney hahaha

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      Evil? what did she do

    • Tara Franzen
      Tara Franzen Month ago

      Nah. They wanted a piece of the $$ if they won. It had nothing to do with her as the client as much as the $100,000,000 she was asking for

  • AnthraxMacabre
    AnthraxMacabre 3 months ago +756

    This is the worst kind of abuser. Amber is an actor, she knows how to pretend and she knows how to manipulate. It’s dangerous

    • Bear the confused
      Bear the confused 18 days ago

      Ok but in my experience with getting away with lies to my friends no I’m not a professional just saying.
      You never want to immediately follow it up with a high tone and a tearing up voice as a response.
      That tells everyone you prepared for this question which immediately tells them that you are lying.
      Heck know does she understand the basic rules of lying.

    • Trevor Thornley
      Trevor Thornley 25 days ago

      She is hardly an actor

    • S.A.N.S
      S.A.N.S 29 days ago

      she's bad at that too

    • zipporah coleman
      zipporah coleman Month ago +1

      She knows how to act. That’s a joke right ?

  • protoguy
    protoguy 4 months ago +16235

    Being a liar is one thing, but being this bad at lying is another

    • emes
      emes Month ago


    • don'tdoit
      don'tdoit Month ago

      My 5 year old cousin could lie better than this and he always tells the truth. Saya a lot, huh?

    • protoguy
      protoguy 2 months ago

      @leeway777 That's not how it works, actually.

    • leeway777
      leeway777 2 months ago

      And the British judge believes every word she said, isn't that amazing?

    • Manda Chris
      Manda Chris 2 months ago

      @Dom Oetker she’s done nothing but lie

  • Fantasy594
    Fantasy594 3 months ago +486

    This lady is a one-woman masterclass on dealing with narcissistic gaslighting, lies and manipulation. The way Camille radically accepts that Amber is a lost cause and that she’s just going to be who she is, doesn’t give a fuck if Amber dislikes her or gets angry, doesn’t allow Amber to get her flustered or overly emotional herself in a way that Amber can manipulate to onlookers, and stands firmly in the reality that she is a capable person who has value that isn’t determined by Amber, that takes an unshakable confidence that makes her exceptionally brilliant.

    • Sean Andrews
      Sean Andrews 2 months ago

      It’s when the narcissism, gaslighting, lying, and manipulative person in question is actually skilled at what they do and have an edge that they become real problems

    • Nate Stanish
      Nate Stanish 3 months ago +5

      Well stated

  • R H
    R H 3 months ago +344

    The chemistry, happiness, laughter that Johnny Depp has with his lawyers cannot be found between Amber Heard and her lawyers

    • lilianna longfellow
      lilianna longfellow 2 days ago

      That's bc she's probably the most toxic human they've ever dealt with

    • Business Elves
      Business Elves 29 days ago

      because their chemicals are busy protecting them

    • emes
      emes Month ago


    • Bruno Pavlovic
      Bruno Pavlovic 2 months ago +1

      oh there's plenty chemistry in ambers,the chemical reactions to cause manipulation,lying under oath,sueing with the source being a lie ect.

    • Kevin Emmers
      Kevin Emmers 2 months ago +4

      There isn’t enough Tylenol to alleviate the headache Amber is for her defense team. If a judge told me I could do ten years in prison or defend Amber Heard in court, I would take the ten years.

  • Andrea the Music Owl
    Andrea the Music Owl 3 months ago +112

    The fact that Amber is clearly trying to look upset when actually smirking through half the trial is all I need to know about her acting ' skills' and her ego.

  • Leon
    Leon 3 months ago +143

    she literally turns and talks to the jury every single answer.

  • Jaded Muse
    Jaded Muse 4 months ago +7577

    Camille's level of sarcasm while questioning Amber is soo satisfying to watch! 😂

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      yeah, because that's what you want in a lawyer, a good sense of sarcasm in open court. gotta have a lawyer who commits contempt of court which is a jailable offense.

    • Jas
      Jas Month ago

      @Shelley Lindquist she paid her lawyers a lot more than camille got played, plus camille has morals she wont take a lair

    • Thatch Netherfold
      Thatch Netherfold 3 months ago +1

      @amaiaindy1 Like I said again in my previous comment, why do I need to chill if I'm simply stating facts?

    • amaiaindy1
      amaiaindy1 3 months ago +1

      @Thatch Netherfold Are you for real, way off course gurl, again...
      Are you Serial, I mean serious 🙄
      Check out
      Shelley Lind • ...
      At least she saw "'thru my comment"'
      Didnt need
      "'Chill pill"'...
      Had fun with it...
      LIke you should, relaxxx (reload 🤣 and enjoy life)...

