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Boba Fett Episode 3 BREAKDOWN (DIDN'T LIKE IT)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • So tonight’s episode was by far my least favourite. It was slow, with some scenes of epic ness, but even those with black krrsantan was too short and honestly not true to his character. He would have broken boba’s back, as well as ripped the heads off the gammoreans and the power ranger biker gang.
    Thre’s a lot to discuss so let’s get to it.
    First we see the mechanical spider carrying a brain in red liquid. This is a B’omarr Monk, we saw them in the return of the Jedi. These were monks that sought enlightenment so much that they figured leaving their body and resorting to just a brain would allow this to be more possible. They were an interesting order. The older the monk, the less legs the spider bot had. These monks knew how to regenerate, and possessed many secrets of regeneration.
    Jabba locked them up beneath his palace, so now that we see them roaming around, maybe boba has freed them. Perhaps they will be a confident to Boba or something in episode 4.

    We first learn that under the rule of bib Fortuna, he was too weak compared to Jabba, so he teamed up with others and divided mos espa into quadrants. Trandoshans control the city centre, the qualmish took the worker’s district, and klatoonians took the star port and upper sprawl. While the division wasn’t under the full control of bib like it was for Jabba, each section’s ruler gave tribute to the mayor mok shaiz.

    Boba is visited by a townsmen who informs him a band of thugs are stealing his inventory, which is water. So Boba goes out to apprehend the thugs, and finds a bunch of teenagers in a street gang with colourful and shiny speeders. The gang are cyborgs. Basically this scene is like from cyberpunk, and I felt it was super unfitting to the sands of Tatooine. If the gang looked like they just walked off the set of mad max I could definitely be down with this, but in my opinion it was just silly, childish, and didn’t fit on Tatooine. I could see them on Coruscant, but not here. There were too clean and hip looking. Maybe it’s an Easter egg for American graffiti, George Lucas’s movie before a new hope, as the cars there were bright coloured too, but either way I don’t think it fits int he show.

    Anyways, they tell Boba they have no jobs, despite being in the workers district. So, he offers them a job to work for him. The same shop keeper who got robbed comes out whining, and Boba pays him $500 credits to bugger off. He doesn’t seem happy and might be vengeful, but we’ll see. At this point I see what Boba is doing, he’s recruiting, he’s building an army. That said, I’m tired of him being so nice. I wanna see the bad ass Boba we’ve all seen in comics. He needs to stop being such a yes man, and be a little more callous. Again, I get he’s building an army, like a godfather, but I just wanna see gun slinging Boba.

    We get Boba in his bacta and see another flashback of Kamino, where Jango Fett, Boba Fett’s father is taking off in the slave 1, we see young Boba running to the window, and his face reflected like in the last episode. Only to be replaced with his face today, I think he’s still haunted by the death of his father, and perhaps holds resentment to the one who took him too soon, Mace Windu. I don’t want to see Mace show up, while it’d be cool, it would ruin the original trilogy because I’d be wondering why he wasn’t o the front lines with Luke to kill Vader and Palpatine.

    Boba leaves the Tusken village on a Bantha to seek the Pykes. As he cross the town we see Peli Motto walk by with the pit droids. She was in the mandalorian season 1. It’s connecting how we eventually see the boots of Boba Fett save Fennec Shand. These flashbacks will tell the backstory while explaining the current story.

    Boba speaks with the pyke and is informed the Nikto sand riders gang have claimed their tax from the Pykes and offered safety in return, the same safety Boba offered the Pykes. The Pykes want to have safe travels, but they don’t want to be taken advantage of, so Boba needs to get rid of the Nicta gang first, so his tusken friends get their right of pay.

    Boba returns to the village and sees it in smoke and ashes. The tuskens have been slain by the Nicta sand riders, giving some flashbacks of Anakin and his raid on the Sand People in attack of the clone. Boba walks through and sees them all dead, including the leader. However, the warrior female is nowhere to be seen. I think she survived and will show up later to join Boba. Boba cries and burns them giving them a burial. Boba is ready for war with the Nicta, and I’m enjoying the two timelines we’re getting. Twice the timelines, double the action.

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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory  13 days ago +2160

    Thoughts on this episode?
    I think it's going to build things up really well for the rest of The Book of Boba Fett. That said, there were a lot of things I found weird with this episode.

    -The power rangers don't look like they belong on Tatooine, maybe Coruscant.

    -Tired of Boba being such a yes man and not getting things done himself.

    -Why didn't he just fly over the mayor's assistant and hunt him down?

    - The Tuskens village burned was way too fast and short

    -Black Krrsantan was shown way weaker than he actually is. Also his scene was too short.

    -Boba coming out in a robe is wack and just not Boba imo. He would be suited up.

    -His back would be broken from Black Krrsantan, yet he seems super fine.

    -The twins bring him a massive gift? Just like that?

    -Rancor was cool. Loved that.

    Some other stuff I found sorta strange but I still like the show and I'm looking forward to episode 4 which hopefully should get rolling.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan 4 days ago +1

      @Lore People are just dumb bro.

      CAPORAL MILITARY 5 days ago

      this is my stars wars weapon flash-player.net/video/aIUPAv0sGpE/video.html

    • JCResDoc94 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
      JCResDoc94 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l 6 days ago +1

      *the boring sand ppl episode in the tank as a gift episoide 0 for fans* - that would have fixed a lot of momentum.

    • JCResDoc94 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
      JCResDoc94 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l 6 days ago +1

      they cant even keep you; i mean...i mean...
      i guess it is thr's to ruin. should have been so easy. some of the ideas are ok, but. it is real bad, & boring. -jc

    • travis hackney
      travis hackney 6 days ago

      maybe, as evidenced by fortuna, the hutts don't give a shit who the daimyo of tatooine is, so long as they can be controlled

      perhaps the hutts were like, 'hey, if boba wants it, let him prove it, BK! go whip his ass a little bit, but DONT kill him, if he really wants the job, he'll come to us with his tail between his legs..."

      perhaps they didn't expect boba to CAPTURE BK, which is why they are using the rancor now: plays like a TOTAL trojan horse, where if Boba doesn't do what he is told, the rancor goes apeshit...what if the rancor had been abused, and conditioned: the next guy you see is your target, but NOT until your HANDLER says so!...why else is the rancor/handler a package deal?

  • Odin the German Shepherd
    Odin the German Shepherd 12 days ago +4263

    The floating vespas felt out of place. I loved Black Krrsantan though. And a pet Rancor, LOLOL can’t wait to see him ride it like Darth Bane did.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Michael Gonzalez
      Michael Gonzalez 7 days ago

      Yea but Darth bane is more of a badass then this new "boba Fett" that wants everyone's respect while at the same time getting disrespected

    • Chris Matteson
      Chris Matteson 8 days ago +1

      @BUB sapple Yeah, the chase was fine. What’s your point? It could have cool instead of fine. But defend fine if that’s what makes you happy.

      I’m not even complaining about the show and you are in here calling people toxic because you don’t like their opinions.

      Are you ok?

    • Jean Rasczak
      Jean Rasczak 8 days ago +2

      @BUB sapple
      Gatekeeping, You mean criticism of them converting the franchise into some weak @ss "updated" version of what it was never intended to be? "For a new generation"
      Nah F that, if kids these days don't want or accept it from the origins they should get TF off it and seek/create a new IP instead of whining for it to be converted into a mockery of what it was.

    • BUB sapple
      BUB sapple 8 days ago +1

      @Chris Matteson the chase was fine stfu

  • GOAT
    GOAT 11 days ago +355

    If they wanted to make him a "godfather" type of crime boss, then I'd be fine, BUT he's simply too soft. He let the same dude cross him like 2 or 3 times and didn't even do anything about it.

    • Scott Lee Clayton
      Scott Lee Clayton 7 days ago

      Yeah if that's the course for Boba gotta get darker...way, way darker

    • Il Fascismo
      Il Fascismo 9 days ago +1

      @Gustavo Perez Why are you aggressively agreeing with me?

