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Monique Marvez • Snoop Dogg’s Bad Girls of Comedy • FULL SET • Part 4 | LOLflix

  • Published on Feb 13, 2020
  • Monique Marvez • Snoop Dogg’s Bad Girls of Comedy Part 4 • When You're Straight As an Arrow • If I'm Not Getting Any Neither Are You • When Your Longest Relationship Has Been with Your Dog • When It's Hard to Tell Who Is Who and What Is What • Don't Call Me a Cougar Call Me What I Am Sore
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Comments • 968

  • Kirk Hysuick
    Kirk Hysuick Year ago +126

    This is a comedian who has honed their craft. Timing, was bang on , interaction with audience was awesome. She is extremely funny and talented.

  • Lisa Torres
    Lisa Torres 2 years ago +555

    This chic needs her own standup on netflix....hilarious and real and raw....

  • Vmundo Ortiz
    Vmundo Ortiz 2 years ago +480

    I love the way she interacts with crowd without disrepecting anyone.

  • Bill Mers
    Bill Mers 2 years ago +61

    This girl definitely has a lot of energy!! By far one of the best comedians out there 👍😂

  • Jamaal Little


  • granny sweet
    granny sweet 2 years ago +161

    Has HBO given this woman a special yet ? Funnily honest.

  • mickyfingaz

    She went rapid fire and got all her jokes in at 10 minutes flat! Hit it and quit it, baby!

  • Mylifentertainment
    Mylifentertainment 2 years ago +51

    My cheeks hurt from laughing.. She's hilarious

  • Sabrina Dunn
    Sabrina Dunn Year ago +10

    Thank you Monique Marvez! Your honesty is sooooo refreshing and I'm dying at your humor

  • Earl Putnal

    I agree Monique Marvez should have her own Comedy Central hour long special. She's a bad ass chica. Love you Monique. Hola Mama. Muah. Muah.

  • Justina Razo
    Justina Razo Year ago +2

    This lady is funny .. straight to the point! I think this generation is more self conscious than ever!

  • Rosa Herrera
    Rosa Herrera 2 years ago +17

    We need some more Bad girls comedy 😂 so hilarious love it ❤

  • Space O
    Space O Year ago +35

    This woman is amazing. Her special was fire. "Not skinny. Not blond." Everyone should check it out. It's on Flash-Player.

  • Larry Lipshitz
    Larry Lipshitz 2 years ago +69

    Comic talent right there, she just flows thru her comedy act, I’m out of breath just listening to her!

  • angel gift studio
    angel gift studio 2 years ago +12

    I just love Monique 100% no shame in our game😂

  • LaSlice
    LaSlice Year ago +4

    Lord in Heavens that was unexpected! Great bit! Excruciatingly funny and raw, very, very good content! Love that humor! And that delivery is just perfect gold, speed and momentum and crowd interactions are the best! Thank you for this piece of pleasure!!

  • oluwasegun omotara
    oluwasegun omotara 2 years ago +14

    Wow this Mamacita is fantastic!!!

  • highdownmartin
    highdownmartin Year ago +10

    Really good. Some comedians would drag this lot out for a year but she’s on it, on it, on it.

  • Rand U
    Rand U 2 years ago +11

    this woman is definitely talented! i love her self confidence

  • Miriam Fontes
    Miriam Fontes 2 years ago +2

    I loved her cougar talk, so so true.....I just about died, it had to be said, and she did😂