Sony Unleashes PS5 Details On New Controller, Release Window, Hardware, Features, & More

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
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  • YongYea
    YongYea  2 months ago +877

    Haptic Feedback + Adaptive Triggers + Dead or Alive Xtreme = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Show your support on or by clicking the JOIN button, and you can also follow me on for the latest updates.

    - Shaun
    [BIG BOSS]
    - Kevin Barnett
    - Michael Shuler
    - Vin Giorgio
    - BobaFett912
    - Joe Hunt
    - Peter Vrba
    - Tyler Weathers
    - Time Dragonlord
    - The Nano Biologist
    - Jonathan Ball
    - Shepard Gaming
    - Alex Moretti
    - Michael Redmond
    - Kyle Crawford
    - Sentaga
    - Mitchell Mason
    - Jake Betts
    - Tyler Thompson
    - PrismatDragoon
    - Darien Cunningham
    - Mark Taylor
    - TheBritSniper
    - Theron Webb
    - Abdulaziz al Senaidi
    - Gerardo Andrade
    - Alessandro Ceriotti
    - Patrick Beaulieu
    - BattleBladeWar

    • kyestar88
      kyestar88 Month ago


    • a jaded gamer
      a jaded gamer Month ago

      @Mashburn Edits Yes and No.
      Yes in the way that there is yet to be a concrete study that show a link showing lootboxes results in an increase in real life gambling addiction. Anti violent games have had studies debunking the theory.

      No in the way that you are comparing apples to oranges. Anti violent game argument revolves around the idea that people "exposed" to violent games may have less mental barriers to have violent tendencies or commit violent crimes IRL.
      Whereas anti lootbox argument revolves around the idea that being "exposed" to lootboxes, which is proven to be exploitative by design by studies and patents, may lead to financial destruction of individuals.

    • Mashburn Edits
      Mashburn Edits Month ago

      @Electronic Adventurer That would be great. After the demonstration we heard about with Marvel's Spider-Man, I'm willing to bet that both are likely. Here's to hoping, though.

    • Electronic Adventurer
      Electronic Adventurer Month ago

      Mashburn Edits I am too, also hoping that with the SSD maybe previous platform games won’t have load times 🤘🏼

    • Mashburn Edits
      Mashburn Edits Month ago

      @Make Eye 2 No they aren't lmao

  • kyle Ken
    kyle Ken 3 days ago

    There's no point in buying a ps5 because they'll just release the 10K ps5 pro a few months down the line.

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir 29 days ago

    EA: Downloading in chunks... I think Sony's onto something he- OH! 5 bucks for 5% of singleplayer download!
    Others: Uh... what about the multiplayer?
    EA: 5 dollars an hour!

  • N1[][][]
    N1[][][] Month ago

    PS5 will make PC gamers cry again, price for price.

  • Laurence Michelle
    Laurence Michelle Month ago

    It will probably be 20-11-2020.

  • Red_Aegis
    Red_Aegis Month ago

    How can I get excited for a new console when game companies are so corrupt and greedy nowadays?

  • Kage Katze
    Kage Katze Month ago

    Damn the next Xbox better haptics they've always had better ergonomics but if they dont the playstation may actually have a better controller for once
    (I'm an xbox user but a lot of my friends have playstations and they agree with me on the controllers)

  • Jeremy Thanaparamy
    Jeremy Thanaparamy Month ago


  • King Leo XVII
    King Leo XVII Month ago

    Games will be 300tb pretty soon.

  • Chris Clocher
    Chris Clocher Month ago

    How about offering a Family Account for PSN like Microsoft offers!?!?

  • Eli Malinsky
    Eli Malinsky Month ago

    Developers: the PS5 is great! It has an SSD and a really powerful GPU, games will be so amazing!
    EA: the PS5 is great! It allows us to get your credit card payments faster!
    EA in a nutshell.

  • Eli Malinsky
    Eli Malinsky Month ago

    Ray tracing is still impossible to achieve in real-time even with the Titan V series for professional workstations. What is currently used in games is a compromised middle ground between rasterization and ray tracing, called path tracing. It is essentially a low sample of traced rays, in which only a very small number of rays are calculated and some of the rays' path is predicted rather than accurately traced. This creates a lot of noise which looks like the snow effect of the static on an analog tube television. The noise is then removed using filtering algorithms. Even though it is not full ray tracing, games that use this technique still look absolutely stunning.