    • Gustavo Perez
      Gustavo Perez 9 days ago +1

      @Il Fascismo technically it does, if he rules successfully. His honor isnt the issue- it's the fact that he has lost his brutality. If he took over tatooine through carnage that would work. But he's...not doing that...

    • Eliminator 147
      Eliminator 147 9 days ago +1

      @Renáta Béres I think they know what they’re doing with Vader, as shown in Rouge One and I am hopeful they know what they’re doing with Boba.

    • Get Schwifty
      Get Schwifty 9 days ago +9

      Welcome to the woke pvssy of Disney 😄

  • John Cline
    John Cline 8 days ago +106

    I was surprised they didn't have Boba wear his armor more often.

    • John Cline
      John Cline 7 days ago +3

      @Andi Afresya Yes, I thought the same thing.

    • Andi Afresya
      Andi Afresya 7 days ago +18

      Yes, and he took of his helmet too often in public place

  • marcellb579
    marcellb579 11 days ago +416

    I think they took a step backwards with Boba's character.

    When we saw him in mando they nerfed him but he still came off as a badass. Now that he has his own show it seems like they nerfed him again...

    Idk what they're doing to my man's 😕

    • Jens Danneels
      Jens Danneels Day ago +1

      Remember how he went out in RotJ? Very badass indeed.

    • Frank Martinez
      Frank Martinez 4 days ago

      i mean i kinda see why they nerfed him, he is getting older now, and spending years in the pit definitely nerfed his skill as he wasn’t doing anything at all in that time

    • zZiL341yRj736
      zZiL341yRj736 5 days ago

      He's a good guy.

    • Jacob Katz
      Jacob Katz 5 days ago

      @Lord Tyranus to be fair in late season 4 he did lead a group of the top bounty hunters but I still think fans have been tricked into overrating his skills. Although i guess he is Jango’s son

    • Jacob Katz
      Jacob Katz 5 days ago +2

      @Topaz Nnani I completely agree with you, I feel like fans have somehow warped themselves into believing he’s unmatched and legendary but In the original movies they obviously didn’t have that intent with his character, he got like 5 minutes of screen time or less!

  • BrotherhoodWorkshop
    BrotherhoodWorkshop 11 days ago +421

    The fact that Boba came through the Wookiee attack pretty much unharmed really took me out of the story. He should have been paralyzed, and for a brief moment I thought that's where they were going and I was fascinated....but nope. He's fine.

    • Jericho Salazar
      Jericho Salazar 2 days ago

      Even then, he should have killed at least half those mod shop workers. Nothing has been established where they would hold off a trained killer with immense strength.

    • Birju B
      Birju B 2 days ago

      Dont underestimate Boba. He is a clone and a strong fighter and tough.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Sam Wright
      Sam Wright 7 days ago

      @Sam W ayyy bro that’s crazy ahaha where you from ?

    • Chriss
      Chriss 7 days ago

      I hope so much that this is all planed by the hutts, and Black Krrsantan was told not to harm him yet or something like that .. else .. this scene makes no sense at all ..

  • Landon Brown
    Landon Brown 12 days ago +1028

    I didn't think the episode was that bad until the biker gang showed up. Seeing them with each of their own colored bikes just felt so childish. And that chase was sooo slow and cheesy.

    • Shaw Iael
      Shaw Iael 2 days ago

      @Darth Praennox I would say rather addressing mature adults with cupcakes (like these bikes) for these less matured who likes just shoot shoot, bum bum from games... :D

    • Darth Praennox
      Darth Praennox 4 days ago

      @DConstructiveCritic same

    • Darth Praennox
      Darth Praennox 4 days ago

      @GREG LEE Yup

    • Darth Praennox
      Darth Praennox 4 days ago

      Disney is targeting 8 yr olds with this show. It isn't the show any of us hoped for where Boba is an epic bounty hunter in the underworld, it's boba being pathetic and him trying to be cupcakes and rainbows with everything

    • Shaw Iael
      Shaw Iael 6 days ago

      Some kids complained about lack of cockiness and stupidity... so they gave them Power Rangers... :P

  • D Briggs
    D Briggs 10 days ago +62

    Great breakdown of the episode. The kid moped gang was truly awful.

  • Asian sitting Duck -
    Asian sitting Duck - 10 days ago +78

    I was totally brought out of it when I saw the spy kid, Rodrick looking kids. Also I found it off putting how no one noticed when Krrsatan, I guess he just walked through the front door, past the kids and two guards

  • Szabo Wabo
    Szabo Wabo 7 days ago +27

    I think that Vespa girl is related to Obi Wan, because she definitely had the high ground on the mayor’s majordomo.

  • Meme Licker
    Meme Licker 11 days ago +97

    I think the reason Boba is so nice now is so that when he does go crazy it’ll be more rewarding. It’s silly, but hopefully it’ll work. Idk why Black K was so weak tho that was just stupid..

    I hate the biker gang and I wanted Black K to eat them so bad.

    • Shaw Iael
      Shaw Iael 6 days ago

      You forgot something. Sarlacc guts... :) Inside probably even some cocky kids here would realize they are not eternally young immortals would became a bit more humble after such experience, don't you think?

    • ackbar1138
      ackbar1138 8 days ago +2

      Ok. Just stop making excuses

    • Danny
      Danny 10 days ago +3


    • TheLytz
      TheLytz 10 days ago +1

      @Gabriel Rodriguez I don't think Black K was giving it his all, because he didn't have any personal vendetta against Boba, but he is one of the most dangerous bounty hunters, so I would assume that he would strive to always finish the assignment

    • Gabriel Rodriguez
      Gabriel Rodriguez 10 days ago +2

      BK was just holding back in my opinion

  • Evan
    Evan 12 days ago +2205

    I actually laughed during the chase scene because it was playing very hype music like it was a crazy chase scene but it just looked like they were going 16mph on these extremely out of place vibrant bikes lol

    • Daniel Maedge
      Daniel Maedge 7 days ago

      They should have played "Yakety Sax" (Benny Hill theme) and the chase scene at double speed.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • BenJamIn Durand
      BenJamIn Durand 7 days ago

      I literally laughed when I seen where the second was going. My wife just looked at me and understood. I could tell by her small giggle.

    • Meshari
      Meshari 7 days ago

      And the gang were challenging to see whose bike is “faster” before the chase scene starts 😂😂

    • 12:34 PM
      12:34 PM 7 days ago

      Yes 😂😂😂

  • Logan Fields
    Logan Fields 9 days ago +36

    So glad you called out nice guy Boba. So far, Fennec Shand is more like old school Boba than new school Boba is.

    • Logan Fields
      Logan Fields Day ago

      @Joseph Armstead Perhaps a channel that focuses entirely on deep lore and fan fiction is not the spot for you. Lots of us care about that stuff here.

    • Joseph Armstead
      Joseph Armstead Day ago

      Boba has been left for dead learned from Sand people and betrayed by everyone that hired him. At nearly 60 yrs old its not out of realm for a character to grow older and wiser. This notion that Boba should be his comic book version is crazy. I guess men can't evolve into better men as they age. Star wars fans really complain about everything. If I was a top writer for tv& movies I would want nothing to do with Star wars the fans litterly want story to be fan fiction.

  • Sam Dickenson
    Sam Dickenson 6 days ago +4

    I thought this episode was alright. It wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it. I didn't think about Black Krrsantan being underpowered while watching the episode, but now that it's been mentioned, I also wonder if he was fighting that way on purpose. I was super excited to see Danny Trejo in Star Wars. I had always wondered what type of character he would play in Star Wars, and I think a rancor trainer is a perfect fit for him. I will admit that the bike chase was a bit underwhelming, but I've always wanted to see a full on bike chase like this in Star Wars. Beggars can't be choosers.

