We're Nominated for a Streamy (and we've got an UNHhhhnouncement)!

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • These hot ladies got nominated for a Streamy for Best Unscripted Show! Hopefully it goes better than the year they got nominated for Sexiest Hottest Sexy Female Sex.
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    Pete Williams
    Edited by
    Jeff Maccubbin
    Ron Hill
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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  • Cry Baby Harley Quinn

    Guess what, they lost Barbara. It was rigamorris

  • even more
    even more 2 days ago

    Trixie looks so lovely, her perfect new teeth and more subtle softer make up and her gorgeous pink wig, the Barbiest I have ever seen her!

  • lory sotelo
    lory sotelo 2 days ago

    Trixie’s wig is everything

  • C. Tschanz
    C. Tschanz 3 days ago

    These might be my favorite hair/makeup looks from these two!

  • HurricaneSalim
    HurricaneSalim 3 days ago

    How could anyone think this show was scripted when for five minutes of the shopping episode they literally talked about shit?

  • Whateverislying
    Whateverislying 3 days ago

    looking both so good oh my gosh

  • The Court Of Public Opinion

    Ghhhhurlrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs don’t make us wait tho

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee 6 days ago +1

    ⚠️DECEMBER 11TH!!!⚠️ I JUST SAW ON REDDIT A NEW EPISODE IS EXPECTED DECEMBER 11 2019!!!! except it doesn't say if it will be available on Flash-Player or only on worlds of Wonder premium content, you know like the one you have to pay for access, or if (fingers crossed and praying to God!) December 11th is the premiere date for both Worlds of Wonder premium content AND Flash-Player.
    ... Impatiently waiting to see if anyone updates with more

  • Dominic Cobb
    Dominic Cobb 6 days ago

    teeth are shining bright. on a cold december night

  • Dilly _t
    Dilly _t 7 days ago

    So... did they win

  • Iz M
    Iz M 7 days ago +2

    Where’s the next unhhhh I’m sick of it

  • YooA's wife
    YooA's wife 8 days ago +1

    it's December and still no UNHhhh...

    Christmas UNHhhh episode, anyone?

  • Blue
    Blue 9 days ago +2

    Omg please come back already!!! I need new episodesssssss!

  • hocus pocus
    hocus pocus 10 days ago +3

    where is it Mary

  • 10,000 subscribers with no vids?

    wtf is trixie's phone case?

    • Dilly _t
      Dilly _t 7 days ago

      It looks like an ice tray

  • Maximilian Wieland
    Maximilian Wieland 11 days ago +2

    Y'all unhhhh will be back. Trixie has stated on Twitter that they are filming unhhhh season 5 already back in september or so. But there is still no specific release date

  • Md Aqib Khan
    Md Aqib Khan 12 days ago +2

    Honestly though my real concern is what happened to Christopher

  • I AM HER movies
    I AM HER movies 13 days ago

    Is the show done? Like it's been since October and I want more 😭

    • Dilly _t
      Dilly _t 7 days ago

      I AM HER movies- it’s coming luv

  • Ruby Matthes Thompson
    Ruby Matthes Thompson 13 days ago +1

    For everyone who is longing to have more UNHhhh they are doing a series with Netflix

  • KrisBadWolf
    KrisBadWolf 13 days ago

    JEM truly outrageous! Loving the pink hair vibes :)

  • Ana Can Get Away With This

    Join us for the holiday season!
    In the words of The Vixen "Too Vague! Too vague!"

  • BAlt Caster
    BAlt Caster 16 days ago +1

    Where are you...

  • My Cat Is Fat
    My Cat Is Fat 16 days ago +2

    Is unnnnhhhh dead? 😂

  • Me And Dog
    Me And Dog 16 days ago

    Where is the new series?

  • Reuben O'Neill
    Reuben O'Neill 16 days ago +1

    is Unhhhh over ?

  • Danica Zirkle
    Danica Zirkle 17 days ago


  • Carmi
    Carmi 18 days ago +1

    Where the fuck is our new episode

  • crissy4445
    crissy4445 18 days ago +1

    Okay but where’s more

  • Giulia ._.
    Giulia ._. 19 days ago +2

    Katya already won something

    Our hearts

  • bella
    bella 19 days ago +1

    hello excuse me we need more content i’ve rewatched every episode so many times i know all the words and am responsible for half your views. you don’t even need to be in drag we love brian and brian

  • Colton Carlson
    Colton Carlson 20 days ago +1

    Did I miss something? Is UnHhhh over? Just on hiatus until the holiday season starts? Will we ever see Trixie and Katya in front of this green screen again? I need some goddamn answers.
    With love,
    Cole ❤️❤️❤️