    • Thatch Netherfold
      Thatch Netherfold 3 months ago +1

      @amaiaindy1 There's a point that you're not getting from what I commented earlier. A bad client doesn't mean they have to be the guilty one. A bad non-guilty client would be terrible at standing their ground and fail to present and debate on evidences; While a bad guilty client would be terrible at lying (which is obviously what AH did).

  • Hester_Prynne
    Hester_Prynne Month ago +19

    one big psychological standpoint that we are missing is how amber constantly looks to the jury for validation-every time she talks.

  • journey
    journey 2 months ago +124

    camille is so stern and doesn't let herself get put in place, she will finish her question or whatever she was saying even if amber is talking over her. she deserves an award

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 25 days ago

      @free4Like Amber said, the lawyer's question was nuanced, so her answer had to be nuanced too. The lawyer badgered her and would barely let her answer. She might as well have said "objection" or "zip it" every time Heard opened her mouth.

    • free4
      free4 25 days ago +2

      @Joe Kopsick Amber continued to side track and extend the answer unnecessarily, rather than answering concisely.
      Camille didnt take the bs and asked for the yes and no to her answers instead of waiting for Amber to finish constructing her story

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      "Amber is talking over her"... you mean answering her questions while the lawyer interrupts?

  • your local idiot
    your local idiot 3 months ago +103

    Camille is a great lawyer, it’s nice that this lawsuit can help jumpstart her career

    • Alok Verma
      Alok Verma 10 days ago +1

      Her career never went down on the first place

  • VVV
    VVV 2 months ago +63

    Her saying 'cOrReCt', 'iNcOrReCt' makes her sound so narcissistic. Like the person she is. It feels good seeing Camille shut Amber down with the TRUTH.

    • VVV
      VVV 20 days ago +1

      @Joe Kopsick i get what you mean, but she's lying with these words, but the witnesses tell the truth

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago +1

      if using the words correct and incorrect in a courtroom makes one a narcissist, then everyone who's ever been a witness is a narcissist

  • Katie E
    Katie E 4 months ago +7001

    Camille doesn't mess around. She is smart, clear, concise, extremely professional, and very good at her job.

    • justawlwwholikesshygirls
      justawlwwholikesshygirls 11 days ago

      @valda triegaardt that really does not matter. We're talking about her work right now

    • valda triegaardt
      valda triegaardt Month ago

      @Roger Pr .

    • hoosier-daddy
      hoosier-daddy Month ago

      @glen metcalfe The fact she's getting millions symbolises how good she is at her profession ...they don't pay just anyone millions lol.

    • Faizzali Boy
      Faizzali Boy Month ago

      Love she

    • Kung-Fu Kenny
      Kung-Fu Kenny 2 months ago

      eh she's ok

  • Mitsaras Pop
    Mitsaras Pop 2 hours ago +1

    This is the single worst thing a person can say to defend themselves.
    "I didn't do it because if I had done it, I would have done a much better job"
    This is effectively a no-lose situation:
    you are so good at doing something, that if we find it out, it can only mean it wasn't you who did it and if you did in fact do it, then I guess we would never found it out.

  • Joss Dickson
    Joss Dickson 3 months ago +33

    Camille's level of sarcasm while questioning Amber is soo satisfying to watch! 😂

  • Hatchiko
    Hatchiko 2 months ago +45

    The “no I didn’t ask you about anything “ at the end was magistral

  • Ano Niem
    Ano Niem 3 months ago +68

    I find it amazing that Camille was so very consistent when Amber continuously tried to create chaos to try confuse everybody so they would believe her bs. It's a strategy narcists use consistently, I believe.

  • Emina Saric _
    Emina Saric _ 4 months ago +4213

    Man its disgusting how she looks at the jury like shes actually "convincing" anyone lmao

    • lilianna longfellow
      lilianna longfellow 2 days ago

      It's prob why nobody believed her bs!

    • PrimePal
      PrimePal Month ago

      she probably got trained by probably her lawyers to talk to jury, but amber understood that as: whenever you speak, turn to jury to speak, watch in front of you when you hear somebody speaking, and when you hear a question, turn to jury to speak, no matter how small or big of a question. like if they ask something about the recordings you turn to jury, if they ask your name you turn to jury, if they ask what you ate for breakfast that morning you turn to jury. if they ask what you did 2 seconds ago you turn to jury.

    • mato kuroi
      mato kuroi 4 months ago


    • Lara  Jones
      Lara Jones 4 months ago +1

      She's so full of herself its scary.

