20-Pound Gummy Turkey (An entire GUMMY and CANDY FEAST!)

  • Published on Nov 19, 2016
  • To celebrate Thanksgiving at Vat19, we prepared an epic Candy Feast featuring a 20-Pound Gummy Turkey, Gravy Bubbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffing, Gummy Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Soda, and much more!
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Comments • 13 988

  • Imaginary According To People

    *we love some good diabetes’s*

  • Aegean flyer
    Aegean flyer 19 hours ago

    Imagine if they ate it ALLL

  • Danell Mackey
    Danell Mackey 19 hours ago

    You should have made a gummy napkin

  • Dangermeter 1000
    Dangermeter 1000 22 hours ago

    VAT19: We don’t really care about things happening to our teeth
    A random guy: what about diabetes
    VAT19: never heard of him

  • TnK Plays
    TnK Plays Day ago

    Them:so good!

  • Le Flam
    Le Flam Day ago

    I think leftovers it goes to cameraman

  • Fandom_Trash1098

    Does anyone else think that along with the large gummy worms and bears, they should also sell gummy turkeys like the one in this video?

  • Ørger Thokle
    Ørger Thokle Day ago

    Can you make a gummy apple?

  • DoctoCatto
    DoctoCatto Day ago

    My One Question What flavor was the Turkey

  • Sasha Meadowwolf
    Sasha Meadowwolf 2 days ago

    Now, that’s a lot of diabetes

  • Riley Barron
    Riley Barron 2 days ago



    The dud cutting the gummy tutkey was shaking as hell lol

  • Glitchy- Chan
    Glitchy- Chan 2 days ago

    Part of me is like "Ew" and part of me is like "yum"

  • Mc YZeroSHI
    Mc YZeroSHI 2 days ago

    Where’s the maple syrup?

  • Doodle Honey
    Doodle Honey 4 days ago

    Would you like some food with that diabetes

  • TheMystic Pyro
    TheMystic Pyro 4 days ago +1

    Vat19:eats all that gummy
    Diabetes:it’s free real estate

  • hot potatoes 0007
    hot potatoes 0007 4 days ago

    When a Thanksgiving meal consists of more calories than you need for a month

  • アリアくん
    アリアくん 5 days ago +1

    The candy thankgiving
    41.454 calories
    Matt stonie:hold my food

  • uucbs
    uucbs 5 days ago

    *_i guess they have a lot to be thankful for_*

  • Polandball
    Polandball 5 days ago

    Diabetes if it was a holiday

  • Seon Kim
    Seon Kim 6 days ago

    When Eric was actually at Vat19 :( who misses him??

  • Bonus Ducks
    Bonus Ducks 7 days ago

    FBI:FBI open up. Vat19:reeeeeeeeeeee FBI:your arrested by eat 19 calories of gummies one like they will be free

  • Yanping Wang
    Yanping Wang 7 days ago

    Forget about salty and think about sweet

  • Kids West
    Kids West 7 days ago

    Gummy turkey 25.625
    Me :so then a humen is 35.890

  • marnia :D
    marnia :D 7 days ago

    Half the calories was from the gummy turkey

  • Cooper Harris
    Cooper Harris 7 days ago

    talking about the native amaracans? i am learning about them at school

  • Shu lan Zhou
    Shu lan Zhou 8 days ago

    Im baking a delicious diabetes meal for sweetish babies

  • LEE TSZ HO 1C17 李梓顥

    looks yummy


  • dixon cider
    dixon cider 8 days ago +2

    i love seeing a years worth of sugar intake being consumed by 7 people

    ËRRØR 8 days ago

    Now you all have diabetes

  • Reuben_lavaz
    Reuben_lavaz 9 days ago

    Me: eats the candy thanksgiving
    Stomach heart diabetes: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  • Belinda Wong
    Belinda Wong 9 days ago

    Ants : *its free real estate*

    P.S. I know this is is an old meme you don’t have to shout it out

  • Lol Ilovebillieeilish
    Lol Ilovebillieeilish 10 days ago

    Lol I got a turkey add before this ahah

  • Robloxgamer
    Robloxgamer 10 days ago +6



    me: ow! My tooth hurts but everything so DELICIOUS MORE PLEASE!

  • games i guess
    games i guess 10 days ago

    *jealousy 100*

  • Phantom the wolf : Koalylove AJ

    They're still skinny eating all this and I gain a pound every time I breathe

  • Katherine Kaza
    Katherine Kaza 11 days ago +1

    More like “diabetes show”

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 11 days ago

    November 2019 nobody?

  • Natalie i like pizza
    Natalie i like pizza 12 days ago

    That’s diabetes waiting to tackle

  • Hoodie Chan
    Hoodie Chan 12 days ago

    Diabetes joined the chat

  • Chase The Inflatable God

    anyone els ready for Christmas

  • TheGamingLounge
    TheGamingLounge 13 days ago

    What about Mr. CameraMan? Does he get anything?

  • Pineapple Police
    Pineapple Police 13 days ago

    This is my and every child’s dream.

  • Jfk Monkey
    Jfk Monkey 14 days ago

    Table of Diabetes! How delicious

  • The Savage Girl!
    The Savage Girl! 14 days ago

    Wonder who gain more or less pounds after that..

  • Hannah Maxwell
    Hannah Maxwell 14 days ago

    What flavor was the turkey?

  • Angie Yonaga
    Angie Yonaga 14 days ago


  • Steve Sussman
    Steve Sussman 14 days ago +1

    whos watching dis in 2019 ? like if u r

  • Jeremy Alsop
    Jeremy Alsop 14 days ago

    Dieabeties btw

  • Jeremy Alsop
    Jeremy Alsop 14 days ago

    Yummy can I get some plz

  • Patrick Brosnan
    Patrick Brosnan 15 days ago

    It decays my teeth by looking at it

  • Krishna prasad Ram
    Krishna prasad Ram 15 days ago

    Bite the turkey with a yeet

  • Zachary and his kidney

    40,374 Calories

  • Morten Andersen
    Morten Andersen 15 days ago

    Well! After that candy feast they need a dentist and a doctor to check their blood sugar, so they not end up having diabetic! XD

  • J Fee
    J Fee 15 days ago +1

    Me: thanksgiving is in October not November
    Also me: oh wait they’re Americans not Canadians

  • Flaming Phoenix
    Flaming Phoenix 15 days ago

    Please give this to Matt Stonie!

  • Ityt aj
    Ityt aj 16 days ago

    No rice

  • the king
    the king 16 days ago

    Wow mmmm mmm

  • Ellie Sakei
    Ellie Sakei 16 days ago

    I literally watched an ad and was literally talking about Thanksgiving

  • TYL4027 Hi
    TYL4027 Hi 17 days ago

    Thats so sweet its making my teeth hurt from behind the screen