ANSU FATI | A selection of his goals with the Barça youth teams

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • Enjoy the best goals of La Masia promise Ansu Fati with the Barça Youth Teams
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Comments • 713

  • Crazy Variety Tv
    Crazy Variety Tv 8 days ago

    Ansu Fati >> He has the style to play like Thierry Henry!!!

  • Sniper Playz
    Sniper Playz 18 days ago +1

    Xavi Simpson right now 👉 😐

  • Adrik BF
    Adrik BF 19 days ago

    God oh god first player in 15 years that reminds me of Messi

  • Aden 7123
    Aden 7123 23 days ago +1

    Even do I’m a real fan he is a wonder kid

  • rafa ribeiro
    rafa ribeiro 24 days ago

    Joga bem boa velocidade e dribles

  • Bruno
    Bruno 24 days ago

    Congratulations to the boy. But the guy takes bids from young people today, who are quickly called "stars", and compares with bids from the juniors of R10, R9, and others of this generation, and realizes how lacking in CRAQUE football is. Strive to "fill your eyes", to be beast in improvisation and creation. Today there is only Messi at this level. The CR7 is a machine and top finisher. Every team wants these 2. Plus, we only have great athletes, nothing exceptional. Hopefully in this new generation coming there, we can enjoy great stars. After all, what's the fun of football without the stars? Brasileirão tires.

  • Bruno
    Bruno 24 days ago

    Parabéns ao garoto. Mas o cara pega lances dos jovens de hoje, que rapidamente são chamados de "craques", e compara com lances dos juniores de R10, R9, e outros dessa geração, e percebe o quão carente de CRAQUE o futebol está. Craque no sentido de "encher os olhos", de ser fera no improviso e na criação. Hoje só há o Messi a esse nível. O CR7 é uma máquina e top finalizador. Todo time quer esses 2. No mais, só temos grandes atletas, nada excepcional. Tomara que nessa nova geração chegando aí, possamos desfrutar de grandes estrelas. Afinal, qual a graça do futebol sem os craques? Brasileirão cansa.

  • Zumbi Zion Amaru-kan
    Zumbi Zion Amaru-kan 25 days ago

    This kid looks like Ronaldinho with his style of play. He is fierce, ability, easy shot, good touch, fast, great IQ, has every tools needed to be a Barça legend. Mark my words he will be voted world's best one day when Messy and CR7 retire!

  • power real
    power real 25 days ago

    Ansu is going good just lacking the finish...some trust might help...

  • Fernando Matheus
    Fernando Matheus 27 days ago

    FRACOOO 👎🏼

  • W.
    W. 28 days ago

    The music is terrible

  • Luis Fernando Mahecha
    Luis Fernando Mahecha Month ago +1

    Ansu Fati, the new world football soccer king.

  • Roy
    Roy Month ago

    The next ronaldo

  • Abanikannda james olawale

    I was expecting more from this video considering what I saw against Valencia.

  • Samuelsan
    Samuelsan Month ago

    So eu que acho que ele joga muito parecido com Neymar quando era dessa idadee?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Month ago

    I am better than this kid, and always will be!

  • Игорь Матюша

    Вот это воспитанник у барсы. GG!

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Month ago

    Bizar how he now playing in the A-team?!?!? What a life experience for this kid. Super cool

    • Rombout Versluijs
      Rombout Versluijs Month ago

      @Supanjibobu Pretty tall, i meant more like physique and such. BUt he's not there for nothing of course

    • Supanjibobu
      Supanjibobu Month ago +1

      @Rombout Versluijs he is 178cm, 8cm taller than Messi.

    • Rombout Versluijs
      Rombout Versluijs Month ago

      Its really bizar actually he so small, how can he stand up to all those big fellas?!?!