    • raine4448
      raine4448 4 months ago +3

      That behavior is what did her in lol bye bye

  • Chery Chabot
    Chery Chabot 3 months ago +116

    She twists everything to her narrative and will not answer yes or no. The donation, pledge think has hurt her more than she will know. The expression on her face when she was asked about donating the money was priceless. She knew she was done

    • Terri Taylor
      Terri Taylor 7 days ago +1


    • Terri Taylor
      Terri Taylor 7 days ago +2


    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 25 days ago

      @free4 According to Heard, California law provided that she should have been paid a lot more. Not sure why the law isn't being enforced. Maybe it's the law's fault that Heard thought that money was coming.
      Oh by the way, she still has four more years to pay that money. So she didn't fail yet.

    • free4
      free4 25 days ago +1

      @Joe Kopsick
      Yes it is. She shouldn’t have made a promise that she shouldn’t fill out on her own.

  • miles wiltse
    miles wiltse 2 months ago +54

    The respect i hold towards this legend of a lawyer is grand beyond comprehensive possibility

  • Kevin Emmers
    Kevin Emmers 2 months ago +53

    Can we just nickname Camille, “The Shredder”? Because that’s just how badass she is! Putting Amber on the hook and watching her squirm is just too precious! I can’t get enough of this. Lol!

  • Emma Roman
    Emma Roman 3 months ago +47

    This was a really hard moment for Amber, she was finally met with someone she couldn’t yell at, spit at, throw something at, punch, push, kick or have them fired.

  • Tayler Jaye
    Tayler Jaye 4 months ago +7329

    I will never get over the way she constantly looks at the jury.
    It’s so creepy.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      The jury is the group of people a witness is supposed to direct their answers to. The jury is listening. Who is she supposed to look at?

    • Tayler Jaye
      Tayler Jaye Month ago

      “Thanks for the 7k likes” 😂

    • Bastiaan Tendoornkaat
      Bastiaan Tendoornkaat 3 months ago +1

      It's totally absurd and bizarre! It all backfired like I thought it should, the jury said it made them all feel extremely uncomfortable!!! She's pure Evil and sadistic!

    • Juan Domingo Peron
      Juan Domingo Peron 3 months ago +2

      Ironically her staredown with the jurors made them feel as she was not genuine .

    • lauren
      lauren 3 months ago

      Before people come at me I can’t stand amber and wanted nothing more but justice for Johnny and she is a despicable woman however that’s normal on trial……you’re answering to the jury so that’s not creepy lol that’s how a trial goes.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 months ago +53

    Camille is such a beautiful women and very intelligent. Love how he destroyed Amber with facts.

  • Lyla Freeman
    Lyla Freeman 2 months ago +24

    Camille is perhaps the best lawyer I’ve seen live. Absolutely legendary.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      She's not a lawyer, she's a badger

    • Janet Campbell
      Janet Campbell Month ago +2

      Check out Juan Martinez in the Jodi Arias case. He's brilliant as well

    • one234
      one234 2 months ago +1


  • Olivia Rangel
    Olivia Rangel 2 months ago +37

    I hate that Amber just CANNOT look at Camille when she "answers" a question.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      You're supposed to direct your answers to the jury

  • LoweDiggity
    LoweDiggity 3 months ago +37

    I love the fact that both Amber and Elaine are smirking and thinking they had everything wrapped and that Camille was full of it. They both act so freaking narcissistic it's sickening...they both belong in jail.

    • Christian Jude Berbano
      Christian Jude Berbano 22 days ago +3

      @Joe Kopsick bro, you came here to spite someone, that is what a troll do, spite people

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      @Soul Manipulator I came here with something to say. You didn't. That makes you the troll, not me

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      @Soul Manipulator That's the kind of comment I'd expect from someone who has nothing to say and no argument

    • Soul Manipulator
      Soul Manipulator 27 days ago +3

      @Joe Kopsick gotta love trolls fishing for arguments ;p

  • Xavier
    Xavier 4 months ago +7641

    This is what it’s like being with someone who never takes any accountability. It’s fucking exhausting!!!

    • Finished!!!!!!
      Finished!!!!!! Month ago +1

      Yes. They are exhausting. They are taught that they are never accountable for anything

    • **
      ** 3 months ago

      @Trog Lodyte shouldn't you have used inverted comments around "your comment is everywhere is criticizing Xavier's comment" if you're going to point out his SPAG? xd

    • Proff octopus • 66 years ago •
      Proff octopus • 66 years ago • 3 months ago +2


    • Cardell Joseph
      Cardell Joseph 3 months ago

      Facts 👏

    • Adele
      Adele 4 months ago

      Can you stop commenting on everything related to amber heard and Jonny. Your just seeking clout.