  • AidanIsAChair
    AidanIsAChair 11 days ago +3

    This ep. was kind of all over the place. I feel like the story with the tuscans definitely could've been structured better. I did really like the score of the episode though, definitely elevated the important scenes. I agree with you that the biker gang could've worked, but they don't really fit in on Tatooine.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 11 days ago +211

    My theory: Rancor is not a youth and has already been trained. Sent there to find an opportunity to kill boba. However, I think boba will actually earn the rancor’s trust and it will stick with him

    • BlackShogun 27
      BlackShogun 27 5 days ago

      @Kimbo there's nothing more savage on a backwater world like Tatooine than riding a large savage beast through public. Imagine (somehow) training an Acklay and riding that shit around town. Nobody is fucking with you...

    • Kimbo
      Kimbo 8 days ago

      I caught that vibe as well, Rancor OR Trejo is just a Trojan Horse meant to sabotage Boba's operation.......I actually believe Boba ends up winning over the rancor's affection. Leading to Boba Riding through town bustin everyone

    • Kentucky fried Clash
      Kentucky fried Clash 9 days ago +1

      At first I thought that two, but no he is a calf, and he already had an opportunity, boba didn’t have his jet pack, he was near the mouth, with someone who might be able to block the door, so no stupido theory

    • Doug Shaw
      Doug Shaw 9 days ago

      I agree

    • Lord Tyranus
      Lord Tyranus 9 days ago +2

      Glad to her I'm not the only one who felt this way. Originally, I actually thought the rancor was going to attack Boba then & there.

  • Phase cumrag
    Phase cumrag 13 days ago +2376

    100% agreed with the speeders they just weren’t right for tattooine would have been better as old modified imperial speeder bikes

    • MSephiroth
      MSephiroth Day ago

      @Jericho Salazar But that's really not a fair comparison, because one is something that is LITERALLY composed of hodgepodge pieces of junk and whatnot.
      While the other is literally pre-made swoop bikes.

    • Jericho Salazar
      Jericho Salazar 2 days ago +1

      Yeah even the pod racers in EP1 looked more hodgepodge. And I bet those pod racers had a lot more resources than supposed struggling broke workers steeling water.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • MSephiroth
      MSephiroth 10 days ago

      @Verbal Kint I mean, it's only since a few years now, after watching the movies like 20 times at least, lol. But also from other media around the time and stuff. It just felt like he was building to it, and like I said, then suddenly was like: "Nah." and it's just weird to me. There's just certain aspects with ROTJ like the Ewoks and such, that feel sort of... Rushed to me almost, as it's the best way of describing it. It's basically why it's my least favorite. Because it could have been perfect, but there's just things in it, that I guess I'm then kind ofa nitpicker about.
      And I don't hate the Ewoks exactly, but it just took me so out of it, and it just takes away so much... Gravitas from the final battle. Whereas, again, to me I think that Wookies would have only added to that.

      I mean, that could definitely explain that then, yeah. And I think the Tuskens might have been too early, but at the same time, I think that has to do as well with not wanting to seem like milking that storyline, and also wanting to build on how the female Tusken seems to have survived. I think it also just showed that at that point, Boba just really, REALLY did not at all see it coming. Something I feel like he probably at that point blamed himself for.
      Pacing to me is always such a hard thing to really judge. I feel like that is more of a writing decision differing from writer to writer. But that could be the writer in me speaking.
      And Krrsantan I do admit could have been more brutal. But he was still kicking ass. And when the mods showed up, he showed that he was just really surprised, as I think the Twins told him that there would be no one there, apart from the Gammoreans and Fennec.
      Still not entirely excusing it, but still. Just trying to explain how I see it and thought of it then.
      So yeah, there's definitely some issues there, but for me it luckily didn't take away from me still loving it. Also because I know it's just building to more and better things as well.

      Hmm, yeah, I can kinda see that. I also myself took that as Boba really just making the comment before realizing, and that he seemed to think that the teens were forced into taking the parts. Maybe because he thought the guy had lost his original eye, isntead of them seeing it as an upgrade.
      And I do sort of see what you mean. But I think that the guy talking that way, is supposed to hint again at them being from another planet. Like Correlia as I saw someone mention before. Which would also be sort of for that Han connection in a way.
      And also, even from fans there's been plenty of criticism on some of George's dialogue. So, I just think that they're trying to improve on that after all. Which, of course some will like more than others.
      And again, that's not to complain or hate on George, but it was just one of his weakest skills. Even though there's plenty of lines that I absolutely love. There's also those that I can definitely see where people come from.
      But just like I can see where you're coming from as well.

    • Verbal Kint
      Verbal Kint 10 days ago

      @MSephiroth Your idea about the Wookies is pretty interesting, and thinking about it now I'm surprised George didn't do anything similar to that. I don't really dislike the Ewoks though.

      I've seen some Old Republic gameplay and it never really clicked with me, so that may be why I also don't really like the design the gang has. But overall I just didn't really like this episode, I felt like the pacing was off, killing the tuskens too early, Black Krrsantan was kind of nerfed, you already know how I feel about the motorcycle gang.

      There was one scene in particular that really irked me, near the end when the cyborg is spying on the Pykes and talks to Boba through the hologram, and they make that silly joke about the eye, and then the guy replies with "it's alright, mate" I was just floored, that was just not needed. That's one gripe I have with Disney era star wars, the dialogue has become less sophisticated, characters speak too much like people from Earth. I don't know, maybe I'm a nitpicker but I just feel like they're adding an extra ingredient to the formula that isn't needed,

  • Rtst101
    Rtst101 10 days ago +55

    1. Hoping the Tusken kid is out there somewhere, the stick was thrown into the fire (maybe to spare seeing a child's death) but it's possible that since he's identified using the red scarf he will show up again later with the Warrior and Boba will still have allies/kin/family among the Tuskens.
    2. Was not a fan of the street gang. Agree they seem out of place, clean, and even if cyborgs I would expect they'd blend in more to the surroundings or at least have a threatening aura before being offered a job, not just talk. They felt like a pack of poisonous dart frogs. Like maybe they're dangerous but only if you fried and ate them.
    3. Rancor seems suspicious. Seems a parallel to pit bulls, "they're raised to fight" but if the rancor had already imprinted on its trainer than perhaps there's two masters, which could get dicey if the trainer is compromised.
    4. Why was not a single person around to help Boba- where were they? I can believe that an assassin can get in without being seen but maybe show the progression so it doesn't seem weak on everyone else's part (being that Boba has handpicked this team so far).
    5. Chase was a bit slow and the poison dart frogs aren't super great at their job. But they are teenagers with money for cyborg parts and pretty bikes so maybe I'm giving them too much credit.
    I'm sure I have more but I'll need to review again.

    • goonslayerr 69
      goonslayerr 69 9 days ago +1

      but he/she wouldn’t have a home anymore bc all his fam died

    • goonslayerr 69
      goonslayerr 69 9 days ago +1

      how coool would it be to have a tusken raider alongside boba fett, we’ve never seen a tusken raider character like that before, that would be sick and unorthodox asf bc they only stay on the outskirts.

    • Quasar
      Quasar 10 days ago +1

      Re #5: They're such typical zoomers it's crazy. Even their talking back to Boba felt like "ok boomer".

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask 9 days ago +12

    I kinda like the way he’s kind of a “yes man” maybe he was humbled by his experience after escaping the sarlac.

    That “chase” scene was pretty weird though.

  • Highspeed Author Travis Hightower

    Boba probably wanted to test his new kids to see how good they were, is my thought. Even though they helped him against BK - I think he considered himself (and the kids) lucky.

    The writers could have fixed this in the show, but I get the sense they are rushing things a bit.

    If they had another go at the draft, all it would take is a few lines of discussion where Fennick doubts them, and as they chase starts, a quick shot of Fennick asking Boba "You aren't going to chase them?"

    And then Boba says something like "No. Let them prove themselves."

    Which . . . Boba's dialogue should be a little more minimalistic than it sometimes is on this show.

