Traded My Tesla Model X For Honda Accord!

  • It's True, Goodbye Tesla Model X and hello Honda Accord. Hear me out. Watch Zack's Video here:
    Our family wasn't ready to be an "All Electric" Family. Moving to the small town that requires so many road trips really did us in this summer. Didn't help that our airport shut down for 6 months so we really did have to drive. I almost bought a Long Range Model S but then I cancelled the order because it just felt foolish considering the battery changes have to come soon. I mean, how could the Model S NOT have Track mode but the Model 3 has it? If the changes don't come, well I just saved a ton of money and can wait for that free roadster.
    Watch us take apart a Tesla Motor:
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  • CameraOne1
    CameraOne1 5 months ago +2576

    Smart move! Selling it now before its value will drop significantly when the better range battery pack is put in X and S next year probably.

    • Seawise Giant
      Seawise Giant 18 hours ago

      Actually gas will run out in 3028. So having the Tesla will give you a boost in 1008 years!

    • Evelia Hebert
      Evelia Hebert Day ago


    • DerpyLevi
      DerpyLevi 7 days ago

      @Aesthetic Medic Then why are you watching this video? If you are trying to criticize Tesla, then comment on a Tesla hate video. Tesla is trying to automate their production line and is years ahead of every other automaker. And Teslas depreciate less than an ICE car. He also made a video about getting into an accident with his Model X and it took two weeks, very short

    • Mark Schaffer
      Mark Schaffer 25 days ago

      @TheBlueCarter - thank you for recognizing the existential threat to all of us. His family should commit to installing high voltage chargers or he should as he has the money to do so.

    • TheBlueCarter -
      TheBlueCarter - 25 days ago +1

      @Mark Schaffer Actually your right and also the polluction from gasoline vechile is increasing so mabie it was a bad move for the environment

  • GarryDaPlayr YT
    GarryDaPlayr YT 35 minutes ago

    You ate so crazy

  • Mohammad javad Nakhjavani

    Bro you could have traded it for a more expensive car.

  • Mk's Enterprise
    Mk's Enterprise 6 hours ago

    He got a Prius!

  • Alaric Ace
    Alaric Ace 12 hours ago

    That honda accord is dope though

  • Chr1sOnYoutube
    Chr1sOnYoutube 17 hours ago

    Why didnt you go for a suv?

  • Seawise Giant
    Seawise Giant 18 hours ago

    Next: I traded my house for a cardboard box!

  • Werfs Bikes
    Werfs Bikes 19 hours ago


  • Reggie Soldatt
    Reggie Soldatt Day ago

    come on that other car stinks
    tesla:is a god

  • Tristan Wall
    Tristan Wall Day ago

    The Honda Accord is a amazing car

  • the awesome talk
    This is were the Tesla went

  • Evelia Hebert
    Evelia Hebert Day ago


  • Rapsterguy25
    Rapsterguy25 2 days ago

    Lamborghini Urus is the fastest suv in the world, and it’s safe

  • Ninja Yeoj
    Ninja Yeoj 2 days ago

    I’m criticizing you

  • Ninja Yeoj
    Ninja Yeoj 2 days ago

    No no the Tesla

  • Ikhwan syahiddin
    Ikhwan syahiddin 2 days ago

    "It's not for me, but for someone else who can utilize the future much more than I can"

  • Freddylouz 101
    Freddylouz 101 3 days ago

    Why a honda 𝚣🤦‍♂️

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan 3 days ago

    Good idea I respect you for that

  • Sara Jamil
    Sara Jamil 3 days ago

    I growed up in 2014 and my dad had a 2014 honda accord

  • Sonic the Gaminghog
    Sonic the Gaminghog 3 days ago

    Dude u said sexist

  • Ehan Baluch
    Ehan Baluch 3 days ago +1

    What the hell keep both of them

  • leksa
    leksa 3 days ago

    Why you didn’t buy BMW X3

  • Dabbay dg211 yt
    Dabbay dg211 yt 4 days ago


  • G Wilson
    G Wilson 4 days ago +1

    4:23 Tesla charging station at the Linq in Vegas? Lol was just there

  • Damien Chiang
    Damien Chiang 4 days ago

    At least your giving it to zack and you could see it some day

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 5 days ago

    Why did you sell the Tesla

  • Ayan Stine
    Ayan Stine 5 days ago

    Hondas are the worst why did you trade in your Tesla Model X.

    R1D4COFFICIALYT 6 days ago +1

    think about buying a 2004 fiat multipla its reliable and better then ANY other car, trust me. u can sell me ur tesla

  • ander spy ninja
    ander spy ninja 7 days ago

    U traitor well I'm happy for u

  • Karson Million
    Karson Million 7 days ago

    Did you buy a honda accord for ROAD TRIPS! Your poor children in the back. I only have one sibling and 1 8 hour ride with my brother in my dad's honda accord almost drove me insane.