  • Howard Fuller
    Howard Fuller 3 months ago +15

    The fact people want to actually defend this evil woman.

  • Pumpkins Beatles
    Pumpkins Beatles 2 months ago +4

    There's no way a dude, man, male, with more than $50million in the bank, is going to use a tampon applicator to snort cocaine! Really? Really Amber?

  • Sowmya Iyer
    Sowmya Iyer 3 months ago +23

    "Your vibe attracts your tribe" seems true for both JD and AH. Ben and his team are as honest and genuine as Johnny and Elaine and her team are as vile as Amber.

  • Fallout Raider4
    Fallout Raider4 Month ago +8

    This trial was a gift to the world

  • Starri_Skiies
    Starri_Skiies 3 months ago +3479

    Camille is an icon, honestly. She is an AMAZING lawyer and her career is gonna SKYROCKET even further.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 4 days ago

      @Lydia Grace She badgered the witness and didn't allow her to answer

    • Lydia Grace
      Lydia Grace 5 days ago

      She was made a partner at her firm. Rightfully so. After she totally kicked ass in this trial. She’s amazing and defiantly getting the recognition she deserves. She’s moving up in the world. And fast.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      Being an amazing lawyer = interrupting and badgering the witness. Good eye

    • emes
      emes Month ago


  • Mizuki Hino
    Mizuki Hino Month ago +8

    The amount of times Camille said ”Ms Heard”

  • Sleepless Head
    Sleepless Head 3 months ago +7

    I watched this cross examination live. I can't hold my mouth close because I felt how burned it was to be grilled perfectly on the stand 😂😂 and saw Turd panicked and tried to remake her scenes in her head. It was like watching a murder scene 💀💀💀

  • Ricardo Tobi
    Ricardo Tobi 3 months ago +4

    She actually believed she would get away with it.🤣🤣🤣

  • Allegory
    Allegory Month ago +8

    Johnny is so lucky he had the money to fight this and tons of video / audio evidence supporting him.

  • Cool guy at the back of the class

    Watching her lies get shutdown one by one is easily the most satisfying thing ever. This has to be one of the most entertaining court cases I've ever seen.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      I think it was the fart noises that entertained you

    • Hyacinth b
      Hyacinth b 3 months ago +1

      @RLS So true

    • Aria the cat
      Aria the cat 4 months ago +2

      my dog stepped on a bee 😩

    • ea sy
      ea sy 4 months ago +2

      By another woman..Camille is so calm, smart & beautiful inside and out its so satisfiying to See that Amber is F***ed up 😊🥰😘❤❣

    • Sam Reda
      Sam Reda 4 months ago +4

      @RLS I know a few people suffering from partners like that. One started researching this behaviour in her partner and found it's already identified as 'NARCISSIST' in psychology circles. Plenty of material there, a game changer.

  • Cleo
    Cleo 2 months ago +26

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. This was the best part of the trial. Exposing an arrogant, mean, manipulative, gold digging, liar. Priceless!!!! Well done Camille, well done!!!!

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 26 days ago

      @Cleo She didn't do anything illegal. Adding to your testimony is not perjury

    • Cleo
      Cleo 26 days ago

      @Joe Kopsick haha. We all need money. There is a right way and a wrong way to get it. She went about it, the wrong way 😊

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 26 days ago

      @Cleo Maybe she needed the money to buy stuff, now that her career has been destroyed. I say let her keep the money.

    • Cleo
      Cleo 26 days ago +2

      @Joe Kopsick she never paid that pledge even after she got the money. This only means one thing, she is a gold digger who tries to appear charitable with no intention to follow through. A laying gold digger. LOL

  • Sheetheman013
    Sheetheman013 Day ago

    I laugh every time Camille says entitled instead of entire when she's questioning Amber. That shit makes me laugh, like say it girl we're all thinking it.

  • ⚡Zenitsu Agatsuma⚡
    ⚡Zenitsu Agatsuma⚡ 16 days ago +2

    As much as I love watching Amber being put in her place I get so pissed off when she doesn't simply say yes or no, like I get it's the strategy she's using to dance around the question since its pretty obvious she's lying but its still annoying as hell and I'd probably be fired cause I'd end up just yelling at her to shut up and answer yes or no

  • Zip It
    Zip It 3 months ago +33

    Let’s give Amber the credit she deserves for starting the #MePoo Movement. She was the original founder of the bowel movement and should get all the credit. In honor, a National “Turd Awareness Day” should be recognized & celebrated once a year as a reminder of all the crappy things she did.