  • Wisnu Nur Alam 2695
    Wisnu Nur Alam 2695 11 days ago +24

    They should have made him a cruel, ruthless, and merciless man like he should be from the very beginning. Then slowly progress to become a more kind and gentle as the show goes on, as he finally found someone he care like how he cared for his father.

    Similar to the Mandalorian but more crime involved.

    • Jericho Salazar
      Jericho Salazar 2 days ago

      should focus on him and Fennec getting a band of ruthless killer types and have the story pov from the cyborg girl trying to convince them to do more good stuff by killing off the crime lords.

    • Shaw Iael
      Shaw Iael 6 days ago

      They got shortcut - sarlacc guts...

  • TheLonelyGoomba
    TheLonelyGoomba 12 days ago +2075

    I didn’t like it. It feels like Boba is becoming a background character in his own show.

    And the Vespa gang felt so out of place. Not just the Vespa but the character design themselves look out of place. Like they took humans from earth and placed them in the Star Wars universe. But that’s a minor issue really.

    My biggest concern is Boba himself and his character. He seems sort of incompetent. Being a crime lord or whatever isn’t a moral job anyway so his nice guy approach is at odds with the role itself. If he wants to be a good guy, chose a different career. As it is he just comes off weak and out his element completely. I just feel frustrated with Boba getting his ass kicked all the time and making questionable decisions. I wanna see Boba hold his own. He is not a weak character.

    I was expecting a more gritty show about Boba and the darker under belly of Star Wars, but 3 episodes in, and we have Boba with a rowdy crew of teenagers on Vespas who look like Doctor Who assistants. Meanwhile watching Boba is like watching your grandad slowly turn senile and struggling to walk up the stairs. Not what I pictured going into this show if I’m being honest.

    I still like the show overall and I hope it all comes together but this episode stunk.

    • Nicolas Charron
      Nicolas Charron 6 days ago

      I love how civil everyone is in this comment section. Makes me happy.

    • TheLonelyGoomba
      TheLonelyGoomba 7 days ago

      @Evan OConnor higher your standards for Star Wars

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Evan OConnor
      Evan OConnor 7 days ago +1

      How would we see boba become a crime lord if he didn’t have a rag tag crew of nobodies to do his bidding. It’s not like he already has a vast empire of people working for him. He usurped a crime boss, and we’ve only seen two guards remain loyal to him. Lower your expectations for a kids show.

    • Human Version3
      Human Version3 7 days ago +2

      Honestly… Boba seems like some conspiracy nut who found an empty warehouse and declared himself the crime lord, and everyone around him is like “who are you?” Lol

  • Seth Krueger
    Seth Krueger 9 days ago +6

    Say what you will about Jango and Boba not being "real" Mandalorians, but...
    Boba's first instinct on hearing that Rancors can be ridden was, "I'm gonna ride that thing."
    Pretty damn Mandalorian thing to do.

    • Shaw Iael
      Shaw Iael 6 days ago +1

      Clearly Din lacks this instinct... :D

  • SaintsOf Knoecks
    SaintsOf Knoecks 10 days ago +10

    3:39 Yep. This was my biggest problem with episode three as well. I thought about Cyberpunk immediately as well. Felt way out of place

  • aqueen04
    aqueen04 10 days ago +18

    Yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed by this episode too. I was very disappointed to see the Tuskens get wiped out - after all that effort to flesh them out, to suddenly wipe them out just to enhance Boba's man pain seems like a real waste. I like the concept of a bunch of biker teens joining up with Boba - the man definitely needs more allies beyond Fennec and the 2 Gammorians - the results were, like you said, much too clean. These kids would have fit much better on Coruscant. Tatooine teens need a much more rough look to fit the scene. And the chase scene was boring as all get out. They could have cut it in half and had Boba fly over and land in the speeder, get the info, and then leap out before the crash. And yes, Boba needs to show his more ruthless, kickass side. He wants to rule with respect, while Fennec says that fear is what he needs to get the job done. I'd say it probably needs to be a mix of the two.

    Here's hoping for better next week.

  • Hudson Asher
    Hudson Asher 5 days ago +1

    I would really love to see a live action Dathomir, doesn’t have to be in the Book of Boba Fett, but would just love to see it in general

  • Gabe_H337
    Gabe_H337 12 days ago +1031

    I was thinking that Boba being caught off guard by Black Krrsantan without his armor on would have been a death sentence. I also think it is pretty unrealistic that he gets out of the fight with the minor injuries that he got.

    • Bill Skinner
      Bill Skinner 3 days ago

      @boomsauceify I was happy with episode 4. This episode redeems ep3.
      I thought Thundercats scene, reminded me of Herbie Hancock's Video "Rockit" (wondering if that was the inspiration, behind the scene)
      I feel conflicted, I do not like the Mod themes, but I am a fan of Thundercat.

    • boomsauceify
      boomsauceify 3 days ago +1

      @Bill Skinner anything would have been better than the power ranger rejects coming to the rescue

    • boomsauceify
      boomsauceify 3 days ago +1

      @Bill Skinner yup lol...but of course disney gotta disney

    • boomsauceify
      boomsauceify 3 days ago

      @Oaht Thao wtf does that have to do with my comment? he wasnt wearing armor when he got grabbed by black k.. buddy was naked in a tub.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

  • bardicdad
    bardicdad 9 days ago +1

    I feel like the crew could have used some prep for a chase scene, like watch some Dukes of Hazzard. It was like watching old people on tequila chasing each other around on their assistance scooters. The rancor scene was pretty awesome.

  • Daddiikong
    Daddiikong 10 days ago +2

    I agree with all you said, I even called the vespa gang something out of Back to the Future 2. I think we will see Boba unleash on the other biker gang and it won't be pretty.

  • Nicholas Jennings
    Nicholas Jennings 10 days ago

    Thank you for mentioning the power ranger cyborgs! That is exactly what I called them when I watched the episode. They for sure seemed out of place. Awesome review, I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt weird about this episode.

  • PrinceJediMaster
    PrinceJediMaster 11 days ago +1

    We know with Robert directing this that Danny would be in it. I honestly think the Rancor will be important in the end of Season 1.

  • Terrefeu17
    Terrefeu17 12 days ago +807

    My issue with the young biker gang is that it doesnt feel like Star Wars. The design of the bikes, the outfits feels like a poor mans cyberpunk or bladerunner. Star Wars has a distinctive look and I always welcome new design. However, it needs to be consistent with the world it's in.

    • Verbal Kint
      Verbal Kint 8 hours ago

      @PurpleLightning6was9 lol no one on coruscant or anywhere in the SW universe has looked like that. They looked like geeks at a comic con, and their vehicles look even worse. There's a reason everyone pointed it out and criticized it.

    • PurpleLightning6was9
      PurpleLightning6was9 8 hours ago

      @Verbal Kint Coruscant is literally a cyberpunk city equipped with an under city full of zombies and ogres. The prequels were filled with 50’s iconography, including a vintage diner. Vader is a cyberpunk nightmare. You’re the one who should stop. Those cyberpunk characters are nowhere near the strangest things in the movies or EU.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Renáta Béres
      Renáta Béres 9 days ago +1

      @PurpleLightning6was9 Star Wars has a certain clothing style. Mainly the Prequels.

    • Renáta Béres
      Renáta Béres 9 days ago

      The two guys design would fit in that Casino planet from the Sequels, but the girl is really out of place, as well as that bikes

  • frishdawgs
    frishdawgs 11 days ago +2

    Pretty much felt the exact same way about this episode. Feels like these first episodes should have had a lot more going on.

  • Lumpia
    Lumpia 8 days ago

    I’d love to see a fight between Fennec and Cad Bane, especially after seeing their fight in Bad Batch

  • the best sport HD
    the best sport HD 11 days ago +11

    I thought the entire point of these upcoming stories were to slowly distance themselves from the Skywalker plot line and while I would like to see Kira, I believe that Han and Luke wont show up.