  • Mashburn Edits
    Mashburn Edits Month ago

    This is amazing. I'm really hoping for backwards compatibility.

  • BigBoiBlizzard
    BigBoiBlizzard Month ago

    Ray tracing is super easy to run if you have ray tracing cores. A 1080 struggles with ray tracing due to the lack of said cores and AI

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Month ago

    I can't stand rumble, or haptics. Forget it, the second I feel it the immersion is broken for me. And like, it's not just the 'feel' that's off-putting, but you can 'hear' the motors spin too, and again, totally immersion-breaking. I wish they would just stop and focus on actual functions, Sony's been trying too hard with this "just try everything until something sticks," both with the Vita, and the DS4. Mind you, still great pieces of hardware, but so many features that were just never utilized because they were shoe-horned onto devices too small for them to be of any use. Also I hope there's a way to turn ray-tracing off, I just don't see it going well (at this time). The way this article is written, it's almost like they know the only real "innovation," is with the use of SSD. ._.; Which have been around for like 2 decades.

  • H. L
    H. L Month ago

    Don't disrupt the vagina economy please

  • D S
    D S Month ago

    A lot of games today suck so I don't know what you're talking about when you say the PS 4 big big games this gen had a few games that where good but the most part was shit

  • Stitches
    Stitches Month ago

    gonna be shat on by a mid range PC within a year tho

  • E=qual
    E=qual Month ago +1

    How long before we have 1 TB games?

  • James Rustle
    James Rustle Month ago

    I'll eat my hat if this thing launches for under 600 dollars.

  • SNU. SNU
    SNU. SNU Month ago

    All new Dual shock controllers that break even faster than the current ones 😂👍

  • Andro King
    Andro King Month ago +1

    Yong have you seen "It just works" Its a really good parody song. And it shits on Bethesda.

  • KidRiver
    KidRiver Month ago

    That's probably the ugliest console ever. Looks like that "V" cutout would be a dust magnet and a pain to clean. Also, I want to know how user friendly the console is to clean, because these things tend to collect tons of dust and store them on the heat syncs.

  • ShadovvWolfie
    ShadovvWolfie Month ago

    Raytracing on PS5? RIP time for more sub 30fps games with forced settings :c
    Everything else sounds good

  • STOP Support Through Other People

    Just got a pro now this is coming. My next is scarlet Sony games are getting worse.

  • JPrivacy
    JPrivacy Month ago

    I hate haptic feedback, controller rumble, all of that. And if backwards compatibility is still fail and chips, I’m not terribly interested.

  • The Downliner
    The Downliner Month ago

    Now if publishers make games people want to play rather than play then feel cheated at the end we'll be getting back to real gaming. ;)

  • The Legend
    The Legend Month ago

    Hopefully u can disable haptic in settings

  • GoldAsh17
    GoldAsh17 Month ago

    Imagine desktop versions of the 3600 and 5700 XT inside a small build below $1k

  • Nick Brennan
    Nick Brennan Month ago

    I believe the SSD will be a fixed part of the mainboard architecture, more than likely NVMe Gen4 as the CPU is a custom Ryzen 3000 part. Then a standard SATA drive that's upgrade capable. The onboard NVMe could be between 100Gb 500Gb and only gets used for the main system and the active game. It's a system drive not storage!

  • VeganVRking- dGameaCat

    PlayStation over all that other shit

  • Micah Johnson
    Micah Johnson Month ago

    Dualshock 5 controller sounds good, but i dont play playstation. Hopefully the features work on PC as well
    Although, knowing Sony...

  • Richard Collett
    Richard Collett Month ago

    PlayStation's customer service is appalling and I can't stick with a company who don't give a crap about their customers. Roll on Stadia 👊

  • Mr J
    Mr J Month ago

    Here's the thing though if you don't put padals on your controllers we're just going to buy new ones no questions asked

  • Hafiz Mohd
    Hafiz Mohd Month ago

    Aw shit... There goes my money again...