    • Mimi
      Mimi 2 months ago

      💩 💩

    • Mimi
      Mimi 2 months ago


    • Kriegskeks 3K
      Kriegskeks 3K 3 months ago +2

      @Luceafarul joke missed

    • Luceafarul
      Luceafarul 3 months ago

      She didn’t start the metoo movement that was actually Rose McGowan. But Rose was simply too insane to be taken as seriously, especially since her career basically ended after charmed and Tarantino and she suffered that skin condition and her face was ruined. But amber heard with Johnny Depp had a longer lasting press.

  • TolaTolaTola
    TolaTolaTola 3 months ago +12

    I followed the entire trial so nothing in this video was new to me. Yet, the way you put this together is priceless!! I spit on my computer from laughing too hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • purplebutterfly
    purplebutterfly Day ago

    The lawyer is awesome. Who else thinks her voice is soothing. Love how she puts the liar in her place

  • Le Penseur
    Le Penseur Day ago

    This was fire 🔥 for real 😂 got me laughing like crazy. so well-edited and put together. mad props to this

  • HaRdCoRe 466
    HaRdCoRe 466 2 months ago +34

    I fucking died of laughter everytime camille would say “let’s remind you”
    SAVAGE 😂😂😂😂

    • HaRdCoRe 466
      HaRdCoRe 466 13 days ago

      @LlawdUK C months later it’s crazy how this had us entertained for a bit haha

    • LlawdUK C
      LlawdUK C 14 days ago +1

      Or the “lets refresh your recollection” after turdie said i dont recall ahaha that bit gets me

  • a_literal_menace
    a_literal_menace 4 months ago +5648

    I love how Camille talks to Amber like a mother trying to get a child to admit to something.
    It's like her face is covered in cookie crumbs and she's saying the dog ate the cookies.

  • lilianna longfellow
    lilianna longfellow 2 days ago +1

    Camilla is everything turd wants to be but will NEVER be. She's a strong, successful, intelligent woman. Three words that will never be used to describe the Turd

  • Jarvis 0826
    Jarvis 0826 2 months ago +5

    To be honest, Camille is like queen in chess

  • 1one1y
    1one1y 3 months ago +38

    It seriously keeps bothering me that she keeps look at jury whenever she answers a question. I'm pretty sure most of them were extremely uncomfortable with her looking at them when she answered one of Camille's questions

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      Yeah? Well I'M pretty sure that witnesses are supposed to direct their answers to the jury. You know, the group of 12 people who decide the facts of the case and also the law. The people whose job it is to listen to the people who take the stand

  • Chris Pyves
    Chris Pyves 2 months ago +22

    The amazing thing about this cross examination of Amber by Camille is that Amber actually incriminated herself right in front of the jury. Camille's questioning was epic and Amber did not even know what had just hit her. She can appeal this court verdict as much as she wants but at the end of the day Amber lost this case herself by her own words & actions on the stand. People could see through all her lies. What does she take everyone else for - idiots?

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 25 days ago

      @Chris Pyves Please explain what, specifically, she lied about, or admit that you have no idea what you're talking about

  • Tōshirō Hitsugaya
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya 4 months ago +4570

    We NEED to give Camille an award for destroying Amber and being able to shut down Amber's lies like a Queen!

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago

      Award? The money she got wasn't enough?

    • Lloyd Bagby
      Lloyd Bagby 3 months ago

      @robert seward yah I don't think Johnny cared about the money he jest want his life back plus I know how Johnny feels with this type of Abuse nor with a girlfriend but worse a boss

    • Courtney Coley
      Courtney Coley 3 months ago

      Amber destroyed herself, Camille just exposed her.

    • Nera’s Light
      Nera’s Light 3 months ago

      @The Amber Heard Playlist!!Johnny Depp es racista I feel bad for the man you married, imagine being like 40 something and you go on Flash-Player to say this, pathetic.

  • Curt Coeur de Lion
    Curt Coeur de Lion 3 months ago +16

    How angry and agitated she got by being confronted by the truth. At times you could even see how she had to restrain herself to not attack JD‘s Lawyer.

    • Joe Kopsick
      Joe Kopsick 27 days ago +1

      "At times you could even see how she had to restrain herself "
      Like, at which timestamps?