    • justin nee
      justin nee 10 days ago +1

      Slowly distance themselves? As soon as Disney realized they could make money off of cameos they full sended that shit. Mandolorian season 1 had 0 cameos (maybe baby yoda?) Then season 2 comes around and brings out all the well established characters and ideas: Luke Skywalker and R2D2, Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, Krykna from Rebels, and Thrawn.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 10 days ago +2

    If Cad Bane is the “big bad” in Boba, it’ll all be worth it

  • Edward Tan
    Edward Tan 12 days ago +354

    We’ve seen a lot of Boba getting his ass kicked in these 3 episodes, and it’s really hard to believe that he’s this once great bounty hunter feared throughout the galaxy. Definitely need more badassery from him in the coming episodes

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Kenny Kistler
      Kenny Kistler 9 days ago

      @I’m old gregg No. Favreau.

    • I’m old gregg
      I’m old gregg 9 days ago

      @Kenny Kistler didn’t Dave filoni write this

    • bryce sexton
      bryce sexton 10 days ago

      @William Weeber what are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about it being bad writing. If anything I was defending it by stating that they are including strategy and technique in boba’s fighting. How about you understand a comment before jumping to conclusions.

    • Riley Buchanan
      Riley Buchanan 10 days ago

      @Giovio Corleone dude he's a fucking clone he's old as fuck, I can rationalize the guy who just got eaten by a sarlack not being the quickest anymore

  • Darth Fener
    Darth Fener 10 days ago +3

    A perfect analysis.
    I did agree.
    Boba has been always considered a person you wish not to come across: here he's presented as a sort of "good guy". Don't misunderstand me. I like the figure of an "anti-hero" but not in this way.
    Mandalorian was much more better and epic even from the starting episodes
    Let's hope for the following episodes! 😉

  • Bottled Water
    Bottled Water 9 days ago +3

    The events of the Mandolorian can’t be 5 years after what we see now, Boba saved the other bounty hunter in Mandolorian and the same Bounty hunter is now his assistant to him in this series

    • James Durham
      James Durham 8 days ago +1

      I really don’t understand where he has got that from

    • Bottled Water
      Bottled Water 8 days ago

      @James Durham exactly what I’m thinking, doesn’t make sense ahah. Just a small error

    • James Durham
      James Durham 8 days ago +1

      Thank you!!! Nobody else is talking about this

  • Justin Sargalis
    Justin Sargalis 11 days ago +3

    didn’t the rancor keeper say “dont worry hell be back” in a menacing way? like they were plotting against him w the hutts cause they thought 1. hell actually leave or 2. they think the rancor will eat him lmfao

  • Mr. Riley
    Mr. Riley 9 days ago +10

    They've turned Boba into an all loving, caring and respectful hero. Completely ruined the character. Can't say I'm surprised. They do this to all OT characters.

  • David Betters
    David Betters 13 days ago +841

    The space vespas were a little too gaudy for Tatooine imo, but the gang itself didn't seem terribly out of place. It is cool to see Boba slowly build up his army of henchmen, starting with the Gamorreans, and now he's got a biker gang, a rancor and Danny Trejo. Can only imagine what his empire will look like by the end of the season. And if we see him again in Mando, that'll be something.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • John Byrne
      John Byrne 12 days ago +1

      The biker gang is dumb, edgy and out of place, and the rancor + the trainer are so obviously not an ally of Boba. The writers of this show are trying their best and working overtime to make Boba look incompetent and weak in his own series.

    • Sw00t_y PrD
      Sw00t_y PrD 12 days ago

      Jesus Christ is the King 👑 of salvation

    • John Dall
      John Dall 12 days ago

      Machette is a big bonus 😉

    • Ethan Bowers
      Ethan Bowers 12 days ago

      I totally agree!

  • Shawn Neurohr
    Shawn Neurohr 11 days ago +12

    Boba is my favorite character and I am sooo hype that he is back in live action but this doesn’t feel like Boba. It’s like some super passive fake is wearing his armor. He’s constantly getting beat up and almost never wears his helmet.

  • Star Petal Arts
    Star Petal Arts 9 days ago +1

    I thought there was too much exposition that it felt unreal.

    The thought I have on Mace Windu is that he could survive if Filoni wants Ahsoka and Ezra to remove him from the timeline and wish him away to the future. Though that's stupid... but the WBW can do this because we don't see Windu's body we can't confirm his death like we can with say Ki Adi and Aayla whom we see murdered to the point that they go limp. Windu disappeared outside of that window.

  • Henry Cowan
    Henry Cowan 7 days ago +2

    This episode was a comedy, once you look at it that way it's a 10/10

  • Max Reardon
    Max Reardon 11 days ago +5

    I was wondering if Crimson Dawn would still be around. Without Maul to keep order I would think the crime syndicates would start fighting between each other. I hope you’re right and I’m so hoping Qi’Ra makes an appearance, it would be such an oversight to not involve her if Dawn is still behind the Pikes and the others

    • Daniel Ponce
      Daniel Ponce 10 days ago

      I hate how Disney has been handling Qi'ra in some of the recent Star Wars comics. That girl-power-agenda scene of her successfully wielding a lightsaber against Darth Vader was ridiculous. No matter how proficient she may now be with a lightsaber courtesy of the training she received from Maul, she is no Force user.

  • John 180
    John 180 12 days ago +296

    The Mandalorian: Din rarely takes his helmet off.
    The Book of Boba Fett: Boba rarely puts his helmet on.

    • Jeremiah Summers
      Jeremiah Summers 9 days ago

      Depending on what material and George's own words you take into account Boba is not Madalorian and neither was Jengo, despite material saying otherwise George himself said no. I thought this series was going to clear that up, but it hasn't and missed a great opportunity to do so. Could have been a much better and less sleepy story line. If they would have dropped what George said and went back to the Jengo storyline with the "true mandos" then Boba would have been one of the last true Mandelorians. Also remember the helmet thing is a sect of Mandelorian that some call a cult. It would have been interesting if they were actually the true Mandelorians and Din Jarin ends up teaching Boba "The Way" or at least about his heritage. That I could see changing how Boba reacts, he'd still be ruthless but have a code and he could also survive the criminal underworld and be a rightful leader with followers that at times can be fairly dark and shady.

    • NinjaTyler
      NinjaTyler 11 days ago +1

      @Jackson Boyea it's not about the tradition it's about taking off his armor in possible enemies presence, why remove your helmet when you know people are gunning for your head

    • Jon Fernandez
      Jon Fernandez 12 days ago +1

      I'm so glad you mentioned this! I'm not the only one, ty!

      Every time Boba takes his helmet off, it's a slap in the face of the mystique developed from the Boba in the initial trilogy.

      Boba in this series acknowledges the importance of gaining respect...but we all are still waiting for attempts to earn it. Maybe instead of remembering clips as a kid, he needs to remember Empire Strikes Back and take some notes! Bc THAT Boba is certainly not in this series.

    • MalBasedValentine
      MalBasedValentine 12 days ago +2

      @Rodrigo Rodriguez you can’t gain respect as a crime lord…you’re dealing with criminals, and other criminals who are leaders. Your subjects will always try to kill you because you don’t rule with fear to keep them away, but instead you try to keep peace. It just comes off so off putting. Even making boba a crime lord doesn’t even make sense in truth. Disney should have went with his old EU self.

    • Brian Jungen
      Brian Jungen 12 days ago

      @Adam Lackey well to be fair he had like what...six minutes of screen time in the originals???

  • Dancing Donkey
    Dancing Donkey 10 days ago

    I hope somewhere along the way we will see more of the Crimson Dawn. Either in season 2 or later.

  • James Scott
    James Scott 4 days ago

    You’re probably right about the twins making a truce for the sake of letting Boba battle it out with their enemies, and then they’ll come back and finish off the victor. If we have learned anything from video games, third partying enemy teams when they’re weak from battle is an easy win.