  • Mintberry Crunch
    Mintberry Crunch Month ago

    What's the point in getting excited for a new console when all the new games are just unfinished cash grab piles of shit?

  • Gargoyle
    Gargoyle Month ago

    I hope they don't make this one even bigger. The PS4 one is giant in my hands. One reason I use a PS3 controller on my PC is due to the size.
    Even a 360 controller is massive to me.

  • Kevin Rickus
    Kevin Rickus Month ago

    Seem`s like great stuff,single player for me.

  • Ted Shafer
    Ted Shafer Month ago

    can you play ps4 games on the ps5?

    FNQRBASHER Month ago

    Let's hope aside from better batteries they put better thumb sticks in these controllers if I have to buy a new controller before the first year is up I'm switching to xbox simply because of that I won't spend a ton of money on controllers again the thumb sticks go bad all the time on ps4 controllers never had that problem before ps4

  • Randi LaRue
    Randi LaRue Month ago

    Blizzard can say goodbye to my USD business after bowing to their CCP masters

  • Dymundback
    Dymundback Month ago

    Do games really have to be on discs? Why not high-end USB drives? You remove the discs element of the game, and have more room in the PS5 shell for better hardware, meaning better graphics... More on that later I suppose.

  • Glucose Guardian
    Glucose Guardian Month ago

    Took them 14+- years to decide to use an SSD

  • SeaLife TT
    SeaLife TT Month ago

    Have to get a new display

  • One21P
    One21P Month ago

    Xbox controllers have haptic feedback on triggers. Fingers get numb after so long.

    NEP POWER Month ago

    were is the PS5 trailer

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf Month ago +2

    Remember: sony lies. They lied before the PS2, they lied again before the PS3, and guess what? They lied before the PS4.
    Let’s see what they’ll lie about this time.

    • Swaggy
      Swaggy Month ago +2

      what exactly did they lie about?

  • beardalaxy
    beardalaxy Month ago

    my launch ds4 still lasts like 8 hours at least, idk what everyone is doing to their controllers to make their batteries suffer so much
    maybe i just won the lottery on all of mine

  • beardalaxy
    beardalaxy Month ago

    Bluepoint Games is working on an Ico remake. Calling it now.

  • Anarchy Knight
    Anarchy Knight Month ago

    Xbox still better. Sony is garbage

  • Christopher Counts
    Christopher Counts Month ago

    I love how you come out right and admit your late to the news but that’s the exact reason I’m here, just wanna see what you make of the news

  • SavageRush012
    SavageRush012 Month ago

    It's hard for me to be optimistic for the gaming future. The current gen has been mostly live service, microtransactiin focused. Next gen will just be more of the same.

  • moodY
    moodY Month ago

    You actually could have just copy + pasted the Xbox E3 reveal of the new Xbox hardware features and put a Sony logo on it. And it wasn't even surprising.
    The more advanced it gets, the more similar the consoles get to a pc and to each other when it comes to hardware. I just hope this will bring us a big step forward in game development and brings new fresh mechanics for us. At the end everybody benefits from new hardware.
    //Edit: by the way, congrats to 1m followers Yong. ;)

  • mcdouches1
    mcdouches1 Month ago

    Get a PC nerds

  • Hood Gentleman
    Hood Gentleman Month ago

    Imagine if yongyea gifted his camera to pewdiepie

  • Eth Nick
    Eth Nick Month ago

    😂 EA micro transactions. I quit Battlefield years ago in part due to their weasel ways.

  • Meppho
    Meppho Month ago

    Ahahahah 400 copies just to make it load faster my god consoles are really really shit nowadays.
    I mean I have a ps4, I knew they sucked ass already, but my god that thing made me laugh my ass off.

  • Musa Serim
    Musa Serim Month ago

    Bluepoint Games making a release game for PS5.... They say Demon Souls... I pray for Metal Gear Solid 1....

  • Andres Tovar
    Andres Tovar Month ago


  • Mortally Challenged

    Have you ever hold a real bow in your hand?
    I have two bows and I have used VR control stuff.... It is completely different.