  • Kevin Rahbek
    Kevin Rahbek Month ago +5

    I hate the fact that every time Amber answered a question, she turned to the jury, to try an convince them about her lies 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Julie Newman
      Julie Newman Month ago +2

      Yeah but she even failed at that, just like her " crying" in court. She can't even do that. 😂😂😂

  • Miss Paula Hodson
    Miss Paula Hodson 3 months ago +2

    Don't you just love Camille she is brilliant so glad she made Partner she will go far.

  • Cl0ud!_
    Cl0ud!_ 3 months ago +8

    The fact that Camille kept asking the questions over and over but Amber didn’t really understand anything Camille said yet she kept looking at the jury when she was speaking.

  • South Pointe Boats
    South Pointe Boats  4 months ago +5569

    Amber lives in a dream world where she’s right about everything and everyone else is to blame for all her problems.

    • Random4
      Random4 4 months ago

      @SnorkeldNlawd what did I write? I forgot

    • Debra Benoist
      Debra Benoist 4 months ago +1

      @Lisa Cranmer I understand that but my Grandma used to say “as long as they’re talking about me they’re letting some other poor fool rest!”

    • Lisa Cranmer
      Lisa Cranmer 4 months ago

      @Debra Benoist yes...I got played with x and my own kids and several other o...now I'm the crazy when they lied and played GAMES with my life..

    • Robin Lee
      Robin Lee 4 months ago +2

      so true - usuallly lawyers though will get their clients to act okay during a trial the fact that she doesn’t says she must really be awful to be around in real life

  • EAprima
    EAprima Month ago +5

    Amber - "Sorry, I'd thought you asked me about it."
    Camile - "No. I didn't asked you shit."
    Audience - "Oooff! You messed up big time, Amber."

  • KaiserBuru
    KaiserBuru 3 months ago +4

    Amber Heard on paper: I got emotionally abused by Camille Vasquez

  • Aaliyah Pennicott
    Aaliyah Pennicott 3 months ago +26

    I think she has some issues that maybe she should get some help with. @claireharris

    • Janet Post
      Janet Post 3 months ago

      @Peyton S #claireharris is too arrogant. And with her lies she would not accept it. 2bh I don’t really care about her. Watching her for so long it is good imo that she has no money #brandon

    • Priya Debby
      Priya Debby 3 months ago

      No. 38. don’t know her. I don’t really know what she would think she would gain by this? I feel like I am only seeing half the story. Can I see the rest of the transcript? #claireharris #brandom

    • Dave Turner
      Dave Turner 3 months ago

      @Peyton S solicitors and lawyers do what their client tell them to do. Even if it goes against the law and the legal advice they have given to them. #edwards #harris #suffolk #brandon

  • Ewjiml
    Ewjiml 3 months ago +6

    I think what people don’t understand about Camille is not the fact that’s she’s drop dead gorgeous (I mean she is) but the fact that she comes across as genuine, not disingenuous like Amber.

  • Chris J
    Chris J 4 months ago +5417

    The fact that Amber was cross examined by a female lawyer and the process was overseen by a female judge was so amazing! She or anyone who sided with her can’t say that the lawyer who was questioning her was a male and accuse him of bullying Amber on the stand and they can’t accuse the judge of being a male either. She was tried fairly and lost because of her mountain of lies.

    • aZulxZ
      aZulxZ 3 months ago


    • SammyGreenStanLMAO
      SammyGreenStanLMAO 3 months ago

      Not just a amounting an entire new ass time space continuum 💀💀

    • Lou Nolen
      Lou Nolen 3 months ago

      Depp was very very smart!!!

    • Elena H
      Elena H 3 months ago

      Pfft your be surprised. I've been called the "uncle ruckus of women" for calling out the hypocrisy of man hating feminists 🤣

  • Mr X
    Mr X 3 months ago +5

    It was music to my ears listening to Amber's lies be ripped to shreds 😌

  • a bowl of soup whos dating your mom

    god it’s so annoying when she refuses to just say yes or no
    she tried to CONVINCE THE JURY, NOT depps lawyer, THE JURY. yikes 🤧

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 3 months ago +2

    Hilarious video! Perfectly encapsulates the trial. May this video hit a billion views!

  • Cookie
    Cookie 2 months ago +3

    Amber: I pledged the 7,000,000
    Amber: Rollin up in a new car and a money gun to the courthouse 😂

  • StarScream666
    StarScream666 4 months ago +4800

    It’s so frustrating that every question she’s asked is answered to the jury, the judge should have put a stop to that.

    • Shelley Lindquist
      Shelley Lindquist 4 months ago

      @Erin Griffin haha I bet they all we looking at her when the verdict was read!!

    • Shelley Lindquist
      Shelley Lindquist 4 months ago

      @Ayo? On where,,tiktok?