  • Francisco Nunes
    Francisco Nunes 8 days ago

    The roadster is going to have 4 seats and better range than those cars, so you could use the roadster as daily driver

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 10 days ago


  • Takeru Kyle
    Takeru Kyle 12 days ago


  • Gaming 4 Gaming
    Gaming 4 Gaming 12 days ago

    Wtf man, you traded your 2018 TESLA MODEL X FOR A HONDA A DAMN HONDA OF ALL THINGS

  • Ultimate Practice
    Ultimate Practice 15 days ago


  • Thirdy Abella
    Thirdy Abella 16 days ago

    Safest SUV when thers 2 people has an accident

  • Bassin_with_Brysonl
    Bassin_with_Brysonl 18 days ago

    You are crazy

  • Pi Guy
    Pi Guy 18 days ago

    So why didn’t you sell the 100d not the p100d in grey

  • Badkid
    Badkid 19 days ago +1



    🏁🏁🏁simply fantastic🏎️🏎️🏎️
    0:55 ❤🔥

  • Ahmed Noor
    Ahmed Noor 19 days ago

    Why did you trade the sexy tesla instead of the white one

  • Awesome Anas
    Awesome Anas 19 days ago

    Why you didn’t bought model 3

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 19 days ago



    🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️
    1:00 🔥💞
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💝

  • TKS_Adem
    TKS_Adem 21 day ago

    Was planning on buying the model X.. I’m not so sure anymore

  • Dougie bell
    Dougie bell 21 day ago


  • Hussein Zein
    Hussein Zein 22 days ago

    Why didnt you exchange with the wight one

  • Arda Bozkurt
    Arda Bozkurt 22 days ago

    “The fastest SUV in the world”
    Go to Lamborghini and check what you said

    • Samarth Srivastava
      Samarth Srivastava 19 days ago

      @animesh singhal max speed limit in US is 137 km/h , top speed of tesla SUV is 210 km/h , you aren't going anywhere faster else you break the law .
      If you love speed tickets you can get them :)

    • animesh singhal
      animesh singhal 19 days ago

      @Samarth Srivastava that depends on where your point A and point B is really.

    • Samarth Srivastava
      Samarth Srivastava 19 days ago

      @animesh singhal for going from point A to B under speed limit, it's faster, so why it's not fastest?

    • animesh singhal
      animesh singhal 19 days ago

      @Samarth Srivastava That would be quick,
      acceleration : quick
      Speed : fast.

    • Samarth Srivastava
      Samarth Srivastava 20 days ago

      No one drives at top speed all the time,there's a thing called speed limit.
      It's Fastest cuz higher acceleration than any other SUV.

  • OrangE Lakha
    OrangE Lakha 22 days ago

    You made the smart move, Dan!! Great job👍🏻👍🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • LenovoPro Gaming
    LenovoPro Gaming 22 days ago

    Why sell

  • Happy Cupcake
    Happy Cupcake 22 days ago

    Good job for living within your means . All these loans aren't free. Someone will have to pay for it.

  • Analeah Conlu
    Analeah Conlu 23 days ago

    Dan i dont like your new car no offence i love the tesla

  • chatchawin tanasomwang

    stop saying kwh (kilowatthours) it kw (kilowatt)

  • Legit Ligit
    Legit Ligit 24 days ago

    tbh this is quite sad to let go of a Tesla

  • bavyanth Varma
    bavyanth Varma 24 days ago

    Worst video of what's inside? Family

  • Nery Azael Vilchis mata

    Honda is not safe because In my stepdads Honda Civic EX it doesn’t have a seatbelt alarm and it doesn’t have a door alarm

  • Chloe The Dog Chihuahua


  • Synyster Hates
    Synyster Hates 25 days ago

    Should’ve bought a new model Accord with much less miles.

  • EzbonGamer
    EzbonGamer 26 days ago

    Buy 3 roadster 2.0 1000 miles wow!

  • Josh Stoner
    Josh Stoner 26 days ago

    would have gotten that range with the smaller rims boi

  • Jay Destroy190
    Jay Destroy190 26 days ago

    Why the f- did you get a older car

  • Charley banana
    Charley banana 27 days ago +8

    Next: I traded my Lamborghini aventador for a 5 year old ford!

  • Shaun Brent Alabado Balgua

    Few seconds later
    A Honda Accord HYBRID
    should’ve kept the Model X
    half vtec, yeah not that much, just get a civic

  • Walgran de Gusmão Apolônio

    I understand what is outofjuicefobia.

  • Finn Doyle
    Finn Doyle 28 days ago

    So basically u are losing a 100 thousand euro to get a car that goes further

  • Valt ヴァルト・アオイ

    I hope Zack and Cambry enjoy it.

  • Connor'sgaming 3
    Connor'sgaming 3 29 days ago

    Tesla charging station should be at every gas station in every state

  • Devina Moua
    Devina Moua Month ago

    Why sell it it is so cool I liked it I will miss it 😢😢

  • Angela or Shawn
    Angela or Shawn Month ago

    You do know that the Honda Accord isn’t the only gas car in the world right

  • keisuke takahashi
    keisuke takahashi Month ago

    You buy a cheap car

  • freak 10
    freak 10 Month ago


  • L75RD
    L75RD Month ago

    Finally, he realised that Tesla are absolutely shite

  • Melissa's Life
    Melissa's Life Month ago

    Honda is one of the best cars out people are sleeping that's all I buy and I haven't had a problem yet been driving mine for over 10years and I will be buying a new one once I pay my Acura MDX off Honda's are cheaper but they last forever with minimal service.

  • theme park madness
    theme park madness Month ago


  • Nahid Gjokaj
    Nahid Gjokaj Month ago

    at least you could swap it for a mercedes

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez Month ago

    I do not appove

  • Cookie Mite
    Cookie Mite Month ago +3

    elon: *sees this*
    also elon to tesla: "increase the battery pack size and bring updates"

  • Eddy Detas
    Eddy Detas Month ago


  • TheRotorhound
    TheRotorhound Month ago

    Wise choice. I had a Honda Accord hybrid. Only problem was battery pack replace Honda did it at no cost. For road trips you still need gas based vehicle.