Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • There's no food quite as goud-as cheese! Watch Keith eat his way through $500 worth of gourmet cheese! 🧀
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    Jason Louis, Cheesemonger @cheese2meatU
    Kelsey Darragh: @kelseydarragh
    Becky Habersberger: @becksmecks2
    Lauren Hill: @lauren.a.hill
    Grace Helbig: @gracehelbig
    Special thanks to Bon Vivant for providing the cheese!
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Comments • 9 682

  • Megan Checkers
    Megan Checkers 14 hours ago

    "White bitches love cheese, and I think it's because they love wine." Me, a white bitch, eating cheese, drinking wine, watching this content.

  • Yusra Baig
    Yusra Baig 15 hours ago

    I ❤️ how Keith talked about Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh for all us nerds. ☺️☺️☺️

  • Nicole Mazo
    Nicole Mazo 15 hours ago

    Please keep feeding Keith! These videos give me life.

  • christopher messmer
    christopher messmer 15 hours ago

    kieth needs to try gourmet ice cream

  • Jenny Yuan
    Jenny Yuan 16 hours ago

    I think you all missed out on some of the world's greatest didn't have any Wisconsin cheeses and various WI cheeses placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the World Champion Cheese Contest (2018)'s 121 categories. It amounted to 146 placings...out of 363 places in the 121 categories, or a little over 40% of the cheeses that placed!

  • Picklechin
    Picklechin 16 hours ago

    I feel like the first girl likes to say nigger when no one is watching

  • Siobhan White
    Siobhan White 16 hours ago

    I genuinely don’t know how many times I’ve watched this video now!! I just keep watching it and I wanna try them all but my body is like, ‘DO YOU KNOW WHAT LACTOSE INTOLERANCE MEANS?? STOP IT NOW!!’

  • Jackie Koster
    Jackie Koster 16 hours ago

    Always so happy to watch you guys! but nr 15 is not from Holland, it's from the Netherlands... Holland is a province... You actually did it right with 21 the Gouda!

  • clewstah
    clewstah 17 hours ago

    Americans and their sensitiveness to saltiness. These cheeses are all beautiful. You shall accept them all, heathen!

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 18 hours ago +1

    Cheesecake keth not cheese !

  • George Rossouw
    George Rossouw 19 hours ago

    Keith is High As Fuck in this

  • Chloe Huppe
    Chloe Huppe 19 hours ago

    as a fellow dairy-intolerant person... I feel for his poor stomach lmao but also I wish I could taste all of these

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson 19 hours ago

    Keith has such a way with words :D

  • Rockabyebecca
    Rockabyebecca 21 hour ago

    i am SO JEALOUS

  • Izzy Kat
    Izzy Kat 21 hour ago

    I grabbed all the cheese from my fridge after watching this please help me I'm dying (ಥ _ ಥ)

  • Itz_ Vichra
    Itz_ Vichra 21 hour ago

    *Me when I check the expiration date of the cheese I ate* …

  • Elizabeth Alderman
    Elizabeth Alderman 21 hour ago

    I hope after all this cheese has been purchased, the leftovers get to go over to the tasty kitchen so they can really have fun trying new recipes

  • Anthony Colangelo
    Anthony Colangelo 22 hours ago

    Do chick-fil-a next!

  • Toxic EdgeHeadR
    Toxic EdgeHeadR 23 hours ago

    2:20 Keith sounds like Brian from Family Guy when Peter was imagining what Brian would be like after a vasectomy

  • bunch of green messages

    How bad did Ketih's breath smell after this whole vid

  • Pretty Mango
    Pretty Mango Day ago


  • Da fricking granny in biohazard wont die dammit

    13:04 not gonna lie Kelsey is like Eleanor Shellstrop eating shrimp

  • montysmithtyler
    montysmithtyler Day ago

    So we're all just gonna ignore his Snowdonia bit then? Watched it like four times already and die every time

  • Jo' Denise
    Jo' Denise Day ago

    Try gruyère cheese with some grapes ❤ And Goat cheese with honey 💛👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Jo' Denise
    Jo' Denise Day ago

    Brie is the speciality of my departement ❤👍🏼 (Seine et Marne , France)

  • Nazifa Humaira
    Nazifa Humaira Day ago

    who's in charge of the effects in this vid? i shall give you a firm handshake ..

  • kanekiji
    kanekiji Day ago

    I cannot believe comté wasnt in the selection

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss Day ago

      11:05 they can make cheese out of your skin cells called smegma.

  • Neko Niki
    Neko Niki Day ago

    Keith will die from being lactose intolerant and doing the content we wanna watch

  • Unisquirrelwaffles

    I love cheese. Keith my fav boyo. Best video

  • Veronica Ferris
    Veronica Ferris Day ago

    I live in Oregon and the Caveman Blue is really common, it is very strange.

  • ethan ali
    ethan ali Day ago

    Just watching gives me gas pain

  • Genevieve Collins

    Keith needs to eat a ton of foreign exotic fruits!!!!!

  • julian montiel
    julian montiel Day ago

    Live mas

  • Donna Barr
    Donna Barr Day ago

    Of COURSE Wybyches love cheese. Only northern Europeans and the Fulani of Africa can digest whole milk. It puts cheese right over the top for us.