    • Shelley Lindquist
      Shelley Lindquist 4 months ago

      @Let it snow I loved the judges remark at the end where she said something like if anybody have questions.. more than welcome to come and talk to her.. she wanted a couple weeks first lmao

  • Olive Dog🖤
    Olive Dog🖤 4 days ago

    “Another liar on the stand?” My favorite line of this trial😂

  • amanda lidey
    amanda lidey 8 days ago +1

    I can't help but lol at all her videos. Very entertaining & comical. 🤣

  • kou
    kou 3 months ago +8

    Being a lawyer is one of the careers paths I would like to follow, if I do I hope I can be as amazing as her

  • Lia K.
    Lia K. 3 months ago +3

    We can watch everything about this trial and we will be able to point out the narcissistic lies and behavior all the way through every time she decides to open her lying mouth and whine about losing in court.
    She's a liar, she lost and now she's being a sore loser.

  • MinnesconsinPrepping
    MinnesconsinPrepping 4 months ago +4879

    It's SO f-ing annoying how after EVERY single TINY little question she's asked, she turns to the jury to look at them an answer it. It's LITERALLY like she's trying to control them like she controlled Johnny.

    • MinnesconsinPrepping
      MinnesconsinPrepping 3 months ago

      @Phil Leotardo Johhny didn't look at them every single time. No one actually DOES it. You may very well be instructed to, but, everyone knows it's not natural, and so they just don't DO it.

    • Lori Valencia
      Lori Valencia 3 months ago

      Then she turns around and calls the jury sexist. Like, you wanted your answer and u didn’t like it so u throw names?

    • Thomas Paine
      Thomas Paine 3 months ago

      It's a control mechanism. Heard knows if she continues to look at the person questioning her she will become combative and eventually lose it.

    • Imad Basayev
      Imad Basayev 4 months ago +1

      @Phil Leotardo
      If that's a fact then why didn't Depp's lawyers instruct him to do the same?

  • LightttMarie
    LightttMarie 7 days ago +1

    If i was lying and being confronted by Camille i would been balling my eyes out😂

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 months ago +3

    Camille is such a beautiful women and very intelligent. Love how he destroyed Amber with facts.

  • Brady Lewis
    Brady Lewis 28 days ago +1

    What I don't get is how you could be around this lying monster 👹 for more than one day and not become physically sick

  • D A
    D A Month ago +3

    Love that attorney...You go Girl!

  • Sebastian Styles
    Sebastian Styles 3 months ago +4759

    This was a really hard moment for Amber, she was finally met with someone she couldn’t yell at, spit at, throw something at, punch, push, kick or have them fired. The only thing that she could do, true to herself, was lie.

  • KronKurr
    KronKurr 2 months ago +13

    Honestly, I like Amber Heard.
    She allowed us to simply say “Amber Heard” to feminists that keeps talking shit about men.

  • Pinez :ON A BREAK, SORRY.:

    “What sort of person does that? Definitely not someone who’s afraid of him.”
    👏 👏👏👏

  • Sunny Cali
    Sunny Cali 3 months ago +16

    Her sister’s face “wait! no one has ever talked to Amber that way, is this supposed to happen (looks at lawyers)???!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dogli Ackerman
    Dogli Ackerman 2 months ago +11

    Amber : He beated me 7 times a day
    The whole world : Why the f*ck you lying ,lying

  • Arceus7
    Arceus7 4 months ago +1882

    This woman thinks " pledge" & " donate" are same but " punching" & " hitting" aren't

    • Soridan
      Soridan 29 days ago

      Oh she knows very well, she's (and her lawyer team) just using it as a tactic to weasel out of responsibility.

    • Katie Griffin
      Katie Griffin 3 months ago

      @Deep Fried unfortunately, those can be different. Nodding off and falling asleep are essentially interchangeable, but “the nod” is a specific phenomena in opioid addiction in which they, quite literally, nod off. For example, my opioid addicted father would nod off during dinner. He would have food in his mouth and his eyes would droop, and his head would start tilting down, and then he’d jerk up, blink blearily and then his eyes would droop again, his head drops, and so on. Until he really did fall asleep. He could be doing anything and fall asleep. Those two things are different.

    • Deep Fried
      Deep Fried 3 months ago

      @Bruce Combs dude why are you talking like a scientist

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton 3 months ago +21

    Srry but who also has the feeling like she stole Johnny's clothes? 🤣

  • Odeleke Victor
    Odeleke Victor 3 months ago +6

    Lies need lies to cover up, and it all fails to add up under intense scrutiny. Seems like a well dressed distorted mind. The lady needs help , only she doesn't know.