  • Stuff Stuffer
    Stuff Stuffer 21 day ago +2

    Currently re-watching all stars 2 for the 6th time so I can have enough pent up aggression towards Rolaskatox in order to yell at them at Dragcon, for not sending Roxxxy's ass home the first 4 times, and Alaska that one time. :)

  • Yasss Gawwwd!
    Yasss Gawwwd! 23 days ago

    This show is so scripted.... its like you totally see them reading a teleprompter every show. It’s ridiculous lol 😆

  • Yasss Gawwwd!
    Yasss Gawwwd! 23 days ago

    I hate this show so much! I wAtch it every day! Twice even! You guys are the worst men in women’s clothes I’ve ever seen! I live it! Thank you🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito 24 days ago +1


  • Løreleï
    Løreleï 24 days ago

    I've just watch all the episodes of UNHhhh and I just need a new season on Flash-Player. Please.
    I am addict to this show :(

  • Vera
    Vera 24 days ago

    Hi, I'm the person who needs to rewatch 2 unhhhh episodes the day with her morning coffee to function, Vera! So I need new episodes to survive. Thank you!

  • An Haru
    An Haru 24 days ago

    Trixi’s hair looks like cotton candy with pop crock

  • BloodylocksBathory
    BloodylocksBathory 24 days ago

    Trixie is serving cowgirl Jem realness.

  • NikoBar7
    NikoBar7 25 days ago

    i am so looking forward to season 5 ofUnhhhh !

  • Sam The Duck
    Sam The Duck 25 days ago


  • Lily Thicci_Minjaj
    Lily Thicci_Minjaj 25 days ago

    Why are there no more episodes? 😭

  • ßoomer McQueen
    ßoomer McQueen 27 days ago

    Fashion, Technology, Make a Parody of My Little Pony called My little Cumdump, Extreme Sports, Paranormal Activity, Retirement Plans, Host a Cook-Off, Bodybuilding, Pop Culture, Favorite TV shows (besides Ru Paul's Best Friend Race), Relationships, Break-Ups, 90's Cartoons, Celebrity Crushes, Fitness Challenge, History of Pompeii, Comfort Foods, Mental Health Days, Vacation Destinations, Dream Weddings, Freak Accidents, 80's VS 90's Music, War of the Streaming Platforms, Cheese (sorry Katya), Quality of Life Items You Can't Live Without. You're welcome. And you ladies are truly the most amazing creatures in the universe!

  • Jeebs Unabia
    Jeebs Unabia 27 days ago +2

    When are these two beautiful creatures coming back!?!?

  • Roman Sandoval
    Roman Sandoval 27 days ago

    Trixie mattel TAKE ME !!!! and katya f#*@ my p@$$y with a rake mom!!!!

  • Sophie McKercher
    Sophie McKercher 29 days ago +1

    why is no one talking about her new teeth

  • daryl Lee
    daryl Lee 29 days ago

    Yay 😀

  • 10,000 subscribers with no vids?

    Katy's nose looks different

  • Giershel
    Giershel Month ago +3

    IF UNNHhhh doesnt come back soon, i am going to go crazy!

  • noobmaster 6969
    noobmaster 6969 Month ago +3

    It's illegal that there was no halloween episode.
    I'm also genuinely curious though, can you still vote ?? I have been away from the media lmaoo

  • Sasa
    Sasa Month ago +2

    “I don’t like trophies that are too heavy” 💀😂

  • Theresa Ainge
    Theresa Ainge Month ago

    So when's our regular program coming back dad

  • Makayla RyanWade
    Makayla RyanWade Month ago

    Imagine an episode out of drag

  • Merle Hulsebosch
    Merle Hulsebosch Month ago +1

    every time I watch Unhhh my husband only hears the sound, and every time he asks what I'm watching. it's hard to explain but so funny!

  • 10,000 subscribers with no vids?

    Why did they pick today of all days to turn it THIS HARD?

  • Ana Max
    Ana Max Month ago

    I just watched Contact because of Katya!

  • Simply Alex
    Simply Alex Month ago

    This is THIS
    Thats a mood

  • LtCmdrMaximus
    LtCmdrMaximus Month ago

    Trix I’m soooo sick of your one fucking look gurr you needs switch some shit up like you won and gave up right then trix died right there along with the 100k living (always) for Katya, she needs a new season ruru and she needs her 100k+ she deserves it so much and a crown bout damn time she is my superstar!!! Forever and always gurr and that is the real T WORK BITCH!!

  • The Watcher.
    The Watcher. Month ago

    Trixie has almost completed her metamorphosis into a Muppet.

  • gameplaya06
    gameplaya06 Month ago

    Did Trixie get new teeth o.o