  • IVI Motivation
    IVI Motivation Month ago

    music is sooo fucking bad

  • jpDRACO_000
    jpDRACO_000 Month ago

    Que PRO

  • soul lion
    soul lion Month ago

    Tiene pinta de que va a ser un tronco de los buenos 🤣🤣🤣

  • Valen Jacob Brizi Zevallos

    este equipo no me gusta

  • Buku Buku
    Buku Buku Month ago

    I think de jong miffilder no sidefilder?

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد Month ago


  • Rhys Ferer
    Rhys Ferer Month ago


  • Darvin Stinson
    Darvin Stinson Month ago

    Ansu fati reminds me of Pele.

  • خطاب حمص
    خطاب حمص Month ago

    We hate valverdy....out

  • Gassar Pub
    Gassar Pub Month ago

    visca Barça Forca Lamasia Valverde Out

  • Gassar Pub
    Gassar Pub Month ago

    visca Barça Forca Lamasia Valverde Out

  • Gasuxa Xancó Garcia

    Nobita vamos a por ti

  • Ibrahima Fall
    Ibrahima Fall Month ago +1

    Ansu est un génie il a un don

  • zen lakay zen la kay kou aletranje

    Hola chicos / chicas suscribirse a mi canal gracias


    Doraemon ayuda con neymar

  • Petar Celakoski
    Petar Celakoski Month ago

    Few, atleast he wasnt stolen from la masia

  • Nico YOLO
    Nico YOLO Month ago

    The blaugrana futur is him

  • Normal TO
    Normal TO Month ago

    Mini Pogba :D

  • Barbe Noire
    Barbe Noire Month ago

    Kubo si better we are so sad

  • SrmegamanBr
    SrmegamanBr Month ago

    O Barcelona desistiu de Neymar.

  • Football Always / كورة دائمًا

    New Barca big thing Ansufati

  • Jamilah Jamilah
    Jamilah Jamilah Month ago +5

    Messi is the best player in the world Like

  • Foadjemal Hassen
    Foadjemal Hassen Month ago +1

    So many black young players wtf

  • Akhil K.47
    Akhil K.47 Month ago +1

    Someone says who want Neymar if he plays like him, But I want Neymar at the club please 😭😭😭...

  • Sivdev X
    Sivdev X Month ago +1

    In this video he looks way too young, like from 10 years ago or something....but in reality, the him in the video was last year.

  • Ömer Utku Göçer
    Ömer Utku Göçer Month ago +1

    Goal baby goal

  • Ömer Utku Göçer
    Ömer Utku Göçer Month ago

    When promising la masia player left Barça ,Barça always doing same thing :launching another player for while to cheat world la masia is still best but at least we are lucky this time because Ansu looks goona be really good player maybe legend who knows

  • Trey Morris
    Trey Morris Month ago

    Lord make him more great for us Barcelona we love

  • Luka Jesus-Henry
    Luka Jesus-Henry Month ago +1

    Another goal today , we have a future star

  • Papa muda
    Papa muda Month ago

    Vaverde aut

  • Бота Даурен

    Barcelona coach must be sent to the women's team

  • Charles
    Charles Month ago

    He just recreated that Header today

  • Victor Idaji
    Victor Idaji Month ago

    I can see another future Rinaldo in Barcelona

  • Rubens Melo
    Rubens Melo Month ago +1

    New Neymar

  • AktivoKills
    AktivoKills Month ago


  • Max Roig
    Max Roig Month ago +1

    Please don’t waste his talent

  • ...
    ... Month ago

    Ese chaval no tiene la edad que dicen ni de coña

  • good or not
    good or not Month ago

    Blacks 💪👌👍✊

  • Asharami Twenty Five

    Ansu Fati has a brighter future only if barcelona can keep him very well, so he can learn more from Messi and others too and even playing him alongside with messi and with New Arrival of Neymar Coming will help him a lots.. i wish him all the best

  • Raphael Lima
    Raphael Lima Month ago

    Ansu Fati > Dembele

  • Conversation Classes

    who's better?
    Ansu Fati

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago

    Barcelona needs to start Ansu Fati over Moussa Dembele. Fati is going to be a star.