  • Destiny Carreon
    Destiny Carreon 2 months ago +2

    I'm so glad Johnny got a female lawyer cause then it would've been some type of bs of male abuse

  • Rachel Hales
    Rachel Hales 3 months ago +27

    What can be done to stop her from doing this more 😡?
    #claireharris #brandon

    • Stacy S
      Stacy S 3 months ago

      @Lisa H exactly

    • TJ’s: The Total Embarrassments of Suffolk
      TJ’s: The Total Embarrassments of Suffolk 3 months ago

      New video:
      6pm - Tomorrow!

    • James A.
      James A. 3 months ago

      #claireharris lost this a year or so ago. For Claire to keep on going indicates to me this is obsession.

    • Arthur Jacob
      Arthur Jacob 3 months ago

      woman’s out of control for bare time now 😂
      #claireharris #faceitfacepainting #suffolk

  • jothecocopop
    jothecocopop 4 months ago +2978

    Her inability to answer simple "yes" or "no" questions was both hilarious and infuriating.

    • Mano Adamro
      Mano Adamro 3 months ago +2

      That's a common tactic taught to anyone who has to do lots of public speaking (celebrities, politicians, business leaders, etc). If you answer anything in clear terms, you have no idea how that will be used against you in the future. The trick is to seem like you've answered, without actually saying anything. That way you have full deniability forever. Of course, some people are better at this than others...

    • Dramatic Dog
      Dramatic Dog 3 months ago

      That's what you do when you know you fucked up and you gotta try to make things seem "less bad"

    • Punya ♪
      Punya ♪ 3 months ago

      And Depp was right opposite which proves him right 💪😍

    • S.J. Pao
      S.J. Pao 3 months ago +1

      She can't directly say yes or no ,she don't want to catch up with her lies.

  • Lin StLaurent
    Lin StLaurent 6 days ago

    Amber Heard instantly looking at the jury everytime she is asked a question somehow infuriates me... You can tell she's trying rediculously hard to maked sure SOMEONE will be on her side. You never look at the jury in court. Camille is SO good at her job, and I'm so happy for her for getting a promotion

  • Detectie_D3leted
    Detectie_D3leted 3 months ago +2

    Camille is an amazing lawyer 😂

  • alan30189
    alan30189 3 months ago +2

    These videos are going to go on for years. This was the wildest public court case, ever.

  • Singh Singh
    Singh Singh 3 months ago +14

    extremely satisfying to see a privileged woman being contested

  • Kaliber.85
    Kaliber.85 4 months ago +2604

    10 Things Amber Supporter actually believe in :
    1)Her Dog stepped on a bee
    2)She heals faster than wolverine
    3)She has no marks on the screen thx to Amica cream
    4)Pledging and donating are the same thing
    5) a Yorkie can poop his own body weight and jump 7 feet
    6) Abusing and being abused are basically the same thing
    7) Punching and hitting are totally different thing's
    8) JD loves to drink tea... Like lots of tea
    9) everyone is lying except of amber
    10) she auditioned for Aqqquuaaammmaaannn

    • Ev Re
      Ev Re 2 months ago

      Sounds like a typical woman to me. Completely in denial of truth.

    • Nacho x28x
      Nacho x28x 4 months ago

      @Ghastly Candle everyone is lying except her(d)

    • Joseph D. Martínez
      Joseph D. Martínez 4 months ago

      Best comment ever.

    • Bernie Watkins
      Bernie Watkins 4 months ago


    • hmmmmm
      hmmmmm 4 months ago

      The carpet looked so dirty 😫😩😖

  • Jessica
    Jessica 3 months ago +2

    Love it. Spot on. Liars are exhausting. Camille handled thaT.

  • DJ juicyfruit
    DJ juicyfruit 20 days ago +1

    Honestly How tf did the judge let this go like that she should have had contempt of court on like 30 different times

  • Professor. Moriarty
    Professor. Moriarty 3 months ago +4

    Everytime when Heard argues back, she always look towards the jury seats, as if she's trying to earn sympathy. Just looking at it makes me sick

  • themeteorabouttohitu
    themeteorabouttohitu 6 days ago +1

    The fact that she's so self contradictory gives me second hand embarrassment

  • Thea R.
    Thea R. 3 months ago +3

    I watched this clip when I really needed to go to the toilet, and I f-ing literally nearly wet myself!! Warn me next time!!!
    LOL 😂🤣 I loved this, really brilliantly done! Thanks for the ROFL’s! ❤️