  • Hk 47
    Hk 47 11 days ago +1

    Great to know I am not the only one who thought that the cyborgs looked like a mixture of Mad Max and Cyberpunk and hated it

    Tho I didn’t mind Boba’s robe, it will be a nice meme alongside Dooku’s pajama

    Also the sisters aren’t really dead, we see their very conscious spirits in Rebels on Dathomir and powerful ones like Talzin or Old Daka may be more powerful

  • Clayton Effertz
    Clayton Effertz 11 days ago +13

    I feel like this show is just going to turn into dune. Boba is house Atreides, the Pykes are the Harkonnens, the Tuskens are the Fremen, and I think tatooine is going to have a big resource like spice

  • Benjamin Davis
    Benjamin Davis 12 days ago +548

    The biker gang threw off the whole episode. If their character design wasn’t so cheesy I think the episode would have been a LOT better

    • normal guy
      normal guy 12 days ago +2

      Yea a biker gang who pay for expensive cosmetics and have bright coloured speeders yet don’t have work and steal water? Like sell the damn bikes. Also boba apologising for saying keep your eye on them.

    • SD Trail Rider
      SD Trail Rider 12 days ago

      They came off like the Mods from Tommy on those Vespas.

    • MrMugenwii
      MrMugenwii 12 days ago

      the bikergang should have been a pack of Rodians, that wouldhave been epic!

    • Sabrina Savage
      Sabrina Savage 12 days ago +1

      Nothing about their character design, especially the vespas, looked like they belonged on tattooine and I couldn’t unsee it. Glaring issue that just seemed unnecessary that it was even included in the first place.

    • Dhillos
      Dhillos 12 days ago

      @Caleb Sevick Yeah probs a better way to put it. Totally agree about the bikes they looked stupid

  • TheOracle123
    TheOracle123 9 days ago

    From my perspective, i take it as Boba TRYING to rule how he said, with respect instead of fear, so that's why he is softer than normal. I hope there is a point where he realizes that it doesn't work, he just says fuck it, and then kicks some serious ass.

  • Frankie Anders
    Frankie Anders 11 days ago +3

    I agree that the floating Vespas seemed out of place, they were like something from bladerunner. The member of the biker gang that spoke to boba at the end was way too informal, and it didn’t really seem like that conversation belonged in the SW Universe. Overall I’d give it a 6.5/10. The Rancor was a fantastic touch.

  • yyourfacee
    yyourfacee 7 days ago

    I agree boba is too nice here as well, but I try to reconcile it in my mind that he always had a good heart deep down even in TCW. Him not being able to execute people and all that

  • Moserfugger
    Moserfugger 10 days ago +12

    I still really like the series, but I can see, why many people are getting impatient. Boba being pretty passive (as a crime lord) for three whole episodes now, might be justified from a story telling perspective. But even I rolled my eyes a little when it happened again and again in this recent episode. There should have been at least one scene where he loses his patience. Perhaps by beating up the greedy shop owner. Or after being betrayed by the mayors assistant.

    At this point in the series there should be at least some hints that under all of Boba's nice behavior there still is some rage boiling. The nice fassade shoud start showing cracks. Doesn't mean that he has to be in full rage mode for the rest of the series. In the end he could find his way back to kindness and patience, realizing that giving into his rage again was the wrong way. But such a development would be much more satisfying if Boba allowed the rage to take over for at least a couple of episodes.

    Greetings from Germany :)

    • Moserfugger
      Moserfugger 7 days ago

      Dankeschön! 🙂 Viele Grüße zurück!

    • PowerZgamer
      PowerZgamer 7 days ago

      Hallo, Grüße aus Amerika

  • Jack Eakins
    Jack Eakins 9 days ago

    All they had to do was have the speeders driving faster through Mos Espa and that scene would have been better.. but then again, I was also wondering why Boba was just waiting around

  • Jorge Carbajal
    Jorge Carbajal 10 days ago

    Despite enjoying the episode, I can understand your frustration regarding the issues that you explained. Hopefully, the action will start to elevate in the upcoming episodes.

  • loganthinkshecan

    The only thing that felt really off to me was the meeting between boba and all the mafia guy leaders. Felt like it really didn't need to happen if all that happens was "Oh shit i'm still by myself but they hopefully maybe won't double cross me?

  • z beshears
    z beshears 10 days ago

    I love the show, it’s not perfect but I really enjoy it. Making me feel bad for the tuskans, introducing new characters I’ve never heard of, the line being connected between shows/movies like TcW and solo etc

  • Gallifreyan Runaway
    Gallifreyan Runaway 13 days ago +598

    Was so happy to see Danny Trejo in Star Wars. His character seems suspicious though. Feel like the rancor has already been trained to specifically kill Boba or something

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

      ONYOURSIX TV 11 days ago

      @Taina Te Ngahue almost full grown? Its nowhere near fully grown. About 1/3 of its size.

    • Moyai
      Moyai 11 days ago

      Well in the German version the voice actor for him says it in a very friendly voice but idk if that is just a mistake by them or if this means he isn’t sus

    • Zoltan Rostas-Secola
      Zoltan Rostas-Secola 12 days ago +1

      @Dr. Detroit Don't you mean....."Trejo" horse?

    • THIZzSCO415
      THIZzSCO415 12 days ago

      Lol I started cracking up when I seen him arrive with the Twin Hutts super random

  • ManicSplicer
    ManicSplicer 10 days ago

    This episode was amazing, and just pure fun.

  • Krassus7101
    Krassus7101 10 days ago

    During this scene I was half expecting to see a sign that read “Anakin was here”

  • David Smoot
    David Smoot 11 days ago

    Ive loved all 3 episodes so far cant lie. Exciting and anxious for ep 4

  • mike Del Vecchio
    mike Del Vecchio 11 days ago +4

    Boba fett was the character who got me into Star Wars. He was always my favorite character and still is. I don't like the way they're going with this show and it feels like they have no clue what to do with boba now that he's alive.

  • Gea Leigh
    Gea Leigh 12 days ago +298

    The pace on this episode was strange. The beats feel off. The vespas are silly. And I'm not one for tons of violence, but Boba's passivity seems out of character. I'm hoping there is a reason for this. I imagine there is and it will be explained more clearly. I am still loving this series and am so excited they mentioned the Night Sisters!

    • Phatmatt 5105
      Phatmatt 5105 12 days ago +4

      yep, Robert Rodriguez is just being Robert Rodriguez.

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 6 days ago

    11:44 This is alluded to immediately following the title card (9m14s) for this episode.
    A bat snatches a lizard, and both are consumed by a frog.

  • Joe Fanno
    Joe Fanno 11 days ago +1

    Definitely felt like more of a filler episode and they threw black krrsantan in there just to make things interesting. Also the tuskans being killed off felt like it happened too soon. Weird episode but hopefully will set up better things.

  • Christopher Bledsoe
    Christopher Bledsoe 5 days ago

    Agreed. That was the slowest, highspeed chase ever! Flashbacks were cool though.

  • ruigerd
    ruigerd 7 days ago +1

    The night sister merrin reminds me of Meryll from dragon age 2. They are both solitary people who dabble in magic that most would think is taboo. Also the name is very close

  • Scythe
    Scythe 12 days ago +1395

    I didn't think the episode was that bad until the biker gang showed up. Seeing them with each of their own colored bikes just felt so childish. And that chase was sooo slow and cheesy.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Bartosz Szymkowicz
      Bartosz Szymkowicz 9 days ago

      @Giantatom well, anakin builded "fastest speeder" and full android being slave and had propably even less money than power rangers gang. If he could get some parts like about 40 years earlier, they could do it now. And they make it look cool, cause they are teenagers, good-looking things are more important for them than good-working things. i believe you can do good looking things on tatooine, but it's not practical, so most of the people just can't be arsed. But that just an idea.