  • Evan Gram
    Evan Gram Day ago

    You can this guy dealing with the cheese has different tastes

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia Day ago

    Portuguese gang wya

  • Floofy Tay
    Floofy Tay Day ago

    I wonder if Keith likes cheese 🤔🧐

  • Bima Kristata Aditama

    Try the whole padang food dishes

  • Stephen Quesenberry

    Is Keith on coke or adderall right now?! Keith eats drugs

    • hen ko
      hen ko Day ago

      Becky: I'd totally get fucked up on that Same girl, same

  • Robert Hager
    Robert Hager Day ago

    Did he finish the food with a glass of soy

    • hen ko
      hen ko Day ago

      Kelsey’s so funny I’m peeing

  • Alsina Kiria
    Alsina Kiria Day ago

    Well, we know they aren't pregnant if she's eating that.

  • Hella Haunted
    Hella Haunted Day ago

    I don't know why but every time Keith kisses the cheese boards I cringe hella

  • Ariella Amir
    Ariella Amir Day ago +1

    11:05 they can make cheese out of your skin cells called smegma.

  • Joseph McGowan
    Joseph McGowan Day ago

    Come to Montreal and eat everything at La Belle Province

  • Rayyan Ahmad
    Rayyan Ahmad Day ago

    This should have been Rank King with Eugene

  • Jennifer Hudson
    Jennifer Hudson Day ago

    Eat the freshii menu! Poor keith needs a break from all the crap food

  • Low-key Emo
    Low-key Emo Day ago

    Why did I just get a condom commercial??

  • Time To Game
    Time To Game Day ago

    The next video on try guys is Ned Eugene and Zach trying every part of Keith’s body

  • Cheyenne Carlson

    Try all the cheesecakes at Cheesecake Factory!!

  • Megan Sandy
    Megan Sandy Day ago

    Keith should try all the cheeses at Grandpa's Cheesebarn!

  • trynamakeit
    trynamakeit Day ago

    All I hear is "bitches love cheese".
    Yes... yes I do.

  • Erin
    Erin Day ago

    should have named the last cheese of an ex lol sounded just like them

  • Ashleigh John
    Ashleigh John Day ago

    Excuse me why did the Barber 1833 get the location noted as England but the Snowdonia Ruby Mist (which is made in Wales) only get the UK?!

  • morgan Me
    morgan Me Day ago

    Kelsey’s so funny I’m peeing

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      Anyone else see the hair on the Kaaslust Quatro cheese @ 15:34?

  • Luis Cabezas
    Luis Cabezas Day ago

    Becky: I'd totally get fucked up on that
    Same girl, same

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      As a French, I litterally had to pause the video and go get some cantal from my fridge to continue watching without dying of frustration

  • Luis Cabezas
    Luis Cabezas Day ago

    I would get Jason semi hard or hard please.

  • Taylor Jordan
    Taylor Jordan Day ago +1

    The cheese monger sounds like mr. slave from South Park!

  • Hailey Ward
    Hailey Ward Day ago

    This video is pure joy omfg

  • Ohmi Dios
    Ohmi Dios Day ago

    This should be a crime

  • Katherine Currie

    I personally don't need fancy cheese, smoked cheddar is my bitch. gimme a chunk of that to eat and i would love you forever.

  • Panda_Pop!
    Panda_Pop! Day ago

    Thank you for doing this! I too am lactose intolerant, now I don’t have to suffer with the bad tasting cheeses

  • Cadence H.
    Cadence H. Day ago

    you forgot parmesan :( she's my girl

  • ohrid
    ohrid Day ago

    It took 16 minutes for the first Dutch cheese? I am a bit insulted. But the pronunciation was so funny, I'll forgive it. Kaaslust :D

  • Samantha Tibbitts
    Samantha Tibbitts Day ago +2

    my first thought: OMFG this is going to kill him because he's LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyn J
    Lyn J Day ago

    Mr. cheese man I apologise but you murdered the pronunciation of 'kaaslust' at 15:32!! Good gravy that was painful. It's cas (as in casket) + lust (as in 'loost').

  • Ruggs Gamerbeagle

    Hey, Keith! Have you heard of historical ketchups? They aren't tomato-based! They're like...marinated mushrooms and such. XD

  • Molly Doyle
    Molly Doyle Day ago

    The marble background be lookin like a fine blue cheese 👌

  • Hind Hussein
    Hind Hussein Day ago

    Americans and their fear of cheese

  • tikkabutter
    tikkabutter Day ago

    As a French, I litterally had to pause the video and go get some cantal from my fridge to continue watching without dying of frustration

  • missMURDA90
    missMURDA90 Day ago +1

    Anyone else see the hair on the Kaaslust Quatro cheese @ 15:34?

  • Willard Dukler
    Willard Dukler Day ago

    krispy kreme

  • Harley Quiinn
    Harley Quiinn 2 days ago

    I love cheese!

  • yannuh xx
    yannuh xx 2 days ago +3

    "You could make cheese out of your breastmilk, if you ever have that." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Izabella Zukowska
    Izabella Zukowska 2 days ago

    Well at least we know for sure now that Becky ain’t pregnant 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Clem Lvmariu
    Clem Lvmariu 2 days ago

    Being french and looking this video is the most funny thing in the world

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      Keith: Explaining his vision peacefully Kelsey: cHew chEW CHeW