20-Pound Gummy Turkey (An entire GUMMY and CANDY FEAST!)

  • Published on Nov 19, 2016
  • To celebrate Thanksgiving at Vat19, we prepared an epic Candy Feast featuring a 20-Pound Gummy Turkey, Gravy Bubbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffing, Gummy Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Soda, and much more!
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Comments • 13 840

  • Adeline Kuz
    Adeline Kuz 10 hours ago

    0:35 wait did Kara say ‘’Just Cereal marshmallows’’

  • Twinkle Topaz
    Twinkle Topaz 22 hours ago +1

    Diabetes: _Am I a joke to you?_

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 22 hours ago

    Diabetes:your weak
    Vat19:I’m you

  • chocolate paco
    chocolate paco Day ago

    Thats thanksgiving with grandma

  • Gr8estWalter 8
    Gr8estWalter 8 Day ago

    Aka how to get fat

  • Nathan and Liam Fun times


  • Lps Candycane Corner

    Did they get diabetes yet?

  • Peter Urban
    Peter Urban Day ago +1

    41k CALORIES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Audrey Zhang
    Audrey Zhang 2 days ago +2

    It would be funny if the soda was gummy

  • Big City Plays
    Big City Plays 2 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who is infuriated at the fact the used Spring by Vivaldi as a background song, yet thx giving is in the fall

    • Bri Avila
      Bri Avila Day ago

      But then they couldn't drink it and become thirsty and get another drink

  • Rand0m Human
    Rand0m Human 2 days ago +2

    Diabetes in one video

  • Thrxash
    Thrxash 2 days ago +1

    diabetes look good here 😍

  • DatBoyLogan
    DatBoyLogan 3 days ago +1

    Candy thanks giving more like free dieabeetes lol

  • Matthew blanch
    Matthew blanch 3 days ago +1

    I don't get how none of them are fat

  • Fatima Benida
    Fatima Benida 3 days ago +1

    I tink potatos and egg is only thing is non candy

  • Bibi. B
    Bibi. B 3 days ago +1

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    the bible also says that evil people , satan and his demons will all be destroyed and in this new world, people will not suffer nor die ever again:)
    Just thought it would be interesting for anyone reading to know this:) that's why i shared it:)
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    Please consider giving the kindom halls a change just for one time or just praying to jehovah!
    Thank you all so much for listening to my comment and hope you all have A fantastic day! Bye

  • Aidan
    Aidan 5 days ago

    is it just me but why is the music and when Jamie says "the sweets are prepared, the table is set so lets bring in the vat19 family" it sounds so cringy

  • tamanna anand
    tamanna anand 5 days ago

    The camera man is at the

  • LK Horizon
    LK Horizon 6 days ago

    what flavor is that turkey?

  • Adel Hawash
    Adel Hawash 6 days ago

    Vat 19 isn’t scared of diabetes

    Diabetes is scared of them

  • Phoenyx Salter
    Phoenyx Salter 6 days ago

    Hungry hungry now

  • [BB]Peach
    [BB]Peach 6 days ago

    At least I’m not the only one left handed, thanks danny

  • BluCreeper13
    BluCreeper13 7 days ago +5

    All the gummies in these videos look so good, but they are so expensive.

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 7 days ago


    • Sonia S
      Sonia S 7 days ago

      i like dead memes

  • Sayid’s unboxing/gaming/more Subscribe

    Matt stone try eating all that now

  • Hanifa Hashim
    Hanifa Hashim 7 days ago

    I bet they got diabetes after😂

  • Ransley Winsmann
    Ransley Winsmann 7 days ago

    Make an axle gummy turkey to cell please 🙂🙃😋

  • Blitzer
    Blitzer 7 days ago +1

    How to look like Thor in endgame

  • Jeremy Whitehead
    Jeremy Whitehead 8 days ago

    Goodbye toilet.

  • The Nine-Tail
    The Nine-Tail 8 days ago

    How are they much more fitter than me even tho that's my lifetime worth of calories

  • ahmed gamer77
    ahmed gamer77 9 days ago


  • le aldo :3
    le aldo :3 9 days ago +1

    is this what people call Diabetes?

  • ItsLexis_ Gacha
    ItsLexis_ Gacha 9 days ago

    My dream

  • chico's_otherpetermAnn Zoomzoom

    Vat19: I have healthy teeth
    Candy:Oh yeaaaaa
    Vat19:take THIS
    Candy has been dead

  • chloe youn
    chloe youn 9 days ago

    Tbh,they look so Gus I want to eat it 😅🐓

  • chloe youn
    chloe youn 9 days ago

    XDD I wonder too Nili

  • wolfie
    wolfie 9 days ago

    Because we are American.

  • Owen White
    Owen White 9 days ago

    Pay very close attention to this 2:30

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 9 days ago

    My jaw is hurting just by watching it

  • Jūratė S
    Jūratė S 9 days ago


  • Jūratė S
    Jūratė S 9 days ago

    Man this feast is screaming diabetes

  • Gemma Maracha
    Gemma Maracha 10 days ago

    You should have stuffed the turkey with giant gummy worms

  • Pabrosof Gousparl
    Pabrosof Gousparl 10 days ago

    If kids ate that 😂😂😂
    *kids eating candy thanksgiving food*
    Their teeth: aM i A jOkE tO u!?

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget 10 days ago

    Wow, this has a lot of calories

  • Ritz Valenzuela
    Ritz Valenzuela 11 days ago

    How much is the gummy turkey

  • Tamra Wingert
    Tamra Wingert 11 days ago +1

    Yummy the good taste of diabetes

  • Kayla Alfaro
    Kayla Alfaro 11 days ago

    *All of our childhood dream.*

  • Richard Gatua
    Richard Gatua 11 days ago

    IT CARAMEL 😡😡😤

  • Sun Child :P
    Sun Child :P 12 days ago

    2:19 uses a knife and fork to eat a piece of gummy

  • TacoBros YT
    TacoBros YT 12 days ago

    Welcome to vat19 where we have diabetes for dinner

  • •LillyChu•
    •LillyChu• 12 days ago

    That’s a lot of damage

  • Glace Glace
    Glace Glace 12 days ago +1

    the stuffing looked so good

  • neoncake88
    neoncake88 12 days ago

    diabeates in a nutshell

  • My gacha Adventures
    My gacha Adventures 12 days ago

    Y’all gonna be really fat

  • Derpy Boy
    Derpy Boy 13 days ago

    Im so hungry my belly is like a fucking black hole right now for gummy

  • Dunia Susu2011
    Dunia Susu2011 13 days ago

    Thay all gonna get diabetes

  • Maddie Doesdiy
    Maddie Doesdiy 14 days ago

    Can you do the for Christmas 2019

  • Matty Matty Bang Bang
    Matty Matty Bang Bang 14 days ago +2

    sounds like a great starter, what’s the main?

  • Bocky Mill
    Bocky Mill 14 days ago

    That is just a table of cavity’s

  • Pinkytronic :3
    Pinkytronic :3 15 days ago

    I Would Get Diabetes From All That

    • Jeffy
      Jeffy 12 days ago

      Actually diabetes does not come from eating too much sugar