    • jae meadows
      jae meadows 9 days ago

      Ep 1 space ninjas
      Ep 2 Alien bikers
      Ep 3 Youth biker gang
      Coming soon
      Ep 4 space yakuzas
      Ep 5 Android Rasta Gang
      Ep 6 Skinhead Whookies

    • Giantatom
      Giantatom 9 days ago

      @Bartosz Szymkowicz no job but they can somehow afford numerous cybernetics, bright colored bikes, and somewhat high tech looking weapons

    • Giantatom
      Giantatom 9 days ago

      @Exodus just a bunch of Justin Y. wannabes

  • Peter Ovard
    Peter Ovard 9 days ago +1

    I agree with you on a lot here. The episode felt out of place. I honestly feel like the driving force of this show has been the tusken story line, it was unique and unpredictable, whereas the “modern day” story feels unstable, messy, inconsistent.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 11 days ago

    Good point that they make more sense on Coruscant (sorta). And speaking of, neither series have yet to revisit the big city, or cloud city! Lot of interesting architectural opportunities at both. The vibes are becoming more corny and childish, more "Disney" than ever.

    I guess Denis Villeneuve knew where to pick up the ball.


  • Austin Yorgesen
    Austin Yorgesen 11 days ago

    I love that you called them power rangers! I wish they had done them differently and maybe they become less eccentric as they work with Boba. I absolutely hated the “chase scene” and agree that Boba is being way too soft. This is the same guy who’s life ambition was to kill a Jedi counsel member? Who as a teen killed more people than Boba has since getting out of the pit? I hope this series does him justice. Honestly other than Boba, I’ve really enjoyed the show up until this episode!

  • Alex Becket
    Alex Becket 9 days ago

    It would be cool to see Boba as a young man when is the leader of a group of bounty hunters. The chase scene in this episode was a painful slow motion for me as well. Enjoying the videos!

  • Randja 8
    Randja 8 13 days ago +728

    I liked it, not great, but it was okay, i agree that BK was underated and could have killed them all, but i am hoping that they are setting him up to team up with Boba Fett

    • Sweaty Sack
      Sweaty Sack 7 days ago

      @Taikage decent self promo I didn’t instantly hate you after reading it. Well done ;)

    • Sweaty Sack
      Sweaty Sack 7 days ago

      @John Taylor it happened...cry about it

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago +2

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Randja 8
      Randja 8 11 days ago

      @jason wiggins yea, but he wasn't wearing the armor, that's why I said that he could kill them all, if boba had his armor on him, BK would be done for

    • Sweaty Sack
      Sweaty Sack 12 days ago

      @jason wiggins did he even though? Lol

  • Roy Thomson Golf
    Roy Thomson Golf  11 days ago +1

    I didn’t like the power rangers ,

    I feel in episode 2 my expectations of the hutts and black K were sky high

    In episode 3 they were both shown as weak (the way BK ran into the dessert after being released was comical)

    I am getting 2 different directors vibes, similar how the last Jedi killed the hype for the sequels after a decent/ok start with the force awakens

    Feels like Dave feloni was not part of this episode, purely speculating I don’t know who directs and produces this show ,

  • james wilson
    james wilson 10 days ago

    as for his " change in heart" all keep saying even in a lot of lore even though he was quick to temper and fought well he is recovering from something and in later years did choose less aggressive methods unless had to. the try to rule with respect is actually some of the strongest ways to rule fear will bring obedience but respect brings loyalty as the saying goes.

    FUSTER CLUCK 🐔 8 days ago

    Maybe fennec was absent her post guarding boba for some reason.

    Her turning up later in the fight makes me think they will later reveal what she was doing that let him slip in.

    I believe she is the reason he was able to get to boba.

    CPTBRYN 2 days ago

    I'm not sure you got the timeline right. Maybe I misunderstood what you said, but did you say the events of the Mandalorian take place 5 years after the events of TBOBF? Because we see in episode 4 Boba rescuing Shand during the 'flashback timeline.' So I don't think 5 years is correct, it seems like TBOBF is taking place at roughly the same time as the Mandalorian.

  • Jaden Pond
    Jaden Pond 12 days ago +297

    I was really disappointed with this episode especially after the last one. The relationship that was built between Boba and the Tuskens was awesome. Then they all just get killed off? Imagine if Boba had recruited some of the tuskens to be his personal guard. Jabba’s palace could have been filled with the sand people which would have attributed more power to Fett. It would also have been an amazing scene.

    • Jaden Pond
      Jaden Pond 12 days ago +1

      @Jon Fernandez I agree. We need more of the Boba Fett that we saw in the Mandalorian.

    • Space Lube
      Space Lube 12 days ago

      This was clearly made to make his rivalry with the Pykes more intense, since they order the biker gang to terminate them.

    • Pedro
      Pedro 12 days ago

      @MalBasedValentine but imagine if that female tuscan rider is been kept hostage leia style and results that behind all those ropes and masks you find out she is a pocahontas like beauty o something like that i think it could be as memorable as mando removing his helmet for the first time or that slave leia scene. Dont know..., this series is leaning on them not being that savage so why not? Or maybe she is Fenec??

    • Jon Fernandez
      Jon Fernandez 12 days ago +2

      I cannot agree more - what a waste of resources. If an attack on the Tuscan Raider tribe is integral to the rest of this season, have a few survive and join Boba Fett as you mentioned.

      I'm a huge Fett fan - mercenaries and bounty hunters are the only reason I care for Star Wars.

      Idk who the hell the disney writers are attempting to develop in this series, but it's clearly NOT Boba Fett.

      I get that the sarlacc pit experience may have been near death and he's running on fumes rn trying to recover. But if Fett's going to be as physically inept as I've seen so far for the entire series!? Hard pass.

    • MalBasedValentine
      MalBasedValentine 12 days ago +2

      I also didn’t like their death, it was too quick, and felt forced.

  • Vlast
    Vlast 10 days ago

    Yeah I felt the same way about the chase scene and said something to my daughter, it felt like they were going SO slow! The power rangers need to just go away.

  • Bebopity
    Bebopity 8 days ago

    I didnt know much about Black krrsantan
    When i watched this episode, so when he fell into the rancor trap I was like hey, who needs a rancor when you have a hungry wookie

  • Enhorrorac
    Enhorrorac 10 days ago +1

    I felt the same. Slow motion chase, To nice bubba, Annnnnnnnd……. He should have recruited more so Black Chrisanthom could kill a few.

  • Luke Reiser
    Luke Reiser 10 days ago +3

    I agree regarding the cybernetic gang, could see them on correllia or coruscant but not tatooine, they should have looked like the speeder gang that boba killed with the tuskens if they really were from tatooine

    • GoodwillWright
      GoodwillWright 10 days ago

      They could've have least fixed it by saying that they are stranded and don't have money to pay for a ride off. Would've made more sense why their designs are completely out of character for Tatooine.

  • Erinxd
    Erinxd 12 days ago +290

    At some point during the chase scene I honestly just had to laugh. Everything about it from the vespas to the unnecessarily slow pace to how little effort they seemed to put into making the chase interesting was just not it.

    • Santiago Quagliaroli
      Santiago Quagliaroli 12 days ago +5

      Yeah it was pretty bad, i felt like they checked all the cliche chase scene boxes from the insane amount of fruit stands and scaffolding being destroyed to the "guys carrying glass pane/painting" or the droid/bystander gags. Really weak

    • Morrow
      Morrow 12 days ago +6

      That chase was sooo slow. Compare it to the speeder chase in Solo and this one was laughable.

    • Piano Dan
      Piano Dan 12 days ago +19

      My brother and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. From it feeling like they were going 4 mph, to the weird closeups of the mayors’ guys cringe facial expressions, to the stupid random droid references, the 2003 level CGI, and the guy driving through the jabba poster - this whole scene felt straight out of spy kids 3D. I was already thinking that and didn’t know it was the same director until after the episode. This was a spy kids Star Wars.

    • Cloud Strife
      Cloud Strife 12 days ago +15

      I laughed when that guys robot leg just started moving up and down😂😂

    • Lev Yan
      Lev Yan 12 days ago +16

      That's Robert Rodriguez for you

  • bongman
    bongman 9 days ago

    Although the chase scene did feel slow it felt real. Like it felt like they where actually on a speeder, and the way the bikes hovered felt sooo real to me. I honestly didn't think the episode was as bad as everyone says it is. Like come on guy did you really think you where gonna watch a Disney show with a character ripping off another characters head or arms off? Give me a break guy like be glad he's cannon hahahah yeah the street gang did seem outa place a bit but again life changes and to me feel like the characters in the show are real people and want to express themselves like think about it, the way they dress and what not is definitely a unique gang on the planet. Remember the gang is teenagers so it fits.
    However I do wanna see boba kick some ass but he is pretty banged up.

  • How2Alive
    How2Alive 10 days ago

    I really liked this episode, I do wish they were longer

  • Breeze B
    Breeze B 10 days ago

    Agreed! I want to see the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy instead of a people pleaser and the biker gang is absurd

  • Alexander E.M.
    Alexander E.M. 11 days ago

    Idk I'm really liking the series so far. The chase scene was the only thing that wasn't that great during this episode but I really do love the backstory in this. Boba is supposed to be a badass but idk how I'd feel if he just trampled over everything. He's technically still a clone, its not like hes a jedi/sith. Just my 2 cents

  • Blue
    Blue 11 days ago +671

    I really didn’t like this episode and feel like it is giving us a glimpse in a bad direction it might take. The bikes the crew were riding on were too colorful to for a place like Tattooine, and in my opinion I feel like they could of designed so much more dark and bad ass people to work for Boba Fett than the ones introduced into this episode. Every time I saw the punk rock girl, I felt like I was watching a crossover of Stranger Things and Star Wars. Plus this episodes pacing was really bad. Really wish they would focus more on thing that happened at Kamino while Boba was growing up, and also Bobas early bounty hunter days.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • The Star Wars 1977
      The Star Wars 1977 8 days ago

      @shane nelson He was a bounty hunter and a crime lord, one of the most feared in all the galaxy, based on classic Clint Eastwood style characters, they got the guy who played Jake the muss to tackle the role, yet there's nothing to fear.
      In the original trilogy he let off a sense that he would, if given the chance, disintegrate you.
      He was a legend, and what made the legend was the untold stories, but now everything is set in stone and there's no return, we have to watch it all unfold into canon.

    • shane nelson
      shane nelson 8 days ago +1

      @The Star Wars 1977 I agree, friend. Too bad all hope for that was lost once Disney bought it. I feel like I’ve been going through a really tough breakup over time. The person I love is slowly just changing into someone I don’t recognize and I have to come to grips with the fact that they’re just different now. As an artist, I respect the decision making with the characters story but as a Star Wars fan it pains me that we aren’t getting more gritty details. Star Wars was made with kids in mind but it was never FOR kids. We watched Anakin slaughter tuskens and in the next movie it was children. The Wookiee should’ve crushed boba and left him paralyzed in the bacta tank.

    • The Star Wars 1977
      The Star Wars 1977 8 days ago +1

      Something as simple as Jango teaching Boba how to fire a blaster at Womp rats on tatooine, then as it gets dark they cook it over a fire and we get some fatherly wisdom passed on between the boys, simplistic yet somehow better than anything we've seen.
      whoever wrote the scripts and events for Red Dead Redemption should really be writing for Boba, from cannibalism to slavery, those are the dark times we want to see in this universe.

    • shane nelson
      shane nelson 9 days ago


  • kaoz spartan
    kaoz spartan 9 days ago

    Disney would never allow it but I would love if Season 2 was Boba doing bounty work on Courasaunt and other planets during his prime. They already have the suit as shown in the start of the first episode. A much darker more classic Boba would be what we see though Disney wouldn't like us rooting for a shady character doing questionable things.

  • MrsKenobi677
    MrsKenobi677 8 days ago +2

    I feel like Boba plays more as a grandpa. We've seen him in his robe, he acts.. well I wouldn't say lazy...? More like too laid back. He acts all nice and he kind of acts like he doesn't know how to be a crime lord/boss. I agree, I want Boba to appear a lot more badass and powerful like he was in The Mandalorian. I really like the show, though it's getting a little more interesting. But I just wish they could make boba be more active since he has his jetpack and everything. And I can't wait till we find out where he found the Slave I again in his bacta tank flashbacks. I just don't want him looking too much like a dad or a grandpa. I get it, the actor is much older now but still.

  • Colin Seaton
    Colin Seaton 10 days ago +1

    Star Wars Theory:"Epic moments at times, of course, but just seems too slow".
    Also Star Wars Theory:"I wish it were 10 episodes instead of 7 because it seems too crammed"

  • Politician Cranberry

    boba feels like a goofy dad in this show and for some reason I really like it lol

  • ackwacker
    ackwacker 12 days ago +409

    It feels like such a disconnect from the Boba in films. This was the man that Vader had to tell “No disintegrations”. The most feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxy that had Han Solo Panicking when Chewy told him Boba Fett was behind him! I also don’t get why he isn’t respected, sure he’s a new leader but surely his bounty hunting reputation would be enough to know he is the real deal. Other organisations I’m sure would question his leadership skills but not his ruthlessness. Feels like the writers have missed a beat so far.
    The Mandalorian is a space western…Boba fits into that genre way better. I’d have even been ok with a villain of the week type deal, with Boba staking out and bringing in bounties working towards a big bad at the end.

    • boomsauceify
      boomsauceify 3 days ago

      @MikaGrof sorry i got confused on what shitty episode i was on.

    • Taikage
      Taikage 7 days ago

      I’ve uploaded a Boba Fett Episode 3 Review & it would be cool if other huge Star Wars fans could give their opinion on the episodes and tell me why they agree or disagree with my opinion on the series so far. Would be great to discuss the series & hear different opinions! 💯 Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 🤘🏽

    • Ryan Wu
      Ryan Wu 10 days ago

      @Mathjestic Gaming but yeah i hope we see glimpses of a more rutheless boba next episode since he will be going to war.

    • Ryan Wu
      Ryan Wu 10 days ago

      @Mathjestic Gaming yeah you do raise some fair points. I guess him not killing the mayor was him trying to see whether the hutts or the mayor was behind everything. The reason he's prob disrespected is because he refuses to be carried on a litter and people see him as very inexperienced and vulnerable, and since he doesn't want to rule with fear like Jabba, i guess more people think its fine to voice their disrespects. I do agree with you a lot since in the mandolorian, we see Boba ruthlessly killing stormtroopers. I guess Dave Filoni and Jon Favreu wanted to make a more likeable character who doesn't want to kill, since its on Disney.

    • Greenman
      Greenman 10 days ago +1

      @MikaGrof Absolutely Boba didn't have a lot of screen time in the movies but for me personally it was all about what I didn't know about him...the mystery of his character...the fact that he's so renowned in the galaxy for being a complete ruthless bad ass. I just can't really connect with how his character is being portrayed in the series. I get that he's meant to have changed but I fail to see how he'd just turn into a complete weak noodle

  • Rhett Burgess
    Rhett Burgess 10 days ago

    I loved this episode. The Book of Boba Fett has been fantastic so far!!!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 6 days ago

    This episode was a comedy, once you look at it that way it's a 10/10

  • David Schuyler
    David Schuyler 4 days ago

    To your point early on about how this episode might just be building things for later on - I agree with it, and I really don't like how most of these shows are driven like that. When a show is only 7 or 8 episodes, every episode should be epic, rather than just slowly building along to one, big, epic moment at the end. I feel like that's been the formula for shows forever, and it needs to be done away with. Or, at least, if you're going to build up to some big fight, encounter, war, whatever, make it an epic, enjoyable ride every step of the way to get there.

  • C0smoSage
    C0smoSage 10 days ago

    The one good thing about the chase scene was the reference to Anakin’s podrace in Menace, but the worst thing in my opinion was actually how Ludwig Gorranson (I prob butchered the spelling) just copied and pasted breakbeat music into that chase. That stuff felt really out of place in Star Wars, and I hope it’s a one-time thing